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(Gameplay) On this episode of Mirror's Edge, I continue my pursuit of the bundle of sarcasm known as JacKnife, (Or Jack-knife, if you have no time whatsoever for edgy mispellings.) His job is basically just to tell us the plot of the game. That's awfully convenient.

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"Jump across a gap to a lower building. Hop over some ducts and climb the building in front of you. Jump to the zipline on the right and slide down. Drop off the building you land on and climb over the fence. Head right and over a couple gaps to some ducts. You can jump from the ducts over the fence to the left. Use the objects on the ground to spring board to the top of the building to the left. Jump over a gap and drop off the building to the right. Run along the side the building to a door in the corner. Head through and follow the hallway to an elevator.

Hit the button to go up. Once the doors open head out of the elevator. Head to the left and jump off the ledge. There are a couple of bars on the side of the next building over that you can swing on. Swing off both bars to some equipment on the side of the building. Then jump to the pipe. Climb up and jump to the next one to the right. Jump to the final one to the right and then onto a platform. Wallrun, turn, and jump to the building to the right. Use some objects on the right to spring board over the next building. Then drop off the building and use the boards to jump to the scaffolding on the other side of the gap. Jump over the gap to the left and head for the ramp leading up. Once at the top turn around and go to the opening in the fence. Head through.

Head to the fence on the right and hop over. Jump off of the far side of the building using the ramp provided. Jump to the building on the left and then jump for the pipes on the next building over. Use them to climb up. Go to the back side of the building in front of you. Do a wallrun, turn, and jump to off of the nearby building to get on top. Then jump over to that building. Head to the right of the fence in front of you. There is a duct on the next building over. Jump over to it. Then wallrun, turn, and jump to get on the inside of the fenced in area. You can also simply jump the gap back over if you can't aim the wallrun jump right. Move straight, then around to the right, and again to the right when you reach the edge of the building. You gonna need to jump off the corner at an angle to reach the next building. Once over, head up the ramp right in front of you, jump the gap to the equipment, and then the gap to the duct on the side of the building in front of you. "


Mirror's Edge is a first-person platforming action game developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts in 2009. It's also getting a sequel, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, for the new generation of consoles and PCs this year. Mirror's Edge centers around parkour as a gameplay mechanic, with lots of ways to manuever around buildings and through your surroundings.

This is a passage from Wikipedia on Mirror's Edge's gameplay:

"In gameplay, the character's momentum becomes an asset. The player must attempt to conserve it through fluidity of physical actions, encouraging the creation of chains of moves.[12] If Faith does not have the momentum required to traverse an object, she will fall off or short of it."

Source: Wikipedia ( ___________________________________ Tabula Rasa is a human potato who has no parkour abilities whatsoever. But he sure does like parkour games like Mirror's Edge! He also does all kind of gameplay and gaming-related videos on his channel! You should totally check it out!

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Mirror's Edge © 2009 Electronic Arts Developed By DICE You can buy it here: On Steam:

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