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Infersaime is a Belgian LPer. He joined YouTube on 10th November 2010 and started LPing in September of 2011.

Since he's Belgian, his first language is Dutch. His English has been a lot improved since he first joined YouTube. He won't be mad if you correct him with his grammar. 

Past Let's Plays:Edit

Pokémon Yellow

Starfox 64/Lylat Wars

Mario Kart Wii

Starfox Command

Super Smash Brothers

Sonic Adventure DX

Starfox Assualt

Sonic and SEGA All-Stars Racing

Sonic Riders

Current Let's Plays:Edit

Pokémon Ruby

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle


Most of his Speedarts are deleted since they were on a different channel, which is now deleted. There are still a few on his current channel now. Click here to see the playlist!

External Links:Edit

His YouTube

His Twitter

His DeviantART

His Twitch