Kaozbender (Chaos - Bender) is most known for being a psuedo-psych on youtube where he hopes to garner enough attention to be in any way relevant and get back what was lost in the relationship with his parents.

Let's Plays

Road To Paper Mario: Sitcker Star (N64, TTYLD, Super and SS) (Completed)

Road To Pikmin 3 (1, 2 & 3) (1 & 2 are Done, 3 haven't started yet)

Road To Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (1 & 2/DM) (Completed)

Road To Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (SSS, PIT, BIS, DT) (Done)

Super Mario Sunshine (Completed)

Road To Mario Kart 8 (Completed)

Sonic Heroes (Completed)

Road To Star Fox Zero (In Progress)

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