Jezdamayel playing SCP.

Jezdamayel is a Let's Player and amateur voice actress, with approximately 1,000 subs as of January, 2015. She uploads new videos on a daily basis and does many LPs at once.In less than a year she LPed over 35 games in approx. 160 hours of video material. She plays FPS games like Serious Sam 3, as well as RPGs like Starbound.

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Games That Make Jezdamayel Feel Stupid (GTMJFS) Edit


Random Facts Edit

  • Her username was made up at random over 7 years ago [1]
  • Jezdamayel died in Project Zomboid, after she purposefully drank bleach to increase her health stats [2]
  • Jezdamayel had a total shoulder replacement On April 29th 2016.
  • was diagnosed with moderate to severe Arthritis and Fibromyalgia back in December of 2015.