KZX, as he's called in his videos and by others, mainly does role-playing games, most notably the Kingdom Hearts series, though he occasionally does other types of games as well. He is also known to make guest appearances in others' LPs.

His YouTube.

He does random streams on TwitchTV and on his own forum.

He has also recently started making video game countdowns and reviews on his second YouTube channel.

Ten Years of Kingdom HeartsEdit

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Kingdom Hearts, KZX will be streaming all of the Kingdom Hearts games (minus Dream Drop Distance) in the order they take place storyline-wise. The streams will also be uploaded to YouTube.

His LPsEdit

01. Dirge of Cerberus FFVII

02. Star Wars Rogue Squadron

03. Yu-Gi-Oh: Duelist of the Roses

04. Yoshi's Island

05. Kingdom Hearts II

06. Odin Sphere

07. Rogue Galaxy

08. Kingdom Hearts

09. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

10. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney


11. Persona 4

12. Final Fantasy X

13. Catherine

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

Current LPsEdit

14. Persona 3 Portable

15. Miles Edgeworth: Ace Attorney Investigations

16. Final Fantasy XIII


He often mentions the number 23, as well as bananas.

"My lombago!" Describing an imaginary body part that was just hurt by an attack.

"Ta-da!" (Rogue Galaxy)