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"Hello once again people of the Internet!" ~Falco's "Catchphrase

David McLaughlin, better known by his online persona Falco Maton was a Halo machinima director from Northern Ireland. But in recent years has moved into Let's Plays. Now primarly focused on making and recording Let's Play on his favorite classic games and recording his Let's Plays with his friends and crew

He has also created the hit 'Minecraft' let's play Series "Minecraft Adventure Squad" Starring, Himself, THE STRATEGZER, Bradster1067 and naetle07.


Coming to YouTube in late 2006, Falco Maton (David McLaughlin) and his friend PreownedPyro (Simon Bond) spent a day creating short comedy videos in Falco's backgarden using the camera on his moblie phone. Later that night, they came to a decsion to open an YouTube channel and call it "2MenVid"

That following morning, Falco received a text from his cousin Bloodseye (Patrick) asking to be invovled in making vidoe with them. That following evening Falco opening the YouTube account "3MenVid" and '3MenVid Productions' was born. The channel lasted until early 2009. Many video and series were created. Patrick and David created 'Hunt for the Plofalofa' Their most popular content on "3MenVid". While David and Simon made a lot of short comedy videos together and there first machinima Series, using the PC game 'EuroGunz'. The three always appeared together after Halo 3 came out and showcased their Forge Maps in 'Forges for 3'. The group spilt in 2009 when Simon step down from the channel. Leaving David and Patrick in a dilemma. They felt it would be wrong to continue the channel without Simon and "3MenVid" slowly got covered in dust, then died

David and Patrick wanted to keep creating content online. So after weeks of brainstorming they though of 'Paradox Productions' as the name for making video conten under. But. Nothing was uploaded online for over a year. Most of the year was spent with David getting better equipment and getting his first SD Capturing Device and Patrick, busy a major year in his school life. The two directed, wrote and edit new conten and re-created old content. Even going to France over the summer to create some content. Then in 2010 they set up there current YouTube Channel, "OverlordOfTheDaleks"

Shorty after this channel was set up. David and Patrick quickly became better known as Falco Maton and Bloodseye online, rather than by their real names. Now moving away from Live-Action Short Films. Really the only time we saw the two on Camera was during Vlogs. Most of their content was Halo Machinima Shorts and short Minecrafts Videos around the Beta of the game. Soon Patrick had to distance himself fromt the channel for more education reasons. But still very much part of the channel, showing up here and there. Falco has stated that he will always be Co-Founder though. Now Falco was basiclly on his own, mainly creating Halo Machinima, now using a HD Capture Card. Patrick then moved the England to attened Universty, but acutally managed to contrute to their main machinima Series 'Paradox Tales' over Xbox Live and Skype, helping with the creation, writing and a small amount of directing. While Falco did the majority of everything.

Falco then started to enjoy recording playing games with his friends and so the 'Paradox Productions - Let's Play' were created.

He then discovered the same when playing his favorite Playstation 2 games, which created his solo Let's Plays

Let's Plays (Series)Edit

Minecraft: Hexxit Edit

With Falco Maton

Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus (Coming Soon)Edit

With Falco Maton

Minecraft: Falco's Farm Edit

With Falco Maton

Let's Plays (Paradox Productions)Edit

Let's Play - Grand Theft Auto IV Edit

With Falco Maton, THE STRATEGIZER, Bradster1067 and ShoopdanwoopEdit

Let's Play - Halo WarsEdit

With Falco Maton, Shoopdanwoop, naetle07 and solar storm25Edit

Let's Play - Dead Rising 2 Edit

With Falco Maton and THE STRATEGIZEREdit

Minecraft Adventure SquadEdit

Starring Falco Maton, THE STRATEGIZER, Bradster1067 and naetle07Edit

"In a world of adventuring, team work, mining, and crafting, and exploring, Falco Maton and a group of his friends start a new world on Minecraft where they create a sanctuary, explore the world and go on adventures."

Episode Guide Description
Episode 1 *Welcome to the Adventure Squad* In Episode One, the Squad introduces themselves and they work towards making a temporary shelter before night falls.
Episode 2 *I Will Cut You!*  In the next episode, Falco makes it back to the Lava Pit and the rest of his team after travelling all night and they finally move out to make a headquarters.
Episode 3 *Creeper Sympathy*  In this episode, construction on the headquarters continue and Bradster get lost. Also the Adventure Squad Mine, takes shape.
Episode 4 *Tour Guide* The Team is back and now they take us on a full tour of the upgraded base and show off their new skins!
Episode 5 *Damage Report*  In this Episode, the base takes some major damage from Creepers, Falco Goes Fishing and Charlie gets ready to go on his adventure.
Episode 6 *Charley's Adventure*  In this Episode, Charley goes away on his adventure and the team is now one man down. Also Bradster begins to work on his secret room. 
Episode 7 *Naming Trees*  In this episode, the team is still adjusting to Charley being away. Brad experiments with RedStone and the team also do horrible Bear Grylls Impressions.
Episode 8 *Hot Tub Preparations*  In this episode, Naetle begins to work on his own "Minecraft Hot Tub" Falco and Bradster head out to find a lava source and re stock on there missing supplies before the team freezes and starves to death
Episode 9 *Our Exotic Farm*  In this episode, Charley returns to the base and he takes Falco to there "Special" Farm. Naetle continues to construct his Hot Tub and Bradster still won't leave his room or his experiments. 
Episode 10 *The Party*  It's this episode, it is dedicated as the final episode to go out on AceGames, so Falco with the rest of the team, plus some guests throw a party at the Base in order to say farewell to this Chapter in the Adventure!
Episode 11 *The Hangover*  The team is back and in the aftermath of The Party, they wake up in a forest far away from the Headquarters. Not sure where they are and Charley is missing. Will the team make there way home and find there missing teammate?
Episode 12 *Breadcrumbs* Lost in the woods, the rest of our team, find themselves in a familiar place that connects them to the beginning and can these cakes lead the way home? 
Episode 13 *Safe and Sound*  Back at the base the team is now safe. But there has been some major upgrades to the base, but who has done it and why isn't the base consumed by the fire from the after party? Also Charley remains missing.
Episode 14 *In Memory of Charley*  5 Days after they've return to the Headquarters the Adventure Squad is still cooping with the loss of Charley. Brad more than anybody, spending his nights in Charley's Room. Also after making a late night Sandwich, Falco must clean the base.
Episode 15 *The Parcel*  Falco and Naetle wake up to find something very unusual on the front door of the Adventure Squad HQ. Brad is still grieving over Charley, but that is all about the change with Screaming and Kicking!
*Christmas Special*  Merry Christmas from the Minecraft Adventure Squad. In this Special, the team invite some friends around to the Headquarters for Christmas dinner and to compete and play some games!
Episode 16 *New Arrival* Brad returns from his time off at Christmas and the team return to adventure! But the mysterious "POD" remains on the front door of the base. What is it? And what will it contain when it opens?
Episode 17 *The Guest Room*  A person by the name of Solar is introduced to the Adventure Squad Team. He is given a brief tour and the team let him stay for the night in their "Guest Room" which hasn't been used yet. Also Falco shows the team what lies behind his bookcase.
Episode 18 *The Armory*  Solar has joined the Adventure Squad teams as a "temporary member" until he finds a way home, or what happened to him. Also after a late night of shopping for Falco. He shows the team what he has purchased! Time to gear up!
Episode 19 *Mystery of Torch Island*  All geared up the Adventure Squad decided to investigate an island to the right of the base covered in torches. But who put them their, none of the team know. Now they venture into its caves, to find what wonders it will contain. 
Episode 20 *Investigating the Portal*  3 Weeks after entering "Torch Island" Insanity has set and the team has begun to burn all their stuff to stay warm and Charley has begun to sing his Campfire songs. Also, Solar has been missing for 7 days  
Episode 21 *Into the Nether*  The Adventure Squad has found a Portal and Brad has set up a scanner to find out what it is doing. Will the team decided to enter it and see where it leads? Last In Series!
Episode 22 *Cavern Inferno*  Series 2 has begun, leaving right where we left off! Falco and Charley have made it through the Portal and have arrived in The Nether. They've managed to reunite with Brad, but what about Naetle? And will they every escape this Cavern surrounded by Lava?
Episode 23 *One Month in Hell*  After spending the last month adventuring through the dangerous Nether. The guys have decided it's time to find another portal and get out of there before all Hell breaks loose.
Episode 24 *Blue or Yellow*  Now out of the Nether and camping in an opening to a mineshaft. The lads decide to leave after a nights rest and head across this new world towards what they think is civilization. Also Charley's trousers keep changing colours. 
Episode 25 *Temple Base* 

The gang has found a sanctuary in this new world. A Sandstone Temple with a large underground home. How will they fare so far from Big Al and will the Squid give Naetle back?

Episode 26 *Mine Effect*

Falco is back at the Adventure Squad HQ and is about to take us on a tour of the place using the latest texture pack that came with the "Mass Effect: Mass Up Pack"
*Halloween Special*  Happy Halloween from the Minecraft Adventure Squad. In this Special, the team return to the base with an old friend to help find Jack the Golem, who has been kidnapped. Will the scavenger hunt lead them to Jack on time? 
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