Paper Mario v3

BetaNights; 2/6/2013.

BetaNights (Youtube Channel: BetaNights) also known as Beta, is a 21-year-old Let's Player, starting his LPing career during July of 2011. He stays informative with his commentary, but tries to keep it personal as well, resulting in very random instances. He relies mostly on the quality of his commentary, and has improved greatly since his start, becoming more open and outgoing. He also ocassionally co-commentates with his friend KitsuneAkane.

Beta idolizes NintendoCapriSun (along with others such as chuggaaconroy ) as an LPer, and takes great inspiration from him. This has risen to the point where he has randomly sung NCS's Magmoor Caverns Lyrics and other songs from time to time.

Beta's friend, KitsuneAkane, tries to stay out of the limelight and have a "friendly" co-commentary with him whenever they record together. Despite this, he tries to get her to open up more as well.

List of Let's PlaysEdit

1. Pokemon White Version (NDS) (incomplete / current)

2. Metroid Prime (GCN/Wii)

3. Pokemon Colosseum (GCN)

4. Megaman X (SNES)

5. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii)

6. Paper Mario (N64)

7. Pokemon Snap (N64)

Current Let's Plays (In Order of Commencement)Edit

Pokemon White Version (NDS)

Minecraft (off and on)

Potential Future LPsEdit

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

More Pokemon!

Golden Sun


A secret~


  • Telemaport!! (when cutting to something else; originated in Pokemon White)
  • Hallo, peoples! (trademark intro)
  • No no no No No NO NO NO!!!! (when realizing something is quickly taking a turn for the worst)
  • Snag Ball, Go! (Pokemon Colosseum; when throwing a Ball)
  • Chozo Ghosts, Chozo Ghosts, Chozo Ghosts! (Metroid Prime; when rushing through a Chozo Ghost room)
  • Well, let's see what we can do about [insert action here]. (When turning focus back on the game, such as finishing a bio/explanation in Pokemon Colosseum)
  • One... Two. Three! ...Dang it! (Pokemon Colosseum; when failing a Snag)
  • It's Zelda Logic...! (When something random and/or bizarre happens)
  • Sha-BLAM!! (Metroid Prime/Megaman X; when shooting a charged shot)
  • Lemme take a drink of my soda [slurp] AHHH~ (When he drinks in the middle of recording)
  • Uuuuh!! (When caught severely off-guard)
  • YOU'RE DEAD!! (Said with glee when about to wreck the opposition)
  • This is glorious! (When things start looking really good)
  • Note: He also references other LPers' catchphrases, if the situation calls for it.
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