Blindknyttstories known by his real name of Gerald W. Bolick is a American Lets player currently occupied in North Carolina. His current account of Blindknyttstories was created back in 2010, although he didn't start his first lets play until 2011 and didn't offcial start and complete one until July 30th 2014. He was also the founder of the now disbaned collab channel "Theletsplaychannel01".

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Lets PlaysEdit

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01-Super Mario Bros 2: Lost Levels(All star version)


02- Super Mario World

On Hold

Alter Ego

Plants Vs Zombies


Aside from his Letsplays BKS(most commonly known) also has versus on his channel where he races against a fellow youtuber to see who can beat the game first.


01-Super Mario World with Mogiethefirst


BKS founded theletsplaychannel01 in 2011 in a attempt to bring fellow youtubers together to complete letsplays and versus.The channel was slowly becoming revelant in the youtube community before one of the members had deleted the channel entirely, due to the way the members uploaded videos in which all of them has access to the channel. BKS was able to recover the channel but not the lost videos.

2nd Incarnation

in 2012 BKS attempted to rescuret the channel he recuted more of the well known members of the channel including his current co-commentator and friend Mogiethefirst.The channel had a more effective way of keeping tack of the members by using skype to keep in touch while also limiting the number of members who had access with the minority emailing BKS the vids and uploading them. Although in 2013 the channel started to shut down when 3 fellow members left. A update video followed with former member Caleb9965 making remarks the channel was better off without them, this led to a argument between them and to prevent future agravations BKS removed the video. The channel was finally declared dead by BKS in a twitter post where he stated everybody has decided to move away from the channel and continue with their solo journeys. The last know video uploaded to the channel was a video with Mogie and BKS playing minecraft on the hive server. Despte the channels death fellow members Caleb9965, Mogiethefirst and Elijah have all been in videos with BKS since then.

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