Black Ice Gaming

"Hello yellow Black Ice here and welcome (back) to [game name]!" -Black Ice's Intro
Black Ice Gaming (Real name unknown as of now.) is a German American YouTuber who is known for his Let's Plays. Along with the Let's Plays he also has done commentaries, music, and memes. Although these are few and far between and not the focus of his channel.

Personal life

He has not said much about his personal life on the channel. Although he has stated in a video that he has depression and because of it often goes through a creative burn out. If it is personal problems or clinical depression is unknown as of now.

Video Style

Black Ice is not the most energetic but also not calm falling in the middle. Most of his Let's Play are him rambling talking about what is currently happening the videos have minimal to no cussing in them. Along with this he will also do basic jokes to kill the silence the videos have very minimal editing.

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