A male Let's Player who has been making videos since April, 2011. Recently became popular for doing Blind Let's Plays, where he Let's Plays a game he has never played before, and through Blind Mega Man races. 

Let's Plays:Edit


Temple of the Item - Used to describe the dungeon item in Zelda games.

Bomb you can Wall - Dyslexic way of describing a wall you can bomb in Zelda games, similar to Temple of the Item

Wwwwwwwwwink! - Used as a "Thats what she said", to point out a innuendo

NUMBAH NINE - Unexplained. Said whenever saving in Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy 10, in save slot 9.

Kick Climb with the Cat Tails - What he calls the Shock Disc Jump in Banjo Kazooie/Tooie. Inspired from NintendoCapriSuns way of saying Cat Tails in PvZ.

Impact Horney - What he says every time he hears a boss theme written by "Consumate Yeti Grant Kirkhope"

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