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Let's Play The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Ep

Let's Play The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Ep. 1 You've Met With a Terrible Fate, Haven't You?

Episode 1 of her Let's Play of Majora's Mask

Donnabellez is a Let's Player on Youtube. She started LPing on May 30th 2010 and has done four Let's Plays (Super Mario Galaxy, Katamari Damacy, & Super Mario Sunshine, & Mario-Kart Double Dash [Gamecube]). Donna is currently doing  Let's Plays of Majora's Mask , We ♥ Katamari, and Silent Hill 2. She has just over 45,000 subscribers as of October, 2014.

On June 9th 2012, Donna revisited Super Mario Galaxy when she and her friend Tyler, (AttackingTucans) started a Versus LP of that game.  These videos were uploaded onto AttackingTucans' channel.

In Donna's Let's Play of Majora's Mask, Episodes 47-56 featured AttackingTucans as a co-commentator.

In late 2014 AttackingTucans confirmed that Donna currently has no plans to continue Let's Playing anytime soon after all of her recording equipment and her Wii were stolen.

Let's PlaysEdit

Super Mario Galaxy (May 30th 2010 - August 22nd 2010)

Katamari Damacy (April 10th 2011 - July 5th 2011)

Super Mario Sunshine (July 31st 2011 - April 8th 2012)

Majora's Mask (September 27th 2010 - present)

Silent Hill 2 [With Skinl3y19] (May 21st 2013 - present)

Other ProjectsEdit

Mario-Kart: Double Dash (August 28th 2010 - September 10th 2010)

We ♥ Katamari (August 25th 2012 - present)

Super Mario Galaxy Versus [With AttackingTucans] (June 9th 2012 - April 11th 2013)