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Kaozbender (Chaos - Bender) is most known for being a psuedo-psych on youtube where he hopes to garner enough attention to be in any way relevant and get back what was lost in the relationship with his parents.

Let's Plays[]

Road To Paper Mario: Sitcker Star (N64, TTYLD, Super and SS) (Completed)

Road To Pikmin 3 (1, 2 & 3) (1 & 2 are Done, 3 haven't started yet)

Road To Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (1 & 2/DM) (Completed)

Road To Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (SSS, PIT, BIS, DT) (Done)

Super Mario Sunshine (Completed)

Road To Mario Kart 8 (Completed)

Sonic Heroes (Completed)

Road To Star Fox Zero (In Progress)