Gaz the Gamer is a let's player from the North-East of Scotland, formally known as Hank2811, who simply enjoys playing video games and attempting to funny in the process.  Being a little-known let's player seemed like the perfect hobby for that. 

Background and Current PlansEdit

Originally started in January 2011 Gaz the Gamer (then Hank2811) put up a few videos, usually with a large gap of time between them. Then a large gap with no videos, every subscribers dream, right? A few videos appeared every so often but nothing consistent.  Then in early 2014 he returned with a new name, new ideas and most importantly a new grasp of the concept of a schedule. Now posting videos daily, not even he quite beleifs it yet.  He usually posts let's plays on games not quite in the spotlight, such as Civilization Revolution and the Dynasty Warriors series.

Currently as of January 2014, he is finishing a let's play of Dynasty Warriors 6 with the hope of doing the same characters for 7.  Also he has embarked on an adventure in The Raven, a point a click adventure, that is both fun and has some hilarious glitchy moments


The Sports FolkEdit

As of February 2014 Gaz, with three of his friends, created The Sports Folk. This was created for him and his friends to put up videos of sports games and to put up their (not so) weekly podcast.

In the future the group are not only hoping to create sports video game content and podcasts but also sketches and more show orientated content such as: Where are they now? A show based around exploring where some of the most promising sports stars have ended up when they didn't quite make it to the big time.

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