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Here's a list of some Let's Players and their amount of videos and subscribers, as well as some additional background information:

Names Subscriber count Video count Description
Yuni Gaming 2000+ 200+ Yuni is an active Let's Player, she plays all kinds of games and uses a facecam.
VastGameMaster 300 165+ I am VastGameMaster, I make playthrough videos that are mostly blind playthroughs with commentary. I make series from Anime MMO to JRPGs, Tactical Shooters, Military Simulations, VR games, Action-Adventures, Real-Time Strategies, and pretty much anything that piques my interest. The kind of commentary I provide is usually conversations I would have with people who are wanting to know what I am doing, why I am doing it, and where am I doing it. I'll tell stories, make jokes, and drop knowledge from time to time. I like to entertain myself as well as others so if you are enjoying yourself on here then I'm happy to know that you guys are entertained.
Tunila 3 10+ New and growing channel, focusing on chill and relaxing gameplays. Currently playing Valheim, Oxygen Not Included (ONI).
TCWCrazyZaku 4007 1000+ A relatively Unknown Let's player who prefers to be a voice rather than a face. Known for his Horrible Dubbing of the Game Super Robot Wars X and for playing games on the easy mode. Zaku Plays a Wide Variety of Games. From narrative to Horror. He Posts 5 Videos a week. Recently gained an influx of Videos from a 5 year old clip of SWE's SAO Abridged. He Also had a Series called Tacoma Championship Wrestling on the same channel where he got the TCW part of his name. He is quoted in saying " I just want to entertain people with a good story."
MrZeeGaming 4 5+ Mr Zee started to LP after his blog site under the same name no longer became viable for this content format. He slowly transitioned into youtube by continuing one of this blog articles into a Let's Play format and continued on by starting his first official LP, Darksiders.
Vynnada 300+ 50+ Female Let's Player from Ireland who likes to play games alongside commentating over them. Vynn plays a variety of games including horror, indie and many others. Let's Plays and Speedruns games on both YouTube and Twitch.
Smellsbad Gaming 397 1000+ Currently playing Bioshock, Control, Dark Souls, Deus Ex Human Revolution. Just finished Borderlands and Hellblade.

10+ videos a week. Always replies to comments.

SofaCast 10 2 Hello! This is SofaCast, my/our channel is sorta new, and my friends and I like making LP's on all types of games, from retro to modern games, also feel free to message if you want to make LP's together! (cuz sometimes my friends don't have time or won't record with me)
Tench Froast 1030 562 Female voice actress mostly playing full console games and trying out indie PC titles/demos. Around 1-3 videos per week. No facecam.
Super Hopped-Up 946 1101 Comical/funny teams/couples (2 players from a group of 6 from the game development industry) playing through plot-rich console games. New video every 1-2 days. They also have a weekly podcast. Usually no Facecam.
RuslanaChen 6 15 A gamer girl from Ukraine, channel is in English and Russian.

Plays all kinds of games.

Maltosier 67 229 Maltosier plays Nintendo, Blizzard, and indie games as well!

Daily 3PM EST uploads.

The Lost Library 36 207 A Mon through Sat upload of high-definition RPG, tactical and turn-based content from the collection of the Lost Library's games. The letsplay style steers to more of a slower-paced approach to providing you with immersive commentary and a thorough playthrough. You will find the difficulty settings at hard or above and, in some cases, including my own set of custom rules to play by. The goal is to deliver to you an engaging and entertaining journey through the memory lane of many classics and hidden gems still undiscovered to this day.
CowsCrazy 2033 3439 Gaming channel of mostly older games. Has a very basic style with a lot off off beat humor.
The Irate Rooster 3 5 A cartoon rooster plays variety of games, old and new.
ProtosVault 105 91 UK Gaming let's player who primarily plays Minecraft. I am surprised by how few subscribers he has as his content is on par with some of the biggest lets players! Just wanted to drop his channel to help him out :)
Black Ice Gaming 200+ 170+ A German American let's player who mainly does videos on platformers he seems to upload every week day although he does go on hiatuses.
Masterath Gaming 1,303 2,555 An English gamer who has uploaded at least 1 video every day for the past 6 years. He has done 200 Let's Plays in the 8 years of the channel's existence including RPGs, Platformers, Beat 'em ups, Strategy Games and many other genres. Masterath does Let's Plays of games from all eras of gaming.
ClemmyGames - The Best of Indie Games 8,641 550 Hello this is ClemmyGames and I cover the best Indie Games on my channel! Top 5 Lists on Games You Might Have Missed & the Best Indie Games of the Month, + New Releases, Upcoming Releases and more!

Upload Schedule: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday + Bonus Videos

I aim to highlight great games and developers, so subscribe to keep up with the Best Indie Games!

Links to my popular videos:

Top 5 Best Pixel Art Indie Games - 2019 & Beyond!

Top 10 Best Indie Games of 2018

Top 50 Best New Indie Games for 2019

Top 5 Metroidvania Indie Games - 2019 & Beyond!

Questionable Ole 211 30+ The channel highlights how a typical Let's Play approach can be enhanced by the calming dose of horse tranquilizer administered right into me, Questionable Ole.

What is it like to have a slow reaction in platformer games? Do you get scared if you are emotionally dead? How many deaths can it take to complete a Celeste game?

All this and more at the Questionable gaming by Ole channel!

Poofy Gaming 225 650+ Youtuber who focuses on Indie, Obscure and Forgotten games. He aims to be a couch-play channel where people can relax and feel welcomed. His cynical and sarcastic playstyle will keep you entertained and hopefully put a laugh on your face. He releases at least a video a day, but there will be occassional vlogs and one-offs.
TheGamingDile 23 73 A American who loves to play all kinds of games.
Lumi & Milu 10 4 A purebred Newfie girl and a British boy show you how to be assholes to those you love - in a nice way. New channel, but Lumi is an experienced Let's Player. Lumi & Milu play off each other in a hilarious way. Worth the watch!
Flamez Plays 800 650+ American Youtuber who plays primarily horror video games. Releases videos each day from a series, and an extra video every Monday, Wednesday and Friday showcasing horror maps in games or indie titles. Also has scheduled livestreams of various games and is interactive with subscribers.
The Altar Of Kez 38 7 Has only done one Let's Play so far--an officially licensed Donald Trump computer game from 2002.
HrenPlays 33 57 Welcome to HrenPlays!

I do uncommented and edited let's plays of the games I play in my spare time.

I also build working, lore-friendly settlements in fallout 4. Casual gamer when possible. Always sneaky. Always slow. Always RP-ing.

TheAutisticGamer 70 189 Welcome to my channel! My Name is Michael and I have high functioning Autism. This is supposed to be a Lets Player/Streaming Channel but it happens to be all around! I review movies and books, unbox stuff, read bad fanfiction, etc. BUT! This is definitely first and foremost a Lets Play/Streaming Channel. I play all sorts of games. From Old School FPS games to Diablo Clones to 3D Action RPGS and Nintendo Switch Games! My Sister Karly Joins me also sometimes for very funny (But Very Politically Incorrect) videos and streams! I have 21 Lets Plays, Many being uploaded right now and many streams going on! My upload schedule is weird so don't expect a video every day! Games I have done so far are Titanfall 2, ABZU, Forza Horizon 4, Serious Sam The First and Second Encounter HD, Call of Duty 2 and much more!

The games I want to get to most are mainly big RPGS like Baldurs Gate 1 & 2, Divinity II The Dragon Knight Saga, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Divinity: Original Sin 1 and 2, The Witcher 3, Pillars of Eternity 1 and 2, and the biggest project of all, Neverwinter Nights 1 (Base Game, All Expansions, All Premium Modules) and Neverwiniter Nights 2 (Base Game, All Expansions) I hope you enjoy the content I create and hopefully you can subscribe to my channel. Hopefully you will enjoy watching as much as I enjoy recording! Thanks! -Michael

FiyahKitteh 2000+ 1000+ Female Let's Player / Streamer with an adorable voice and easy-to-get-along-with personality!

She likes playing cute titles, as well as Adventures, RPGs, Story-Rich, light Strategy, Dating Sims, Anime, Hack And Slash, SMITE and similar.

Dungeons & Drinks 96 131 Dungeons & Drinks is hosted by Ginko and his friends, who get increasingly drunk and frustrated with the games they are playing. Every now and then, they play a serious game, but many are hilariously awful games like: Barbie Explorer, Land Before Time Racing, Pepsi Man etc.
Alux 0 1 Alux is a 20 year old Let's Player/Speedrunner with a fair bit of talent for Beat'em Ups, and FPS games.
Scottsc20 0 1 A teenage boy playing through every type of game. Some of his most popular games include horror games such as Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion and Five Nights at Freddy's, as well as comedic games such as Kill the Plumber and Plants vs. Zombies. Scott is known for being very open to his audience and community, especially while live streaming.
Buzzdowan 250  250 A gamer showing alternative approaches to playing strategic games such as Civilization, Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis
Ardentex 78 22 Variety Let's Player that focuses on his favorite game series, regardless of genre or console. Self-described "Completionist", all of the Let's Plays featured on his channel are complete walkthroughs of the games, in chronological fashion. Current Project: Pokemon FireRed & LeafGreen
A Reformed Nerd 10+ 2+ A former gamer (10+ years ago), returns to gaming. Plays a mix of old games he used to love, and new games that have peaked his interest over the years. Generally, quite bad at games, but seems to enjoy them regardless.
Jyrakos 175 450 A Let's Player with a focus on 100% completion, Jyrakos plays a wide range of games: from RPGs to Action/Adventure to Platformers and more. He aims to provide an informative view on the games he plays, while still having a lot of fun. He's even joined by his wife on some of his videos!

Jyrakos uploads several videos a week and has multiple projects in the works for the future.

Tues/Thurs - Let's Play #15: Tales Of Phantasia

Wed - Wife Wednesday #3: LEGO Star Wars

Sat - One-Shot Saturdays

Brandon Prue 60 8 Hi, I'm Brandon Prue! My channel is kinda new and I like making videos on all types of games, and making all types of videos, Let's plays, short, fast paced funny moments videos, and comedy sketches are a few types of videos I love to make, also feel free to message if you want to make videos together!
Gamebomb 679 700+ Gamebomb consists of three people: Chris, Matt, and Joe. They play various classic and modern games on a wide range of consoles, doing comedic commentary along the way. They play in combinations of two-four people per game, and sometimes include guests. Gamebomb aims for comedy and storytelling in their let’s plays. They upload two 10-12 minute episodes every single day, and three videos on Tuesdays and Fridays.

They have recently started streaming on their new Twitch channel every so often.

They also upload monthly Best of Compilations, which showcase their best moments of that month.

Puppy Nesti 96 39 Hello there!

I am an 18-year-old Singaporean kid trying to rack up an active viewership again (had a long hiatus). I play any games that interest me and if they particularly excite me, I do a full playthrough of it.

I'm currently doing a playthrough of Dead Space, with a few short videos of other games splashed in to keep it fresh, such as various indie games and online multiplayer shooters. I must admit, I am deeply in love with games like COD and Battlefield.

I know I'm imperfect, but I have the passion to learn, improve, and do the best I can. I hope you enjoy! :D

Stabbed Panda Games Unknown 100+ Stabbed Panda Productions is a British music, comedy and multi-media outfit. Stabbed Panda Games is their outlet for gaming news, lets plays and other gaming-related videos. Current series include Banjo-Kazooie on N64, Wolfenstein: The New Order on PC and Overwatch on PC. New videos uploaded weekly, Saturdays at 4pm GMT.
2purpleswitchs 1k+ 52k+ I play games, I make games & I have fun, have look
Damned Husky's Let's Plays 45 400 Hello, I'm Damned Husky! I mainly do Blind let's plays, and the games I've played include the Stalker Franchise, Bioshock and more! I take suggestions for what games people want me to play.
shut up lydia 248 30+ shut up lydia is a new Australian Let's Player who plays a variety of games; from indie games to FPS and everything in between. Lydia studies game development and her passion for video games is abundant in her videos, accompanied by her constant sass and shade.

Popular Videos:

[1] Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

[2] Ariane B Dating Simulator

[3] Fortnite

Foorson 1030 601 An European let's player/Entertainer with original humour sense, commentary and edits which brings people to his channel. Personality plays main role in his videos.
SkiNl3Y19 3600 731 A Scottish Let's Player with a wide variety of games, ranging from RTS, FPS, Flight Simulators accompanied with regular streams of competitive games. A fast growing channel and a great person all around, he aims to provide a more detailed guide to the games or a quick look at how to beat certain aspects of every game.

He provides great entertainment while still being thorough and very good (skill wise) at almost every game he plays

Check out my favourite LPs here:

Populous the Beginning

Ace Combat 6

Pokemon Black

Command and Conquer:Red Alert

Rayman (PS1)

Super Ghouls and Ghosts

BlackbirdFrost 57 77 American YouTuber that does mostly blind LPs unless otherwise noted in the video. Plays a lot of retro, and retro-styled games including Freedom Planet and Cuphead, as well as some newer games. Bit of a chill gamer. Not very ragey, in case that's what you're into. Loves games with a bit of challenge.
Disagreeable Gaming 246 90 Disagreeable Gaming is a Youtube Gamer that plays a mixture of games. Most videos are from brand new games as they release on Steam, but he also has a series on Outlast , Alien Isolation, Soma, and other well-established games.

Other videos include Kickstarter Campaign Demos like Technolites, and some parody games.

TFS Gaming 750,970  2,120+ TFS Gaming formerly called TwoSaiyansPlay are a bunch of guy's that has a gaming channel as a side channel for their main channel TeamFourStar where they make Dragon Ball Z Abridged. The gaming channel is where you'll find your favorite actors, characters, and everything in-beteeen as they play through some of their favorite (and oft-heated) Video Games! Check out Vegeta's adventures in Renegade for Life, go and Watch Takahata101 & Zito in Yes Yes Love Adventure Go!, or stick around with the trio Lanipator, Kirran, and Grant as they play through just about anything in TFS Plays!
SpicyWaffle 33,675 1,851+ SpicyWaffle are a couple if brothers named Corwin & Uko they upload two video's every single day. They do Gameplays, Let's plays and Full playthroughs of mostly Violent Video Games and Mods.
Hog Play 20+ 415+ Hog Play is a couple from germany narrating in english. They upload two video's regularly. They try to see games through to the end and then pick the next one.
AquaGamesRX 58 87 AquaGamesRX is a Let's Play channel centered around the let's playing of games (obviously!) On his channel, he plays games all types of games! From Platformers to RPGs, and even FPS games. He has been let's playing for around 3 months and wants to improve and get better, so advice is always appreciated! He tries to upload every weekday at around 8PM. If you are interested in LPs of awesome games from yesteryear (for the most part), then why not check out the channel, and if you like the content, maybe subscribe!
Spare Tire 37 362 Four friends sit on a couch and play various video games in various combinations with each other, including some larger titles like Earthbound and Devil May Cry to some lesser known titles like Pony Island and Tak and The Guardians of Gross. Videos from the group are not as common as they used to be, but when videos came out, there were always three everyday.
ShortOneGaming 11.1k 940 Brother-sister duo Jake (called "Short") and Gina Smith make Let's Plays, fan songs, and analytical videos about video games and general pop culture. Being songwriters (Jake a composer and Musical Theater performer, and Gina being a lyricist -- most well known for writing The Persona 4 Musical Project) they use their knowledge of storytelling, humor, and music to engage their audience while they play games within all possible genres.
Instant Replay Live- - Facebook

- Twitter

2,542 500 Started by brothers Nick and Joe to reconnect after living in separate states for about 10 years, now we tell stories and catch-up while gaming.

Featuring primarily indie PC and retro console games, we are a variety channel with willingness to play just about anything.

The MK2 Project 15 36 Originally started as Aironax88 back in the day before the arisecrafters were torn apart by a leadership issue. Has now strated a New channel and is quite frequent with posting content 1-2 days. the Content consists of world tours, build tutorials, modded minecraft and vanilla lets plays.
NintendoDuo 4k 400


The Player and the Doodler 65 600 The Player and the Doodler is a channel that does humorous Let's Plays with a bit of a twist: the Player plays games while the Doodler is drawing fanart (with both providing commentary), and at the end they show off the doodles! They've focused mostly on older games with an emphasis on old Sierra adventure games like King's Quest, but have done some retro NES and SNES titles as well, like Super Mario Bros. 3 and Chrono Trigger, as well as even older stuff from Atari and Intellivision days like Demon Attack or Ballblazer. They tend to watch their language more than most channels, so they're a good family-friendly team to watch.
RPG Crawler 2,295 1000+ Primarily does Let's Plays of RPGs of various sorts, with complete playthroughs of a number of Infinity Engine and Elder Scrolls games. New episodes up most days.

Also does reviews of indie rpgs. Has a fair amount of tabletop role-playing content as well produced irregularly.


- Twitch

- Twitter

40,370 2,000 Guides and Let's Plays of MMORPGs/ARPGs like Guild Wars 2, Witcher 3, Elder Scrolls Online, ArcheAge, Secret World, Star Wars: The Old Republic, WildStar, Aion, Blade and Soul, Tera etc
TiegonBerry 3000+ 2000+ Plays classic games, not necessarily popular games. You'll see many games that few others have played. Also does live streams regularly, has good production values, and focuses on

the gameplay more than crazy reactions.

The Romanian Reaver 310 ~843 Let's Player and independent games critic with long term goals and the determination to see them through. Let's Plays span multiple genres from shooters to RPGs and from Grand Strategy/4x to Dwarf Fortress-like.

Strict ethics code when it comes to games critique. Full disclosure of biases and a refusal to accept anything more than what is required, a review copy of the game, from the publisher/developer for the purpose of the First Impressions video. Any video looking at a game where more than my own personal/gamer biases, preferences for certain genres, distaste of puzzles and other such strictly gaming tastes related biases, interfere gets shunted into the 2 cents category which is openly stated to be a subjective opinion rather than a critique of said game. The First Impressions category aspires towards the review standard but I'll never call it that due to my own absurdly high standards when it comes to reviews.


1.Humour/language unfiltered. Not a politically correct channel.

2.Content is in long cut format with no script, even the First Impressions videos, so it can be a acquired taste compared to other more traditional formats.

ScriptKittiez 1,278 30+ ScriptKittiez are a team of professional game hackers who play through games after glitching them out horribly. They gravitate towards story driven games with plenty of cutscenes, which they ruin in entertaining ways with hacks.
Boozehounds 48 42 Boozehounds are an Australian variety Let's Play group who produce content over a few beers, mainly in PC titles. Notable ongoing series include Payday 2 and GTA Online, but they also produce one off videos in indie games. Their recording style also varies between multi-perspective, multiplayer split screen, as well as single player games with multiple people commentating.
J-Hig 87 329 "Charming and family-friendly content. You might even think it's funny." J-Hig currently has ongoing let's plays from the King's Quest series, Block Story, Terraria, Mount and Blade: Warband, and Elements the Game. No swearing, and he avoids/censors graphically violent content.
HerotonVA 632 200+ (100+ being LP videos) An Actor/Voice Actor that does LPing on Youtube ever since 2013, his first being The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. His LP style is super informative and somewhat Clean (As he censors his swearing), although he has a tendency to stutter and lose track of the subject matter. He used to update once in a while, but ever since October of 2015, updates every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays, with a Movie he makes every Sunday. Due to having priorities on Other Projects and work, the breaks between his LPs tend to be long, but he delivers on content. His recent LP was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle HD on XBLA, but has yet to do Bonus videos due to personal problems and working on his film.

HerotonAlmighty2011 is also the Creator of the Redub Movie: Sonic: Nazo Unleashed ReMIX, which he produced, Edited, Directed, did new Art and Animation and even acted in, being the voices of Sonic, Shadow and their fusion, Shadic. He is currently working on a live action Legend of Zelda Movie: The Legend of Link

He also is one of the founders of the Colab Channel The Starter Trio, along with his friend SolutionGold5116 and his wife, Chubia520 (They are currently Running Pokémon: Platinum Version amount other games).

acat493 95 24 Acat and his friends make a more podcast-y style of Let's Play, which is not always 100% focused on the game at hand. Results may vary.
  • Current LP: Sonic '06
  • Upcoming LPs: Firewatch, Dark Souls 3, Cave Story
Tweed 150+ 30+ Tweed is a YouTuber who publishes a video every week of varying types of content. His most popular series, 'First Date,' involves a first look at an indie game that either he found or a publisher sent him.
sebijinGames 200+ 930+ Hey! I'm sebijinGames and I've been making videos now for over 5 years. Over the past few months I've spent a lot of time in revamping my channel in a way that professionalism is extremely apparent.

I'm currently producing 3-4 videos per DAY to make sure that you get a variety of content to feed your hunger of entertainment.

My content includes:

- Daily Runs of Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth +

- Collabs with other YouTubers

- Nintendo Games

- Indie Games

- Tons of PC Games

- Basically any game I can get my hand on that piques my interest

- Nintendo the History - an in-depth look at Nintendo's History in a fully edited and produced show

- Retro Gaming Challenges

- Top 10's

My goal is to eventually make a living full time by creating content whether it be videos, music, games, etc. I strive for a channel that anybody and everybody can feel welcome on and I'm open to any kind of suggestions, along with, any collabs.

So come by and say hey and if you're looking for a collaboration, hit me up!

MrNecroMike 48 1000+ Hi im Necro, im pretty relaxed in my videos, apart from screaming like a girl in some recent vids, im getting more in the swing of things with regular uploads ( avg 5 - 10 vids a week ), i love recording and making videos as its always different, and im always learning, along with my sort of motto, 'if it makes one person smile, then all the effort for the video was worth it',

completed LPs include:

- Fallout 4

- Resident Evil 5

- Resident Evil 7

- Tales Of Zestiria

- Tales Of Berseria

- Gears Of War 4

- Mass Effect Andromeda

- Portal

- Portal 2

- L4D 1 + 2

+ More

Currently Running:

- Final Fantasy XV

And More, even if my channel doesn't go anywhere, ill still make vids, because i simple love it, hope you stop by sometime, till then, stay safe!

MajorBlackRose 52 73 MajorBlackRose the leader of the Army of Darkness, a recently new lets player who was on and off with his content due to university and work commitments.

He works with a number of different other youtubers to do collaberation series and seems more focused on having fun while interacting with his viewers. He puts a big focus on asking people to comment on his videos as he says he wishes to improve and create a fun community that both he and the viewers will enjoy.

If you are willing to take a chance go take a look at his channel and drop a Like if you like the content, drop him a comment if you have something to say and help him improve. And if you want to keep up to date then Subscribe and join his Army of Darkness.

He does a mixture of games including the following:

- Pokemon Nuzlocke Randomizers (Including versus)

- Persona 3 FES

- Digimon Cyber Sleuth

- Dot Hack Games

Abdallahsmash026 494,000 5000+ Abdallahsmash026 is a popular gamer and LPer on YouTube where he plays a variety of Nintendo games from Mario games to RPGs such as Fire Emblem and Pokemon. An avid Nintendo fan, his content primarily focuses on games from Nintendo. He started his own YouTube channel in 2009 where he first posted his game play videos with a camcorder of Super Smash Bros Melee showing his expertise. He then made his way into uploading various online gameplays for Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS. From there, he bought a new capture card and he branched out into uploading more LPs for various other Nintendo titles moving forward. In a span of 5 years, he became one of the most growing and successful LP channels on YouTube in terms of popularity and subscriber count. His ways of interaction with his fans include vlogging, live streaming, updating his Twitter page and attending Nintendo conventions and tournaments. Though he never shared his ethnic background, the name Abdallah is an Arabic name meaning "servant of God" and he is thought to be of Middle Eastern descent.
Jahlete Gaming 8 18 Hi! I'm Jahlete from Jahlete Gaming, and I do Let's Plays of a lot of RPG games! I love playing RPGs, and I love sharing them with the world. If you're interested, come check me out!

I currently am doing a Let's Play of:

Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

And I have many more Let's Plays in mind for the future! :)

XEI Gaming 890 1100 eXplore. Engage. Inspire. The Channel focuses on let's plays of story-focused video games, indie games, and occasionally tabletop gaming. Current games: The Witcher series, Dragon Age series, Mass Effect series, BioShock series, Kingdom: New Lands, Dig or Die playthroughs, and more!
Professor Adventure 37 53 Good day class! My name is professor Adventure,and I have a new let's play channel on YouTube. I like to dive into old educational video games, games people never new about, or just fun entertaining games and do a full lets play of them. So come join me on my next adventure and hey, you just might learn a thing or two... Till next time class dismissed!
Mind Wack(No Lives Remaining) 90+ 205+ No Lives Remaining is the part Let's Play, part Podcast with hosts Scott and Chris. They are a delightful combination of trash-talk, 80s, 90s, and 00s references, improvisational bits, and observational humor with a slight tendency toward either very cheesy or rather dark humor. They play various classic and modern games on a wide range of consoles, being energetic and humorous along the way. They play mostly single player games, with Scott at the controls most often, and sometimes include guests. They are trying to build a strong community of viewer's that comment and want to engage with them as creators, gamers, nerds, and comedians. They upload every single day, with multiple videos on random occasions.
KatyushaGames 9 38+ KatyushaGames is a fairly new channel made up of 2 people, who wish to share their passion of gaming with the world. They have a wide variety of videos, from War Thunder to Assassin's Creed, and much more. Videos are uploaded every day or every other day.
Neilist 19 13 A channel of mostly let's plays, with some other content occasionally thrown in.

Games played are mostly horror games, but other genres will be joining the roster. I aim for high quality content, accepting any and all critiques on my quest for the best videos I can possibly produce. Join me, and we'll have some fun together.

I am working on building a library of videos that are split between Virtual reality games on the vive and the traditional style of games that we are all used to.

Please visit my channel and let me know if there's any specific games you'd like to see me play!

Uploads are Mondays and Thursdays at noon.

XedaNomil 9 30+ Mostly we play new games, but it doesn't matter to me whether they are popular or not.

At the moment we play No man's sky, Seasons after Fall, Enter the Gungeon and small games.

Since I can speak Japanese and German fluently I want to try to combine it someday in an interesting format for our videos.

But fear not! Classical let's playing should always be a part of our channel.

Feedback is always welcome, so be sure to check it out ^ω^ ) /

CryMor Gaming 650+ 130+ CryMor is Cryptospook & Moriarty. We like to play games. So, we play a lot of them. And we talk about those games. A lot of people like to listen to us talk about those games, so we figured we would record them. Then, why not show the game behind the talking! If we're going to talk, we should show as well. So we made 'vidjas' for YouTube, and here we are.
DaveNPC Just started 20+ English Let's Play player that will play a variety of games and genres on either PC or Xbox One. Also posts some unboxing videos and general gaming videos..

Is part of the Xbox Ambassador Programme so has a How To series to explain how to do certain things on Xbox One.

Posts generally on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Is active on twitter @Dave__NPC

Scary Joker 54 140 Que pasa guys and gals, my name is Ben and I host a channel centered around video games followed with the occasional witty commentary and dark humor. I sometimes switch things up as well and post videos regarding controversies in the history of video games as well as tidbits of my adventures with friends and guests across sandbox oriented games I upload every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, hope those curious enjoy!
Spank n' Jake 71 400+ Just a group of friends trying to make each other and everybody else laugh. Spank n' Jake consist of four vastly different people with a chemistry that can rival any other Let's Player. Named after best friends: Jacob and Spankeh, they try their best to complete video games sometimes with the assistance of Matt and Taran. Home of the HEY! We're Friends Podcast; a podcast about candid life and media that either influences or make us laugh. Videos are uploaded every day with the exception of Sundays at 3:00PM CST while the HEY! We're Friend Podcast streams live every other Tuesday afternoon at 5:00PM CST
Xero_OS 122 154 Hello, I'm Nathan, more known as "Firefly" in just about every game and on Youtube! I've been on YouTube for nearly a year at the time of creating this entry, and been loving every bit of it.

My goal is to create a community of people who love to hang out and really experience games together while learning about them in the process, and of course have fun with it! On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8pm, we dive into some of the meta, builds, playstyles and any new content for Warframe. These are generally more educational, but I try to make it fun for everyone as well. The idea is to better those who watch, so they can excel in Warframe as much as possible.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays (also 8pm), our full on let's plays and collaborations air. It's definitely more casual, and something where people can come relax, have fun, and experience something new.

With this schedule, I feel like it adds a great dynamic to the channel and the community, and I'd love to welcome you to join us every day for all of it! Thanks for reading - hope you have an awesome day :) (what would this be without encouraging you to check out the channel? *quotes emperor palpatine* DO IT. lol see you all there!)

Blader 289 163 Hi everybody, this is Blader2600 but you can just call me Blader. I do Let's plays of games I deem fun and I strive to learn new ways to edit my videos for maximum quality on a tight budget.

I often insert humorous edits into my video to spice it up but my commentary has been getting better the more I practice.

Have a browse of my videos, I'm sure you'll find something you like and if not, any comments to improve would be most welcome!

King crimson 2 21 I am a French Canadian who make let's play in english. I will do let's play of any type of games, I want to make my subscriber participate in my video and eventualy play pen and paper rpg with you my future sub... no friend, So come and Have fun !
Campai 80+ 60+ Campai is a new Youtuber who mainly does let's plays of RPG Maker games, Indie games, and Japanese games but generally just prefers games with interesting plot, mechanics, or art style.

She has a rather deep and monotonous voice but has a bright personality and calm nature.

She actively posts updates on her Twitter account and posts her art on her Tumblr account.

Shaunzy Bombzy 215 100 The unofficial, self-proclaimed king of the Indie Scene, Shaunzy has a complex and deep channel.

Let's Plays are of course present, featuring AAA games, as well as games you may never have otherwise found, and each month a new bizarre skit is uploaded.

One of the main features of the channel is the show Drinks With Devs, in which Shaunzy sits down with some indie developers--some whose games you've DEFINITELY played such as CoD: Advanced Warfare, others you never may have seen--and explores the human side of your favorite game developers. How it feels to wake up and see your work featured on IGN's front page, how a car crash inspired a lifetime of game development. There is a lot more to a game than the pixels on the screen, and when he's not playing those games, he's finding out more about the flesh and blood that created it. Truly a deep experience.

YourMomPlays 400 38 I'm a mom who never really got the appeal of video games.  Sure, I had played my share of Frogger and Centipede back in the day, but hearing stories of people calling in sick for work when new video games launched?  Seemed crazy.  Then I played Skyrim.  

So now I'm officially hooked!  I play all sorts of games and just a heads-up, while my commentary IS rated PG and I cut out any offensive language from gameplay audio, I  DO play rated "M for Mature" games sometimes, so even though I'm not screaming profanities, you might (okay, you WILL) see some severed heads and charred dragons....

Co-Play 2,035 354 A couple who does webcam/facecam and loves interacting with their subscribers. Games include genres such as survival, sandbox, MMORPG, FPS, and more. Replies to almost all comments and takes requests seriously for new content. Join the Co-Play family today and start interacting!
Losers Play Games 47 561 A rag-tag group of friends that love to play video games. We try to play a variety of games from many different genres and generations. This is definitely not a child-friendly zone. There are many instances when the conversation turns to some definitely NSFW topics, which usually ends up being pretty hilarious. We upload a new video every day. Here are a few games on the channel:

Tamagotchi for GBC (Our most-viewed LP)

Resident Evil 1-3

Sonic Adventure 2

Banjo Kazooie

Jak and Daxter & Jak II


Chrono Trigger

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Sonic Generations

Okami (In Progress)

Final Fantasy XV (In Progress)

Kingdom Hearts (In Progress)

Sonic '06 (In Progress)

Wishblade 13 250+ Makes Let's Plays of his favorite games, from classics like "Spyro the Dragon" to newer games like "The Walking Dead", with no desire to rush out videos for new game releases.

Simply play games for fun at a steady pace.

Typically aims for 100% completion with occasional exceptions, such as Steam achievements and complete bestiary/item list.

Prefers to keep it casual but informative, leaving others to be the hardcore gamers with knowledge of every little detail.

All videos contain live commentary and new videos follow a weekly upload schedule, which can be found on the channel.

General content include: Platformers, games with a decently compelling story, RPGs and Hearthstone Adventures.

SonicBChamp 176 158 A Let's Player from the USA who has a schedule of one video for Mon-Fri! Does any type of game, as long as fans will vote, and is currently doing a LP of Super Mario 64! Partnered with Maker Gen Network and is active with his fans! Be prepared for surprises, laughs, and greatness!
Beer & Games 108 46 A couple of British guys by the names of Jason and Shane that love games almost as much as they love beer. Hence what it says right on the tin. They play a variety of games from classic shooters to survival games. At the moment however Jason is running a GS:GO bot league tournament that viewers can join.
Cat Tonic 350 + 78 Cat Tonic is a Canadian Let's Player that plays pretty much whatever she can get her hands on. She does both regular livestreams and Let's Play videos on Youtube covering a variety of games both Indie and AAA. Her favorite genres include horror and survival both of which can be found on her channel. She also occasionally does unboxing videos of her monthly Arcade Blocks as well as drunk gaming with her friends.
Luca's Gaming Commentary 105 225 Luca (also known as Luci) is a variety let's player. She pretty much plays whatever games she's interested in and is actually really funny! She doesn't get noticed much but has a lot of content to watch!
Some Odd Strangers 30 13 We are a brand new Let's Play series called "Friends Playing Badly." We're four friends with different levels of experience in video games (this includes one of us having very little experience) willing to play a multi-player game on any system we can get our hands on. This line-up creates comedy, education, drama, romance(?), intrigue, and gaming. We want to bring back the greatness of four-player couch co-op. We crack jokes, talk game review and game history, and mostly just have fun. Get to know us. Come join us on the couch, become a friend.

We also upload a variety of other video entertainment you may find funny, or at least interesting.

Friends Playing Badly Playlist

InsertValue 261 456 English:

InsertValue is a small German YT channel focused on PC-gameplay, let's plays, previews, random games but also VLOGs about actual topics within the gaming community. I play a diverse selection of games and upload most videos in 1440p 60fps.

I release at least 1 new video every day with more over the weekend. My channel started in February 2016 and I appreciate every comment and subscriber. All content is in German so if you speak or want to learn German fell free to check my channel out.


InsertValue bietet Gameplay Videos, Ersteindrücke bekannter und unbekannter Videospiel-Neuerscheinungen und vor allem eine ordentliche Portion meiner Meinung zu aktuellen Themen aus der Videospiel-Branche.

Die meisten Gameplay-Videos werden in 1440p 60fps hochgeladen.

Eine kleine Programmvorschau findest du auf: http://www.insert-value.com

Folge mir auf Twitter und du wirst immer über aktuelle Uploads informiert: https://twitter.com/InsertValue

RustyClutch Gaming 99 136 A Let's Player that focuses mainly on older games, I try to stay away from the norm of what everyone else is posting at the time. I play a lot of GameCube games, but also have SNES I plan to use. But don't shy away just yet, I also play some Newer(ish) PC games! I keep things laid back, and sometimes even play with some friends online. If any of this sounds like your cup of tea, come check out my channel. :D

Completed Let's Plays: Pikmin 1, Luigi's Mansion, To The Moon, The Simpsons: Hit and Run, Donkey Kong Country, and a MarioKart WII Tournament.

On-Going Series:

Rusty Podcast: Every week I hop on Discord with some of my buddies and we talk about recent topics, and cool stuff!

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Inferno Gaming 3 6 What's up, everyone, it's Josh from Inferno Gaming, and my channel will be sure to set you on fire! I focus on Nintendo games and the occasional PS4 as well. I may have just started, but plenty of awesome Let's Plays are coming soon and they're sure to blow you away!

Current Let's Play:

The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess

Future Let's Play:

The Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword

The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time

Super Mario World

Assassin's Creed: Black Flag

Double Dee Edd Boy 10 52 I'm an up and coming Let's Player! I tend to play games I love, which is typically platformers, RPGs, and action games. There's something about the games I play that I love and I intend to share that! And who knows, maybe you'll find a game you never heard of until now! This is also good for me because I can also experience games I haven't experienced as well too! You'll usually find Nintendo games, but there will also be happy games, typicaly from Sega, Namco, etc.

I have done:
Kirby 64 The Crystal Shard
Beautiful Katamari

Currently doing:
Klonoa Door to Phantomile (Wii Remake)

Future Let's Plays
Super Mario RPG
Paper Mario
Paper Mario the Thousand Year Door
Devil Survivor Overclocked
Tales of Symphonia

BlitzCat 111 82 YouTube Veteran since 2007, Let's Play n00b since 2015. Features a transparent facecam, favors the horror genre, and host compilation "bonus" videos on her channel. So if you don't want to watch several 10 minute videos, you could watch her freak out for three minutes instead.

I'm kidding. The most nobel commentator on youtube.

Hoodie Talks On Stream 7 1 Some hoodie clad loser plays video games and watches cartoons, then talks about them way more than anybody probably ought to. Stay tuned for 🌟 LPs, 🌟 Top 10s, 🌟 Reviews and any number of 🌟 Rants!
Sagacious Dude 5 30+ A brand new Let's Player. He likes to make people laugh while at the same time providing his own unique analysis of the game's events and characters. He is truly an LPer that enjoys a good story and likes to have a good time.
Douple O Crunks 27 141 A couple of alcoholics from New Zealand who get drunk and play games. They concentrate on being humorous as they drunkenly fumble through games of ranging difficulty. The genre they've mostly played so far is adventure games (mostly retro) but they just play whatever. Their most liked playthrough so far is Zelda: Ocarina of Time (they pass it with only 3 hearts). They try to capture the essence of a couple friends just getting drunk and playing games together.
PixelGameWizard 100+ 250+ I'm a Canadian LP'er who likes roleplaying and story-telling. I like to play RPG's, indie games, and old (sometimes VERY old) games. I try to play blind when I can. Come check out my videos, I welcome feedback, and I'm open to collaborations!
BossBlocked 3 1 My name's Wes and this is just a channel for me to give back to the LP community on my own schedule. Please don't expect anything from this channel except inconsistent videos of a mediocre gamer.
Tyler Vittitow 10 126 I am a truck driver who loves videos games, and I record what I can on my laptop while out and anything I can get my hands on while home Sunday + Mondays on Karen, my SUPERCPU. I do Nintendo games, alongside horror, but not exclusively. Currently on Skyward Sword and Dead Space 2. Started rough, but it's fun now!
Solaire the eternal 21 3 I am a new youtuber from french Canada I will do my video in English. and I will play a lot of type of game for yours pleasure :) . So far I done metro 2033 and I am planing to do more, come and have fun.
theartbook35 162 218 Your source for computer game videos seven days out of the week! This channel is a place for people of all ages, races, genders, and levels of education,  to congregate, debate, discuss and have a good time.
Magiru Channel! 121 52 The Magiru Channel has daily uploads and a host that wants you to laugh. Current games are Broken Sword, Soul Reaver, and Sakura Angels. Videos have a bit more editing than the standard fare, for that extra pizazz - because you're worth that, Potential Viewer.
CaptainCraig 359 26 English Youtuber, Just restarted doing Lets Plays after a 2 year "gap". Playing anything ranging from new, old, RPG, Horror, Adventure, MMO, as well as eventually planning to do Top 10's and other game related Mini Series's. Currently uploading Firewatch. Next LP's include Unravel, Layers of Fear & Everybodies Gone to The Rapture
Mindsaway 8 32 I'm a new let's play youtuber on board. Hello everyone. Visit my channel, and if you like it drop a subscribe on it. Appreciate it. :)
Powerup Platoon 500+ 150+ A team of nine let's players all going to school for game design who enjoy playing all kinds of games. Each one brings their own personality to games with new videos every day, plus other structured content every so often.
NotSoEpicGaming 100+ 220+
NotSoEpicGaming is created by NotSoEpic people having NotSoEpic adventures through CYBERSPACE![]

We are a group of friends who try our best to make videos that people might like. The channel is almost 2 years old. We are not the best yet, but are always looking for someone to let us know how we are doing!

Ender Engine Games 119 263 Hi! My name is André :)

I do Let's Plays of a variety of games but specially single player FPS.

I usually stick to newer games, unless it's an old but extremely high quality game. All vids are in 1080p60, with voice commentary, and most recent videos have facecam.


Upload Schedule: Monday to Friday.

Come and check me out! :)

Luckless Zombie Gaming 87 195 I am a American gamer who decided one day "Why not share the experiences online?" Like and Subscribe if you want to see more, and drop a comment if you have any suggestions!
Jeffd5 29 19 A Let's player and podcaster focusing on playing a variety of games from Mario Maker to CS:GO and soon will be including VR to the mix (Looking at you Oculus CV1)
Ghoti 104 307 Just a guy from New Zealand playing games for your amusement. I upload regularly, because let's be honest there's nothing else I'm doing with my life.

Have a great day.

RAHW Gaming 13 60+ Let's play comedian group of 4. You guys like video games? So do we. A lot. So join us as we play games of all types, from all consoles. We release an episode about every other day, but that will increase in numbers as we gain more subscribers and viewers, so check us out, and if you like the videos, don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe!
BlazingPhoenix 129+ 191+ (formerly DaNintendo) is a British Let's Player who is an 18 year old post-A-Level student and strives in creating High Quality content and constantly finds ways to improve. (LP WIKI PAGE)
Pyro the undead 23 138+ A new challenger appears! Hi I'm PyrotheUndead, a let's player, I'll play almost any game you want to see, just post in the comments what you want to see and I'll do what I can to get episodes up as soon as possible.

I am epileptic so there are games that are going to be hard for me to play, but I'm determined to do what I can to give you the content you want to see.

Games I've played:

Dark cloud                        finished

Darksiders                        finished

Dishonored                       canceled

Soma                                 finished

Albino lullaby ep1            finished

Dark cloud 2                      ongoing

Darksiders 2                      ongoing

SabawGamer 100+ 100+ What is up guys! My name is Sabaw Gamer and if you didn't know Sabaw is Soup in english, and that is not all! Sabaw also means

1. refers to somebody who is so incredibly stupid

2. the state of one's brain turning into soup from stupidity so for short? (I got the name because i was always failing in monster hunter hence the codename)

And i'm a Filipino youtuber i concentrate on Let's play videos and you would usually see or hear me rage.... soooooo yeah? hahaha but i am here to make you laugh make you forget all of your problems! so every time you're gonna watch my video sit back relax and ready them popcorn :D

See you guys in my videos!

Tom Fawkes 57,068 (as of 5th January, 2016) 2470 (as of 5th January, 2016) Tom Fawkes manages both a Youtube channel and a Twitch account, where he streams six days per week. He uses his Twitter account as a means of keeping in contact his fans. He LP's a variety of games, including Nintendo, Sony, and indie games. Long running stream events include Work Out Wednesday, where he will occasionally wear pink yoga pants.
The Blunder Twins 135 60+ They are twins sharing the same account;

Carlos, aka 2ndCityCrusader (The Good Twin) and David, aka soryukey (The Evil Twin)

They are all-rounded identical Chicagoan nerds on pop culture and most of the media for escapism such as action/comedy/sci-fi/slasher/monster/so bad it's good movies, rock musics, comic books, cartoons, anime, and most importantly, Video Games.

Inspired from the likes of Game Grumps/James and Mike Mondays/Super Best Friends Play/Yo! Videogames/Markiplier, they have their own YouTube channel that primarily showcases their playthroughs, ranging from the golden retro NES days to modern PS4 & Wii U, up to date (They even do PC, too!), with their direct to observant commentaries (and sometimes saying some off-related topics).

While not making their weekly gaming sessions, they also experiment on their side projects; such as fandubbed comic strips, mini-reviews, Top 10s/20s, food for thoughts, and more!

Charlie Chaos 29 18 Lets play gamer from down under!

Here you will see a few games being played, maps being made and maybe a vlog or two ;)

PC Specs: https://goo.gl/SLpRuA

WhereAHoodie 10 1 Loud? Maybe. Funny? Maybe. Insane? definately. 
Spontaneous James 4 95 Actor/Comedian/Janitor/Struggling Amateur Lemur Trainer who plays so many games that he thought "I should do this in front of people!" And thus a Youtube channel that captivated a nation was born...If you call 4 people a nation. Anywho, I play lots of games and say funny(?) things over them. Come watch and subscribe! If you do, I shall bake you an Internet Cake™!

*Disclaimer: Offer for Internet Cake™ is invalid due to the fact that Internet Cake™ is not a thing...Yet.

Llama Plays 328 47 A youtuber from the United States who releases a video every week. Famous videos are gaming, tutorials, and speed ups.
~Kill Clock Apocalypse(America & Haru) ~92 ~89 Hello everyone, we are America & Haru! :D

We tend to make ourselves look like total idiots so enjoy,like, sub & talk to us about anything! We enjoy making new friends ^-^

(Videos every day except Sundays)

(We also stream on YouTube Mondays & Thursdays!)


FALLOUT 4 Live stream week!

Channel games:

  • "Co-Op" (multiplayer game)
The King Of Funk 444 672 The King of Funk introduces a unique but interesting twist on the 'Let's Play' Genre. As the king of Funk he does 'Let's Funk King Play' videos instead of simply 'Let's Plays' and to take it a step even further he tends to have a drink of Ale, Bitter or Stout in hand to make the games even more enjoyable. This is summed up in his self proclamation of 'Hardcore Video Gamer & Stout, Bitter and Ale Drinker'. Games include those of all genres from RTS to FPS and around two to six videos are uploaded everyday.
VaultBoy51 82 81 Hey what's up everyone? I'm VaultBoy51 and I do Let's Play of all kinds of games. I have completed a Fallout 3 Let's Play and I currently am doing a Doom 3 BFG Edition Let's Play. A Fallout 4 Let's Play will be coming as soon as it releases! I hope you check me out and enjoy.
KyberNinja 125 135+ What is up homies? I'm KyberNinja, a British dude so I have an accent that you'll love or hate but hopefully love :D My channel is mainly a gaming channel but I'm working on some animations and hopefully I'll be doing some vlogs in the future. I play any games I can get my hands on! My animation style is 2D cartoon like animations, I'm currently working on a super secret project! I also like to make animations for other people, like intros for their vids. So If you like animations, video games and randomness take a sneak peek at my channel!
JayCube 14 33 Hey guys! I’m new let’s player with just few subs but you can be next! You can expect new video every weekday. I’m not native english speaker and let’s be honest - my english sucks. But I hope that it will improve over time. So let’s hope we can have some fun together!
Adofo 73 62 Adofo is a Let's Player that has had a channel for over a year but recently started taking Youtube Let's Playing more seriously. He was inspired by Markiplier because of him relating to clinical depression and wanting to entertain others. His videos don't restrict to any series or genre. He will play nearly any game that is requested of him. His most notable series is his LP of Subnautica. Others include the Five Nights at Freddy's games, Grow Home, I am Bread, Octodad DC and Monstrum. His videos normally range from about 15 to 30 minutes.
TheVidgeoGamer 8 27 TheVidgeoGamer plays mostly Nintendo games, but sometimes switches it up to other games. Videos come up about once or twice a week depending and it may change in the future.
Nintendo's Trickster 25 60+ The Trickster mostly plays old Nintendo games, plus a series of Supernatural Themed Sims 4 videos every Sunday. Unless an LP is blind it will always be 100% completed. Current LPs are The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (100%), and Mother (blind). He updates almost every day.

He also does Speedpaint videos, which are usually Nintendo related.

GameBabies 12 17 Jaime and Jamie are 2 brave little boys trying to impress their daddies the only way they know how. By playing video games and annoying each other. If you watch, our dads will have dinner with us!
Cold 10 400 'r some crud Look, man. I like to upload multiple videos a day. Usually 5 or more. But I play lots of different games simultaneously, so. It's fine. No need to sass me about it.

Currently working on Witcher 3, Dishonored, a Pokemon Randomizer Nuzlocke, .hack//INFECTION, and Transistor. Will be doing Tales of Zestiria and Fallout 4 when they come out, too.

MissAlienSpacePirate 50+ 38+ Ladies and gentlemen! A very new LP channel so don't let low sub numbers put you off just yet. This surreal loser plays anything and everything and will happily play something if requested. Among others outside youtube, she's known for her animated facial expressions, song references into conversations, horrible puns and the occasional, terrible, almost "bad dad", quality jokes. She replies to every comment and plans to upload Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
RagtagNinjaboy 2000+ 300+ A ragtag lets player who plays a variety of games on his channel as well as,YouTube and Twitch tutiorials.
NightPlatypus 90+ 45 A Mexican American Lets Player that plays a wide variety of games, but sticks with 2D games for the most part, he commentates over his videos with facecam, trying to entertain the few subscribers he has. He loves interacting with his viewers, and would love suggestions for new games to play. He loves making puns too. Nothing wrong with that.
Backslash & Tilde 10+ 50+ Videos on Monday and Wednesday. Backslash & Tilde play new release indie games like Planet Coaster. We are Backslash Network, a let's play gameplay channel. We played Niche A Survival Genetics Game, Particle Fleet: Emergence, Hue, Batman Telltale all chapters and many new indie game releases! If you wanna chat with us, add us on Twitter here @BackslashYT. Our goal is to become something good, change people's lives to be happier & bring worthwhile entertainment; we hope to stand for something you want to be part of. Like, subscribe and tell your friends to help us out!
Silicia 78+ 107+ An Anime Let's Player from the Philippines. Name is pretty deceiving but he is a Male Let's Player.

He tends to focus on Anime Visual Novels or any anime related contents and reaction videos. Casually stream games on twitch on the Weekends.

He also has a Second Channel for Backup named Silicia Tuner.

His buddy is SabawGamer

Aside from being a YouTuber, he is a College Student, writer, and a Voice Actor.

doktornpro 130+ 100+ doktornpro has an interesting approach to let's plays, combine that with very interesting games, such as Indie ; Rage ; Horror, and other interesting genres, plus excellent quality, and you have a lot of entertainment on your hands !

Pixel Den









Join Pablo and Kyle as they play Video games, Old and new. Watch these two grown men scream and gigle like little girls as they relieve their youth via nostalgia or just plain gaming together. We play anything from NES to Current Gen. You'll laugh, we'll cry, it's all about fun here in the Pixel Den, so won't you join us?

Hello! and welcome to my gaming channel! I try to post every week when i can. here you will find various longplays and let's plays of classic and new video games for everyone to enjoy! I do FPS,RPG games, Action RPG, Adventure and more for people to enjoy! if you like my content please do subscribe and I hope you come back for more! thanks for taking the time to watch my channel! Take care!

Kisstache or Kita is a funny girl gamer and she mostly plays PS4 games such as Batman Arkham Knight, The last of Us, Witcher 3, Residents Evil, Until Dawn, Metal Gear Solid as well as The Sims Series and League of Legends(Garena). Her Channel is brand new and she's actively uploading and updating her channel. She's famous for her cute attitude for game plays and walkthroughs.

The High Five Gaming 16 36 Well, you've never seen FIVE GUYS playing games before, have you? Join Josh, Mikey, Jonathan, Nick and Hector on amazing, action-filled Let's Plays everywhere from Nintendo to PS4! Also, Josh does his own thing, as well!

Current High Five Let's Plays (Saturdays):

Wii Party U

Current Josh Plays (Weekdays):

Pokemon LeafGreen

A BUNCH OF CONTENT is coming soon!

Button Mashin' Bitches 49 73 Button Mashin' Bitches is two sisters (Cassy & Krissie) from Georgia playing video games and mashin' buttons. They have a new episodes every Saturday at 3. They have played Scooby-Doo(SNES), Spyro, Sonic Generations, Pokemon, Super Metroid, and more. They also have side show every Wednesday called Button Mashin' Bastard that features Cassy's husband Andrew. He has played the games Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Last Door, Deep Sleep, and Heart Star.

They are also planning on playing the game Undertale starting March 9th.

CaseMenace 10 5 CaseMenace is a new LPer with a focus on indie and horror games. Her channel is also going to include video game-themed comedy sketches. Updates twice weekly.
The Hive (HiveGuys) 112 85 We are The Hive, bringing you gaming news, reviews, and let's plays! Hosted by Buffalo Prime and Jayce, we put out new videos every couple of days. We have the following videos:

The Buzz, a gaming talk show about current news.

The Swarm, our intense reaction to controversial gaming news.

Let's Plays


GoldenPhoenix364 27 53 Hello, I'm Golden Phoenix 364! I'm a fan of all different kinds games games, so expect a huge variety of games on this channel. I plan to play games to the end of their stories. I'm also a masochist and love terrible fan fictions, so expect some readings on here from time to time.  Most videos will be between 10-20 minutes, as to not take up too much of your valuable time.

Current Let's Play: Duke Nukem 3D (Monday-Friday)

Current Fan Fiction Reading: My Immortal (Every other Saturday)

Please note that I am a college student and my education comes first. In a perfect world, everything listed above will happen.

DYLMS(Dylan) 10 7 Hey, my name is Dylan and this is my new let's play channel. I'm new to this whole thing, so right now I am still getting things ready. Right now I only have one video of a horror game up, but I plan on playing a variety of games. Come check out my channel if you'd like!
The Glaceon Den 769 1127 Hey guys it's Hedgie! I'm a fan of many different types of games--platformers, RPGs, shmups, whatever. My current LPs are Dust: An Elysian Tail and Pokemon Platinum. So join me for this wild ride called my Let's Plays.
Martch 3 43 Hello! My name's Martch and am mainly interested in action RPGs. Uploading every other day. Main focus is on Let's Plays, but other types of gaming videos may happen.

My English is not great (not my first language), my commentary (I took the liberty of calling it that) is trying not to fall behind too much. My plan is to improve over time (we'll see how that goes...).

So, come, check out my channel, and please do let me now what you think!

Thank you for your time!

ExemplaryGentlemen 127 227 Exemplary Gentlemen is a "Let's Play" channel... with a classy twist.

Sit back, and allow our elegance to sooth your visual and auditory receptors News every day at 2pm and 2:30pm. BETAs, New releases, Guide's, Podcast, and everything in between.

Up To No Good 100+ 140+ Up To No Good is a gaming channel created by Yogalates from Scottland and Statn from Sweden. The focus here is good ol' fun! Co-op series, playthroughs and highlights from the duos streams are what to expect!

Here you'll find videos of :

  • Payday 2
  • Metal Gear Solid 5
  • Untill Dawn
  • Grand Theft Auto Online
  • Dead Space 3
  • Darkest Dungeon
  • Dishonored
  • Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • And much, much more to come!
ZamBones 9 14 Zambones is a let's player that focuses more towards indie games and having fun! His passion for comedy and entertainment is the fuel to his channels fire! With a true love for gaming, comedy and having fun, ZamBones will be a great outlet to sit back relax and have a few laughs.
PlayFennec 38 94 PlayFennec is a Lithuanian Let's Player, who focuses on PC games. He does FPS, MOBA, Strategy, Platformer games and is always open for suggestions for the next game he picks up.
it'sJace 129 101 it'sJace! This let'splayer explores both recent and older games on both PC and console. His passion for storytelling and entertaining fuels his channel and the content he puts out. Want collabs? It'sJace has teamed up with a few of his fellow youtube friends to put together entertaining co-op and plans on doing more in the future. With genuine love for gaming and the gaming community, it'sJace hopes to become someone you feel comfortable kicking your shoes off and laughing with.
TipsyFish 10 46 Let's Play's will be the main focus of this channel but also videos on DIY projects, band reviews, Alternate History and just about anything else that you can think of will in due time be uploaded.

Current LP's: Metro 2033, Deus Ex, and Axis and Allies.

Pianissimo7414 545 365 A guy who loves to play music; even videogame music. He commentates over his videos in spanish and english, he has the great variety of LP everybody wants: Blinds, co-ops, 100% runs and now versus. Right now, he is in hiatus due to college but he's still around. He likes to get in touch with his subs and is open to any suggestions. He also records piano videos of any kind of music; people can also suggest any songs. He is open to do collabs too.


idk like 2 far too many i'm like this three year old kid who once thought i had the commitment to make a youtube channel. i post like once every never so be sure to expect a good steady stream of absolutely no content.
KingFishOcean 280 169+ KingFishOcean is a comedy Lets Player who loves to create videos of video game playthrough's. He uploads high quality and professional standard videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. His style of commentary and editing is a lot like other YouTubers such as Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye and Markiplier. KingFishOcean gets his name from his real name which is Ocean, and a joke he commonly makes about himself being the king of all the fish because his name is Ocean. KingFishOcean is currently seeking collaboration.

Playful Fruit


82+ _へ__(‾◡◝ )> So hi guys! Here is a relatively new LPer who hopes to entertain your butts with her weird and eccentric thang. She specializes in older men and follows her own beat rather than jump on what's popular. Her ideals for this channel are mainly to balance being rich with being a living god to everyone who tags along on her adventures. ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

TGG'S Twitter

240 92 Wanna get entertained by the Number 1 Let's Player in Northern Ireland? (Because I'm the only one). Well ThatGamingGuy is the place to be. With a Loud Mouth and a serious case of playing retro games when he's 16 and has no nostalgic memory of them. You know that TGG will make you laugh your ass off. I also do commentary's, I play random games, comedy skits, Q&A'S and other random stuff. You name it, i do it. You know you will love my channel so why not subscribe and share with your friends.
LaLaLaurie 165 46 Ready for some silly, awesome, and hilarious gaming? Then let Graffiti entertain you with her gaming shenanigans! She's a fresh new upcoming Let's Player who's quirky hair colors and commentary will leave you with a grin on your face. When she's not screaming for her life- singing terribly to make horror fun- or collabing with other Let's Players, she's pumping out new content and listening to suggestions from her audience. Based in Florida, Graffiti updates every Tuesdays and plays a variety of genres, ranging from horror, RPG and Indie games.
NickDawson 15 30 A new Let's Player that uploads multiple videos a day and is currently playing Batman: Arkham Knight. Open to collaborating and making videos with other players.
Game 'n' Cheddar 3 4 Welcome to Game 'n' Cheddar! - We're a small group of cheese-themed friends who play games we (and hopefully you) love. Come join us; we upload every weekend.
Mugi Yuto LPs 51 250+ I am a 24-year-old from Kent, England. A keen video gamer and aspiring Let's Player. I work my Youtube content around a flexi-contract job, soon to be full time, which helps pay for recording equipment, and one day my own place!

Current series:
Super Mario Galaxy, Assassin's Creed Unity.
Future/proposed series?
Pokémon Nuzlocke run, Mirror's Edge, The Wolf Among Us, Bioshock.
Please come check my channel out, and hit subscribe if you like what you see! Also Catch me on Twitter @MugiYuto. Accurate as of 26/06/2015.

Plasma Rift 144 147

This channel features the series INDIE QUESTS, a gaming commentary show only for indie games (internet games) with episodes being uploaded every week. The point of the series is to bring more attention to relatively unknown or old good indie games on the web through informative and comedic commentary. Check it out and you may find a game that you'll like that you've never heard of before.

Colonel RPG 25+ 1000+ I'm all about playing computer Role-Playing Games. So if you like that sort of game and want to relive old experience, watch newer RPGs or just find out about good RPGs you didn't know about, check out my videos!
YetiHype 800+ 225 I make a wide variety of content from let's plays to permadeaths to challenge series'! I always have; a pokemon lp, a blind lp (currently Shadow of Mordor), and either a challenge series or permadeath! I also do some extra, 'side series' such as let's streams and The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I'm Currently trying to grow a community so that i can one day soon, start a shoutout series!

I am also a speedrunner with my greatest acheivements being beating 'Dishonored' in 36 Minutes and 'Bioshock' in 52! I hope you take some time to check me out and who know; maybe you'll like what you see!

Game5 26 92+ We are Game5! Five friends from Germany. We do our Let's Plays mostly on German, but often we play our games on English with German commentary. So join in and hopefully we have some fun together.

At the moment we have League of Legends, Battlefield, Pokemon, Spyro, Stranded Deep, Call of Duty, Life is strange, some reviews and speeddrawings in our repertoire! :-)

HardLeg Gaming

- Twitter

- Facebook



Hardleg Gaming is the project of Hardleg Joe, who hosts let's plays and Yu-Gi-Oh related content along with his various friends joining as co-hosts where they chat, goof around, and generally have a good time. Current shows include:

LEGSPLAY - a let's play show where Hardleg and his rotating band of co-hosts (Captain Cardsworth, CB Radio, AimlessJames, Bootleg, Deadleg and StoicMachine) play video games and generally have fun doing so. Length: ~45 minutes. ==EVERY MONDAY and WEDNESDAY!==

DECK BUILD CHALLENGE - A Yu-Gi-Oh competition hosted on YgoPro where HardLeg hosts a duel between his Legsplay cohosts and/or his Patreon donators. Each match has a specific theme such as "Only Spell cards" or "Only monsters beginning with A" and so on.  Length: 30-60 minutes.


WHAT A DECK! - A Yu-Gi-Oh show where Hardleg shows off whatever weird, troll, or rouge deck he made that week, playing 10 duels against random opponents on YGOPro and seeing what happens. Length: ~60 minutes. ==EVERY SATURDAY==

Videos often contain course language, so viewer discretion may be advised.





19+ 101+ Solo Let's Player who began in February 2015. Megaslushboy (who's actually 24) attempts to be a bit more family friendly by keeping the swearing to a minimum. Focusing mostly on older games, this Let's Player enjoys Nintendo 64 titles as well as the survival horror genre and Steam titles, but occasionally plays free flash games online.

Recently adding facecam provides extra enjoyment for all viewers! Facial expressions that are honest, not exaggerated, and oddly humorous make Megaslushboy stand out.

Viewers can look forward to seeing at least 5 to 7 videos uploaded each week.

Zenvious Plays 20+ 75+ An Aussie LP'er who started April 2015 due to being unable to find work, and chose to use his free time, art and entertainement skills productively. His game selection is predominantly Steam Purchases (so people can play anything they enjoy watching him attempt) with a focus on adventure games, story telling, and comedy/ fun.

He maintains a consistent daily 2+ video upload schedule and works to keep improving the channel where ever he can. His current goal is to have 700+ high quality commentary videos uploaded by the end of 2016.

Should he ever hit 100,000 subscribers, he will Tattoo his channel's logo on his arm (his first ever ink job - owiee! )

AssassinGlasgow 314 110 AssassinGlasgow enjoys playing a variety of different games, but tends to focus on story based, shooters, horror, and creative and unique games. Mostly amiable and mature, with slight QUITE A BIT of profanity. She's been described as having a "soothing, slightly monotone" voice and (in her words) "fast recovery to horror."

She also runs a few series, including A Couple Let's Plays (gaming with her boyfriend 0DarkIron), Glasgow and co. Plays (highlights with her friends), and Climbing Mt. Steam (where she attempts to play all the untouched games in her Steam library).

She is currently LP-ing Life Sylvio, Blues and Bullets, and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

Fission Mailure 26 74 A sarcastic British Let's Player who plays story-rich games. Currently playing Valkyria Chronicles, a JRPG from Sega about a Fantasy World War II, and Dreamfall Chapters, the long-awaited episodic installment in The Longest Journey series, about the adventures of a young woman and a gruff rebel in the twin worlds of magical Arcadia and cyberpunk Stark.

Plans to do Volume, an indie stealth game about a cyberpunk Robin Hood soon, and I've recently finished Dishonored, Bethesda's steampunk stealth game.

Always open to suggestions on what's to play, updates four times a week!


1276+ 700+ GameFace! Retro Games, Nintendo, Sega, Let's Plays, Walkthroughs, Nostalgia, Reviews, Quick Looks & More! We're a gaming channel that focuses on the social aspect of playing games with friends!

Max here. I run a Let's Play/Game Commentary channel with my girlfriend Lin, and our good friends Ryan and Mack. We're the GameFace Crew. Our main goal is to make you laugh. We want you to feel like you're sitting on the coach with us having a good time. If you learn something, consider it a bonus! When can you expect episodes? I say new videos Wednesdays-Sundays, but I upload every day if I have the time! We do mostly multi-person commentaries, but we're not limited to them! Sometimes I do solo stuff, and I'm always experimenting with other video types as well!

Royel 5 51 We are 7 friends who have

played video games together

for a loooong time. We mainly play multiplayer games (Evolve, TTT, Magicka, Worms,).

Our style is heavily edited (highlights of the session only).

Feel free to click the link to the far left to check us out!

All videos are 1080p30

and 720p30.

Tone Alone In The Dark 68 12 ToneAlone here and welcome to "ToneAlone in The Dark"! I'm excited to bring you gameplay, commentary, & some fun goofiness. Ill mostly focus on Horror games, indie games,  and some goofy fun games thrown every now and then.  I am excited as ever to have you join me & can't wait for us to grow into an amazing community.  Together I hope we can change the world!  So join me for scares, laughs, and fun times and lets see what we can become!
Frantic Chaps 80 374 Frantic Chaps are two friends who used to play in "the good ol' days" and have decided to use their love of games to help children. All of the proceeds generated from their channel get donated directly to Child's Play to bring toys and games to children in need.
Xolimpha 5 18 Hello, I am a let's player that let's plays games I love. I started with Luigi's Mansion, my favorite Gamecube game, and I plan on doing many more games. Come take a look, you don't know if you like it until you try.
Fizzle Exmortus 400+ 500+ Fizzle Exmortus AKA The Interdimensional Gamer does a series called Let's Play With Ourselves that includes Let's Play PIP Commentary videos on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Flash and Retro games. He also does Video Logs, B-Roll Videos, Creepypastas, Top-Tens, Achievement Guides, Q&As, and Gameplay Previews!
TheTitanova 436 250+ TheTitanova's channel is all about showing off cool tricks in games people might not have known about or just comical-style videos. There is a lot of Team Fortress 2 content along with other games such as Robocraft, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Drawful & Fibbage. He quite often collaborates with fellow YouTuber, TheYukiverse.
KyleAzzam 270 90+ Hey there, my name's Kyle! I try to make the funniest gaming content for you and to brighten your day up :D I try to record all types of games with my friends and such. Maybe some with you! I hope you can stop by, THANKS!
M. D. Quill 7 5+ Lets Player who mostly plays older games at least fifteen years or older. He wishes to show off the gaming world which helped build the great community we have today.
PureChaosX 3326 1592 I'm a Let's Player that's plays a variety of games, from racing, to platformers, to shooters on a range of consoles.
The Gameologists 27 50+ Hi, we're the Gameologists! We are high schoolers posting gaming videos while not doing school stuff because reasons. Yes, we know that we'll probably not become famous, but that won't stop us from posting! New Videos every Friday and more throughout the week!
NickyIndie 160+ 80+ Nicky plays games with a story. She's a big supporter of indies. Sometimes, she plays random games with her sister, La Browser. It's all about stories and having a good time :)
Flying Sheep Films 245 200+ Four teenagers trying to start a company by playing video games, marketing video games, and making videos. As quoted by the creator of the channel "This is a decent idea"
Peter Taylor 200+ 200+ Hello there, and welcome to a YouTube channel. Here Peter play games, mostly indie games like RimWorld, Prison Architect, Kerbal Space Program, and some bigger games like Cities Skylines. Sometimes quite competently
Sporkinator 100+ 250+ Video games, science, shenanigans and more! At Sporkinator Science Labs. An old gem from 1998 known as Battlezone is a mainstay on this channel and is the game that started it all. Sporkinator began uploading Battlezone videos as "BigJGames" with no commentary, but made a new channel when he was unable to login for a while due to GMail merging with YouTube. The non-commentary videos continued for a bit, and eventually Sporkinator expanded into a full-blown Let's Play channel complete with commentary, and other games in addition to Battlezone.
MeruluTV 333 160 Merulu mainly focuses on horror games, both new and retro. She also plays survival games, visual novels, action/adventure games, and whatever else tickles her fancy. Occasionally works with best friends LedainT and The Tie.
Daraton 1471 350+ Hey, we are two german guys who are dedicated to deliver good content on daily bases and interact with all our viewers. We play almost everything but concentrate mostly on Indie Games.
EverThingy 50+ 25 Hey, I'm a Dutch gamer playing all genres of video games. Every week I upload new videos; let's plays, reviews and other game related stuff . I've just started my channel and I'm looking forward to collaborate with others.
Paganacho 150 25 Nacho?
JediMaster362 97 3 (Three Let's Play videos.) Video games that may not be popular anymore, in the hopes that they get popular again. Please Subscribe. Right now, I really need as many Subscribers as possible.
The MicroMortGamers 560+ 1000+ They are two bored Norwegians, playing games for your enjoyment.

The MicroMort Gamers are Steffen and Jenny.

Blank Party Plays 190+ 5+ Blank Party is a collective of working cartoonists who love video games. We were created in April 2015 and publish Let's Play videos (sometimes with other cartoonist guests) as well as video game fan-zine anthologies. We play whatever we're passionate about!
SIlentFan85 256 750+ Lots of gaming, video projects, The Weekly Bump, and more! Thanks for checking me out!
MCAdventureCity 18 86 Minecraft Let's Plays, and More!
KosherKru 23 11 Hi, were Kosher Kru. We are two brothers from Canada who enjoy playing video games. On our channel we play games of all kinds, we are interested in improving and expanding always. We are getting a capture card next week to record quality video's for anyone who's interested in watching. Come check us out! We plan on posting 1-2 videos a day.
Furdis 792 156 Hey guys I'm Furdis or Hihu, a German Let's Player that enjoys nearly every game. If trash, RPG Zombie or just weird games! You will also find some really unpopular Games on my Channel. So check me out I'm waiting for you!
Onzei 148 150+ My name is Alex Ziomek. I'm a Polish dude, I learned english in Ireland. I play all sorts of games, everything, really. The more popular stuff too but the lesser known games are my favourites!

I am Onzei.

The Drop Dead Gamers

50 410 We are a group of freinds who just LOVE playing games, in fact we love them so much that we play and complain about games we supposedly don't even like! Come down on join us on the game board as well for some online Pen & Paper RPG's! Or maybe some relaxed gaming moments, such as our award winning recognized "Fiery Balls!" Either way; Join us for fun & laughs.

I assure you, you wont be disappointed!

Razakius 21 86 Hey Guys, I am an LPer that plays games I generally want to play. Big Surprise. Because of this, my channel generally features RPGs, Strategy Games, Sandbox Games, and Retro Games. Minecraft is a mainstay on my channel, but you currently can find LPs for The Witcher, Craft the World, and Zeus. Stop on by and say hi, hope you enjoy.
RossoFinale 25 115 A starting out Let's Player that's focusing on Nintendo for the most part. Playing on both console and handheld. Using knowledge of basic video game themes to get through games played before to better them or even new games for the first time as a challenge to beat them. Can have an odd sense of humor but manages to make it work in whatever game is being played and tries to connect with the viewers. With that being said, I sure hope to see you there soon! (Also, very sorry if I wasn't supposed to take the top row!)
CoinOp Gaming 226 345 3 Guys having a great time playing some games together! See the full release schedule here
Paul Mayhem (MayhemGaming) 10 8 and more all the time Older UK Gamer and occasional modder, I play RTS, Micromanagement, 4x, sim, roguelikes, grand strategy silly flash games and anything else interesting
Cassina 106 42+ Cassina is a LPer from Boston, MA, who plays a variety of games, including Life is Strange and Five Nights at Freddy's. She usually uploads three videos a week. She also runs a child-appropriate series where she plays games with her little brothers.
Captain Mintbeard 5 9 and counting! Avast ye Internets! I'm Captain Mintbeard! I'm a new LPer. I prefer live commentary over post commentary. My first LP is a bind run of Frogatto and Friends! Live and blind! As I do all of my recording and editing on a Linux powered laptop I give some love to Linux games (be they Linux exclusives, or multi-platform games that include Linux support) in addition to console games (coming soon!). Please give my channel a look and let me know what you think!
John Wolfe 116,000+ 1600+ HarshlyCritical is an american lets player that focuses mainly on horror and adventure games. He is well known for games such as Five Nights at Freddy's, SCP: Containment Breach, and really shitty Jeff The Killer Games. He has a relaxed commentary style, and really cares about his fans and has an eye for quality when it comes to editing.
MrKravin 5000+ 450+ MrKravin is an American Lets Player with a mature and relaxed commentary style. His channel focuses on horror, adventure, and indie games. Don't expect any over the top reactions.
Dangerous To Go Alone 3000 200+ DangerousToGoAlone is a coop charity channel hosted by HarshlyCritical and MrKravin. All of the ad revenue goes to charity. They play multiplayer games such as Aliens: Colonial Marines, Resident Evil 6, Secret of Mana, and much more! Their commentary is in the style of Game Grumps and .
Shauny D 82 36 Hello everyone! My channel is dedicated to playing horror games. My goal is to entertain anyone who watches my videos with funny remarks, silly reactions, and smooth, fluent commentary. I started about a month ago and I want to branch out to as many people as possible to help expand my channel. Making videos is a new-found passion and I love to feel the audience in the room with me. I'm always open to any feedback, comments, or suggestions. Thank you so much for reading this and I look forward to seeing you all!
NightmareViperSlash 40 5-20 I am a channel based around gaming. Not specific games, I enjoy playing any game that I can find. There are certain type of games that I will not play, which is FPS, unless it's a joke. I accept game requests and review custom made games (SMW hacks, new game you made, etc.) I try to upload my best, but my life schedule makes it harder. I always have around 4-7 let's plays going on, some being more popular than others.
The Gaminator 50+ 38+ What's going on everybody, I am very happy to introduce you to my channel. Built as a community response driven channel, The Gaminator channel features Subscriber shout out Saturday's where all new subscribers and all new top comments are featured. Not to mention retro and new let's plays along with news and reviews. This is a one stop shop for all fans of gaming. I look forward to seeing you all soon!
Zixin Owyong 763 45 A female Let's Player from Singapore. She plays different games, varying from horror to funny games! She loves trying out different games and suggestions are very welcomed. Do take a look her channel! She loves making new friends too, don't be shy to talk to her on her social media :)
AlavasGaming 28+ 6+ A new Let's Play channel that specializes in horror games, indie games and games so weird that they probably should not be played by anyone. Watch them scream, laugh and fight their way through the perilous world of video games. There are plenty of laughs and screams to go around.
TheAlpar 13+ 6+ TheAlpar is a new bilingual let's player who plays Dark Souls (in spanish) and The binding of isaac Rebirth (in english, trying to get Platinum God). Very calm letsplayer, likes talking and trying not to die in every videogame he plays. More games will be added soon.
Massive Act [4] 4 34+ A man, a woman and a "Zockini"...this you can only find in the youtube Channel "Massive Act". With us you experiencing Let's Plays a it finest.  Played by carefully selected full-professionals who daily up to 25 hours work their fingers to offer you the highest possible standards of premium Let's Play Entertainment
AllThatBacon 6+ 9+ A relative newcomer to the Let's Play scene, AllThatBacon mainly focuses on PC gaming (new and old) while providing goofy and off-beat commentary. Currently doing LP's of lesser known PC Games in his spare time. Worth checking out if you're into LPs of more obscure PC games or even just PC games in general. Fun stuff!
Almost Gamers 13+ 13+ There are five members in Almost Gamers who are Blake, Tiffany, Daniel, David, and Matthew. They prefer to have three or less of these five members doing commentary on any given game. Their video and audio quality is constantly improving. They are open to any gaming suggestions that are made. They mostly play anything that they can get there hands on (they prefer not to play fps though). Each member has strong points in different genres. Blake is better at RPGS, Tiffany is great at puzzle games, Daniel likes some platforming games, David is a horror and beat m' up fanatic, and I am here to say Matthew loves his Starfox. At this point They are working on Mario Party 7, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Resident Evil 4, And Snoopy and the Red Baron. They are definitely worth checking out
STiDM Gaming 30+ 8+ STiDM's gonna make you giggle a little bit! Bring your own candy! Playing wide varieties of games here on STiDM's Gaming channel.
Mushy Plays 361+ 70+ A Let's Player from the United Kingdom, more focusing on older games, RPG's and Racing games.

Does a lot of co-op game-play with friends and other YouTubers.

SunnySucksAtGames 700+ 19 A racially ambiguous film student playing games he never would have gotten to play as a kid, Sunny started SunnySucksAtGames as a way to fuse his need to get in a lot of editing practice and his desire to accept himself as the gaming nerd he is. Sunny plays a lot of the old and random SNES and gameboy games he found cleaning his parent's old house during a move (such as Naruto Ninja Council or Kirby's Dreamland 3), but is ready and willing to play anything he can get his hands on. With barely any knowledge of video games, SunnySucksAtGames is a place for any and everyone who plays games for the fun of it, and who would love to have that friend that knows even less about nerd stuff than they do so they look better by comparison.
R!CH & CHLOE! 18+ 12+ Two crazy married kids from the UK play the most ridiculous games they can find, with hilarious results!
Let's Play WE! fourio 170+ 15 As in name, it's a group of four let's players, that are all children. It's Nico, Mascow, Larissa and Tuki. They are mostly playing in Slovak language, but Nico is providing first English series of OGame, and he's going to make more.
earthtolydia ~288 108 Lydia's new to let's plays but has already started on a few series. Her gaming library spans several genres and promises something for every viewer as she builds her channel.

She's started a new series challenging games with the most negative reviews to find out what makes them so bad, so you don't have to!

She's welcome to feedback and suggestions as well as hearing from other video game fanatics.

PaullieeTV 430+ 112+ PaullieeTV is a fun, Enjoyable new Let's Player from England who uploads regularly from indie games to big name games and even the point and click genre
Sticker Shock 10+ 20+ Indie games, AAA games, Vlogs, and every thing in between!

Join me as we talk about things, explore the crazy world of indie games, the power house of triple A titles, and all manner of gubbins!

Tormental 460+ 200+ Hailing from New York and living in North Carolina, Tormental combines trollishness, foolishness, and a quick wit while playing a variety of games from Minecraft to Five Nights at Freddys 1 & 2 to browser games.
Kawaiivee 50+ 30+ A new Filipino Let's Player from Chicago. As his name suggests, he has an affinity for the cuteness of eevees. He plays a wide variety of games ranging from Super Mario 64, Five Nights at Freddy's, and Adventure Time Battle Party. Additionally, he is very open to the idea of collaborating with other Let's Players as well as ideas from the gaming community, but his school life hinders him from uploading too often. Visit the channel and become an eevee today! :3
PickleSandwichGaming 1 10+ Relatively new Let's Players, PickleSandwich consists of two "bros" making videos for "your viewing pleasure". Funny, relaxed, exciting these two are something to look out for...
GaiEnSuit 29 40+ Known for wearing a suit wherever he goes. GaiEnSuit is just a guy in a suit playing games with emphasis on three things; laughter, epic stories and a good scare. He strongly believes in short, fast and sweet editing, cutting out all bull s#!t no one wants to wait through. Warning: Profanity Usage. Viewer discretion is advised...unless you like to laugh your A$$ off, THEN CONTINUE TO WATCH!
Hadriex 1K 300+ Reviews, Trailers, and Let's Plays. Discover games you didn't even know existed.
MagicManMo 264 504 Hello! I'm MagicManMo, a primarily "Let's Play" channel where I talk over games! I find this hobby difficult to explain to my family.

I started my channel in July of '12 and have been improving my channel ever since! So you should totally clickity clack my name over there and give me a peek! If you don't like what you see, that's fine, thank you for your time! If you find yourself interested, leave a comment somewhere and we can chat or whatever! Updated as of August 30, 2016

The Retromancers 1400+ 30+ The Retromancers focus on super high quality picture in picture let's plays and reviews of retro games, as well as challenges and watching old school movies from the 80's. They also do pick up videos and straight up reviews, as well as respond to comments from the community. Come checkout their latest stuff!
Boredy Mcbored 9 6 BoredyMcbored is cooky, funny, awkward, let's player that isn't afraid to say whats on her mind, appropriate or... not! She plays games from all eras and most generas. Whether it's full plays, or her one time adventures in games, you'll gain a six pack** from the amount of laughs she provides!

    • Six pack not guaranteed. Subject to only to Timbuktu, Hawaii and Puerto Rico
APLumaFreak500 25+ 100+ Currently playing Pokémon Ruby and The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. HUGE fan of The Legend of Zelda. I'm a new Let's Player and would love it if you subscribe!
Oxillious 629+ 427+ I do HD Let's Plays of several genres; Strategy, RPG and Adventure! (2 videos per day) Please do come and check me out if you enjoy great (British-New Zealand accented) commentary and someone who knows the balance between humor and seriousness (4/6 ratio). Also I love interacting with my commenters and name units/characters after them to create immersion for those watching (as well as myself). The key to every game is immersion which I always attempt to build for my audience.

Game list so far is: Civilization 5 (England/Mayans), Dust: An Elysian Tail, Valkyria Chronicles and Star Wars: Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast.

Tally ho!

Spirits and Sprites Zero Zero A brand new channel to YouTube that basically makes these the last gamers to start a Gaming YouTube channel!
ArboriA 8 9+ A newer Let's Player who does mostly blind Horror playthroughs, though from time to time will play other Genres. Creep through the dungeons and creepy crawlies with him to share the scare.
SB737 810 800+ I am an enthusiastic let's player who loves to play video games and entertain people. I post at least one video every day and have dreams of one day making a living from this, but for now its just a hobby of doing what I love - gaming! I mainly play platforming games, such as Mario, Sonic and some Indie games, but I also spinoff to other branches as well. So please check out my channel, you may really like it, over 800 other people do!
Aswitch 38 250 Aswitch is a black and "Deeply Voiced" American Let's Player that does Let's Plays of both new and old games. His unorthodox,yet explicit sense of humor will have you laughing and confused while his unique insight and knowledge of the games he plays will keep you intrigued. Nobody's Safe ;)
Blackarm 570 162 New to doing Let's Play videos with a gradually growing channel. Recently partnered with N4GTV. Does Full Walkthroughs as well as random collabs with others. Current Series: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Smite. Completed Series: "Batman Arkham Origins", "Walking Dead Season 2", "The Wolf Among Us", "Outlast". Planned Playthroughs: Dragon Age Inquisition, Game of Thrones, Tales From Borderlands.
Killam Gaming 27 43 This is a new gaming channel that will bring you lets plays,walkthroughs, montages,maybe some top 5's, and some random gaming moments.Also we wanted to make this channel a community gaming channel, so if you're interested in making Let's plays, montages, or other tips and tricks, just send me a message and we'll talk. There will be multiple lets players on this channel, there is bound to be somebody you like. With so many people there's bound to be someone you'll like.
Katana Hand 39 2 Five members, currently uploading Pikmin lets plays weekly. Plan on making Gmod, CSGO, Awesomenauts, and bad MMORPG lets plays. Check us out!
Defender of Renegades 106 ~200 • Quite new female Youtuber called Rune

• English Let's Plays

• Weird accent (I'm trying my best to improve everything!)

• Rather calm, until something jump scares me...

• See for yourself, I appreciate any kind of feedback

CaptainSpinifex 2200+ 80+ Youtuber, screamer, comedian, and professional nope artist. Plays games generally of the horror variety for the entertainment of others!
Willmanda Games 2400+ 300+ A couple that plays video games and makes animations which, let's be honest, is pretty great.
NitWitGaming 16 30 Hey everyone! I'm a new youtuber releasing quality let's plays of an eclectic mix of games that require a bit of thought. RPGs, RTS and in particular Turn based Strategy games are my thing, and I hope to release good content at a steady clip of at least 2 videos a day. Come and check me out and leave a comment!
TheBombBosses 5 19 We are four kids: Jack, Anthony, Dominic, and Mya, who film ourselves playing video games. We have done some Mario Kart, Halo, and are currently working on a Let's Play of New Super Luigi U, with hopefully more to come soon. The idea of purchasing a capture card for higher quality is being considered as well.
Professionally Inept 11 30 We are a group of four friends: Brett, Ben, Quentin, and Matt. We play games primarily on the Xbox 360 and Brett and Quentin have a running Full Play series, with Brett's on Mondays and Quentin's on Wednesdays. We are relatively new and we had a lot of issues with lost footage and audio at the start, but we're getting better! (Truly living up to the word Inept, I suppose!) We also have a series called Inept Activities, where we do inane stuff in short videos.
HyruleK1ng 88 510 My name is Doug, I like to play a wide range of games. From shooter to Adventure, or Horror to RPGs. I play mainly on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox one and Wii U. While this channel is mostly me, I also play co-op or VS games with friends. I am always looking for great games to play and will take recommendations. I would appreciate your support.
Unhealthy Alliance 36 18 Unhealthy Alliance is a pair of two Let's Players who play through games from start to finish while providing commentary about the game and trivia. There's an obvious skill gap between the two and some of their videos end up feeling like walkthroughs as one guides the other. Will be back to uploading videos after a hiatus brought on by technical issues very shortly. They do both modern and classic games and especially love playing indie games.
Yalorda 300+ 580+ Yaloda is a Let's player from Belgium. On his channel you'll mostly find LPs of Nintendo Games (3DS and Game Boy Advance) as well as PC games like Metal Gear Rising. You can also find some side projects like smash tournament videos and other miscellaneous videos. Some examples of LPs you can find on this channel: Fire Emblem Awakening, Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Skyrim, TLoZ: Minish Cap and many more!
AshelehsA 48 55 A male Let's Player from the United States. AshelehsA is most known for his bad habit of not finishing his let's plays like Pokémon Crystal and Yoshi's Island. Other than Let's playing AshelehsA's channel features random videos of doing ordinary things like walking to work or a parody on sammyclassicsonicfan.
LPBelligerents 36 44 Walker and Dakota are best friends who constantly bicker and abuse one another in humorous ways while playing games of all types. Discussion ranges from intellectual conversation about the realism or artistic message of a game to debating whether or not random NPCs deserve to be murdered at that very second. Current long running playthrough is DC Universe online where the pair are basically Lex Luthor's assistants because the benefits are great and they hate Superman.
Becca Faye 20, 100 286 A female Let's Player from Canada. Her "niche" is the unique voice acting she does in every series. The main focus of her channel is Pokemon, but she plays other games as well. Current Series:Pokemon Platinum egglocke, Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, a blind playthrough of The Wolf Among Us.
Arbitrary Gamers 45 50+ Arbitrary Gamers are a let's play duo made up of Martyn and Tom. They play all kinds of games, but usually go for local PC co-op games. However they have been know to play on other systems such as the PS4 and emulation of older console such as the Nintendo 64 or Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. They have just recently had a one year anniversary so go check them out, I'm sure you'll find some entertainment!
Stonedowl 39 400+ Stonedowl is a Let's Player who uploads daily. He has 400+ videos but 3/4 of them are old videos before he had a capture card. But know he is doing a blind let's play of Mother 3 and he is also playing Donkey Kong 64 and is preparing to launch Pikmin. He's a big Nintendo fan and is the exact opposite of shy. He likes his videos to feel like a super fun experience for each one and tries to make you feel like you're playing the game with him. He has only 39 subscribers and would really like more. Go give DK 64 or Mother 3 (preferably Mother 3 since Boombom 24's was very disappointed with the first episode of DK 64 but check out his videos and see what you think.
Varomnia 9+ 24+ Cody Hausler, otherwise known as "Varomnia" on the interwebs, is a new let's player focused mainly on horror games. He started off with Five Nights at Freddy's. He will play other games as well and upload frequently. He does not do much commentary on his League of Legends, Smite, and Heroes & Generals videos, however, he will do his best to entertain without any fake reactions in his more professional videos like his Five Nights at Freddy's and Tribal Wars 2 Beta video. Stay tuned for me, I hear he might try Amnesia next.
Clinkeroith 9 40+ Clinkeroith (or Clinkeroth as his stream says) is a let's player that focuses mostly on online gaming. (mostly fighting games) Thou he typically doesn't do a full play through of a game he rather focuses on the challenge/mission mode of the game. He seems to upload one video a day (in which he says so he doesn't get burnt out to quickly). Currently he is uploading online matches with every character in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and Mario Kart 8. He also has a side series at the moment with online battles in Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst and a semi mission mode playthrough of The Wonderful 101. He does give commentary in his vids (in which he admits is not good most of the time) but some viewers have commenting saying his commentary is pretty good. So if you enjoy online battling feel free to check him out.
The Apocalyptic Viking 11 30+ Apocalyptic viking is a let's player from Denmark, his channel is themed around nordic mythology, although he most certainly doesn't limit his content to it. He enjoys commentating games as he plays through them, and loves sharing them with people of the internet. he usually has 2-3 series running with daily uploads as well as the occasional highlights and funny momments videos. those series usually include:

  • A horror or a grim series, which includes a facecam if the game has reasonable jumpscares in it.
  • An epic series which is usually fairly long due the fact they mostly consists of games that he absolutely loves, and he wants to show every interresting part/aspect of the game. These may contain a vast amount of clipping around so the viewer wouldn't have to witness grinding and/or walking around with nothing happening.
  • A shorter series of indie-games, roguelikes, sandboxes, or merely games that he feels has been overlooked and could use some more recognition.

if you decide to check out the channel, he hopes that you do enjoy it, and will continue to do so in the future, i work hard on the content that i provide :)

Chronos 2045+ 1544+ Chronos is an American Let's Player who plays a variety of games, though does have a focus on RPGs. He usually has 2 series going, though it is not uncommon for there to be more.
Critiots!! 60 14 The Critiots!! is group dedicated to bringing you award winning video game commentary that will not only knock your socks off, but they will put them back on and knock them off again. The hosts are "The Brain" JJ, Hollywood Haragos, and the K-man. These three enhance video games with a unique twist adding funny jabs (at the game and each other), hilarious observations, and specialize in RPGs. Updated Monday/Friday.
YetiBlue 300+ 1400+ What I am about!

- I make weekly videos and enjoy it when you folks leave a like and subscription on my videos. - I mostly play horror games but also play games from each genre. - If you have something to say feel free to leave it in the comments section of a selected video. - I really hope you guys enjoy my videos, I try my best (believe me) and I will continue making videos thus it is my dream to bring a smile to peoples faces. Games I revolve around! -HORROR -ACTION -INDIE -RPG -OTHER

Six of Harts 7 140+ An English Let's Player with a soft spot for late 90's PC games. Playing through games such as System Shock 2, Clock Tower, and Clive Barker's Undying, Six of Harts sets out to explore a weirder selection of video games compared to your average Let's Player, while still making room for more familiar and modern titles every now and then. Observational humor and very harsh language awaits, or something.
PerseusvsAuro 20 100+ PerseusvsAuro are two brothers making funny commentaries while playing video games. As of now they have 3 series going on. Super Smash Bros Brawl:Subspace Emissary on the hardest difficulty, Pokemon Diamond randomized Nuzlocke and a vs Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm silver Nuzlocke if you are interested in any of these games why not subscribe it's free.
TheKazvon 150+ 200+ Kazvon is an American Let's Player and video game critic. Focusing mainly on independent video games new and old with his one off series "Kaz Has" in hopes of raising awareness of games currently in development as well as titles that slipped under most people's radar. He also does Let's Plays of a variety of titles and genres.
V1D4R 5 11 V1d4r [pronounced Vidar] is an Austrian Let's Player characterized by his deep, dark voice. He recently started his first Let's play, Resident Evil 2 where his voice perfectly matches the mood. He tends to joke during his talk in the video, but lets the viewer enjoy the cut scenes by enjoying them himself and staying silent.He often gives interesting background and insider information on the game, which lets the viewer connect with the game and it's history immediately.
Aery ♥ Plays 700+ 18 Aery focuses on relaxing LPs, but will also be making videos about gaming themed news, reviews, guides, & other epic adventures! She especially enjoys playing unique, artistic, and interesting indie games that are different than the norm.
BlazingVictini22 125 68 A Young Let's Player that plays games like Pokemon, Mario Kart, and Lots of Indie Gaming. His name is based off of the Fire/Physic Type Legendary Pokemon Victini. Sometimes He likes to make videos with his friends or do giveaways. BlazingVictini22 mainly uploads every 1-4 Days.
Lewrystre 167 17 New let's play channel, 15 year old gamer from UK, good at editing, plays any indie games(horror,2D,puzzle etc)1 upload per day. 10-20 minute gameplay of me playing such games, Currently uploading SCP - Containment breach videos, Tune in if you like to see kids scared in HD.
SmashIkeWolf 16 93+ Hello, welcome to the big challenger. Here you can put me into a video game challenge that you think is hard enough to be done. The games that I accept are Wii U, Wii, GCN, N64, GBA and SNES games. All you have to do is write in my posts from my socials networks or in comments videos and if I accept, I'll do it. Well, in terms of games, I have many. So, don't be shy and give me a challenge! Also, be sure to check out my Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. Have a good day!
ODDERZplays 71 81 Playing games for a painfully long time, now doing YouTube stuff. Few full LPs, but plenty of First Impressions and opinion videos.
Rookie Plays Games 263 406 Rookie has been playing video games and recording them for a little over a year now. After experimenting with just about every genre, he has landed on Point and Click adventures, both old and new, as well as horror games that offer a compelling story. After finishing a game, if explanation is needed, the series 'In The Rear View' will be featured, where discussion is encouraged among the viewers, and final impressions are given. Right now, Rookie is collaborating with many friends on a few different projects, while also playing The Next Big Thing (Hollywood Monsters in some parts.) by Pendulo Studios.
Shaunzy Roland 131 30+ Dastardly entertaining and, at times, slightly obscene, Shaun Roland is, by far, one of the more underground and underrated Let's Players. Good humor, very interesting to watch, and he puts a LOT of work into all of his videos. Plays a lot of indie and pretty well known games, and his audio and video are on par with some of the much larger LPers, though he doesn't really actively promote his channel (Doesn't even ask for subs or likes). Probably one of my favorite LPers. Very recently, after a slight hiatus, new videos have been flowing in again, with many strange, unique games.
Tenpin Plays 76 87+ Hello everyone! Tenpin here. I tend to focus on games from all over the spectrum. From Dust: An Elysian Tail to Batman Arkham Asylum to Portal 2 to Cthulhu Saves the World plus more to come! So come and check me out on the Justinjade network HERE!
GLOCO 100 Hi!~ I'm a Filipino Let's player, and welcome to my new Gaming Channel!~ We will, laugh, Rage, Cry, Scream, and fall in love... Plus other Random shizz for our pleasure~ expect a new video every two days (I'm still trying to get used to this, so I'll try to upload one every day) RRRAAAK NA ITUUU!!

ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ. I make let's plays of various games of different genre. My goal is to entertain myself and my viewers and to share the awesomeness of video games~

Ricky Pro 20 73 Ricky Pro does random game let's plays and focuses on funny content. This channel was started in late February 2014.
NovaSlaysPixels 1,000+ 85 Nova focuses on horror games on her channel, accompanied by her sarcastic and dry sense of humor and witty comments. She started her channel in early April 2014.
Oheao 915 2622 While creating gaming related videos since 2008, he has only started making Let's Plays his main focus very recently.
Summer 4 3 I play a lot of video games so I decided to start recording myself playing them. Also I'm cute. ☼
Two-Bit Glitch 20 35+ Let's play duo.

Pretty alright.

mrmeow2000 25+ 50+ Im just another gaming loser with no life, a laptop, a mic, and fraps. I do daily videos of any game I find suitable.
SquishyTheTitan 112 140 A somewhat new Let's Player who specializes in Horror and "rage-inducing" Puzzle games. Though his early videos weren't that great, he is getting better. He currently does his videos from a gaming center where he works until he can afford a powerful enough PC of his own. He has stated that his dream is to one day be able to do live streams and other events for charity. He greatly appreciates everyone who gives him a chance and welcomes all advice on how to make himself more entertaining to watch. He loves his fans and even has a permanent deal where if he can't finish a game without dying, his viewers get to decide something they would like to see him do. He is currently looking for other Let's Players who are willing to do collaboration videos.
ChaseFace 613+ 21 ChaseFace is a voice-actor/gamer combo with "a voice like diamonds" and a penchant for SNES RPGs, Japanese games, and Survival Horror games. He does a blend of videos and uploads LetsPlays when he can, but he also plans on doing Rush Reviews (quick impression videos), in-depth game reviews, and Anime/Manga reviews. He also got recommended by ProJared of NormalBoots, which is way cool.
Chief Scarneck 400 200+ Chief Scarneck is a 21-year-old Let's Player from Utah. His specialties are RPGs and adventure games. Has been Let's Playing since 2012. Lived in Japan (and was on hiatus) from 2013 and 2015. Currently has 7 completed Let's Plays. Co-founder of the Blunderbolts, a blind-reading group.
Shimmy Schimeon 35 93 I don't put up daily, but if I get a little more subs I am giving a reason to it. (:
Smileyguy72 3 2 (8 ready for upload) Smileyguy72 is a 17 year old new lets player,spcializing in nintendo games and romhacks. He is currently playing the Super Mario 64 rom hack, Super Mario 74, and is planning to play Super Mario Star Road, Super Mario New Star, and Super Mario 64 Shining Stars (When released). His commentary includes random tangents on different things, and someitmes sings random songs. He also sounds very excited when he plays through the game. His laptop can be slow sometimes, so there could be a little lag.
GamingWith Jezdamayel 644 471 Jezdamayel uploads new videos on a daily basis and does many LPs at once. She has a beautiful and very pleasant voice and has done voicework in the past. In less than a year she LPed over 35 games in approx. 160 hours of video material. She plays FPS games like Serious Sam 3, as well as RPGs like Starbound, or anything she likes that was suggested to her, all the same. A few of her LPs were also recorded with a facecam, but she found the post-editing was too tedious with her current equipment.
Kwingsletsplays 143,100 680 Kwingsletsplays is a let's play together channel created by the Kwings! One of the first and most famous Gaming Couples on YouTube. Originally their LP Channel began as a web series called "Gaming with the Kwings" on Luke's kNIGHTWING01 channel in 2010. By 2012, the Kwings branched out and started doing daily content on the let's play channel. Unlike Knightwing's solo channel, kwingsletsplays is not typecast to just Retro, Nintendo or Batman Games. As long as the Game is E or T Rated the Kwings will play it. Also all content they produce is 100% Family Friendly, making them the perfect swear free environment for your Children. Kwing's commentary style is more informational based, while Kwife is the comedian in the Family. Their most popular let's plays are LEGO Batman 2, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Disney Infinity, The Lego Movie videogame, Injustice Gods Among Us, DuckTales, Transformers Fall of Cyberton & Scribblenauts Unmasked. God Bless & Happy Gaming, Now your Laughing with Power!
Yum-Yum 55 300 Yum-Yum has been a Let's Player for about 2 years. He focuses on completing 1 or 2 series at a time, typically Nintendo games,in a consistent,unique and entertaining way. His works really show effort, and his videos often include important information and silly voices in a style that doesn't distract from the game. He doesn't neglect the gameplay or the commentary quality, and gives the best quality video he can manage.
ErrorKatz 13 ? Game-related videos and some Let's Play style videos.
BlizzardAttack 82 105 A group of friends together on a YouTube channel. These people play all sorts of games, from Inde to minecraft and tons of other games.
SacredFaceVA 62 72 A Let's Player/Amateur VA. Plays a variety of games such as Skyrim and South Park: The Stick of Truth. Also known to engage in LP's with others.
GrimWaltz 53 18 Not only a Let's Player, but also an entertainer. GrimWaltz is a rising star on the European front of Let's Plays. Broadcasting from a small country called Belgium and still being a fairly young channel, he slowly but steadily is capturing the hearts of audiences with his weird sense of humor and special style of editing that resembles masters such as Barry Kramer of the Game Grumps.
Merk The Hyena 55 Ever wondered what entertainment the brainfarts of a Hyena could bring you? Well, look no further. This is a wonderland for all things consuming the land of Let's Plays and is heavily influenced by his bowl movements. Playing games with his friends (Opta and GrimWaltz) or standing alone and facing danger, it that can really be said it. That's Merk the Hyena for you. Definitely worth checking out.
Riffel269 111 297 He is a youtuber that does all around gaming, he does Gameplay walkthroughs, he also does call of duty gameplays. He also records with some of his friends, he a tries his hardest to entertain his audience. He also responds to everyone that messages him. Basically what you see is what you get. he does not change his personality for the camera.
The Sloppy Gamers 7 67 Two friends doing let's plays of games from all different eras with the sloppiest gameplay possible. A lot of retro content but they try to get their modern gaming on when they can. Just two guys having fun and looking to have fun with an audience.
Nintendofanlp 63 206 Mainly focuses on Nintendo. He likes to do let's plays of Mario and Donkey Kong. Sometimes his friend Aaron comes over and they play Mario Kart: Double Dash!! or Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He has a "C'MON MAN!" counter in most of his let's plays. He always voices his appreciation for people who subscribe to him and watch his videos, and he hopes that someday he'll be a part of ninbuzz! He deserves to get his name out there!
Lion Hats 33 46 A new Lets Play channel with currently working on a Pokemon Trading Card Game 2 series, as well as a Pokemon Crystal Nuzlocke and Japan-only game "Famicom Detective Club Part II" and soon - "Sweet Home". Also classic DOS games and point n' click games are planned like Broken Sword, Discworld Noir, Commander Keen and more.
Bomis 15 72 Bomis82 focuses on retro, arcades and indie games. With a strong dose of deadpan humor and witty comments, he will keep you entertained. No profanity, friendly attitude and always open for collaboration ideas. Last, but not least - regular uploads 3x times a week. Check him out!
RoadJam 425 131 Well known for Warcraft 3 Hard Mode Guides, very informative in regards to Blizzard games.
Cid Luneth 272 477 Casual Let's Player, tries to be informative but has an infrequent upload schedule.
Dungeonmaster201 533 2008 I'm a lets Payer who enjoys doing Lets Plays, I have currently completed 29 different LPs. current LPs Elder Scrolls V Skyrim & a blind LP Pokemon Black, for a list of all my LPs https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1JbTtucV-kY_mzT5mx0bjbJ0tQEc5VYUKNLwIjU00NqY/edit?pli=1&pageId=103380034749411492833#gid=206544304
Jazz Umbre 4 214 I'm mostly a Poketuber, but I will attempt other games. I upload as often as I can.
Elsie - LCL 30 44 A dude that plays indie RPG's, horror games, and other games occasionally. He used to review content on the channel but then moved his reviews to another channel. He also responds to emails and takes requests to play certain games.
Shiirahime 1064 200+ A small town female gamer from the northern USA who has begun LPing in the last year or two. Her style is laid-back and interactive with the audience, informative, and with a spice of silliness and awkwardness. She has ongoing Let's Plays of EarthBound, Mother 3, and recently started posting Mario Kart Wii online races and an LP of Harvest Moon: Animal Parade! Next on her list is Spyro the Dragon and the upcoming Mario Kart 8, Wind Waker HD, and Child of Light for WiiU! She updates daily.
Roy Johnson 52 89 A Let’s Player since 2013 who focuses on mostly free-to-play games (such as unique flash games, in-depth demos, and the occasional Steam game). This man tries to provide informative, humorous, and entertaining videos and a general supporter of other small-size, underrated Youtubers. He hopes to provide entertainment to people through his successes and failures.
Jobexi 18000+ 1800+ Uploads several new videos per week. Many different kinds of games.
simplyFinch 401 211 This good-quality channel offers fun blind runs of classic game series such as Mario and Rayman. The quality of the videos have been decent since this player's start in 2012, but they have improved significantly in the past few months with the end of his Super Mario World blind run, as well as his recently completed Rayman Legends blind run. He has also started his own Pokemon Theory show recently titled "PokeTheory" where he analyzes various Pokemon myths and determines whether or not they are likely to be true. This series shows promise, especially since Matthew Patrick of Game Theory has shown interest in this series as well. All in all, this channel is definitely worth a look, and maybe even a sub.
MathematicalGaming 14 4 Great channel featuring potential in the world of gameplay recording. MathematicalGaming is a channel to visit who is currently playing Thief and plans doing Watch Dogs.
Inutsu 4 7 Just some guy that has started doing Let's plays. Only series currently is a hardcore of Super Mario 64
ViperGaming23 12 2 A Let's Player from Canada. He Recently Started His First Lets Play of Spyro2: Ripto's Rage
Praygon 420 143 A English RPG nerd specialising in finding the strange, the horrific and the obscure and/or awesome games hidden on the internet and then let's playing them. replies to almost all comments and uploads frequently.
OmniCatGames 20 5 A new lets player who is just here to have fun and build up his talking skills. Plays any game as long as it is interesting. Not the best at the moment but is hoping to grow into something much better. Always welcomes constructive criticisms!
wongoli 32 107 Simple. A Lets Player that likes to add memes, sound fx, and voice impressions with laughs. Who is wongoli? Why is wongoli?
The Belocity 11 23 An American teenaged boy who is an excellent millitary strategist (and plenty of millitary and political hummor along the way). He is mostly well-known for being a strong belevier in Dudisim and his "Here We Go" line. He is currently doing let's play series on Empire: Total War and ArmA II. He is planning on doing ArmA III and Wargame Airland Battle. He has his own media network, which has a presence on Steam, Facebook, Google Plus, and Twiter. He has been on the LP scence since 2012!!
HeyDanisaurus 177 47 A teenage girl from North Carolina who uber obsessed with Nintendo. She maybe a directioner but still a Nintendo nerd. She's currently let's playing Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, Monsters Inc. Scream Arena, and Re-Let's Playing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
PandasCS 43 50 A fairly new let's player, who takes suggestions. Currently playing the Titanfall campaign, 7 days to die and indie horror games. Moving to: Destiny (on release), Watch dogs(on release), fan suggestions (on request).
Nothingjustgo 22 171 A fairly old Let's Player who mainly focuses on Nintendo Games and shows what makes them tick. He has completed one series under his belt, and working on his next two - Pokemon Emerald and Mega Man 9
WolfpackArcade 10+ 200+ A new lets play channel, a mixer of lets play games, such as Sega, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and many other systems will come as time passes on, also WolfpackArcade features live commentary, reviews, tips and tricks top 10s, recaps, and a lot more, come check it out !!
RedYellowLinkSonic 15 36+ A young Let's Player that likes Nintendo and Sega games such as The Legend of Zelda,Super Mario,Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Smash Bros.Together with Mr.Musabaa & Mr.Sike get in to in all gaming worlds.I am 14 years old.I am a big fan of "The Legend of Zelda" series.Make sure to watch my funny lp's with my friends and subscribe.I am currently let's playing Sonic Colors,Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros.Brawl. I am dumb and weird so don't freak out XD.
Parzival2689 22 75+ A Let's Player that likes to have fun playing games and be informative at the same time. A big fan of Co-op and Collaborative gaming as well as individual gaming. Come to this channel if you enjoy fighting games, RPG's, Tournaments and much more! I love playing 4 player co-op games with my friends such as Cloudberry Kingdom and Castle Crashers, and who doesn't enjoy some 4 Player Super Smash Bros.? Entertainment is priority number 1, however, 100% walkthroughs of games are ideal.
Parzival2689 22 75+ A Let's Player that likes to have fun playing games and be informative at the same time. A big fan of Co-op and Collaborative gaming as well as individual gaming. Come to this channel if you enjoy fighting games, RPG's, Tournaments and much more! I love playing 4 player co-op games with my friends such as Cloudberry Kingdom and Castle Crashers, and who doesn't enjoy some 4 Player Super Smash Bros.? Entertainment is priority number 1, however, 100% walkthroughs of games are ideal.
BeeRye Gaming 8 16 Two cousins get drunk and do blind let's play, usually games that appear to bad or obscure. If you like dumb goofy humor, check it out.
Washed Olive 14 A young let's player currently working on his first one, Super Mario Galaxy. He likes mainly nintendo games, but many others too.
dbthings 118 42 What is Up My Peoples? The Infinitude Survival Let's play is an exciting, funny, entertaining series featuring way too much dying at the hands of nasty mobs, creative building projects like automatic wheat farms, and great editing. This is a modded series with about 20 mods including: > Mo' Creatures > Familiars > Damage Indicator > Rei's Minimap > Jammy's Furniture > CraftGuide > Not Enough Items > TreeCapitator > and many more ...

Come Join the Fun!

GravityHertz 52+ 270+ Primarily focuses on collab work on games such as Gmod (TTT, Prop Hunt, Hide n Seek, Murder), The Hidden, Sacred 3, and others. He is always welcoming to new collab partners. Gravity suffers from chronic depression and because of it he has stopped for the time being.
teh_rager 5 1 I like to play FPS games, horror, strategy, that sort of stuff. I try to have fun and help you do the same!
Oddly Amazing Show 25 15+ Starting as a group of awkward friends, the Oddly Amazing Show consists of two retro enthusiasts and a modern-art aficionado. Oddly Amazing does Let's Plays with a wide range of RPG series, along with fighting games and arcade-styled multiplayer games. Join along the hype and interesting, yet awkward conversations.
TomTheTwix 31 100+ HEY! YOU! I don't know you, you don't know me, we need to change this. You wanna watch someone play a game? Of course you do. Do you want to listen to someone mumble for 15 minutes with little to no emotion!? Of course you DONT! I play games that other like to see, while trying not to play anything too boring to watch. There is no such thing as formal here, and I am not professional at all. It's all fun and games!.
enigma69games 475 1088 Likes to have fun, joke around & make you laugh. Interacts/plays with subs & is very friendly. Uploads new videos daily. Plays a variety of games. Takes requests. Has a new channel trailer up, so you can see if you enjoy what he has to offer.
TheHarryx 18 41 Playing horror, platformer, DayZ and less known Indie Gems, CalmTime, SuperAmazingQuest... He has a calm voice and provides entertainment, fun and knowledge, well at least he tries. The motto is short and simple "Everyday Let'sPlay"
JaShinYa 172 181 A fantastic Let's Player that's only begun to release videos recently. He has a great commentator's voice and humor that ranges from subtle to self-aware stupidity. He does a very wide variety of games as long as he finds them fun to play. Currently he is playing Papo & Yo, The The Wolf Among Us and hosts The Indie Game Riot Podcast. He has expressed interest in playing Fatal Frame and Silent Hill. He has stated that as his channel grows he will be able to do livestreaming, preferably for charity. He also has a reputation for extreme appreciation of his fans and loves to interact as much as possible.
Krendar's Adventures 1,042 3,543 Krendar here! My channel is about full playthroughs of games (mostly). I do a lot of different PC and PS4 games, sometimes coop collaborations, but mostly complete single player playthroughs!
WestsideWise 1 60+ WestsideWise is a new, and upcoming Let's Player that likes to play any, and all kinda of games. He's currently working on his full LP of Telltales's The Walking Dead: Season 2, awaiting further releases of the episodes. He will also be playing new PS4 releases as much as he can.
Brentinitis 643 1212 A let's player who's been doing let's plays since mid 2009. However the channel is only now starting to grow at a "good" pace. Many of the newer lp's like earthbound have high production quality and contain things such as, enemy bios, a custom background due to the 4:3 aspect, end slats with annotations, and custom thumbnails. there are many planes for the future including redos of older lp's that many not have the same quality as newer videos.
Tuxedo T-Shirt 1,300 145 Tuxedo T-Shirt plays Madden to his heart's content on his clunky, old school PS3. Always good for a laugh, Tuxedo T-Shirt or 'Tux' is currently working on a Connected Franchise simulation series in which he attempts to do the impossible -- take the miserable Jacksonville Jaguars to the Super Bowl in five years or less... and win it.
Nonsense Game Show 8 5 Players Paul and Lin play games together and riff on them. Also will soon include live-action sketches. Currently they are posting Halo Anniversary, and will soon play D2 and Gex.
3PlayWiiPlay 30 25 DrPickleful, LOLninja4 and Cobber1648 make up 3PlayWiiPlay, and they play Wii games. The current Let's Plays are New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Mario Kart Wii and Donkey Kong Country Returns.
StormclawGaming 25 160 A Let's Play group run by four siblings. They play a wide variety of games (usually any games that they have) including racing games, fighting games, RPGs, and a few action/adventure titles. They mainly just like to have fun, and hope that viewers will have fun with them. Currently they're trying out a new schedule, uploading every weekday..
A Peruvian Gamer 9 10+ A new let's player who's trying to improve his videos in any way possible, he also has a weird accent and sounds really calm.
TheRadishBros 900+ 185+ TheRadishBros is a channel run primarily by 'Radishhead', with appearances from his brother, 'Radishy1'.

The channel specialises in strategy games, often with a form of challenge attached to the series - for example: Pokemon Nuzlocke Challenges, the Game Dev Tycoon Perfect Review Challenge, and the recent Banished 900 Population Challenge.

Users who comment on Pokemon videos can have a Pokemon named after them, and in Game Dev Tycoon can suggest games to create.

Radishhead is also known for his opinion videos, where he discusses topics such as the "Death of Shiny Pokemon" or "Why I HATE Pokegen".

If you are looking for an entertaining channel with a friendly community, then TheRadishBros may be the channel you desire.

WTFicey 1020 45 Starting in January 2014, WTFicey has already accumulated over 1000 subscribers reflecting his hard work and dedication to Youtube. His videos consist of mostly Left4Dead2 and League of Legends videos with some plays of Amnesia: The Dark Descent where his fear is truly awesome to watch and his responses and logic failing frustrates and further entertains! Not sure whether you like this let's player? Click here to view this short video now...you won't be disappointed!
PhoenixGameFlame 163 342 A young man that started Let's Playing in August 2012 on his old channel ScaredTorchics, doing mostly Nintendo Games to start, but swapped channels for personal reasons. Much more content to come in the future. Currently LPing four different Zelda Games, two of which being a Versus, as well as Pokémon Y.
Pixel's Gaming 51 9 Idiot playing oldschool games, like Harvest moon, Legend of Zelda, Pokémon series and will play many more. Subscribe to me if you like that nice feeling of nostalgia and hope you will like my humor. I am also playing some random indie games so it is not only old games. So stop by and enjoy.
GotEmGames 32 10 Smaller BRAND NEW channel that do commentaries AND Reviews so come check it out. We release 6 videos a week so there is plenty of content to be had.
The Natty Show 10 3 I play random indie games, and I love my face so much that I have to put it everywhere on my channel. My thumbnails have it, my banner has it, my avatar has it, and my videos have it.
UploadedNetwork 13 37 Two laid back guys from the UK who love let's playing all sorts of random games.
Swingpoynt 85,500 700 6+ videos a week, and always replying to comments- this guy really cares. Facecam shows him jumping during scary games, laughing during goofy games and crying during sad games. If you're looking for a letsplayer who puts heart into every video, time into listening to his viewers and truly loves playing games. Give Swingpoynt a spin.
Just Odis 4 9 Very new Let's Player that has some pretty fun commentary although some of it is NSFW. If he can build up a following he plans to play all sorts of games
RenalRyan 22 41 A new Let's Player focusing mainly on point and click adventure games, with another game genre or two sprinkled in the mix. His approach is a slow and methodical, yet entertaining view on the games he plays. Current Let's Plays are: The Whispered World, Edna and Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes, and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.
MinkaroXIV 50 371 LPer from the UK who has a laid back sarcastic style of commentary when it comes to most games (although there are those that make him raise his voice). Games played include Arkham Origins, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Telltale's Walking Dead/Game of Thrones/The Wolf Among Us, as well as many indy games. Tries to play a range of games, mixing popular/obscure, old/new, and long series/one-off videos.
IrvineCascade 117 265 IrvineCascade ICY is a college student--with a Bachelor of Science in Biology--trying to get into Medical School, but loves to play video games regardless. Unfortunately, school tends to get in the way of his uploads rather often, and he may go a few weeks (rarely months) without uploading a video; however, that doesn't stop him. He is a bit of an artist, often making a lot of posters and other designs, the most famous of which being the posters he designed for NintendoCapriSun, and those used in NCS's interviews. It's easy to see that his Let's Playing idol is NCS. ICY is always trying to network and find more LPers to be friends with, and desires to create a tight-knit community to help new and old LPers, alike. He also extends to newer and older LPers to provide help, feedback, and even artistic touches to the community. He is strictly in this to help others, however he may accomplish this. He loves to play strategy, and role playing, games above most others, and is usually recognized for LPing the Mega Man Battle Network series. Don't forget to check him out!

"Ultimately, I believe that LPing is for the viewer; however, it's impossible to LP for the viewer if you have no viewers to LP for, right? The LP community should be a team, whether it's as tightly knit or famous as the Run Away Guys, or just a group of lesser-known LPers. This is what I'd like to strive for!"

WizFish 160 51 New to the YouTube scene and a natural Lets-Player, WizFish brings you polished, bite-sized and easily digestible Let's Plays with some of the most natural, hilarious commentary we've seen in a long time. Some of his current video series include: Outlast, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, Papo & Yo, Mega Man X, Castle Crashers, Trine 2, State of Decay, and at the rate he's been releasing content, much much more in the near future. Definitely worth your sub, and a thumbs-up!
Pvt.Luek 273 173 A British lets player who is relatively new on the Let's play scene but has big ambitions on YouTube. Specialising in almost anything Indie developed Luek ventures into these games with light hearted humour & a shed load of girly screaming if its a horror. Now With upgraded hardware & software videos now feature Facecam so you can see his girly reactions. Achieved 100 Subscribers within 3 Months Of Operation (join one of the fastest Growing New Let's player Today) Now at 8 Months of Operation Lueks channel has grown with nearly 300 Subscribers :D
Jerma985 189,832 601 A lets-player who focuses mainly on TF2, while playing plenty of other games on the side. He has several smaller series and plays many lesser known games on steam, primarily with other lets player STAR_. He does some side work as a voice actor, and uses several "alter egos" in his channel. Also uploads vlogs.
ChaosSinfulRose 457 217 Up and coming Let's Player with games such as Bastion, Super Mario Sunshine, and Majora's Mask. Also a part of TheEastCoastFour collaborative channel with MageCaptainGilshanks, Fieryredhair08, and Korafoya. TheEC4 channel stemmed from Super Mario World backup plans for the Megaman X race between Chaos, ProtonJon, NintendoCapriSun, and MageCaptainGilshanks.
STAR_ 332,028 458 Focuses mainly on TF2, while playing other games on the side. Frequently plays games with other YouTuber Jerma985.
Merf Avenger 33 3 Merf Avenger enjoys playing indie games which will likely make up a large portion of his content. He intends to provide useful and humorous commentary to his videos. He wishes to entertain a small and friendly community with lots of creator/community interaction. Aside from indie games he enjoys storyline driven games (especially sci-fi) such as the Halo series (apart from the last one..), the Metro series, the Mass Effect trilogy, the Half Life series and many more. These will also feature in his content.

Although content is somewhat limited at the moment he will be receiving a new rig soon and content will increase dramatically! This will be closely followed by a new microphone and better editing software.

TheMGMjr 91 1 TheMGMjr (A.K.A. Not) is a seemingly youner let's player who, at the time being, has only released one video. Because of this, his personality, comedy type, and game preferences are not yet known. He states that " As it stands, it's the only episode I've filmed. I've gotten a bit too busy to continue, and that's probably for the best. There are several audio flaws and general ramblings as well as some risque jokes. I might continue in the future". When sent a message, he stated that he "may record some more next year, but [he's] not entirely sure".
TheDeltaNation 54 49 DeltaNation2 is a Polish-American Let's Play that mainly focuses on Nintendo Content. He likes to be referred as "Delta from TheDeltaNation", or "Alex". He has only completed 2 LPs'(Super Mario 64 and Mario Bros. Deluxe) and canceled 2(Pokemon Fire Red and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time). DeltaNation is currently inactive as of September 6th, 2013. Though, he is returning the beginning of December with "Let's Play The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure. Soon in early 2014, he will be getting a brand new desktop and internet. He says that he will then be able to produce more videos. The reason for getting a new desktop is because his current Laptop is dying and that he has relied on it since 2009.
sirkalasnefzen 345 118 British let's player starting to play a variety of games, mainly RPGs, sometimes with dual commentaries. also produces league of legends videos of game play and build guides. all recording done in a relaxed manner, often with a few pints of ale. occasional nsfw themes, especially when dual or group commentary.
The Gaming Ghoul (JMXD96) 151 526 A British Let's Player that plays a variety of games, mainly horror games. Commentary is mostly sarcastic with a few innuendo and some swear words sprinkled in. He uploads videos 7 days a week at 8:30 pm GMT and is open to suggestions.
Dracononay 46 7 Dracononay is a new British Let's Player on YouTube who decided on creating a gaming channel as a 'Self-Help' project to boost her confidence and to become more 'social'. She is just starting out and appreciates all the help and advice she can get.
InvertedSeal 16 31 Energizes the already present entertainment in RPG's through Hilarious voice acting with wide variety. Witty commentary, with a pleasant speaking voice on top.
Oohnagi 205 30 UNAGI IS THE SINGLE MOST AMAZING FOOD ON THE PLANET. Hence the name Oohnagi. He enjoys playing a variety of games from horror to indie to art and experimental. Recently, he's been stalking indie game websites like a rat, attempting to be the one to take the Let's Play virginity of freshly released indie games. Also, if you are a big fan of classic punk rock, Oohnagi would love to be your friend.
ArchTalko 139 132 Featuring energetic/informative commentary complemented by advanced, humorous editing, this Let's Player shows an enormous amount of potential. When he's not playing a variety of games from Nintendo, Playstation, and on the PC, he also animates humorous moments from other LPers. Exploding in growth, he's a Let's Player you won't want to miss.
The Tx4 gamers 44 21 A UK gamer that tries and loves to have fun with his friends and those that subscribe to his channel. His channel Community (Tx4 gamers) can dictate what should and shall be posted on his channel with new expansions towards sub challenges, game recommendations and new games coming to the channel.
MikeForceOne 5 9 MikeForceOne is a group of "Mikes" from New Zealand, who enjoy nothing more than playing games across a wide range of genres. This is a relatively new Let's Play channel and they would like to get feedback on how they can improve and would love people to suggest games for them to play. Current games are Mount and Blade: Warband with the Anno Domini 1257, this channel is mainly paradox interactive based but we are hoping to expand in the near future.
GabbyAndChi 80 29 Ms.Fried-And-Baked and Ms.Cuss-a-lot are known for their Halo Series, Horror games, Pokemon, and screaming into a microphone. Their gaming skills aren't anything to write home about but their banter certainly doesn't suck.
SinTroniix 47 118 Come check out my Youtube Channel
Jay Xan 402 77 I kick ass and take names, tldr, just check out my channel :D
Game Usagi Plays 1175 26 A Let's Play double-act with Logan and Chris from the game review website GameUsagi.com. They inject humour into playthroughs of games from almost every system from 80's classics to modern PC, console and mobile games. Updates three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (except when Logan forgets).
WULFF DEN 17 16 In the Wulff Den is a channel run by two opinionated brothers devoted to video games, comic books and general nerdyness. A new video goes up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a new Let's Play going up every other Friday.
Nintendofanlp 55 166 Mainly focuses on Nintendo. He likes to do let's plays of Mario and Donkey Kong. Sometimes his friend Aaron comes over and they play Mario Kart: Double Dash!! or Super Smash Bros. Brawl. He has a "C'MON MAN!" counter in most of his let's plays. He always voices his appreciation for people who subscribe to him and watch his videos, and he hopes that someday he'll be a part of ninbuzz! He deserves to get his name out there!
MX7Mat 50 44+ (3 uploads a week) Pixellated Plays is an up and coming British Youtuber who lets plays Nintendo games in high quality, with a top standard of editing and is currently improving aspects of his channel through multiple ways including new thumbnails, intro's and games. He has uploaded versus series' (with fellow British LPer SiCkGeRm) and a Pokémon Nuzlocke journey through every generation. His other series involves him playing random free or Nintendo games for 15 Minutes every Friday. He treasures every subscriber, acknowledging each one and is trying to build a community for Nintendo lovers.
RedWhiteGaming 26 200+ (7 uploads a week) RedWhiteGaming (also RedWhiteGamer) is a Let's Player from Austria. He plays all types of games, from Indie Horror to AAA Games. Most of the time he plays games which do not get much attention, but sometimes he also plays blockbuster. His aim is to have a familiar and friendly community.
BloodWingdAngel 38 (As of 2/10/2014) 60+ (As of 2/10/2014) Let's Player from the Chicago land area, is currently focusing on the Pokemon series and other Nintendo games, but wants to branch out and cover more games for other systems, such as the PlayStation and PC games. View full page here
chibikage89 4000 2300+ (2 to 5 uploads a day) Focusing mostly on platformers and adventures, I just want to have fun and will mostly do games I enjoy or play games to make fun of them like Sonic Boom.

At the time of this edit I'm playing

Freedom Plant (Wii U) Super Mario Maker (Wii U) and soon Sonic Heroes (GCN) Blaster Master (NES)

MarioPartyCrashers 880 132 MarioPartyCrashers are an LP group consisting of users Combatbutlercode00, CrazyHandMasterHand, Disasturnip, and Blueblur317 that have recorded commentary-based playthrough videos of games with few extra videos thrown in the mix, usually related to previous video series. Interestingly, none of the playthrough videos have been of a Mario Party game yet. All users are relative unknowns on YouTube, yet have gained many video and channel views in a short amount of time. Their videos consist of Mario, Pac-Man, Kirby, and Sonic games, along with some other miscellaneous videos.
WarWinnerGaming 3 50+ WarWinnerGaming is a new Let's Play channel that focuses on video game playthrough's. All commentary and reactions are live and videos have good microphone audio.
AllyJacqui 207 150+ AllyJacqui is a young female lets player who is currently LPing Pokemon Emerald, and doing a Nuzlocke run on Firered. She has previously completed, Spyro, Slender the Arrival and Amnesia. She is known for her family friendly content in her videos, and her videos that she makes with her friends. Full Article
Monstermemes 75 109 KrogTheMonster is not new but not old either. It has a variety of games and video styles. Live commentary is in all of the videos with a high quality mic. All videos are in either 720p or 1080p. It has 2 unfinished lets plays and many more to start. Contains and will contain mainly RPG and total war game content for lets plays. Other style of videos will have more of a wide variety from Sandbox to first person shooter to real time stratergy. Krogthemonster encourages people to join in as a community and interact with him.
OverlordOfTheDaleks 3,032 172 David McLaughlin, better known by his online persona "Falco Maton" was primarily a Halo machinima director from Northern Ireland. But in recent years has also moved into Let's Plays. He enjoys recording "Solo Let's Play" on his favorite classic games and recording his "Co-Op Let's Plays" with his crew
JsVengeance 391 750+ JsVengeance is a young, choleric PC gamer, playing anything and everything from old adventure games to hardcore oldschool action pieces to RPGs. He's also a masochist, and so every now and then he makes a special self-torturous playthrough of a particularly bad game, mostly to annoy himself and mock the game's flaws.
The Banter Gaming Channel 376 270+ Roj and Benson are The Banter Gaming Channel. Taking great pride in their work they make funny, entertaining and informative Let's Plays of mostly Racing games across all platforms with the odd random video to mix it up. At-least 1 video a day with many series to choose from, there's something for all fans of racing games and gaming in general.
Cheski Plays 182 400+ Cheski is a US gamer & commentator originating from Cheskitech[5]. His channel is young but picking up momentum. Setting him apart is that he tries to avoid talking during in-game dialog. Cheski has a long history of gaming, from way back in the DOS days! He puts up 4-8 videos a week.
SharkyHat 260+ 350+ SharkyHatGamer, SharkyHat, or simply Sharky, is a 24 year old Let's Player who focuses on multiple genres of videogames, having initially focused on Horror and Indie titles (primarily from the RPG Maker scene). He co-hosts the show BroOp Gameplay with a revolving cast of guest stars, and often collaborates with other smaller Youtubers in a variety of games; the most common being Garry's Mod. He brings a more relaxed style of LPing than the typical screams and shouts, and often reacts to the game rather than make jokes or conversation to drive the episode.
Zephyllite 56 74 A 17 year old Let's Player from Canada. She doesn't focus on one main type of game, but plays whatever she feels like. Her current game is Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. She recently started uploading funny yet stupid short clips from her iPhone on days when she doesn't upload a Let's Play. The Newfie comes out when she's angry! She's really improved from her first videos, and is still getting better. Definitely worth your time to check her out.
LOLninja 29 40 LOLninja is an upcoming lets player who mainly focuses on Nintendo. He strives to make his videos the best they can possibly be and has many things up his sleeve. He is currently doing a blind lets play of Pokemon Emerald and is slowly but surely moving through it. He was doing vlogs before but has retired that project. He is also a member of 3PlayWiiPlay, a collab channel including him, DrPickleful and Cobber1648.
64BitHeroes 74 57 A channel active since December 2012 that is full of bright young hopefuls wishing to share their gaming interests with the world. Helmed by The-SCHMOOPY, with co-contributors LintyKnight and SilverBaretta. While Let's Plays are included in the channel's content, they are not afraid to branch out into other gaming-related videos, including sidequest guides and trailer analysis of upcoming games. While the focus at the moment is on more recent games, they sometimes branch out into playing an old favorite or two. They are currently focused on creating some long-lasting content: DUST 514 (with planned weekly 3-match updates), and a Let's Play of The Simpsons Hit and Run.
NiftyDev 10,300 120+ Hey, if you dont subscribe to this channel...

I'll kill your dog

OverTheGun 17 400 2 751 OverTheGun is a Lets Player from Yorkshire which is characterized by his thick Yorkshire accent, his tendency to over-think simple puzzles and problems and blaze through hard ones, His gameplay consists of a range of horror games, indie platformers and various arcade games, he is most known for his HTSF's which stands for How To Successfully Fail.
Zeb 13 10 Zeb is a British gamer who enjoys playing games and getting scared. He mainly does let's plays of horror games and is currently doing let's plays of The Curse of Blackwater and SCP Containment Breach.
PearseNation 5 10
CatalystiCam 26 59 CatalystiCam is a Let's Player from Canada. He is currently 18, and has been doing Let's plays since early July of 2013. He has played Yoshi's Story, Kirby Superstar, and is working on Wave Race 64, and Pikmin for the Wii, as well as a collaborative Mario Party Project. Cam is enthusiastic about the games he is playing and puts a fair amount of work into editing his videos.
The Infamous Gentlemen 9 39 Main members are The Doctor and The Boy, two new English Let's Players. Tend to do multiplayer games together (or with other friends), and are in the process of doing a large-scale Pokemon Versus competition. The Doctor also does solo Let's Plays, mostly of Nintendo games, such as F-Zero GX and Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.
Manuel Alverez 1075 17 Ray, Kent, Jimi, Bobby, and Ian make up Fulcrum Studios, they play all types of games. They are constantly improving and making changes to their channel including tons of new shows.
naturngreen 13 29 A fairly new LP'er on youtube. He's been uploading for a very short time but makes it entertaining. He is currently doing a Scribblenauts Unlimited Lp. He mainly focused on PC Horror games, and many Indie games. His commentary is good, but he can get better and asks for tips on his commentary, and asks for suggestions on what to play.
Play With Giles 4 3 A new Let's player who is currently playing The Walking Dead. Uses audio and webcam to good effect and will hopefully improve and get more relaxed with time. Difficult to comment on at the moment, but is getting good feedback, you might be surprised!
SKS Plays 2 278 510+ SKS is a male Let's Player from Kentucky. He does many genres of video games from NES, SNES, SEGA, PC, and even older Dos based games. His comedy is crude and involves cursing and raging. What makes SKS special is his addition of his members into his games. He holds contests and gives away prizes, even if its a cameo in his games through the game's naming system. It is always nice to hear your name on a Lets Play. The most awesome thing about SKS is that he is a high school teacher and he relates to his viewers very well. Some have even called upon him for homework advice. His specialty is history and government, so playing those games is always a plus. Yearly, he will do his SKS Game Blitz where subscribers can donate games and he will play them in their honor. Full Article
Capta1nAsh 297 (16/8/13) 949 (24/7/13) Born in Rochdale, Ash is a gamer who enjoys rambling and raging whilst he plays his games, so in 2010 he decided to record his rambling. He is an up and comer and plays a wide variation of games, and is not above taking requests and negative feedback.
NeoShadowWolf 43 31 A new Let's Player hailing from Texas who focuses on mainly cult classic games and indie/Flash games. He has a particular love for platformers, shoot 'em ups, and RPGs and has been an avid supporter of the lesser known games. He has a dark sense of humor as well as a tendency to make vulgar jokes.
lukas0070 / queet / crysal 59 257 lukas or queet is currently inactive but the videos he already has up are good till he starts again he mostly plays FPS but is willing to take on any task, he is not only a let's player he also dos how-to and the most popular thing on youtube! CAT VIDEOS!! with a over all of 185,129 views he is totally worth watching
LavanderLP 35 55+ LavandiaLP is a Let's Player who is notorious for Let's Playing in English and German and his rather idiotic Cactus Love and making a special all 5 Subscribers.Even through he has a Upload-Plan, he is often Chaotic due to having so much running Let's Plays.He has a rather strange Passion for Cacti and refferes himself as Lavanderp.He really cares for his Fans and Subscriber Base(The noble Cactus Army) and is free to requests and collabs.
SamBartable 31 86 A young British Let's Player who plays a variety of different games including RPGs, Horrors, and anything else which comes to mind. He is always experimenting with different types of series' including Permadeaths, Challenge playthroughs of games and fast-edited videos of him just having fun playing games. A relaxed (in most cases) and fun Let's Player.
InauspiciousGamer 12 15 A new Let's Player to the scene with a rapidly changing and improving channel featuring two main game series and a random game series where he plays a random game each week.
Gamebits 63,413 501 A focus on classic Nintendo and newer Wii U games, with the occasional Xbox 360/PS4/Mac/iOS title. Developer interviews. Massachusetts-based with family-friendly commentary.
xAvidGamerx 24 38 An American Let's Player who enjoys casual gaming as well as music. He uploads about once or twice every couple of days depending on what his busy life schedule allows. His gaming ranges from Horror, FPS, and adventure and Sci-Fi. His personality hasn't really been spread across his videos as of yet, but maybe with a greater audience he will come out of his shell. He will occasionally FaceCam for indie horror games. Subscribe to him and enjoy his reactions and his brilliant gaming intellect.
LaurenzSide 1,063 40 LaurenzSide's tagline is "A weird girl playing weird games" and is an up-and-coming comedic female let's player. She's known for her funny commentary, facecam reactions, and jump-cut game editing. Her handful of series so far include PokeMMO, Random Flash Games, Happy Wheels, Vlogs, and more.
Skoogage 1480 514 Skoogage's channel features a wide array of Let's Plays, the newer ones featuring a face-cam. Generally Skoogage is known for having little to no accent, despite being natively German and his interaction with viewers. Because he had a pretty big hiatus inbetween, he is not getting as many views as he used to.
Rabbit Plays Games 3,000+ 800+ Rabbit is a female Let's Player whose channel predominantly focuses on obscure RPGs from the PSX/Sega Saturn era and prior. Although some of the titles featured on her channel are conducted as thorough walkthroughs, she's also known for playing games blindly and taking suggestions from her viewers to create a community experience for that respective Let's Play. Her commentary style is a combination of easygoing and intimate, yet still informative. She often shares personal anecdotes alongside game-related analysis, suggestions, and humor.
WAWDoing 75 40 WAWDoing?, or What Are We Doing? features three friends and occasional guest stars who come together to ridicule one another and play predominately bad PS3 titles. Currently the channel has full playthroughs of Devil May Cry (2013 reboot), X-Men Arcade, and other shorter series for such "hits" as TV Show King and Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos. These videos often include cut-aways to jokes, sometimes relevant video clips, or animation of the guys' avatars talking. Updates every Tuesday and Thursday, which occasional extra videos over the weekend.
Inferno 6 76 A YouTube Let's Player who not only posts Let's Play videos, but also walkthroughs and trailers of Nintendo games. His current project is Mario Kart 7 and is also doing a walkthrough of Super Mario 3D Land.
Chriszeo 155+ 80+ A Let's player who focused mainly on games that are retro, before the gamecube era, and does super mario world rom hacks. He is a let's player who, despite being new, has quite a bit of passion in his videos, and good video and sound quality. Chriszeo is currently working on let's play pokemon Red and Let's play Super mario 64. Check him out!
TheWhitehouse39 11 166 An avid lets player and commentator, he has completed four lets plays already and is working on his fifth. He uploads daily and takes short breaks in between lets plays. He is starting a new Pokemon game and will play any game he can get his hands on
Soardie 146 2146 An up and coming YouTuber! A must see in the YouTube community, Different yet entertaining, he brings forth good videos that keep you wanting more.
AmsomniaStudios 277 880 His channel is mostly centered on reviews of games, movies as well as other stuff and one of his prime focuses are Commodore 64 reviews. However in the midst of all this he also does let's plays of games for both old and new consoles. His channel has 30 let's plays at the moment and also 3 danish let's plays. This guy is always open to requests therefore it is highly likely that he would attempt to play a game you like and especially games that are forgotten. In addiction he does streams on Twitch TV as well as Hitbox. These streams are usually somewhat like a let's play where he attemps to go through the whole game with the audience at his side. At the moment he has completed 9 different stream let's plays. Should you have anything you want him to look at and talk about, chances are he would do it, people have donated to him before and he has givin the things donated a good amount of time. He is however dead honest so if he doesn't like something he will let you know.
MetalSmasherGaming 546 400+ No commentary, just straight gameplay. Specializes in retro games, but will also play the occasional modern game. Also does various challenges for his channel, including the Mega Man Annihilation challenge. Also has a separate channel for Guitar Hero and Rock Band videos.
One F Jef 61,441 1,557 The infamous One F Jef. Everything from roguelikes to space to Barbie. This guy has a great sense of humor, which he injects into everything he does.
FenPhoenix 989 952 Very affectionate toward the Thief series, especially Thief II. He does many custom missions in Thief II as well as other various games now and then.
TheShadowCookie 1,358 872 Plays a variety of games including X-COM, World of Goo, Touhou, and more.
Nerd Shelf 4,936 1559+ a very underrated Let's Player with hilarious commentary. I found myself watching this guy over and over. rewinding certain parts to laugh again. He's got a unique style and don't know anyone else with it. he tries to make you feel like you're hanging out with a friend and it works. He also plays any game. New games to older games. Zelda to kingdom hearts. Skyrim to Metal Gear Solid. Fallout to Resident Evil. also does some 3DS games. I promised i would help his channel any way i can in return of getting him known. he deserves a lot more than gets credited for. I'm sure you won't be disappointed! [commentary style: Situational Comedy, Easily Confused, Trolls his viewers, Starts talking extreme random nonsense that has nothing to do with anything and is very pointless, LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF Sarcasm, also possums.]
Majorashorn 31 74 Felicitations ladies and gentlemen! I am just one of the many hundreds of other fools out there who enjoy making let's play videos. My current project is Super Mario Galaxy. If you are interested, intrigued, feel the need to, or are simply confounded by long and complicated sentences, then I would invite you to give my channel a chance, and let me know what you think of it. I thank you for your supposed support, possible interest, and even for reading this entire post. From your forever benefactor -Majorashorn
Hypo0008 11 43 This guy plays some random games and tends to always get himself into funny situations.
Shadowtinted 24 383 Shadowtinted is a duo of two let's players, Bailey and Bubba. Bailey is a fun, energetic let's player who enjoys playing more popular games, such as The Sims 3, while Bubba is more dark and enjoys playing story-driven and horror games. Once a week, they also get together and create co-op videos of them playing multiplayer games. Currently, Bailey is playing The Sims 3 and Bubba is playing Dead Space 3 and Off. For co-op videos, they enjoy playing Left 4 Dead 2 custom maps amongst other games.
LampDoesVideogame 78 1411 A new Let's Player. Recently began Conker's Bad Fur Day, Ocarina Of Time, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country, and Dark Souls. Is working on finding a better recorder than Camtasia, for SMW and DKC. And is also working on learning video editing and such.
AttackingTucans 227,899 800+ A let's Player who plays mostly Nintendo games and a few Indie games such as Slender. He has started a series called "Versus" where he races against other Let's Players (usually JoshJepson) to see who can beat a game first. His humor is very sexual. He is also a musician and has just released his first album, "Party Right!"
VerticalSandwich 4,018 2,783 A let's player that plays half obscure games and half well-known. References things a LOT, sometimes himself, sometimes other let's players, and again, mostly obscure stuff. Got his name from NintendoCapriSun's offhand comment in his OoT LP about "you can't make a vertical sandwich, Ganon!" Uploads a video per LP per day consistently. Is currently doing Final Fantasy VII, Plants vs. Zombies, and Tomb Raider. More exceptional LPs include Crash Bandicoot Twinsanity, Banjo-Kazooie/Tooie, Sam and Max: Season One, and Rabbids Go Home.
YankeeGamer5 and PartenJoe 665,522 1,395 Two let's player friends who upload on an on-and-off basis. Stick mostly to Nintendo games. Both channels currently inoperative.
chuggaaconroy 1,231,661 2,000+ An energetic let's player with a heavy focus on Nintendo games for his channel. One of the earliest and most well-known let's play content creators on YouTube and a primary member of TheRunawayGuys, alongside ProtonJon and NintendoCapriSun. Has a heavily informational commentary style, which is supported by his wild reactions and memes. Very courteous and kind to his fans, and has voiced strong appreciation for their support.
PnBeeGames 2,353 1,383 A group of three guys who just love games and love to make videos. Out motto is: Everything's done for you to have fun!
ChristopherOdd 307,631 4,229 "Former" console gamer now playing (mostly [Blind_Run]s) buckets of quality/story driven PC games (Half-Life, Portal, Bioshock, The Witcher, Mass Effect and Deus Ex series) with a grown up tone and audience. Popular X-COM series with soldier names taken from audience.
lostwolfe 70 207 A /very/ laid back gamer mainly focusing on old adventure games. Presently playing through the Sierra Quest series. His current Sierra project will be unveiled soon, but in the meanwhile, he's also working his way through the following side projects: Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas, Evoland and Plants versus Zombies.
TmarTn2 547,206 1,412 A let's player that focuses on Xbox 360 games. Most of his let's plays are blind. His most popular let's plays are Assassin's Creed 2, Assassin's Creed Revelations, and Assassin's Creed 3. His current Let's Plays are Metro: Last Light and Dead Island Riptide.
theTwiKing 175+ 300+ A let's player with a heavy emphasis on Nintendo classics, some Sonic games, and Party type games such as Mario Party & Fortune Street. Best known for playthrough's of Mario Super Sluggers exhibition games.
MightyTheUnknown 52 27 (Also goes by Zane) An ambitious teenage Texan Let's Player who plays a wide assortment of games, preferring the Nintendo variety. Does numerous Blind runs of games, as well as playthroughs of community playlists in the game BattleBlock Theater every two weeks. He updates daily, and is working on a fully voice acted Let's Play of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. Fairly new and unknown, Zane currently plays Luigi's Mansion and Sonic Colors (Blind) for his subscribers and takes requests for future projects. Next LP is a blind run of Metroid: Other M.
Yoshayzzle 51 163 A Let's Player who plays a variety of games, focusing on no console in particular, though he has recently played more PC games after he had some recording issues. He has 3 main series: Bad filler (during his frequent "mini-hiatuses," he uploads random videos), vlogs, and Late Night Gaming/LNG (A new series made up of various games, typically played with friends)
Sincostanlogin 42 92 He has finished his Super Mario 64 versus (but not really) series, and has started to do Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and Pokemon Emerald (Hippy Challenge).
BaconBurgerKing 202 218 A Let's Player who plans on doing playthroughs on a wide variety of games on Nintendo systems. He currently has five finished playthroughs and is working on working on a Pokemon FireRed Nuzlocke. Though his videos started out subpar and kinda bad, the more recent stuff has been of decent quality.
#JETplays 7 35 A very new LPer primarily interested in strategy and builder games such as Civilization V. A software developer in real life (with as yet unfulfilled game development aspirations), and politically involved, with a strong (if nonprofessional) science background, he often talks at length about seemingly random topics while creating large structures (castles, villages, etc). Does not yet have an audience to engage with and adapt to.
ChihakuTheFolf 517 250+ A furry Let's Player who currently plays Dust: An Elysian Tail and Mario Kart 8. Every Friday he plays a game based off his folf pack's choice. He tends to make his commentary and gameplay more hilarious and enjoyable. His folf is a purple fox and wolf hybrid.
SweBoy009 101 35 A Swedish Let's Player called Jingy. He have been let's playing for awhile. But curently he have been away for a while now. Acording to his twitter he wants to do colaborations videos with other let's players.

He got a nice style and can be funny at some times while he is serious at other times! He have been gone for a while but he promised everyone that he would return one day.

Nvzman 50 107 One of the more diverse Let's Players. He also dabbles a bit in G-Mod and is a big fan of Conker's Bad Fur Day. Currently working on Dead Rising 2: Off the Record and Sonic Generations. He plays on Wii, PS3, PS2, and PC.
zzzMrgamerzzz 4 18 A newcomer on the lping scene he is a english speaking South African and does

playstation 1 as well as pc games, he is very enjoyable and loves to just chill and have fun with his audience. He is currently playing final fantasy 9 and call of cthulhu.

residentevilfreakk55 921 An avid let's player who does a variety of games such as Resident Evil, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, Halo, and many more action shooters/adventure RPGs to come
UltraNick24 2,285 1,134
OriginalDrakkon 3,248 55
Starfoxgeek120 18 183 An American Let's Player who mainly homes in on Nintendo games. He has done most of the main Metroid Prime series as his projects with some anticipating commentary.
OddSoul877 450+ 500+ Best known for his smart mouth, and Pokemon Adventures Let's Play series(not to be confused with the manga). He has done several other games, including: Tales of Phantasia, Megaman, Yu-Gi-Oh: Sacred Cards!, and Morrowind. 
BlakeGames 275+ 160+ A Hilarious Let's Player who is passionate about PC gaming and does all his LPs on the PC for maximum quality videos. He focuses on "overlooked" games, but does do the occasional AAA title. His channel also does the occasional Gaming related video that is not a LP. 
Viperlord99 89 A new let's player, enjoys doing PS3 and WII games. He does a variety of different games, and he will do almost any game that is suggested to him. 
BlueTanooki 1,500 250+ A British guy who LPs various games that he enjoys ie. Platformers, Figthers, Kart Racers & RPGs!
seto007 2566 200+ Not shy of the camera, or the world of gaming, he has done a myriad of series' with a variety of people. He likes to make his channel unique, and uploads almost every Monday through Friday as of recent. Has been around and growing for a while, but has recently started to find an audience, and a style.
3Dcut 1,290+ 150+ Funny Let´s Play Togethers and much more. We are a big Team (7).
LazierBandit 48 121 Co-founder of The Nerdlink blog, grower of beards and LP extraordinaire. An avid gamer, LazierBandit  enjoys making Let’s Plays for a wide variety of games; his channel spans classic PS1 games, overlooked SNES titles, RPG maker offerings and Net Yaroze games, to name but a few. While LazierBandit often revisits favourite games from his youth, he has also experimented with Blind playthroughs, most notably in his terrifying yet laugh-out-loud funny Slender LP. LazierBandit sometimes posts joint LPs with his girlfriend KohlKitten.
Stewiegaming 117 100+ a Canadian lets player, his focus is mainly Pokemon games with some other Nintendo games mixed in describes what he is going to do and does it is highly under rated and shows his editing skills in all of his videos
TheNexusnerve 28 10 one of the most underrated lets players out there, he uploads Nintendo videos and does a great job doing so. he is a great content creator and is extremely nice to his subscribers. well what are you waiting for
Retoru 15 25 A new Let's Player focused mainly on retro game titles. One of the few Let's Players who will readily admit he's not good at a game he's playing and leaves his mistakes and defeats in the videos. Commentary is often irreverent and funny, generally related to making fun of the game or the characters in the game.
World Famous Samurai Karasu 687 300+ The World Famous Samurai Karasu. What do you mean you haven't heard of him? Megaman perfect runs and SNES classics. 
MrSpaceGrape 670 178 A Finnish Let's player who mostly does silly stuff and plays alot of RPG's and old school games. He calls his subscribers "grapes" who are members of the grape legion! He is also known for his lack of brains and being a totaly goof when it comes to english but he manages. Being a huge fan of Final Fantasy he mostly spends his lets plays referring alot of games to Final Fantasy. His secret plan is to make people like grapes and in time enslave the world with his "grapeness".
Trainerxiang 129 30 a female lets player who finds her joy in playing Pokemon games 
ReadwulfGamer 174,422 1,381 A Canadian Let's Player who plays mostly horror games.  He is known for his humourous commentary and screams that scare you more than the game does. He is an entertainer who calls his subscribers "Minions" and plans to build the greatest army the galaxy has ever witnessed and take over the world.
Belakxvibe 358 100+ a Canadian lets player who shows his skill in his work he answers questions from subscribers in his videos his main focus is Pokemon and some Nintendo games his skill is evident in his videos
Finbarhawkes 7,026 487 Finbarhawkes, or Finbar as he likes to call himself, is a British let's player. 
ZonicTHedgehog 969 68 [Currently LPing Donkey Kong Country & Super Mario 64] Trying to get in the groove of commentary, I play games from 80's - 10's Favorite Genre: Platformer, Favorite Characters: Sonic, Mario, Banjo Kazooie, Crash, Spyro, Pac-Man, Kratos, Donkey Kong, Ect.
Vault Dweller 46 113 The Vault Dwellers return for the holiday season! Look forward to hilarious partner LP's of modern favorites. Will be paying close attention to games with great writing. Experienced gamer with 100,000+ gamerscore and a soft spot for horrible games.
TobyGames 6,930,351 4,582 Toby Turner's personal gaming channel. He plays the most current games and games that are donated to him through Steam or his mail. He is a family-friendly comedy-oriented let's player. His style of let's play is more of a blind playthrough but he learns by playing the game quite quick. Although sometimes it could take 3-4 episodes until he figures out how to bring up the menu screen in-game, but his hilarious commentaries always compensate to this. He has also made a song from playing Minecraft which is called "Minecraft Diamond Sword". He also makes highlights from his let's plays that he and his viewers find the most hilarious. 
CaptainSparklez 10,035,167 2,114 CaptainSparklez, as also well known as Jordan, plays PC games with a heavy focus on Minecraft. His commentaries are more "safe for work" than most LPers. His shows are good for viewers whose parents are always around, as  he is one of the few family-friendly let's players that younger viewers can actually watch without the fear of the profanity abuse.
PBGGameplay 827,000+ 1,000+ This is PeanutButterGamer's secondary channel where he does let's play of various games. His gameplay channel typically consists of three kinds of shows. There are solo let's plays of games played by PeanutButterGamer himself, PB&Jeff where he co-commentates with his friend Jeff, who goes by SpaceHamster on his own YouTube channel. Both the solo let's plays and PB&Jeff videos are quite family-friendly in nature with mild, if any, profanity usage. The remaining show is one of the more unique kinds of content on the channel, often referred to as the "Hardcore" series, which varies in terms of its family-friendliness. Hardcore involves himself, Stewart a.k.a. McJones (his brother), Dean Elazab, and others attempting to accomplish a goal while keeping a "1 life rule" active, meaning when someone dies, they are dead for good. If all players die in the game, that particular series comes to a close. PeanutButterGamer has collaborated with many others in well-known across YouTube in the Hardcore series, such as Protonjon, Lucahjin, ProJared, BrownMan, Yungtown, SmoothMcGroove, and many more. All three series are active, with the most frequently updated one being the PB&Jeff series, and the channel itself seeing daily or near-daily uploads.
TheSyndicateProject 9,905,043 2,517 Focuses on Minecraft, Call of Duty, Skyrim and commentaries on how he makes his videos
Cirofost 32 61 New Let's player, does PC games. Finished Mirror's Edge, in process of Half-Life 2.
SeaNanners 5,561,727 961 PC gaming - Lots of emphasis on PC mods (Trouble in Terrorist Town, Gary's Mod Murder, Prop Hunt). Occasionally does streams playing with subscribers.
UberHaxorNova 3,086,064 3,826 Popular for his loud abrasive style. Huge fan of Happy Wheels, Minecraft, and lots of other PC games.
Gronkh 4,860,721 5,715 Most subscribed German Let's Player. Plays all kinds of games.
SSoHPKC 1,227,573 13,574 His channel is known for Mario hacks, and uploading a lot of videos everyday.  The meaning of "SSoHPKC" is a mystery to most.
GaLm 156,909 1,553 A veteran let's player, GaLm started off with his original channel GamerClipz and has since moved on to his current channel GaLmHD. He focuses on a large variety of games for his let's plays. Also known to work with CriousGamers he is currently doing a Crysis 3 let's play along side with G-Mod shenanigans.
AntVenom 801,718 688 Minecraft - tons of it.
xXSlyFoxHoundXx 1,009,813 2,627 Lots of video games variety. Usually uploads every two days.
DayHunterz 108 116 A let's player who prioritizes on the 100% completion in video games. And listens to his audience.
Ethoslab 1,955,793 871 Heavily focused on Minecraft with a few other games.
kootra 637,324 4,532 PC gaming LP's with some co-op LP's.
Penguinz0 (aka. Cr1TiKaL) 414,358 215 Usually plays unknown, obscure games. Known for his intellectual and adult humor.
paulsoaresjr 515,000+ 1,200+ Most known for his Minecraft Survive and Thrive tutorials, as well as his multiple role playing series Man vs. Minecraft, Tale of Two Kingdoms, Man Woman Minecraft and Minecraft Dad.
OMFGcata (aka. Jesse Cox) 386,744 1,582 Lots of LPs (solo and co-op) of WoW and lots of other PC titles.
theRadBrad 10,377,227 3,105 TheRadBrad is a laid back Let's player. He plays PC, Xbox, and PS3 games that he gets before they are in stores. He is humble and an awesome gamer. He also has inside jokes with his Subscribers, and HATES chairs. If you like awesomeness and humor then TheRadBrad is for you.
Cryaotic 806,558 963 A Let's Player with a phenomenal voice. Refers to himself as Cry, rendering his YouTube username obsolete. Mainly plays horror games, and some other genres occasionally. Makes good use of his vocal cords by doing Cry Reads of creepy pastas and voice acting. Has a well-documented friendship with PewDiePie, another well known Let's Player. Does an 8 hour gaming stream session with Russ, Scott and Red every Saturday.
zXNoRegretzzXz 446,936 488 He is an Irish Let's Player that is famously known for his "How To Annoy" Series in the Machinima channel. He is also known for his Sims 3 Let's Play where he created a sim called Jim Pickens which is a sim that has a Dexter (Tv Show) personality. He is very entertaining if you have the humor and is not known to swear which is good for the younger audience.
GameGrumps 5,101,137 1400+ Let's Play duo currently consisting of YouTube celebrities Arin Hanson (Egoraptor) and Daniel Avidan (Danny Sexbang from Ninja Sex Party), formerly Jon Jafari (JonTron). They focus on mostly classic console games both well and lesser-known and take a highly comedic, NSFW approach to commentary. Now includes sister shows on the same channel called Steam Train with Ross O'Donovan (Rubberninja) and Danny, which focuses on PC games, new and old, and Table Flip with Suzy Berhow (Mortem3r, Arin's wife) and Barry Kramer (razzadoop, editor of GG), which focuses on tabletop games.
NintendoCapriSun 410,806 2,436+ Heavy focus on Nintendo and one of the main members of The Runaway Guys. NintendoCapriSun is one of the most beloved Let's Players in the community where he friendly unfolds his relaxing laid-back (and crazy) personality. In his videos he brings up stories of his life and talks to the viewer in a very personal way. He has always maintained excellent quality in his commentary rather than visual appearance (like info boxes, banners and so on). NintendoCapriSun has a very wide fanbase from young viewers in their early teens to older ladies and gentlemen. It is very difficult to dislike someone like NCS.
CrimsonNero 60 77 CrimsonNero is a Let's Player who enjoys classic games as well as the new ones. In his videos, Nero (as he prefers to be called) is very mature, refined and polite. He focuses on the quality of his commentary over anything else. In his videos, Nero shares knowledge, information and comedy about the game which sometimes can be applied to real life too. Nero does not Let's Play for money or other rewards, he simply enjoys playing video games and hopes that his videos will be able to bring entertainment and joy to others' lives.
iHasCupquake 510,105 1,063 Female gamer. Mostly PC gaming. She is also a vlogger.
Robbaz 1,097,472 402 He is quite funny mainly using sexual jokes and swearing to his advantage. Has a pet Walrus in Skyrim that he often makes remarks to. Easily one of the most funniest Swedish people around, he likes to play a wide variety of games like Kerbal Space Program, Skyrim, Battlefield 3, Far Cry 3, Simulators and Independant Horror Games. Definitely worth checking out.
PietSmiet 1,117,832 8,383 German LP-Team with 5 members. Popular for Minecraft, DayZ and Happy Wheels. Uploading up to 5 videos per day.
CriousGamers 1,041,300 5,284 A Italian/American Let's Player that is widely known for his Katawa Shoujo (Visual Novel) Series. He is very entertaining and is known to be a former original member of the Creatures.
sirlionhart 45,000 4500+ A let's player from Milwaukee, WI. Mostly plays JRPGs. He is best known for his Shin Megami Tensei game playthroughs. One of his early playthroughs was Persona 4 Golden which gained popularity and subscribers his way.
davidangel64 177,213 660++ PC gaming. Great videos with amazing audio and video quality. Funny commentary. Somewhat unreliable video stream, but that varies from time to time. Definitely check him out.
videogamedunkey 173,830 Sort of a LPer, but mainly does sketches and previews.
SarazarLP 154,761 German Let's Player.
NerdCubed 2,287,321 1,416 A funny, quirky, unsurprisingly nerdy commentator who specializes in many different types of games. He plays random, often obscure games  and has monthly series. 
PauseUnpause 201,726 Lots of PC gaming LPs (Minecraft).
CavemanFilms 197,342 391 Mostly plays Minecraft.
TheSw1tcher 500,000+ 1500+ Matt and Pat,aka [[]], While their official videos are hosted on Machinima, they also host videos from Matt's YouTube account, TheSw1tcher. Pat focuses on the horror genre whilst Matt enjoys games of a lighter nature. As of now, they are working on full LPs of The Last of Us, Deadly Premonition:The Director's Cut , and a Let's Play of No More Heroes 2 featuring Woolie, a competitive friend of the duo and Liam, an obsessive anime fan. The channel also hosts a number of other related content such as "Super Best Friends Brawl", an occasional event where Matt , Pat and Woolie duke it out in a featured fighting game and "Super Best Friends Watch", a series where the three watch cutsceans from video games ala "Mystery Science Theatre 300". They also have an animated series called "Two Best Friends Funtime Adventures" hosted on Machinima's Happy Hour! They are credible for inspiring series like "Game Grumps" and "Two Saiyans Play", along with inventing games like "Dive Kick" and "Kaiju Combat".
superskarmory 143,639 Heavy focus on Nintendo and Mario.
TheRunawayGuys 489,107 961 A let's play collab channel shared by ProtonJon, Chuggaaconroy, and NintendoCapriSun, who all have separate YouTube accounts of their own. The channel focuses on multiplayer video games, co-op or otherwise. Regardless, the amount of cooperation, or lack thereof, varies greatly between the games they play.
Honeyball 133,481 911

German Let's Player who is popular for her League of Legends Community.

Far Lands or Bust with KurtJMac 274,496 1,061 Host of Far Lands or Bust in Minecraft beta 1.7.3 where he is raising money for Child's Play Charity. He also plays driving games (I.E. Dirt series) and many types of indie games.
DSPGaming 156,600 30,000+ Phil aka "DarkSydePhil" or simply DSP, is an active member of the "Game Playthroughs" community of Youtube. He is known to play and voice his opinions on current games and other subjects. He was laid off from his job in 2010 and since then, has a full time job on Youtube playing video games. He regularly uploads 20-40 videos a day and frequently bitches about not getting enough views in his videos. He does playthroughs of various current gen games and often times does very poorly at them to the point he becomes extremely arrogant, whiny, ignorant, bashful, egotistical and hypocritical at times. His mind is dense with rage and hatred and is filled with shit tiered humor which makes his playthroughs indescribably bad and not helpful in the least. He gets many criticism from his fans and former fans of Phil for his obnoxious attitude towards the game and for treating his viewers like shit and he never seems to acknowledge them. Anybody who gives ounce of criticism towards Phil is labeled, to his mindset as a hater, troll, or a bully. He is one of the most hated and criticized gamers in the let's play community.
GuudeBoulderfist 145,428 1,413 Prolific PC games Let's Player with heavy focus on Minecraft, but has also done several other games. Owns and runs the Mindcrack server, which is a private whitelisted server on which almost all players have their own Minecraft Let's Plays. Does not keep his channel "safe for work".
GermanLetsPlay 112,961 German Let's Player.
ProtonJonSA 211,853 A well-known let's player and one of the main three members of The Runaway Guys. He is known for an infrequent upload schedule and is subject to many jokes because of this. Also one of the Nicest guys on the internet. He now focuses more on streaming via Twitch.
Marriland 408,000 Pokémon focused
MunchingOrange 1,230,000 Specializes in Pokemon games.
Zombey 91,814 German Let's Player. Plays various games, mostly Steam games.
TetraNinja 776,697 6288 Mostly X-Box 360 FPS based but also some horror, RPG and action titles.
Ninbuzz 86,945 A group of many let's players focused exclusively on Nintendo.
Allshamnowow 425,881 Plays a variety of games, often seen with Seananners and Captainsparklez. Known for funny commentary, sometimes NSFW.
GoingCrazy201 85,200 An adult female gamer who specializes in Runescape. Has also done walkthroughs of Final Fantasy and other RPG games.
cobanermani456 121,800 1,372 Does various LPs from various 8th gen systems (PSVita, 3DS and Wii U).
Markiplier 25,100,000 1,705 A very entertaining Let's Player that mainly plays horror based games. Known for his reaction compilations, this man enjoys Slender, Amnesia, SCP, and any other horror games he can get his hands on. He has a series called "Drunk Minecraft" in which he plays Minecraft with his friends. He wants to help the world one step at a time by holding livestreams for charities. He is an all around good guy with a hilarious attitude.
vash12349 75,928 Has done all sorts, except for real time strategy and roleplaying games and has created LPs of Metal Gear Solid 1 to 4.
AndrewArcade 69,700 A let's player with a focus on Sims 3. He plays other games such as Animal Crossing and Mario Kart.
docm77 67,847 Lots of PC gaming LPs.
Jepson & Games 203,428 An American let's player primarily known for his nintendo Let's plays, and being the primary challenger on the versus channel. He is also the most frequent honorary runawayguys member
Jon 64,290 Doesn't exclusively post LPs, but features wide-range of games.
SuperBoeBros 62,197 Features Daneboe (creator of the Annoying Orange), and his brother, Lukeboe.
SlimKirby 57,634 A let's player with heavy emphasis on old school Nintendo games such as Mario, Kirby, Pikmin, and Donkey Kong. 
Retsupurae 106,610 931 They do reviews of let's plays as well as let's plays of their own.
Supermcgamer 54,418 684 Specializes in Legend of Zelda games.
HCBailly 90,000 Specializes in Japanese console RPG titles.
Northernlion 310,197 3,164 Specializes in indie games. His Binding of Isaac Let's Play has over 900 episodes to its name.
MartyrA2J 9 10 Let's Player from Las Vegas, NV. Does an Indie game of the week and plays an assortment of games from retro to MMOs. Loves to entertain and try and make people laugh. Family friendly...most of the time.
SullyPwnz 48,300 Does a lot of 3DS games such as Super Mario 64, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 7 and more.
Gopher 48,000 523 Plays Skyrim, Fallout 3, Dishonored and Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines.  Also posts mod review and tutorial videos.
TrueMG 44,174 100+ German Let's Player who focuses on RPG Maker games, but has other projects too.
Tomaz 'Gimper' Dzialowy 41,644 1,037 Let's Player from Poland, focusing on League of Legends and some other titles.
pyschadelicsnake 36,660 Mainly does horror games but also plays old school and some RPG titles.
skorch82 47,558 Pure Let's Player that does various playthroughs with commentary of video games both new and old. Has loud and clear speech that is precious for non-native speakers. Answers comments, listen's to advices and has a sense of humour. Worth watching if you aren't afraid of swearing.
Helloween4545 46,954 2,138 Specializes in horror games.
World of Longplays 38,114 A group of longplay Let's players with 100% completions.
lucahjin 203,000 1,400+ A perky, female gamer who has a sort of "dorky big sister" vibe about her. She is known for her blind let's plays of both well-known and lesser-known games. She can be somewhat vulgar and innuendo-happy, but treasures her fans and is always supportive of them, making it no surprise that they return the favor to her.
PhunkRoyal 31,774 German LP veteran. Known for his Metroid and Megaman LPs. Currently making Livestreams nearly every weekend
DeceasedCrab 32,000+ Focuses on obscure, old, and independently-made games. Quote from Twitter : "Totally uninterested in your marketing schemes and won't make videos for you."
ChrisCrossMedia 29,292 LP's are not always a focus, but it is done from time to time.
omegaevolution 29,000 Mainly does walkthroughs of JRPGs.
ClementJ642 108,657 900 Also known as "The Great Clement". Playing Sonic games by order. Megaman Player, obsessive over Sonic character, Dr. Eggman. Generally good-humored and easygoing, highlights both the good and the bad of the games he plays.
SuperJeenius 30,742 Tends to play classic games from SNES to N64 titles. Has also let's played Super Mario Galaxy 2 and currently playing Resident Evil 4 (blind).
ScottishDuck17 30,296 2,686 A Scottish let's player and self-confessed Sega fanboy. He is known for LPing the Ratchet & Clank, Sonic, Shenmue, and Jak & Daxter series as well as other classic games.
SwordlessLink 24,120 Mainly does speedruns of games such as Zelda and Mario.
Purpleboo11 490 Lps games that mean the most to him, all about fun, tries a variety of videos on his channel. 
PurpleRodri 24,000 Plays according to his motto "It's Let's Play, not I Play." His choices made in his Let's Plays directly derive from his "Purple Banditos" comments.
Necroscope86 37,551 He plays some newer games, but he also plays lots of retro console and PC games. Has a British accent, and as far as I know, he lives in England.
raocow 28,543 4,776 LOT's of LPs and a very rigorous upload schedule (nearly always uploads 2 videos a day). The majority of his LPs are Super Mario World rom hacks, but he has done many other games, always computer games, or games from consoles emulated on a computer. He also has an active forum community called "talkhaus".
Kikoskia 36,625 A retro gamer that focuses mainly on classic RPGs from retro consoles.
TheZeldaDungeon 21,786 Specialises in Zelda Games.
SonikDude101 21,711 Stopped let's playing 2 years ago, but his content can still be viewed on his main channel. His last let's play was Mega Man 10. He now does reviews on his other channel, AntDude92.
SAM Videos 9 45 American LP group of four who plays a variety of new releases and old games.
Tatsudoshi 19,244 Plays various titles.
BlueToad9 55 70 Makes LPs of mostly Mario games, but has done Spongebob: Lights Camera Pants as well.
L0rdVega 24,000 Finished making LPs a few years ago but his content is still worth a look. Most Known for his blind LP's of Silent Hill
MegaUltraJMan 5,731 UltraJMan's second channel after his original was removed for copyright infringement due to false flagging. 
Cychreus Gaming 17,892 4,036 A Greek LPer. He has been around for some time but has only recently started including voice overs and picture-in-picture in his videos.
Mangaminx 20,320 545 A British female Let's Player who generally plays horror games.
StephenPlays 166,000 2,000+ Stephen Georg creates YouTube content for a living. His Let's Play channel releases new video game episodes every single day. Sometimes his wife Malory joins him for a co-op LP. He has Let's Played a lot of classics and newer titles like: Skyrim, BattleBlock Theater, Mario Kart, Portal, Earthbound, Half-Life.
KoopaKungFu 53,000 He is a bad gamer who enjoys laughing at himself and pointing out silly things within the game. He uploads 1 to 4 videos daily.
donnabellez 41,907 A female Let's Player who has upload schedule issues. Has the cutest voice and is the sweetest girl you may ever meet. Specializes in Mario, Zelda and Katamari games, is currently working on Majora's Mask with AttackingTucans which has been going on for 2 years along with We ♥ katamari where she has a different guest with her each episode to signify the we (On-hold). Has also done a Super Mario galaxy VS with Tyler AKA AttackingTucans. Will do nearly anything for her fans as seen in her Baxie-thon donation stream which was held in dedication for her poor chihuahua Baxter that needed surgery and made more than enough to save her little Baxie-poo and even take care of other bills for him. Is very selfless and would never take advantage of her fans, truly one of the best girls in the LP community.
ReNDoG 77,971 Popular for his daily Minecraft LP videos and archived Terraria Adventure series. With an interesting South African accent, intriguing stories, a quirky sense of humour and strong focus on Subscriber interaction, ReNDoG is fast becoming a well known LP'er on YouTube.
ISneakSometimes 17,800 A Let's Player that focuses on Nintendo and Sega games. Popular LPs include Sonic Adventure, Sonic Generation, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, and Super Mario 3D Land. Other LPs include Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Mirrors Edge. He is part of The Crew Hub with SullyPwnz, MunchingOrange, KoopaKungFu, and PurpleRodri.
BrainScratchComms 17,851 Commentary group.
NakaTeleeli 25,383 2,042 Does both classic and new titles specifically role playing and adventure. Some of the titles include: Kirby 64, .Hack games, Persona 4, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Super Mario Bros Wii, and many others. in about half of his LP's he brings along his friend ElementalOgre. Ogre is his funny man while Naka tries to be the informitive one.
Toegoff 18,576 Does blind let's plays of RPGs and MMO ranging from classics to the newest up to date games.
KoshiSushi 16,950 Let's player that focuses more on Nintendo games and games from his youth. Other than let's plays, he posts different contents like animations, artwork, music, and side LPs.
gnrfan53404 16,539 Mainly plays adventure from Sega games such as Sonic the Hedgehog 4 to Nintendo games such as Pikmin 2, Diddy Kong Racing, and TLOZ: Twilight Princess.
Darkkefka 16,401 791 Specializes in RPGs (mainly Final Fantasy). Well known for his Final Fantasy X videos.
octaneblue 15,750 Mainly does playthroughs of mostly Nintendo and some role playing and adventure games.
PlayingWithMahWii 15,206 Judging by the screen name, does not mean he only plays Wii games. 
Pramu22 161 53 An Entertaining commentator who does not only blind let's plays, but also tutorials and gameplays. He is well known for his Impromptu sense of humour across his let's plays from games such as Blacklight Retribution, NBA 2k13, War Inc etc.
Ethaes 70 285 A casual let's player who mostly plays what he feels like, which is sometimes spooky games. Or whatever. So that's pretty cool I guess.
princeboo21 14,900 A Let's Player that likes to play adventure and platform games (Mario, Kirby, Starfox, Jak & Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, etc) and some RPGs. He also plays World of Warcraft for fun and hardly plays FPS games. His commentary style is very similar to Chuggaaconroy. If you like Chuggaaconroy, then you will like this guy.
Chip and Ironicus 14,760 109 (only on youtube as backup) Very professional duo with LP's of all the Metal Gear games, No More Heros, Uncharted, Bastion and several others. Funny, informative and very high quality.
OverTheGun 15,067 Lots of horror and suspense games mainly F.E.A.R, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Bioshock, and Resident Evil.
Veriax 14,060 Does mostly RPGs
That Video Game Show 745 181 A ongoing series of Let's Play that follows a group gamers as they take on video games of both the Retro and Current Generation. New episodes every Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays.
darkmindedsith 13,311 Known for playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Banjo Kazooie.
BikdipOnABus 12,682 A stoic let's player. Currently playing Super Mario 74?
TheRPGMinx 1,089,636 2,461 Mangaminx's new channel. Mostly LPs horror games. Updates regularly.
agentjr 12,300 Plays both classic and newer games. Mostly survival horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill.
666theheartless666 13,231 British Let's Player who does mainly horror games.
xcloud8745x 13,000 Originally known as cloud8745/NaturalBornGamers. He's been let's playing since 2007. He did a variety of Let's Plays with his comedic style of humorous jokes until his suspension in 2009. His newest content can be viewed on his new channel, xcloud8745x. He is also a ranter. His channel name is MrAaronrants.
mikelat 12,717 FPS, RTS, RPG and Platform PC games - old and new.
katrinonus 13,173 2,062 A female Let's Player with a taste for horror and role playing games, kind of like Mangaminx except she is more laid back and without the British accent. Some of the titles she played are Fatal Frame II, Resident Evil Remake, Haunting Ground, and Clock Tower 3.
MadameWario 21,000+ 1,000+ A female let's player with endless energy, MadameWario has been making fierce videos for her pimps (her fans) for over 4 years. She's a huge fan of Nintendo games and is especially fond of Mario Party. If you like a bubbly personality with wacky commentary, this chick is the LPer for you!
ShadowMarioXLI 15,000+ 800+ YouTube Let's Player, math teacher, sports fanatic, and video game enthusiast! ShadowMarioXLI (Eric) has done a variety of let's plays on his channel, but is largely known for his let's plays of the Mario sports games (such as Mario Superstar Baseball and Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour), in which his sporty knowledge adds to the engagement of each series. He also features multiplayer content including Zelda: Four Swords Adventures and Castle Crashers. His favorite number is 41 (XLI = 41)! His commentary style is exciting and fast-paced; he will have you cheering on your favorite characters in each game!
PhantomSavage 12,362 Currently playing Dead Rising and Assassin's Creed 3.
GrandPyromania 12,000 Known for let's playing Kingdom Hearts I & II, and Paper Mario series.
FrozenFoxy 34,343 4,606 Plays various games. Mostly plays PC titles both old and new with a few PS games. Brother of katrinonus.
aloyalgamer 11,420 A big Spyro the Dragon fan and has done let's plays on them as well as other games such as Metal Gear Solid and Suikoden 1 to 3.
durden77 11,339 Currently playing Resident Evil 6.
Lancun 15,837 Lancun is a YouTuber famous for his LP's of mostly Metroid games; Such as Metroid: Zero Mission, Metroid Fusion, the entire Metroid Prime Trilogy, and his favorite entry: Super Metroid, a total of three times. One a standard playthrough, the second being a speedrun, and the third containing gameplay restrictions. (Not being able to Wall jump or Shinespark until learning them from the Etecoons and Dachoras.) Having done both retro and newer games in between; He's also popular for his rage-filled yet hilarious rants on various topics, his Zelda Timeline theories, and an Ocarina of Time Let's Play that first kicked off his career of Let's Playing larger games, as opposed to smaller games such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Shinobi 3 or one-shot videos. He takes frequent breaks from his YouTube channel, but tends to make a new video whenever he has something to say. (Particularly a rant or update.) As of Early July 2017, he's begun streaming every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at twitch.tv/lancunyt starting with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
ThirdMarioBrother 11,231 Let's player that focuses on Nintendo and Sega games.
Cypheron48 10,945 Does mostly popular platform games such as Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo-Tooie but also has done let's plays of Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising 2.
SirRonLionHeart 10,500 A wild Let's Player with funny voiceover commentary. 
Volvagia 20,723 Heavy focus on Nintendo games. Popular titles include The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Kirby's Return to Dreamland.
Jethrotex 10,230 Heavy focus on Nintendo games.
DavetheUsher 50,402 A walkthrougher as well as a let's player, Dave is known for his catchphrase "Good stuff!" and he says it many times throughout his recent let's plays. As a let's player he first started playing classic hit arcade games from the NES, Atari, and Sega and more recently he started playing newer games. His most notable let's plays is when he played Beyond: Two Souls and Final Fantasy XIII-2. He occasionally does cooking videos.
milkwad 10,231 Uploads his videos on Viddler and announces them in YouTube.
WishingTikal 9,887 A female gamer with a passion for gaming. Does mainly RPGs and adventure games.
Slowflake 9,800 Heavy focus on Nintendo games. 
Chickenfajita12 9,700 658 Does various Nintendo games; slight emphasis on Pokémon. Often co-commentates with Battlexon.
takarifreak 9,200 Plays retro RPGs and some newer games.
Ka6Scope 14,360 Does all sorts of Nintendo games both classic and newer ones (Mario, Megaman, Star Fox, Zelda, etc).
Damo2986 12,182 2,761 A pioneer of interactive Let's Plays. Has own forum Let's Play Some Games and wiki The Official Damo Wiki
Pcull44444 12,477 His more recent popularity comes from a VS Race he did with ProtonJon, NintendoCapriSun, and SuperJeenius. He's has a wild commentary style with a wide variety of voices.
SplitPlaythru 8,965 A non-commentary Let's player who mainly posts walkthroughs.
The Crew Hub 8,765 A group of Let's Players.  Members consist of: MunchingOrange, SullyPwnz, PurpleRodri, Cobanermani456, Zeldamaster2010, ISneakSometimes, and KoopaKungFu. Their channel consist mainly of co-op LPs, races, versus and multiplayer videos of different games.
uzimachi1 9,487 Has done a lot of let's plays of greatest hits such as Metal Gear Solid 1 through 4, Resident Evil 1 through 5, and Kingdom Hearts I and II. He also played Zelda games and Mega Man X for the SNES.
ChronoGear 9,581 1,863 Not a very well known LPer. Does mostly console games across different platforms, but also the occasional PC game. His voice and comedic style are his most notable features. He has also done Big Boss (or equivalent) runs of the main games of the Metal Gear series, as well as a self-imposed soul-level 1/no healing challenge run in Dark Souls.
RockedSolid 8,300 Been Let's Playing since late 2010. His very first LP was Pokemon Emerald for the GBA then started focusing more on Mario games. Other LPs include Conker's Bad Fur Day, Banjo-Kazooie, Sly 3, and Diddy Kong Racing. 
pieceofpiesoftware 8,296 Does mainly PC games. Game genres are mainly horror, shooting, adventure, platform and fantasy.
SKArmedageddon 8,100 Also called SyKhotic and Hunter, is mainly known for his Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario LPs.
MasaeAnela 119,196 990 Has done a lot of Zelda games but also done let's plays of Super Mario World, Katamari Damacy, and Tales of Vesperia. She is currently Let's Playing Ocarina of Time 3D.
Pitchingace88 7,800 2,500+ Does walkthroughs of all sorts of games w/ commentary. Popular games include Mass Effect 1 through 3, Borderlands 2, The Walking Dead, Saint's Row, Skyrim, Bioshock, Fallout New Vegas, etc.
NINTENDOlp 7,300 Lots of Pokemon games. Currently let's playing Phoenix Wright.
MoogleFTW 7,200 A comedian with no holds barred.
Cauchemar 6,650 A Swiss let's player.
KZXcellent 6,814 Heavy focus on role playing games.
WhitemageSerenia 6,800 A fast talking let's player and lots and lots of Megaman games. He has done let's plays of Final Fantasy games as well, specifically Final Fantasy X and VI. 
dshban 6,779 Known for his LPs of original PlayStation games such as Spyro and Rugrats: Search For Reptar. Plays a lot of point-and-click games on PC. LPs are usually chaotic-yet-fun trainwrecks. Hosts a wrestling podcast. He's Australian.
Dario8676 6,700 Has done co-coms with NCS and is well known for his Final Fantasy X Let's Play.
McGammar 10,600 Mostly plays games from handheld systems (GBC, GBA, and DS).
batman9502 30,065 A Nintendo let's player that mainly plays Zelda games (Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, and Ocarina of Time), Mario, and some other titles including Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Mega Man Legends.
Chocobotamer 6,590 A let's player from Finland.
newfiebangaa 9,300 A let's player devoted to playing retro and classic games. He does some newer games too and usually uploads 3 videos a day.
LiquidSolidus9000 20,998 2000 Let's Player with a good variety of games, from Resident Evil to Spider-Man. Good community of fans and growing very rapidly.
DavincstyleGames 59,866 1100+ Heavy emphasis on Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon.
Mariocenter 6,023 Heavy focus on Nintendo games
Frankomatic 6,000 Various retro games.
Darkchiron 5,900 Focuses more on horror games but does LPs on some platform/adventure games as well.
babygirl91580 5,525 1,184 She plays a huge variety of video games for the fun of it without forcing her opinions and beliefs of the games she plays on her viewers. She prefers to let the games themselves do all the talking, so not all of her videos contain her voice.
Battle X On 5,500 612 Various Nintendo games. Sometimes plays Super Smash Bros. Brawl with his two siblings (as Battlexon and his siblings used to upload with the account "NMEgamers".
Castcoder 5,810 Mainly plays platform games.
leonyasch 5,700 A non-commentary let's player. Mainly walkthroughs.
TheSampleman 5,420 A very entertaining LPer. Known for his funny reactions, vigorous insanity and jokes which adds a lot of variety to his commentary. Though his LPs focuses a lot on Mario and Donkey Kong games, he also played FPS games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2, Halo 3, and Gears of War 1 and 2.
Cthulhuigi 6,400 Lots of Nintendo games. Mostly Mario and Mega Man.
AwesomeFaceProd 5,350 300 Known also as Matt, Mainly plays nintendo games and 100%'d most of the games he plays.
Angryponcho 5,100 1,600 He likes to play classic games (Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Morrowind, etc.) with some exceptions and quite a few old, but not old games (Oblivion, Dead Space, Portal, etc.). He has a very unique taste for games. He's very similar to chuggaaconroy and nintendocaprisun. He has made a total of 51 different Playlists so far. Some with only five episodes and some with over one hundred. If you want to learn more before visiting his Channel click here which will take you to his page on this site.
CooVee 5,044 Does full playthroughs mostly known for his Batman: Arkham Asylum and Assassin's Creed let's play.
CanisSkye 4,900 A female let's player. Does mostly role playing and adventure games (Grandia II, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories).
Quadraxis14 4,900 Plays various titles with mix of retro and newer games. (Demon Souls, Shadow of the Colossus, Doom, Portal, and many more).
PaperMarioGuy 4,800 Two let's players, PaperMarioGuy and Caboose478, sharing the same channel
Madamluna 4,800 A female Let's Player that focuses on classics, knows DeceasedCrab and has co-commed with him on several occasions.
tyrantking10 4,480 Focuses on adventure games. Heavy emphasis on Crash Bandicoot. Some titles include Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Co-op Crash Bash, Crash Team Racing, and Donkey Kong Country 2.
SashaSilverMoon 4,447 Underground let's player but does post some variety of let's play content.
CommanderNapkin 4,500 LPing since March 2009.
LuckySevenDX 41,229 704 Has been LPing since May 2010. Usually uploads daily. Some LPs include the Mario and Luigi RPG series, Kirby Squeak Squad, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, TLOZ Spirit Tracks, New Super Mario Bros, Pokémon HeartGold, New Super Mario Bros 2, Portal, Portal 2, Kid Icarus Uprising, Ori and the blind forest, TLOZ Phantom Hourglass, Pokémon Rangers Shadows of Almia, Jade Cocoon 2, Paper Mario Sticker Star, Super Mario 64 Ds and MANY, MANY MORE!!! He used to be part of a group named TheMidwayGate until it was disbanded in 2012. He is an amazing LPer and is known for his hilarious commentary! His most famous catchphrase is 'Spin attack to the face!!!' Which originated from his love of the TLOZ franchise! He mainly plays Nintendo games but often branches out with other projects!
Zegjita 4,300 Known for his Megaman X let's plays.
Carlitonsp1 4,280 Let's plays are not always a focus as he posts other contents such as video game music, reviews, and animation.
BeholdMyStrength 4,270 Southern-Fried Let's player.
RazorCamel 4,200 Sharp as a Camel.
Sinuyan 4,035 781 Mostly plays horror games like Slender, Call of Cthulhu, and Yume Nikki. He's very likeable and affectionately refers to his dedicated, if somewhat small, fanbase as "the Yans". Has a really nice voice.
HalfBlindGamer 4,000 Does reviews and LP's of mostly Philips CD-i games.
wizwar100 4,000 Retro LPs. Last video uploaded 5 years ago.
AuthenticZac 4,347 Mainly does blind Let's Plays.
Atma 3,300 880 LPs good old school games like Valkyrie Profile, Legend of Dragoon, etc. Very inspiring and funny commentary. Currently doing Ni No Kuni, Fire Emblem 9, Castlevania, Order of Ecclesia, and Xenoblade Chronicles.
Xelger 3,900 Known for let's play Command and Conquer Renegade.
ratchet5 3,700 A Let's Player from Australia. He's a big Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot fan which a lot of his LPs focuses on. Other LPs include Gex, Croc 2, and Ratchet and Clank.
PsychedelicSA 3,700 French/Canadian pioneer of LPs. Objectively, one of the best let's players of all time. Including a Let's Play with a comprehensive look at Super Meat Boy, including the complete game and many usermade stages.
RedPandaGamer 15,200 965 Played Animal Crossing City Folk Every day for a year!
Warbot40 3,655 Currently on the break of LPing. Some games he played are Sonic Colors, Okami, and Starfox Assault.
TheLightingspirit78 4,643 aka Hikaru or Lightning. A female let's player and has been doing LPs since 2010. She is known for her Kingdom Hearts and TLOZ let's plays.
deathislife 21 176 A play-through person with a sense of humor, indignation with fails of logic in games, and a huge love of the games and the media the games are from. A channel focused on older games. Warning, a lot of discussion of current (and thus out of date in older videos) political topics, and he has a slight speech impediment.
BillyMC 3,648 212 The most likeable person ever. Watch his videos to make yourself feel better. Focuses mainly on platformers.
ElectricalBeast 5,794 125 The Jolteon of Let's Play.
brutalmoose 28,749 15 Does awesome reviews, drunk livestreams, and great let's plays.
Marbozir 48,700 3,000 PC only LP'er with a very distinctive accent. Focused mostly on strategy games, but also plays other genres (RPG's, rogue-lites and more). Best known for Civilization 5 Deity series as well as XCOM content. Uploads every day, often multiple times a day.
augustgirl515 3,482 621 A female let's player that mostly plays semi-horror FPS games (System Shock 2, Resident Evil, Amnesia, etc) and a few other types.
hercrabbiness 3,350 ~500 A female LPer with an affectation for adventure games and kissing everyone in said games.
RaikouRider 3,300 Mix of RPG and adventure/platform games.
rinimt 3,250 Heavy focus on role playing games. Just finished let's playing Final Fantasy XIII-2. 
ladygilwen 3,200 A female let's player from Germany.
ClassicTeam 3,100 Plays classic games for the Nintendo and some few newer games. Posts other contents such as artwork and animations.
Schmunzelfee 3,047 German Let's Player. Does PC games from the adventure genre, RPGs/Shooters and Indie games. Famous for her loud and funny commentary.
MartinGiadrosich 3,000 A female let's player mostly known for her TLOZ LPs.
wc10k 3,000 Known for Let's Play Metal Gear Solid 1 and 3.
MikeNnemonic 2,900 He likes to shit in to his pants at night, pure horror LPs ensured.
CardboardLawyer 2,890 195 He started as a Phoenix Wright abridger, but now has completed LP's for the GBC Zelda games, Majora's Mask, Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke, and Banjo Kazooie: Companionship Edition where he plays with humorous commentary from his friends. The commentary from his group of friends is funny, but random. Many of his "companions" include people from the abridging community such as Shamanstick, Cage500, Adamwestslapdog, and NathanGraves989. He is currently playing Banjo Tooie: Companionship Edition.  
Zupersonic 2,800 A Dutch Let's Player who specializes in adventure and platform games.
crimeinpartner 2,800 Last upload 4 years ago. 
navyboy5499 2,757 Currently on the brink of being suspended. Known for playing Persona 3 and 4.
ovendonkey186 6,500 Normally uploads speedrun videos, occasionally uploads LP videos
RPGenie 2,700 Known for playing Might and Magic.
RunescapeHullFanatic 2,573 88 A young and new british LPer who focuses on PS3 games and does milestone videos for getting a specific ammount of subs.
thesuperduelist 2,550 lots of Megaman.
Doc Sigma 1,300 A let's player of retro games.
gtjio 2,500 Known for the catchphrase "Mounted like a lion."
romscout 2,500 Let's player that mainly does speedruns. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
Jate8D 5 19 A new Let's Player that focuses on PC fullplays.
Quinforce Gaming 57 270+ New Let's Play channel with 5 members based in the UK. Playing mainly console games from past to present including one offs, full play-through's and competitions. Regular livestreams and "Retro Countdowns" (one of shows that countdown top 5 of a particular gaming topic). New videos released every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.
Those Guys Play 55 304 Those Guys Play is a New York based let's play group that release new episodes on a daily basis. They do their own brand of terrible, occasionally blind playthroughs, through Those Guys Play Seasons, Matt Beats Games From His Childhood, Matt Beats Games, and many more! They have branched out and played many different kinds of games on t heir channel, so tune in to see them fail miserably!
BaneDFU 40 35 Good morning, good afternoon, and Good evening! It's Bane. I'm an old School gamer and Let's Player. but I've recently revamped my channel and got a new image. I now do 3 styles a week, 6 days a week. 2 Mario Maker vids, 2 modern game videos, and 2 classic game videos are released each week. Occasionally my wife pops in to talk about how poorly I play.
Shadow Freddy 2129 169 A relativity new Let's Player that mostly does DOOM mods and various other games. Despite being heavily DOOM driven, the channel uses FNAF as avatars; Shadow Freddy acts as the main, with various other animatronics as helpers. Uploads mostly on Wednesdays and Weekends.
L-1011 Widebody 3,603 1,419 L-1011Widebody let's plays numerous classic retro games, as well as some newer titles., He portrays and recreates an intimate setting like you are his best buddy sitting down to watch with me, as well as trying to replicate the origial experince. L-1011Widebody is just like the holodeck from Star Trek: TNG, and he is so much fun to be with, because he appreciates the value of these old games and wants to weclome you into his home, er, cockpit maybe? He also has a long-running series of baseball games played like it is actual baseball, with his fictional Cleveland Indians that you would enjoy.
Oriru Bastard 550+ 500+ One of the original let's players from the youtube who began his career as Youtube let's player when the hype was great.

While not being as active as a sole let's player anymore, Oriru The Bastard will still give commentary walkthrough videos in his own sense of humor and rambling while he plays through games that he might or might not enjoy. Channel also has video game reviews, opinion pieces and also cooking videos so there are variety all the tastes. Channel itself is totally anything but politically correct so it's not for safespace crybabies.

Crashpunk 4,700+ 1,000+ Originally known as Wariopunk25. Crashpunk is a Let's Player from the UK who is mostly known for covering the Oddworld series. As well as being a dedicated member of the game's community. He is also known for making Crash Bandicoot videos, mainly foucing on the first three Naughty Dog games. He started out making Oddworld parody videos in 2008 but eventually turned to playthroughs in 2012. He mainly plays PlayStation 1 and 2 games, but also covers various other retro platforms.
Kukomi 479 180+ A life long Nintendo fan and makes LPs of his favorite Nintendo games. This includes (but isn't limited to): Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, and Fire Emblem.
Bitbot2000 977 197+ Hi I'm Bitbot! I play a lot of story driven games like Telltale games and the new King's Quest and my commentary focuses on being empathetic, positive, funny and family friendly (no cursing). Basically I play video games and have feelings ^_^
Takeru 90 600+ Hello all you awesome people out there. My name is Takeru.

Me and my partner in crime Linamomoko (Momo), is here to entertain you with Let's Play videos and other things, that we like to do. So take a look at the 2 years I have been making videos by myself, and see the result that is now whit the added power os Momo.

And if you like what you see, don't forget to subscribe.New videos will go up almost every day at 6pm CET. So until next time, farewell.

Winch1990 1004+ 150+ Known for his YouTube parody videos and “YouTube Poops” based on King of the Hill and others. Started a Let’s Play series Winch Plays in late 2017 where he applies his absurd and dry sense of humor to commentary and surreal edits to gameplay footage. Plays old and new games across multisle generations of plateforms. Sometimes accompanied by friends as guest.
NEETtopia <1000 <100 (currently) A Let's Player who focuses on blind LPs of RPGs and also made Linux videos in the past. He is a supporter of CBD/Cannabis and has made at least one video on that subject.
LightlicePlays 14 200+ We are a married couple that enjoy gaming together. We will be focusing on RPGs mainly. If you enjoy shenanigans and puns, this is a channel you'll like :)
Descentfreak1032 822 382 I am Descentfreak, a 25 year old Let's Player from Santa Clara. Feel free to comment, like, subscribe, and share my Let's Plays.

Current LP: Heretic

Laugh Out Gaming 604 309 Founder Chris Folk formed a Let's Play channel with people of different backgrounds at his place of work which is unknown. Much like Game Grumps, this channel has unfiltered comedy but still participates in charity events. Him and his partner Jordyn, from the youtube channel "Cup of Jo", are on a quest to make themselves known in the comedy scene. There biggest achievement is having the 3rd most trending D&D comedy podcast on Youtube as of midway 2018.
Drifter Carbon 41 175 A solo, casual Let's Player that LPs games from a variety of genres on both PC and consoles. Mostly focused on showing off his favorite games in full, he has also been doing partial LPs and one-offs on other titles to give the audience a general idea of the games. Also the curator of the Derelict Arcade of Madness, a regular series where he plays the games he had decided to never play again, to give them one last chance. A capture card has recently allowed him to branch out into older consoles so he can share more obscure titles from his youth. With virtually no actual viewers, Drifter Carbon mostly does LPs for the love of the art form and the off chance of someone seeing one of his vids and liking the game enough to buy it.
Davidvinc 9631 3101 An LPer who mostly LPs Jrpgs with the occasional top 10 list concerning jrpgs. He has Lped most of the legend of heroes series, the wild arms series and the ys series as well as several other well known jrpgs as well as some lesser known series, he posts a video every day on his channel.
MoJPlays 49 200+ British 2-man Let's playing team that play a variety of silly one-offs as well as full singleplayer and cooperative games.

We hunt for some of the more weird and wonderful stuff as opposed to the bigger known titles. Sarcarsm, puns, dry humour and bad impressions make up our core sense of humour. Oh and unneccesary Star Wars and Simpsons References.

Wii Mike 115 200+ A Let's player who plays all kind of games from gamecube, xbox360, PC and Wii games. He even plays Off-Let's Plays as well.
L8RG8R2U 300+ 1,300+ A 23-year old family-friendly Let's Player who focuses mostly on Nintendo games. Currently playing through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2. Other projects include G8RStreams, G8RVlogs and The 12 Days of Gaming. Outside of his channel, G8R is a member of the collab channel G.A.M.E, is the author of Korbet Adventures: Thunder on the Mountain, and is developing a video game.
Co-Oper8 5 5+ Two friends doing a series of let's plays. Each episode is filled with jokes and stories. Often making fun and mocking the source material.
Templayer 1,500+ 5382+ An oldschool guy that made his channel in 2007 and has been active ever since. Specializes in old games. He has a tendency to swear and be extremely politically incorrect.
Average Joe Infinity 1,600 337 Average Joe is a laid back let's player that utilizes a facecam. He mainly plays new releases and usually plays video games on PC and PS4. He also gives away games for free sometimes, "Free Game Gifts." He's relatively unknown but has quality comparable to gamers like Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, and other large YouTubers.
I'm Not Great 4 50+ Let's Plays centered around a mix of action, adventure, and RPG titles, new and old. Will be recording and streaming Elden Ring and Triangle Tactics in 2022.