In our hearts, we are GAMErs!

G.A.M.E. (Gamers Achieving Maximum Excitement) is a collaborative Let's Play channel founded by L8RG8R2U, TheJamesRolls, GreenCobrasGaming and Pancakearmorman.


L8RG8R2U and TheJamesRolls had discussed an idea to record a versus project for James's channel. After a few months, James came up with the idea of a collab channel, so all collaborative projects were moved to the new channel. James edits the versus projects and manages the channel. And L8RG8R2U edits co-ops, the Gaming Gallery and animated the channel's intro.

Current Projects

The first versus between L8RG8R2U and GreenCobrasGaming. This series is currently on hold as the series' editor, L8RG8R2U, is moving into a new home

Previous Projects

Upcoming Projects

  • Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion Versus (NS)


Official Website

Gaming Gallery

The Gaming Gallery is a series of trivia videos going over the development history and cancelled games. This series was originally on L8RG8R2U's channel before being moved to G.A.M.E. This series is uploaded every other Monday with the current plan to have about twenty episodes in the first season.


After major gaming events such as E3 and Nintendo Directs, the four members of G.A.M.E. (usually) record a discussion video. These have been known to go on for a long time, to the point where some are split into multiple videos. Discussion videos started with L8RG8R2U, TheJamesRolls and GreenCobrasGaming uploading their versions of discussions on their own channels, starting with E3 2016 (before they met Pancakearmorman). Discussions, like the Gaming Gallery, were eventually moved to G.A.M.E.


  • The channel's name, G.A.M.E, was TheJamesRolls's idea. L8RG8R2U's idea was "BunchaJokers", but nobody liked it
  • A running gag during the earlier series was that L8RG8R2U and James kept telling themselves to get a timer before their next project, as they'd usually go over the 20 minute limit. L8RG8R2U has a timer on his microphone which he started to use during Sonic Generations Versus. Needless to say, James wasn't too happy when he found out about this...
  • Another running gag is that when Skyrim was shown for the Nintendo Switch, TheJamesRolls thought it was Beyond Good and Evil 2. GreenCobrasGaming also said in a discussion that Skyrim would never be on a Nintendo system a few months before it was announced. And L8RG8R2U thought the E3 2017 trailer for Super Mario Odyssey was for a Tomb Raider game
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