1PressL2P started off making 'Best Moments' of TheRunawayGuys as well as some versus from AttackingTucans. His channel was made on the 11th February 2012 and was named after a rejected name for TheRunawayGuys made by Chuggaaconroy in his TheRunawayGuys promo video on his channel. He gained popularity after ProtonJonSA tweeted on TheRunawayGuys Twitter about a video 1PressL2P made (TheRunawayGuys - Mario's Rainbow Castle Best Moments ). Chuggaaconroy also retweeted ProtonJon's tweet on TheRunawayGuys Twitter.

This caused 1PressL2P to gain some popularity. SInce then, he made more and more Best Moments of TheRunawayGuys, with even some members of TheRunawayGuys commenting on his videos such as ProtonJon and NintendoCapriSun. He also made the Best Moments of Super Mario Sunshine Versus by AttackingTucans and JoshJepson. He is currently continuing his Best Moments of TheRunawayGuys as well as future versus with AttackingTucans.

1PressL2P has also made his own Super Mario World romhack which he will allow anyone to try if they ask him on Youtube.

On the 15th of May 2012, 1PressL2P started making Let's Plays with his first part of Pokemon Yellow. He named his Pokemon he caught after TheRunawayGuys and some other Let's Players as a sort of respect to them. 1PressL2P started his Let's Plays with post commentary before switching to live commentary in part 15 of Pokemon Yellow. 1PressL2P has now stuck with live commentary since.

1PressL2P is currently making a Minish Cap LP as well as a Super Mario Galaxy Response series to Super Mario Galaxy Versus with AttackingTucans and Donnabellez

Best Moments SeriesEdit

TheRunawayGuys - Mario Party

TheRunawayGuys - New Super Mario Bros Wii (with JoshJepson)

TheRunawayGuys - Super Smash Bros Brawl

TheRunawayGuys - Mario Party 2

TheRunawayGuys - Kirby's Return To Dreamland

AttackingTucans and JoshJepson - Super Mario Sunshine Versus

AttackingTucans and JoshJepson - Luigi's Mansion Versus

AttackingTucans and Donnabellez - Super Mario Galaxy Versus

Let's PlaysEdit

Let's Play Pokémon Yellow (finished)

Super Mario Galaxy Video Response Series (ongoing)

Let's Play The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap (ongoing)

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