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Kanashimi's channel art, created by Emily-Fay, originally for TBPSG.

Jackie "Kanashimi" Florian (often known by fans as Kana) is a Let's Play channel that focuses on horror and visual novel games. The channel features Jackie Florian, a voice actress known for her commercial and animation work from Las Vegas, NV.

Her channel centers on horror games, both new and old. As well as a keen focus on visual novels and/or otome (girl) games. This series is dynamically voice acted live by several guest actors which take the roles of the in game characters and provide additional commentary to the gameplay.

She also reviews various geek related material such as limited edition games, make-up, and fashion.

She is often invited to conventions across the US for her work on animation and video games. She shares vlogs of her time at these conventions as a guest.

Videos are currently posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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