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Introduction to A Rather New Lets Player out their[]

Hello Everyone this is a hedgehog from Hyrule better known as HylianHedgehog man how i just came up with this and it stuck with me i will never freak-in know. Anyways If you want to shorten other than calling me HylianHedgehog just call me Michael or Mike its what alot of my freinds and family call me anyways. Now i am a fairly new lets player that just got accepted as the small partnership from youtube now i am not the full partner yet but i am working on getting up their so please do check me out anyways to get me out their i thought i would put a wiki about myself and get my name out their so here goes.

The Man Behind the Hedgehog from Hyrule[]

Now before you freak out or anything in real life no i am not a freak-in hedgehog lol. I am just your average day run of the mill twenty year old well this year going on twenty one on December 20th 2012 and No i do not believe in the end of the world bull crap i am Christan and the bible clearly states that no man will know upon the lords return their for i live life to the best of my ability. With that said i would like to get out a few things about myself what got me into lets playing and stuff like that.



Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Episode 16


Pikmin - Day 10

Now as the pictures/Videos i put in my Wiki My big inspirations to get into lets playing where in the Runaway guys and Chuggaaconroy i hope one day to meet them but i am not holding my breath on that haha. Anyways another reasoning is one time while i was playing my game i made a comment that made my Friend laugh who had been into lets plays for a while and said i should get into it. Now I will be honest my current commentary on my first lets play is not the best as i was a little nervous. Now my Lets plays from here on out i will be a bit more confident and everything. So with that said i would like to thank the supporters i have had so far so expect me to be out on youtube for a while now. with that i will move on to what made me decide on Orcania of time as my first lets play.

Reason Behind My First Lets Play.[]


Lets Play Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Part 1 Chosen Hero


Lets Play The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time part 7 Epona and Saria's Song

Now as I was saying My first Lets play was of the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time. Now the reason i chose that is queit simple really it was the first video game i ever played as i was born in 1991 not the best year to be born some would say due to retirement rate going up and up. None the less i liked the year i was born and have no arguements against it what so ever. Now I put two pictures that i think will lead to the video of how i have done so far so you will see im still new. Now as for my next Lets play i have a few in mind but that will come as time goes bye.

Lets Plays[]

1.)Legend Of Zelda Orcania Of time.

Will Add more as They begin to develop


Now at the moment as I am Just starting out i do not have Any catchphrases but as They become avalible i will edit this wiki part with them.