KloudKoopa (pronounced C Loud Coo Pa) is a YouTube Let's Player. As of 9/25/12, he has just over 500 subs. He has been LPing since Febuary 9th, 2012. He does a large variety of games, and plays multiplayer games with friends and fans on his 2nd channel, the KloudKoopaKlub!

LP Chronology (Timeline)

Animal Crossing City Folk (Show, Ran for 1 Season and Season 2 is coming)

E.T. (April Fools 2012)

Sonic 4 Episode 2 Co-op with Bowblax (Done with my best bro :D)

Pikmin 2 Wii (Ongoing)

Sonic Advance (for 16 Bit Summer Event)

Super Mario 3D Land Road to 666 Lives (3DS Recording Test Series)

Visit his channel here.

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