Chad "Chadtronic" Bergström Edit

That was a solid 4 seconds of entertainment.

Chad Bergström, who also goes by Chadtronic, his youtube name, was born on December 5'th of 1988. He is relatively well known for his comedic and funny videos on youtube and/or twitch. His channel called chadtronic mostly makes reactions videos, and sometimes some toy videos. He does not only have 1 channel, however. He now owns 3 channels, the 2'nd one is about pokemon (Chadtronic Pokemon), and the channel used to be, until recently, a gaming channel. However, he still does do twitch livestreams. The 3'rd one is called Gloop, and is about the 90's and Nickelodeon.

Present Day Career Edit

Chad has recently been gaining a lot more attention, as he now is appearing in many more big things. Chad has recently:

-Made a video with PBG

-Starred in a pretty popular game series on PBGameplay

-Has been mentioned before on IHE as being one of the only 2 good reactors left on youtube

-Has appeared on a Disney XD show called 'Polaris: Player Select' on TV.

However, despite all of that, he takes his job quite lightly.

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