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Nik Pendley, or probably better known for his YouTube Channel, Libcraft, is an internet personality who does Let's Plays! He started his channel on March 5, 2012 but didn't start doing Let's Plays until a few years later. His channel name is derived from one of his original usernames, Liberationmaster, and because he liked Minecraft he came up with the name Libcraft. He has done all sorts of Let's Plays for many different games, however he hasn't done many horror games. (Despite his collab partner, Dustbunny's wishes) Most of his videos, as the name would suggest, consist of Minecraft, however another series that he does quite often is GTA V with his friends. Among other things you will also find Vlogs and Update Videos.

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Libcraft often does collaborations with his friends to show that gaming can and is a very social sport. Some of his collaborators include:


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Libcraft's play style fits with many of the big name Let's Players making him familiar, and not feel so foreign. He occasionally goes to screaming nonsense with only his handsome collaborator (Dustbunny) to make him seem cool, as well as make sense of his occasional screams.

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