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 GamesArePlayed is a young and fairly new LP'er, who currently only has 3 Subscribers, however one video with over 300 views, due to his ads. He has currently done Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Pokemon Blue, along with other videos, such as TAS's, on the side.

Current Let's Plays Edit

GamesArePlayed's current Let's Play's include Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Pokemon Blue, with Part 1 of Sonic 2 exceeding over 300 views. He is currently in Part 2 of both of his Let's Plays and had a muffled mic for Part 1 of both of them, which was fixed in Part 2.

GamesArePlayed is always open to new ideas for what he should play next and will try to start new Lp's as soon as possible, however will never do more than 2 LP's at one time.


All-Game quotes:Edit

"Hello all, GamesArePlayed here!" - Opening

"This has been GamesArePlayed and, Cheerio!" - Ending

Pokemon Blue quotes:Edit

"I am the almighty.. Games.. Are... Played!"- Part 1- when Prof. Oak asked his name.

"My Pokemon journy is about to unfold.. So it's a piece of paper?"- Part 1- When the game begins.

"Aww, come on, Dad, I don't wanna have Pokemon!"- Part 1- When Prof. Oak says he needs Pokemon for his protection.

"Alright, Bob, take down this PIDGEH!"- Part 2- When he attacks his first Pidgey.

"Wait, what the hell?! Is that guy DEAD?!?"- Part 2- In Viridian City, when the Old Man is lying down in the road.

Sonic 2 quotes:Edit

"Now to break open the capsule, with Birds and the Birds and Bunnies run to their doom!"- Part 1- After beatin the Boss

"Headbutting!"- Part 1- Where he releases the animals and Sonic and Tails headbutt eachother

"Aww, I was so.. OH, SO "HE" HITS IT?!?"- Part 2- Sonic misses the tube, however Tails hits it.

"What is that, Baby Sonic?"- Part 2- At the end of Act 1, as he gets a continue.

"Oh, no! OH NO! NOHOHO!"- Part 2- When he freaks out due to the Chemical Plant water.

"Come on, Sega, you can't do that!"- After being hit by a cheap move.

"At least i finally get a CHAOSS EMURAAULD!!!"- Part 2- After completing the Special Stage.

"I..Lost..To..Robotnik..."- Part 2- After failing to defeat the Chemical Plant boss

"Nope, I will not let them touch me!"- Part 2- In Aquatic Ruins, being chased by fish.

"Now get me to the other.. Ow! Not the Ow!"- Part 2- When he stops to think, but gets hit in the process.

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