David Angel Rodriguez (born 1982, aged 33) or more commonly known as "X" is most famous for creating "X's Adventures in Minecraft", a very popular Minecraft Let's Play and the second Minecraft survival playthrough in Survival mode; only Paul Soares Jr's was earlier.

As of this edit, X currently stands at 194,692 subscribers.

Let's plays

Current Focus(es)


Half Life 2: Episode 1

Dark Souls 1 (stream)

X's Adventures In Minecraft, Chapter 2

Current Side Focus(es)

Planetside 2


LP's On Hold


Deus Ex

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Directer's Cut Edition

Dishonored: Witches of Brigmore

Donkey Kong Country


Magicka with Sileos

Mass Effect

Mirror's Edge

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Campaign Mode

Splinter Cell: Blacklist with Sileos

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim



Completed LP's


Dishonored + The Knife of Dunwall


Far Cry 3

Half-Life 2

Metroid: Zero Mission

Portal 2

Race a Day - Season 1: F-Zero

Super Mario Bros. 3 with Nevard

Volgarr the Viking

X's Adventures In Minecraft (Chapter 2 is in progress, however)

Discontinued LP's

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrows

Crysis 2

Diablo III

Duke Nukem 3D

Fallout: New Vegas


Super Meat Boy

Torchlight II with Sileos

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The Real Texas


Other Games


Castle in the Darkness


Cube World


First-Person Tetris

Guns of Icarus Online



League of Legends

Left 4 Dead 2



Path of Exile


Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Co-Op




Stealth Bastard

Super House of Dead Ninjas

Super Mario Bros. Crossover

Super Puzzle Platformer




World of Warcraft

Username Origin


"David" comes from his forename, surprisingly being David. "R" stands for Rodriguez, his surname. "64" is X's favourite number, because his favourite console is the Nintendo 64. "YT" stands for YouTube.


"X" is short for one of X's World of Warcraft alts: X'alamon, from whom he draws his origins on Youtube.


It is believed that X has composed a piece of music by the name of “Warm Rain in a Rust Red Sky” (heard at the begining of his video On August 5, 2015, during a livestream, X confirmed that he created it.


Davidr64yt - Youtube

Davidr64 - Tumblr

DavidAngel64 - Justin.TV /Twitter

X's Profession

X's profession is, apart from his face, the most secret aspect of his life. However, he has stated in various videos and blog posts that he has/had a freelance writing business and is/was working at a cell phone business. David has also stated that he had owned his own business at one point. But, whenever X's profession is asked in his stream by one of his fans the most likely answer will be: "I go out there and rock face / kick ass." We assume these are humorous responses, since if you would literally go out on a public pavement and kick a random person in their anus, you may get arrested.

In past videos, he stated that he was not sure if he wanted YouTube to become his job, since he does it for the hobby and fun of it when he feels like it. Although X may have a contract with Machinima as has been mentioned before, he has never publicly stated he makes his living off of his uploads, and his infrequent uploads and random upload sprees make it seem like he is not making a living off of YouTube.

In a recent stream of Dark Souls, David has stated he has a job, but will not disclose any details, and definitely does not make a living off of Youtube or Twitch considering he makes barely a dollar per twitch stream just from ad revenue.


  • As stated in his Zelda livestreams he does not age in human years.
  • He does not follow a straight line through time.
  • His favored 'curse' is "Confound it all to the Hades"
  • The sword he uses in Dishonored, "Amywangwang," was named after a weapon he found in Powder.
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