Gilshanks, also known as MageCaptainGilshanks, is a Let's Player on YouTube.  He has done several LP walkthroughs of Mario-related games and a couple of Zelda ones.  He has also done a few collab projects, most recently a 4-Way "Versus"-Style LP of Metroid Prime with Lancun, PapaMurph, and ChaosSinfulRose.

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  • "It's all fine and good."
  • "OK, fuck this!  FUCK THIS!!!!!  FUCK THIS FUCKING GAME!!!  GOD...URGH!  SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE FUCK!?!?" - from Metroid Prime: The Rave (Note: He rages so hard his screen shakes)
  • "We've got torches here!  YAY!" - from Ocarina of Time Master Quest 3D