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Gemino as he appears in the intro for Gamebomb


Joseph Gemino
January 29, 1996 (age 21)




Let's player



Joseph "Joe" Gemino is an American let's player. He is most well known as a member of the Let's Play webseries Gamebomb.

 Career Edit

Gamebomb Edit

In 2013, Chris Bartoldus, Jake Mackay and Matt Whelan created Gamebomb, a comedic let's play webseries. In May of 2014, Gemino made a guest appearance in their Mario Party 2 playthrough, as well as their Pokémon Stadium 2 and Super Mario Bros. U playthroughs.

In 2016, Gemino was added as a permanent member of the channel. His addition was announced in a video titled "GAMEBOMB UPDATES!!! NEW PEOPLE!!" In 2017, Preldakaj and Mackay left due to outside obligations. Whelan, Bartoldus, and Gemino continue to run the channel, uploading 2-3 videos daily, along with monthly "Best Of" Compilations and livestreams.

Film Edit

Gemino has assisted Mackay, Bartoldus, and Whelan in their careers as filmmakers, acting as a co-director, creative consultant, and actor.

Gemino first assisted "Facebomb Productions" as a creative consultant during the post-production process of their second skit, titled "PARANORMAL PARTY", assisting Bartoldus while editing and producing music.

In early 2014, Whelan, Bartoldus, and Mackay began developing the idea for Jersey Coast, a webseries mocking the popular reality television show "Jersey Shore" and based off of a short video Mackay had filmed years prior. Gemino acted as a character named "Sleepy Joe", and also assisted with directing and filming. Jersey Coast was released in early 2015, but the series only had the first episode finished. The series was then abandoned to make time to release more short skits.

Gemino has acted in both "Jersey Coast Short: The Boys Go Clubbingand" and "Jersey Coast: Deleted Scene". Both of these extra scenes deleted from the final verison of the pilot episode of Jersey coast. He also acted and assisted in making "Your Everyday Sleepover", and assisted filming "Square Up".

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