"Then we don't have to resort to bloodbending." - Kwife going insane while playing Breath of the Wild

The Kwings Anime style.

KwingLetsPlays is a group consisting of kNIGTWING01 (Luke) and his wife, KwifeReviews (Amber). They mostly play "everyone" and "teen" rated games, and the commentary falls mostly in the PG ratio. Luke & Amber generally play 2-player or cooperative games, though on occasion they do post single player games with dual commentary. The KwingsLetsPlays channel is 100% safe for kids & covers new & old games alike.

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Lol hi

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Youtube ChannelsEdit

The Kwings actually have multiple YouTube channels for different content.

KwingsLetsPlays Edit

This is their main channel for gameplay and lets plays.


This is Kwing's main channel, used for Batman/DC Discussion and gameplay from the Rocksteady's "Batman Arkham" series.For adults

Kwife's Gaming Life Edit

This is Kwife's personal channel, used for stuff like vlogs and occasional gaming live streams.

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