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Colin C, or Crow Land, is an American YouTuber joining in 2015. Doing LP's, some Reviews, and wrestling videos. Crow is a fun gamer, who act's silly on camera, but can be driving to anger over time. Loving a ton of game genre's and isn't afraid to say them.

The crow's Wings start to fly (2015)[]

Crow started his youtube channel in May 2015 with a video and lego Indiana Jones, after this he went into wrestling videos for a few months, with gaming video's rarely coming.

Crow's big game (2015-2016)[]

Crow started live streaming games, Smash bros wii u/3DS, Saints Row The Third, Pikmin 2, and Super Mario Galexy 2, Along with starting two official let's play's, but after some time the second one Arkham Origins stopped being uploaded, while Smackdown Vs Raw 2009 stopped upload for a time.

The Let's Play's start to rise (2016)[]

After let's play #2 stopped, he started a new second one, officially starting Pikmin 3 as his second let's play. Which he did along with 2009 thought 2016, in Mid-October he finished up both let's play's while announcing his next two let's plays, while doing wrestling videos too.

Crazy Year (2017)[]

Starting the year strong with uploads of gaming/and wrestling videos. After April, gaming video's were rare, but starting making a schedule for it, around mid-July more games started, Until November, where he got sick, and video's stopped for over a month.

Crow'stmas 2017[]

Crow posted on his Twitter on 21 that the 5 day's of Crow'stmas started with let's play number #3, being Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 having almost every video posted. with the 22 being the same with Let's Play #4 Batman Arkham City having the rest of the main story posted. Crow finished each game on the 23, and 24.

New Year, new bang (2018)[]

Crow announced his next three let's plays on January 8, being Pikmin 2, Smackdown Vs Raw 2011, and Batman Arkham Asylum.

wings go down[]

Crow's upload schedule went down,with February being dedicated to his ppv's. In March Let's Pay's began again.

Let's Play's completed[]

Smackdown Vs Raw 2009

Pikmin 3

Smackdown Vs Raw 2010

Batman Arkham City

Let's Play's being played[]

Smackdown vs Raw 2011

Batman Arkham Asylum

Personality and Let's Play Style[]

Crow Land is known for his laid back personality in his videos, acting at some parts, makes corny puns, and just wants to have fun. He doesn't have an upload schedule since he's busy and he stated he can't upload every day.

A gamer that's fun, but also can get angry at points, or worried at a part he never did. But still act's positive.