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Danielle (Games1219 ) is a female let's player from North Carolina. Her first YouTube account was named "kjjjnjrocks and did let's plays of Harvest Moon: A wonderful life (for GC) and Naruto clash of ninja revolution 2 (wii) but forgot the password and started let's playing on Games1219 an account she made when she was 12 named "Games1219"

Danielle created "Games1219" when her cousin needed help on Super Mario Sunshine and wanted her to favorite gaming videos for help on kjjjnjrocks but she didn't want that so she made a new account JUST for Gaming called "Games1219" (12 was how old she was, 21 how old Kevin Jonas was, and 19 how old Joe Jonas was) on Janurary 1st, 2009 but never picked up with the account until summer of 2010. She's currently Re-Let's Playing The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (she started Let's Playing it but quit), Let's playing Kirby 64 Crystal shards, and on April 1st, 2014 started Monsters Inc: Scream Arena as a April fools prank but decided just to go with it. 

She's quit Wind Waker and Kirby 64; postponed another let's play she was/has been doing (Ocarina of Time) but now doing a Gameboy Advance game; Disney Princess and a new thing called "Game Day" where every Saturday she'll play boardgames that have been on the gameboy advance. Another thing she's been trying to do is make JibJab videos of her favorite Let's Players, Celebrities, and her family. Also uploads her videos she makes for her school for an example "Super Danielle "


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