The Arcade Ghost is a Lets Player, Reviewer, and podcaster. He tries various styles for his channel to broaden content and thus takes very long to upload any videos.


The Avatar for his channel is a boo from the super mario bros series only with green eyes more reminiscent to the ghosts in luigis mansion. He sports a green beanie with a 1-up mushroom badge, and he lets part of his ghostly bangs rest between his eyes


he guards the horror arcade and his high score located in a vague unspecified part of the mushroom kingdom so he is very lonely and is bored,but when speaking he is very friendly but somewhat timid.

The Ghost enjoys playing pranks and scaring people, but doesn't like to be scared so he tries to avoid horror games if he can, he does have a great fondness for resident evil however. he enjoys arcade style games or any games that fall in that category such as hack n slash, on rails/shooters, and fighting games.

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