"Hey, Youtube, it's Amaterixen, Amatrix for *SHNORT*" -Amaterixen

Amaterixen is a 17year old Youtuber from Ireland (22 

Amaterixen 2.0

Amaterixen's current icon (2012 - present) Drawn by Paula Kelly

February, 1997 - Present), who started his Youtube career on October 22, 2010, after making his account on 3 March, 2010. His first Let's Play was Sonic Adventure Deluxe, for the Nintendo Gamecube. His most popular Let's Play so far, out of his 8 complete ones, is Kingdom Hearts, a blind let's play, that proved to be quite a long Let's Play, comparable only to the length of his first Let's Play, both of which took around 1 year to complete.

Let's PlaysEdit

The Let's Plays that Amaterixen has completed consist of the following (in order of completion from first to last):

  • Sonic Adventure Deluxe [Nintendo Gamecube]
  • Ty the Tasmanian Tiger [Nintendo Gamecube]
  • Spiderman 2 [Nintendo Gamecube]
  • Kingdom Hearts *Blind* [Playstation 2]
  • Portal [PC, Steam]
  • Portal 2 (Single Player) [PC, Steam]
  • Super Mario Bros. (All-Stars) [Nintendo Wii]
  • Portal 2 Co-Op 

Subscriber SpecialsEdit

Amaterixen has proved to be quite useless at completing subscriber specials, completing only his 50 subscriber special, which consisted of only 1 video. He has proven unable to complete a series. As of today (1/02/2014), he has 290 subscribers, which is close to 300, and still has not finished his 100 subscriber, or 200 specials, starting both of them.


Amaterixen has also made a second channel, consisting of 4 videos. One is a very bad Youtube Poop that should probably be smited off the face of Youtube. 2 of them are literal rips of Youtube videos from JonTron, which have received thousands of views. The final video is one of an ad, which is unfunny, and entirely pointless and a waste of 23 seconds of your life.

Let's Play Sonic Adventure DX - ep

Let's Play Sonic Adventure DX - ep. 1

Amaterixen's First Video

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