GatorAIDS Gaming
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GatorAIDS Gaming broadcast filler card.

First broadcast

December 21, 2012

Final broadcast

March 10, 2013





Produced by

Twilight Foundry
GATORCO (Gator Company)


Late-night (US & UK timezones)


YouTube (VOD only)

GatorAIDS Gaming was both the name of a live gaming webshow as well as the streaming site featuring said broadcasts. The project, produced by Twilight Foundry, went live on December 21, 2012. It was billed and marketed as a "furry-friendly" broadcast/community and featured a number of broadcasters from the fandom.

The mascot of the website was Coolgator, an anthropomorphic alligator wearing sunglasses. The character appeared in some of the station's bumpers and promotional videos and was created in 2009 by former site artist Fiskers. Music used in the station's bumpers and idents was composed by electronica artist beach blanket blammo.

In March 2013, station producers Twilight Foundry announced that because of problems with finances and resources that the Livestreaming channel would be shutting down. The final official broadcast took place on March 10, 2013.

Some time in 2014, Twilight Foundry re-seized use of the website's original domain and it now redirects to their company page. Some members of GatorAIDS went on to work on and produce "Gatorbox", an unofficial spin-off channel that broadcasts on Twitch.

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