The cast plays Blast Corps.

This page catalogs a list of episodes from the Twilight Foundry web series GMO2.

GMO2 debuted on July 30, 2010 and was distributed by Channel F Productions during its first season which lasted 18 episodes (two of which were "specials"). The season finale gave strong evidence that a second season would be produced the following year, however Channel F Productions folded which caused the show to cease production.

In 2012, Twilight Foundry partnered up with readfloatwatchtv and officially announced a second season of GMO2 on their Facebook page. Due to financial complications, though, the announced second season was canceled.

Season Zero (2009)Edit

"Season zero" of GMO2, known then as Godmode: On, was a four-episode pilot created by Twilight Foundry and was the label's first large-scale project after its 2008 reformation. Godmode: On was intended to be released through but due to issues with the website changing ownership the series was canceled. Overall, the show tested poorly due to unintentional similarities to an existing 1UP series, Broken Pixels.

Episodes of Godmode: On are not canonical to GMO2 and are provided here for reference only.

# Title Game Guests Released
0A Make My Series Premiere Make My Video: Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch (Sega CD) Dracophile, Jason 2009
The cast kicks off their new series with a terrible Sega CD FMV title which Jason ends up accidentally overloading and breaking.
0B Untitled Episode A Bomberman: Act Zero (Xbox 360) Dracophile, Jason, Jake 2009
Armed with nothing but their wits, unlimited bombs, and a giant magic baseball mitt the cast sees how long they can survive a torrent of falling washing machines.
0C Untitled Episode B Bubsy 3D (Playstation) Dracophile, Jason, Fisk 2009
[This episode did not tape properly and has been lost.]
0D Ice Ice Baby Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero (Nintendo 64) Dracophile, Jason, Jake 2009
Sub-Zero has only two moves at his disposal in this legendary bad Nintendo 64 title: jumping and dancing. Will he be able to make it through "ANCIENT" China alive?

Season One (2010)Edit

The first season of GMO2 was produced by Twilight Foundry and Yellowteam Films and distributed by Channel F Productions. Its budget was an estimated $500. Season one debuted on on July 30, 2010 and ended with a Christmas Day special.

# Title Game Guests Released
1 The Greatest FPS Ever! Cabela's Alaskan Adventures (Xbox 360) Alex July 30, 2010
In the premiere episode of GMO2 co-hosts Dracophile and Alex travel to Alaska (metaphorically) and treat a hunting simulator as a first-person shooter all while dressed as late TV pitchman Billy Mays.
2 The Curse of Paul Blart Red Faction II (Playstation 2) Alex August 8, 2010
In a dystopian future riddled with enemies named things such as NIPPLE MAN, GAY ZOMBIE, DONGSHOT, and scariest of all A NEGRO one cop stands out from the rest to make the world a living hell. That man, is PAUL BLART.
3 Completely Tasteful Toilet Humor Try Not To Fart (Xbox Live Indie Games) Shoe August 14, 2010
Dracophile and guest host "Shoe" recount stories of personal shame pertaining to accidental flatulence while simultaneously trying not to fart in the popular Xbox Live Indie game Try Not To Fart.
4 The Manliest Game Ever! Sailor Moon R (Super Famicom) Alex, Eric, & Jason August 21, 2010
Dracophile gets in touch with his feminine side and teams up with Eric to defeat the evils of the Megaverse while Alex and Jason trade disappointed glances at one another.
5 More Alaskan Adventures Road Rash 2 (Sega Genesis) Alex, Eric, & Jason August 28, 2010
The cast returns to Alaska in Road Rash 2 to beat up cops, jump over station wagons, and fly through the roofs of buildings.
6 Metal Gear Burger King Sneak King (Xbox 360) Shoe September 4, 2010
It's up to the GMO2 cast to wait around (im)patiently as The King to surprise hungry construction workers with greasy fast food in this bizarre stealth game created by Burger King.
7 Killdozer Rides Again! Blast Corps (Nintendo 64) Alex & Jason September 11, 2010
GMO2 pays tribute to an American hero in this September 11 episode of the show featuring the sleeper Nintendo 64 hit Blast Corps. The mystery behind the "Twilight Foundry" name is also revealed.
8 Professor Oak's Voyeurism Fetish Pokemon Snap! (Nintendo 64) Jason September 18, 2010
Pokemon and furry sex jokes are in effect in this episode of GMO2 where Dracophile and Jason match wits attempting to prove once and for all if Pokemon Snap is the worst or best Pokemon game for the Nintendo 64.
9 Burnin' Down The House Fahrenheit (Sega CD) Alex October 2, 2010
Dracophile and Alex explore the terrible world of FMV games for the Sega CD with this interactive fireman game that spawned a very peculiar catchphrase about steaks.
10 There Goes A Construction Site Kids On Site (Sega CD) Alex October 10, 2010
Dracophile takes control of a wrecking ball and threatens to kill the crew of a construction site while Alex mans a bulldozer to run everyone over and take an interdimensional stroll through rural Scotland.
11 A Conflict of Temporal Proportions Time Crisis III (Playstation 2) Alex October 16, 2010
There's no waiting, just action, when the GMO2 cast gets behind a light gun in this arcade classic on the Playstation 2.
12 You Shouldn't Have Done That (Halloween Sp.) The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64) Alex & Jason October 30, 2010
Jason stops by a shady yard sale and buys a beaten-up copy of Majora's Mask and convinces Dracophile to play it for the show. When they start from a previous save file they quickly realize there's something wrong with the game and that it may possibly be... "haunted". Based off of the popular Internet short story "The Haunted Majora Cartridge".
13 Who's Ready For Street Date Violations? Monster Jam: Path of Destruction (Xbox 360) Alex November 6, 2010
Dracophile and Alex take a look at the new Monster Jam video game before it's released and give a play-by-play of what's good and what sucks. Dracophile designs a dinosaur truck and Alex makes inappropriate jokes about dead kids.
14 In Lucidity, The Sapient Dictate LSD: Dream Emulator (Playstation) Alex & Elizabeth November 14, 2010
In a much-anticipated request episode the GMO2 cast expands their minds with the Japanese Playstation game LSD: Dream Emulator. Special guest appearance by the Iranian Santa Claus.
15 Like 9/11 With a Lowrider Twisted Metal III (Playstation) Alex November 27, 2010
Twisted Metal III, by 989 Studios, is said by fans of the franchise to be the series' fall from grace. It just so happens to be one of Dracophile's favorite games. He and Alex team up with the help of Thumper to lay waste to tons of cars in this 1990's Playstation title.
16 Glacier1 Doesn't Exist Glacier2 (Wii) Alex December 5, 2010
Up until this point there was a stark rule that "no Wii games will be played on GMO2." That was until the cast discovered Glacier2, a game so awful, so TERRIBLE, that an exception to the rule had to be made for it.
17 Kiss Your Dongs.exe Goodbye Syobon Action (Wii, Homebrew) Aarron, Elizabeth, & Jason December 13, 2010
Syobon Action has gone by many names since its ambiguous creation many years ago. Originally a PC title, it has also been ported to the Nintendo Wii as homebrew. Dracophile, Aarron, Elizabeth, and Jason all take turns attempting to beat this maddeningly difficult take on Super Mario Bros.
18 Zombies Ate My Christmas! (Christmas Sp.) Zombies Ate My Neighbors! (Super Nintendo) Jason December 25, 2010
In the GMO2 Christmas special Dracophile and Jason cannot come up with a game to play. When they settle on Zombies Ate My Neighbors Andre recounts a childhood memory of the game being stolen from him. In order to obtain the game for the show the two hosts use the power of the Magic Plate to travel through time and borrow the game before the mysterious stranger has a chance to steal it.Guest Starring: Logan (as Young Dracophile) & Max (as Young Jason)
XX Dracophile's Boner Jams: Vol. 1 Super Godzilla (Super Famicom) Aarron, Elizabeth, & Jason N/A
With a Japanese copy of the Super Famicom title Super Godzilla in their hands the cast takes turns trying to figure out the secret to playing the game all while monsters from the Godzilla universe shoot lasers at each others' nipples.
XX The Parable of the Pumping Stallion Barbie Race & Ride (Playstation) Eric & Jason N/A
A simple Barbie game for girls is made into a sexual euphemism for bestiality as the cast berates a broken and sluggish horse simulator on the PS1.
XX The One with the Spinning Car Friends - The One with All the Trivia (Playstation 2) & Novastorm (Playstation) Eric & Jason N/A
The cast starts out the episode with a trivia game based on the TV series Friends but quickly grow so bored of it that they spend the second half of the episode playing an FMV shooter called Novastorm, noted for having a boss that is simply a car on a spinning demo platform.
XX Season Two Format Sample Track & Field (Xbox Live Arcade) Alex December 14, 2012
Dracophile and Alex take a moment to explore this NES-to-XBLA port and fail to set or break any world records in button mashing.

Note: This episode is only three minutes long and serves as a "layout test" for the show's would-be 2011 look.

Season TwoEdit

The second season of GMO2 was announced to be produced by Twilight Foundry and readfloatwatchtv. Originally slated for a late-2012 release, the second season was noted for having a marked difference in set design as well as format and content. Notable changes to the show includes the addition of "pop-up" video game trivia, additional hosting/sketch segments, and viewer mail.

Due to an unexpected relocation of the studio in August 2012 the second season of the show was delayed further with periodic updates on the show's Facebook page giving information on the relocation/production progress. Complications with the studio's recording equipment further delayed production of the show into November and an eventual undefined hiatus. In December, it was announced that Twilight Foundry's ongoing financial difficulties had forced the show into cancellation.

# Title Game Guests Released
19 Redemption TBA (Playstation 2) N/A TBA
Dracophile has bad luck with the show until he receives a divine "blessing". Shoe rejoins the show as a permanent co-host.
20 The Best of GMO2 N/A N/A TBA
Dracophile counts down the best and most memorable moments from the 2010 season of the show.
XX Down & Dirty Season Premiere Monster Truck Madness 64 (Nintendo 64) Alex N/A
The cast gets fired up for the new 2012 season by racing now-defunct monster trucks around the wildest offroad courses and with completely broken physics. A Kermit the Frog soundalike provides in-game commentary.

Note: This is the only season two episode taped in the original GMO2 studio.

XX Secret of the Magic Crystals: The Movie: THE GAME Secret of the Magic Crystal (PC) Evan July 17, 2012
Dracophile and Evan dive back into the world of horses and magical ponies with this bargain bin game on Steam. Guest stars Benjamin Franklin, his horses, and exactly zero magic crystals.

Note: This is not an official episode of GMO2 but was released on the show's YouTube channel nonetheless.

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