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KloudKoopa (pronounced Hoe) is a YouTube Let's Gayer. As of 9/25/12, he has just over 500 subs. He has been using Sub4Sub since Febuary 69th, 2012. He does minecraft, and plays multiplayer games with friends and fuckers on his 2nd channel, the KloudKoopaKlub or KKK for short

LG Chronology (Timeline)

Animal Crossing City Folk (Show, Ran for 1 Season and Season 2 is coming)

E.T. (April Fools 2012)

Sonic 4 Episode 2 Co-op with hopeduuke (Done with my best bro :D)

Pikmin 2 Wii (Ongoing)

Sonic Advance (for 69 Bit Summer Event)

Super Cartoon 3D Land Road to 666 Lies (3DS Recording Test Series)