Andy Bundy's Current YouTube Avatar (February 2015)

Bbundy09 (Andy Bundy) is a Let's Player and Vlogger on Youtube. Currently with 133 subscribers (February 1, 2015), Bbundy09 does a variety of video games on varying consoles, focusing mainly on PC and Nintendo 64.

Name ChangeEdit

After the big Youtube update in July 2013 in which Google+ integrated with Youtube, Andy decided to use his Google+ name instead of his username of Bbundy09.  He then decided to branch out and do vlogs as well as Let's Plays on his Youtube Channel.

Collaborations Edit

Bundy collaborates with many people, mainly his friends from college mainly, which was originated in the DCMC Gamers, a now defunct YouTube channel. He still collaborates with other people, such as GreenDalekRanger and Obiwan362. The Let's Dub series is currently the biggest collaboration, with over 5 people involved in the process.


Bundy started a vlogging program on August 26th, 2013 known as "Bundays " on his Youtube Channel.  These videos would be weekly vlogs that would be uploaded every Monday.

Live StreamingEdit

Bundy does occasional live streaming of the content on his channel, either through the YouTube Live platform, or through Twitch.  He has started streaming video games on Sunday Evenings regularly to encourage interactivity.

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