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Name Subscriber count Video count Comment
Bowblax 723 228 A let's player with very funny commentary while stills expressing his opinions on the games he plays. he loves the Pikmin and Sonic Series and is currently Let's Playing Sonic Adventure. He's also been a Let's Player since March 10th 2011 and is really open and supportive towards smaller Let's Players.
ShadowsPR0 176 25 Lot of Let's Plays , Showcases , Walk-throughs and tutorials. Professional 720p quality videos with good audio.
Hammy1m 280 210 An unknown English Let's Player who plays Horror games as well as others. Current Let's Plays are: Limbo, Portal, The Walking Dead and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Could have potential and would be pleased if you checked him out!
InfestedAaron 35 41 A New Let's Player. Currently playing a Pokémon Emerald Randomiser and has started a Sonic Adventure 2 LP. Seems to favour the older games but likes to play a few newer releases.
Haders 18 4 Brand new Let's Player who records in full HD, with Shaders, and Hi-Rez textures, check him out!
TheWobblesaur 6 22 New Let's Player who is currently recording Silent Hill: Homecoming blind. According to his twitter, he is working on starting a blind Lollipop Chainsaw LP as well. Has potential to make you laugh with his sarcastic tone. Commentary can be NSFW.
LizardSteaks 251 111 American Let's Player who focuses on Minecraft, but occasionally forays into other games. Known for his good building skills, jokes of a sarcastic nature in his commentary, and his friend Alex. His LPs aim to entertain.
Ms16bit 140 Plays a variety of games, including retro games, popular games such as Skyrim and GTA: San Andreas, and more. A fairly new gaming YouTuber, and one of the few female ones out there. She also makes Top 10 lists, tutorials, and dual commentaries for various games.
chuggaaconroy 479,345 1,262 Classic console LPs with a heavy focus on Mario. One of the first and most famous LP producers on YouTube and a member of The Runaway Guys. Has a heavily informational commentary style, which is supported by his wild reactions and memes.
Ethoslab 430,351 602 Heavily focused on Minecraft with a few other games.
kootra 392,796 PC gaming LP's with some co-op LP's.
Penguinz0 (aka. Cr1TiKaL) 414,358 215 Usually plays unknown, obscure games. Known for his intellectual and adult humor.
paulsoaresjr 400,038 1,012 Most known for his Minecraft Survive and Thrive tutorials, as well as his multiple role playing series Man vs. Minecraft, Tale of Two Kingdoms, Man Woman Minecraft and Minecraft Dad.
PaperBatVG 341,408 766 A let's player from Canada. Titles include: Far Cry 3, Skyrim, The Walking Dead, Sonic Adventure, League of Legends, and Minecraft.
OMFGcata (aka. Jesse Cox) 386,744 1,582 Lots of LPs (solo and co-op) of WoW and lots of other PC titles.
theRadBrad 530,866 2,121 TheRadBrad Is a Laid back Let's player. He plays PC, Xbox, and ps3 Games that he gets before they are in stores. He is Humble and an awesome gamer. He Has inside jokes with his Subscribers, and HATES chairs. If you like awesomeness and Humor then TheRadBrad is for you.
ChaoticMonki (a.k.a. Cry) 363,863 792 A Let's Player with a phenomenal voice. Refers to himself as Cry, rendering his YouTube username obsolete. Mainly plays horror games, and some other genres occasionally. Makes good use of his vocal cords by doing Cry Reads of creepy pastas and voice acting. Has a well-documented friendship with PewDiePie, another well known Let's Player. Does an 8 hour gaming stream session with Russ, Scott and Red every Saturday.
zXNoRegretzzXz 312,433 488 He is an Irish Let's Player that is famously known for his "How To Annoy" Series in the Machinima channel. He is also known for his Sims 3 Let's Play where he created a sim called Jim Pickens which is a sim that has a Dexter (Tv Show) personality. He is very entertaining if you have the humor and is not known to swear which is good for the younger audience.
GameGrumps 234,819 Let's Play duo consisting of YouTube celebrities Egoraptor and JonTron. They focus on mostly classic games both well and lesser-known and take a highly comedic approach to commentary.
NintendoCapriSun 209,785 2,182 Heavy focus on Nintendo. He's one of the members of The Runaway Guys.
iHasCupquake 211,705 1,063 Female gamer. Mostly PC gaming. She is also a vlogger.
ijustinegaming 245,978 43,773 Female comedy let's player. She fails most of the time, but at least tries. Doesn't do only let's plays. She plays mostly console games, at the moment on the Wii U.
Robbaz 283,465 353 PC gaming.
PietSmiet 429,188 5,585 German LP-Team with 6 members. Popular for Minecraft, DayZ and Happy Wheels. Uploading up to 18 videos per day.
CriousGamers 194,950 3,134 A Italian/American Let's Player that is widely known for his Katawa Shoujo (Visual Novel) Series. He is very entertaining and is known to be a former original member of the Creatures.
davidr64yt (aka. X) 177,213 660++ PC gaming. Mostly known for his Minecraft videos, but he doen't play that game that often anymore. Great videos with amazing audio and video quality. Funny commentary. Somewhat unreliable video stream, but that varies from time to time. Definitely check him out.
videogamedunkey 173,830 Sort of a LPer, but mainly does sketches and previews.
SarazarLP 154,761 German Let's Player.
NerdCubed 315,536 A funny, quirky, unsurprisingly nerdy commentator who specializes in many different types of games. He plays random, often obscure games mixed with a monthly series on a particular, user-voted game.
PauseUnpause 201,726 Lots of PC gaming LPs (Minecraft).
CavemanFilms 197,342 391 Mostly plays Minecraft.
TheSw1tcher 145,985 192 Matt and Pat,aka Two Best Friends Play, While most of their videos are hosted on Machinima, they also host videos from Matt's YouTube account, TheSw1tcher. Pat focuses on the horror genre whilst Matt enjoys games of a lighter nature. As of now, they are working on full LPs of Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem, Chrono Trigger, and Matt is working on an "old-school" playthrough of Wild Guns with another friend that oftentimes appears in the videos that goes by the name of Woolie.
superskarmory 143,639 Heavy focus on Nintendo and Mario.
The Runaway Guys 138,753 A group of LPers (Chuggaaconroy, ProtonJon, and NintendoCapriSun). Mario focused.
HoneyballLP 133,481 911

German Let's Player who is popular for her Minecraft Let's Play and her League of Legends Community.

kurtjmac 132,462 687 Heavy focus on Minecraft.
DSPGaming 122,850 17,000+ aka Phil or DarkSydePhil is a gamer who dedicates his time to do playthroughs of a wide variation of games. Mostly plays popular and newest games after their release. He uses a camcorder to record all his gameplays and usually uploads 10 to 20 videos daily.
GuudeBoulderfist 145,428 1,413 Prolific PC games Let's Player with heavy focus on Minecraft, but has also done several other games. Owns and runs the Mindcrack server, which is a private whitelisted server on which almost all players have their own Minecraft Let's Plays. Does not keep his channel "safe for work".
GermanLetsFail 112,961 German Let's Player.
ProtonJonSA 104,038 A well-known let's player and one of the main three members of The Runaway Guys. He is known for an infrequent upload schedule and is subject to many jokes because of this.
Marriland 103,210 Pokémon focused
Azuritereaction 96,588 Plays many obscure and non-mainstream games. Popular for his choice of games, interaction with audience, and sense of humor.
Zombey 91,814 German Let's Player. Plays various games, mostly Steam games.
TetraNinja 138,001 2,842 Mostly X-Box 360 FPS based but also some horror, RPG and action titles.
Ninbuzz 86,945 A group of many let's players focused exclusively on Nintendo.
Allshamnowow 86,929 Plays a variety of games, often seen with Seananners and Captainsparklez. Known for funny commentary, sometimes NSFW.
GoingCrazy201 85,200 An adult female gamer who specializes in Runescape.
Markiplier 53,008 741 A very entertaining Let's Player that mainly plays horror based games. Known for his reaction compilations, this man enjoys Slender, Amnesia, SCP, and any other horror games he can get his hands on. He has a series called "Drunk Minecraft" in which he plays minecraft with his friends. He wants to help the world one step at a time by holding livestreams for charities. He is an all around good guy with a hilarious attitude.
vash12349 75,928 Has done all sorts, except for RTS and RPG games and has created LP's of Metal Gear Solid 1 to 4.
MunchingOrange 58,574 Specializes in Pokemon games.
docm77 67,847 Lots of PC gaming LPs.
JoshJepson 71,031 Big Nintendo gamer. He also enjoys playing hardcore games, like Portal 2 or Halo 4. He is one of the biggest underdogs in Nintendo Let's Playing.
Jonathan Paula 64,290 Doesn't exclusively post LPs, but features wide-range of games.
SuperBoeBros 62,197 Features Daneboe (creator of the Annoying Orange), and his brother, Lukeboe.
SlimKirby 57,634 A let's player with heavy emphasis on old school Nintendo games such as Mario, Kirby, Pikmin, and Donkey Kong.
Retsupurae 55,921 410 They do reviews of let's plays as well as let's plays of their own.
Coestar 55,252 Heavy focus on Minecraft.
Supermcgamer 54,418 684 Specializes in Minecraft and Legend of Zelda games.
HCBailly 51,388 Specializes in Japanese console RPG titles.
Northernlion 86,327 1,146 Specializes in indie games. His Binding of Isaac Let's Play has over 500 episodes to its name.
SullyPwnz 48,300 Does a lot of 3DS games such as Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 64, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and more.
TrueMG 44,174 100+ German Let's Player who focuses on RPG Maker games, but has other projects too.
Gimper 41,644 1,037 Let's Player from Poland, focusing on League of Legends and some other titles.
Bananapielord 74,859 Most well known for his minecraft series, he also has a large variety of others, such as The Legend of Zelda, Amnesia, Mario, The Sims 3, as well as many more. He also creates his own original music, which is very popular with his subscribers.
pyschadelicsnake 36,660 Mainly does horror games but also plays old school and some RPG titles.
skorch82 34,288 Does various playthroughs of video games both new and old.
Helloween4545 40,243 Specializes in horror games.
cubex55 38,114 A group of longplay LPers with 100% completions.
lucahjin 36,148 A female gamer who mainly plays Mario and other Nintendo games. Bathroom, sometimes sexual humor.
PhunkRoyal 31,774 German LP veteran. Known for his Metroid and Megaman LPs. Currently making Livestreams nearly every weekend
DeceasedCrab 32,000 Focuses on obscure, old, and independently-made games.
ChrisCrossMedia 29,292 LP's are not always a focus, but it is done from time to time.
omegaevolution 29,000 Mainly does walkthroughs of RPGs.
AttackingTucans 26,670 Makes Let's Plays and started a Let's Play race that's called Versus with other let's players. (JoshJepsen & Donnabellez.) Sexual Humor.
ClementJ642 25,758 900 Also known as "The Great Clement". Playing Sonic games by order. Megaman Player, obsessive over Sonic character, Dr. Eggman.
SuperJeenius 30,742 Tends to play classic games from SNES to N64 titles. Has also let's played Super Mario Galaxy 2 and currently playing Resident Evil 4 (blind).
ScottishDuck17 30,296 2,686 A Scottish let's player and self-confessed Sega fanboy. He is known for LPing the Ratchet & Clank, Sonic, Shenmue, and Jak & Daxter series as well as other classic games.
SwordlessLink 24,120 Mainly does speedruns of games such as Zelda and Mario.
PurpleRodri 24,000 Plays according to his motto "It's Let's Play, not I Play." His choices made in his Let's Plays directly derive from his "Purple Banditos" comments.
Necroscope86 22,575 He plays some newer games, but he also plays lots of retro console and PC games. Has a British accent, and as far as I know, he lives in England.
raocow 22,513 LOT's of LPs and a very rigorous upload schedule (nearly always uploads 2 videos a day). The majority of his LPs are Super Mario World rom hacks, but he has done many other games, always computer games, or games from consoles emulated on a computer.
Kikoskia 22,377 A retro gamer that focuses mainly on old school RPGs from retro consoles.
TheZeldaDungeon 21,786 Specialises in Zelda Games.
SonikDude101 21,711 Stopped let's playing 2 years ago, but his content can still be viewed on his main channel. His last let's play was Mega Man 10. He now does reviews on his other channel, AntDude92.
Tatsudoshi 19,244 Plays various titles.
L0rdVega 24,000 Finished making LPs a few years ago but his content is still worth a look. Most Known for his blind LP's of Silent Hill
MegaUltraJMan 5,731 UltraJMan's second channel after his original was removed for copyright infringement due to false flagging.
Mangaminx 19,355 545 A British female Let's Player who generally plays horror games.
StephenPlays 19,000 LPed a lot of current hits and popular titles (Skyrim, Gears of War, Half-life 2, Left 4 Dead, Minecraft, etc)
KoopaKungFu 18,558 He is a bad gamer who enjoys laughing at himself and pointing out silly things within the game. He uploads 1 to 4 videos daily.
donnabellez 18,226 A female Let's Player.
ReNDoG 18,195 Popular for his daily Minecraft LP videos and archived Terraria Adventure series. With an interesting South African accent, intriguing stories, a quirky sense of humour and strong focus on Subscriber interaction, ReNDoG is fast becoming a well known LP'er on YouTube.
BrainScratchComms 17,851 Commentary group.
NakaTeleeli 21,312 2,042 Does both classic and new titles specifically role playing and adventure. Some of the titles include: Kirby 64, .Hack games, Persona 4, Kirby's Return to Dreamland, Super Mario Bros Wii, and many others.
Toegoff 18,576 Does blind let's plays of RPGs and MMO ranging from classics to the newest up to date games.
KoshiSushi 16,950 Let's player that focuses more on Nintendo games and games from his youth. Other than let's plays, he posts different contents like animations, artwork, music, and side LPs.
gnrfan5000 16,539 Mainly plays adventure from Sega games such as Sonic the Hedgehog 4 to Nintendo games such as Pikmin 2, Diddy Kong Racing, and TLOZ: Twilight Princess.
Darkkefka 16,401 791 Specializes in RPGs (mainly Final Fantasy). Well known for his Final Fantasy X videos.
octaneblue 15,750 Mainly does playthroughs of mostly Nintendo and some role playing and adventure games.
PlayingWithMahWii 15,206 Judging by the screen name, does not mean he only plays Wii games.
Pramu22 161 53 An Entertaining commentator who does not only blind let's plays, but also tutorials and gameplays. He is well known for his Impromptu sense of humour across his let's plays from games such as Blacklight Retribution, NBA 2k13, War Inc etc.
Chip and Ironicus 14,760 109 (only on youtube as backup) Very professional duo with LP's of all the Metal Gear games, No More Heros, Uncharted, Bastion and several others. Funny, informative and very high quality.
OverTheGun 15,067 Lots of horror and suspense games mainly F.E.A.R, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Bioshock, and Resident Evil.
Ashhbearr 33,558 247 Currently playing Pokemon HeartGold.
Veriax 14,060 Does mostly RPGs
Caliform 14,000 PC gaming focus such as Portal 2 and Minecraft.
darkmindedsith 13,311 Known for playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Banjo Kazooie.
BikdipOnABus 12,682 A stoic let's player. Currently playing Super Mario 74?
TheRPGMinx 12,405 817 Mangaminx's new channel. Mostly LPs horror games. Updates regularly.
666theheartless666 13,231 British Let's Player who does mainly horror games.
xcloud8745x 13,000 Originally known as NaturalBornGamers. He's been let's playing since 2007. He did Let's Plays of games of all sorts of genres with his comedic style and humorous jokes. He is also a ranter. His channel name is MrAaronrants.
mikelat 12,717 FPS, RTS, RPG and Platform PC games - old and new.
katrinonus 12,700 A female let's player with a taste for horror and role playing games, kind of like Mangaminx except she is more laid back and without the British accent. Some of the titles she played are Fatal Frame II, Resident Evil Remake, Haunting Ground, and Clock Tower 3.
MadameWario 12,602 A female let's player. Lots of Mario games (Mario Party and Paper Mario) and few others.
PhantomSavage 12,362 Currently playing Dead Rising and Assassin's Creed 3.
GrandPyromania 12,000 Known for let's playing Kingdom Hearts I & II, and Paper Mario series.
FrozenFoxy 11,650 Plays various games. Mostly new and popular titles for the PS3 and 360.
aloyalgamer 11,420 A big Spyro the Dragon fan and has done let's plays on them as well as other games such as Metal Gear Solid and Suikoden 1 to 3.
durden77 11,339 Currently playing Resident Evil 6.
Lancun 11,270 Does both retro and newer games.
ThirdMarioBrother 11,231 Let's player that focuses on Nintendo and Sega games.
Cypheron48 10,945 Does mostly popular platform games such as Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo-Tooie but also has done let's plays of Resident Evil 5 and Dead Rising 2.
gloverrandall 20,723 Does mainly Nintendo games. Popular titles include The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Kirby's Return to Dreamland.
Jethrotex 10,230 Heavy focus on Nintendo games.
DavetheUsher 10,000 Uploads daily since debut.
milkwad 10,231 Uploads his videos on Viddler and announces them in YouTube.
WishingTikal 9,887 A female gamer with a passion for gaming. Does mainly RPGs and adventure games.
Chickenfajita12 9,700 658 Does various Nintendo games; slight emphasis on Pokémon. Often co-commentates with Battlexon.
takarifreak 9,200 Plays retro RPGs and some newer games.
Ka6Scope 14,360 Does all sorts of Nintendo games both classic and newer ones (Mario, Megaman, Star Fox, Zelda, etc).
Damo9836 9,667 A pioneer of interactive Let's Plays. Has own forum Let's Play Some Games and wiki The Official Damo Wiki
Pcull4444 12,477 His more recent popularity comes from a VS Race he did with ProtonJon, NintendoCapriSun, and SuperJeenius. He's has a wild commentary style with a wide variety of voices.
SplitPlaythru 8,965 A non-commentary Let's player who mainly posts walkthroughs.
uzimachi1 8,530 Has done a lot of let's plays of greatest hits such as Metal Gear Solid 1 through 4, Resident Evil 1 through 5, and Kingdom Hearts I and II. He also played Zelda games and Mega Man X for the SNES.
ChronoGear 8,612 Not a very well known LPer. Does mostly console games across different platforms, but also the occasional PC game. His voice and comedic style are his most notable features.
pieceofpiesoftware 8,296 Does mainly PC games. Game genres are mainly horror, shooting, adventure, platform and fantasy.
SKArmedageddon 8,100 Also called SyKhotic and Hunter, is mainly known for his Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario LPs.
MasaeAnela 10,382 Has done a lot of Zelda games but also done let's plays of Super Mario World, Katamari Damacy, and Tales of Vesperia.
NINTENDOlp 7,300 Lots of Pokemon games. Currently let's playing Phoenix Wright.
TheTolhe 7,230 Mainly PC games such as X-Com, RPGs, and Minecraft.
MoogleFTW 7,200 A comedian with no holds barred.
Cauchemar89 6,650 A Swiss let's player.
GoddammitJoel 6,814 Does mostly RPGs.
WhitemageSerenia 6,800 A fast talking let's player and lots and lots of Megaman games. He has done let's plays of Final Fantasy games as well, specifically Final Fantasy X and VI.
dshban 6,779 Known for his LPs of original PlayStation games such as Spyro and Rugrats: Search For Reptar. Plays a lot of point-and-click games on PC. LPs are usually chaotic-yet-fun trainwrecks. Hosts a wrestling podcast. He's Australian.
Dario8676 6,700 Has done co-coms with NCS and is well known for his Final Fantasy X Let's Play
McGammar 10,600 Big Nintendo gamer, mostly handheld games (GBC, GBA, and DS) and some current ones.
batman9502 12,600 A Nintendo let's player that mainly plays Zelda games (Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, and Ocarina of Time), Mario, and some other titles including Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Mega Man Legends.
Chocobotamer 6,590 A let's player from Finland.
HarshlyCritical 6,400 800 Harshly Critical (real name John) is an American horror let's player that plays horror games and sometimes other games like Portal 1 and 2, Dear Esther, Half-Life 2 and Chrono Trigger. If a game only takes him one part to play he puts it in his one-shot playlist. John is popular for his rage.
newfiebangaa 9,300 A let's player devoted to all things retro and old school classics. He does some newer games too.
MegamanNG 6,133 3,015 A whole variety from different platforms.
Mariocenter 6,023 Heavy focus on Nintendo games
Frankomatic 6,000 Various retro games.
Cybershell 5,956 Known for Let's Playing Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles.
Darkchiron 5,900 Focuses more on horror games but does LPs on some platform/adventure games as well.
Battlexon 5,500 612 Various Nintendo games. Sometimes plays Super Smash Bros. Brawl with his two siblings (as Battlexon and his siblings used to upload with the account "NMEgamers".
crashpro3 5,810 Mainly plays platform games.
leonyasch 5,700 A non-commentary let's player. Mainly walkthroughs.
dutchyDC 5,600 Does every game in a different character commentary.
Cthulhuigi 6,400 Lots of Nintendo games. Mostly Mario and Mega Man.
AwesomeFaceProd 5,350 300 Is a self-proclaimed perfectionist.
Angryponcho 5,100 1,600 He likes to play classic games (Mario, Zelda, Pikmin, Morrowind, etc.) with some exceptions and quite a few old, but not old games (Oblivion, Dead Space, Minecraft, Portal, etc.). He has a very unique taste for games. He's very similar to chuggaaconroy and nintendocaprisun. He has made a total of 51 different Playlists so far. Some with only five episodes and some with over one hundred. If you want to learn more before visiting his Channel click here which will take you to his page on this site.
CooVee 5,044 Does full playthroughs mostly known for his Batman: Arkham Asylum and Assassin's Creed let's play.
CanisSkye 4,900 Does mostly role playing and adventure games (Grandia II, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories).
Quadraxis14 4,900 Plays various titles with mix of retro and current games. (Demon Souls, Shadow of the Colossus, Doom, Portal, and many more).
KoopaNinjaBros 4,800 Two let's players, PaperMarioGuy and Caboose478, sharing the same channel
Madamluna 4,800 A female Let's Player that focuses on classics, knows DeceasedCrab and has co-commed with him on several occasions
tyrantking10 4,480 Focuses on adventure games. Some titles include Crash Bandicoot: Warped, Co-op Crash Bash, Crash Team Racing, and Donkey Kong Country 2.
SashaSilverMoon 4,447 Underground let's player but does post some variety of let's play content.
CommanderNapkin 4,500 LPing since March 2009.
LuckySevenDX 7,463 704 Has been LPing since 2010. Usually uploads daily. Some LPs include the Mario and Luigi series, Kirby Squeak Squad, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, New Super Mario Bros and Pokémon HeartGold.
Zegjita 4,300 Known for his Megaman X let's plays.
BeholdMyStrength 4,270 Southern-Fried Let's player.
RazorCamel 4,200 Sharp as a Camel.
Sinuyan 4,035 685 Mostly plays horror games like Slender, Call of Cthulhu, and Yume Nikki. He's very likeable and affectionately refers to his dedicated, if somewhat small, fanbase as "the Yans". Has a really nice voice.
HalfBlindGamer 4,000 Does reviews and LP's of mostly Philips CD-i games.
wizwar100 4,000 Retro LPs. Last video uploaded 5 years ago.
ecwcwwe 4,347 Mainly does blind Let's Plays.
Xelger 3,900 Known for let's play Command and Conquer Renegade.
PsychedelicSA 3,700 French/Canadian pioneer of LPs. Objectively, one of the best let's players of all time. Including a Let's Play with a comprehensive look at Super Meat Boy, including the complete game and many usermade stages.
RedPandaGamer 15,200 965 Played Animal Crossing City Folk Every day for a year!
Warbot40 3,655 Currently on the break of LPing. Some games he played are Sonic Colors, Okami, and Starfox Assault.
TheLightingspirit78 4,643 aka Hikaru or Lightning. A female let's player and has been doing LPs since 2010. She is known for her Kingdom Hearts and TLOZ let's plays.
kowbrainz 3,600 A let's player from Australia. Currently on a hiatus.
BillyMC 3,648 212 The most likeable person ever. Focuses mainly on platformers.
ElectricalBeast 5,794 125 The Jolteon of Let's Play.
brutalmoose 5,919 15 Does awesome reviews, drunk livestreams, and great let's plays.
Marbozir 3,500 557 PC only LP'er with Eastern European accent. Focused mostly on strategy, RPG and Action RPG games, but plays other genres too. Daily uploads.
augustgirl515 3,482 621 A female let's player that mostly plays semi-horror FPS games (System Shock 2, Resident Evil, Amnesia, etc) and a few other types.
hercrabbiness 3,350 A female LPer with an affectation for adventure games and kissing everyone in said games.
RaikouRider 3,300 Mix of RPG and adventure/platform games.
rinimt 3,250 Heavy focus on role playing games. Just finished let's playing Final Fantasy XIII-2.
ladygilwen 3,200 A female let's player from Germany.
Schmunzelfee 3,047 German Let's Player. Does PC games from the adventure genre, RPGs/Shooters and Indie games. Famous for her loud and funny commentary.
Hixai An upcoming Aussie female gamer who plays to what her fans want. New to the scene she tries to grab suggestions on games. She is Let's Play partners with several other youtubers. She play's on multiple consoles. At the moment she's playing the time wasting game called Orc's Must Die! and Minecraft. Frequent uploader 2-3 a day
brynnagiadrosich 3,000 A female let's player mostly known for her TLOZ LPs.
wc10k 3,000 Known for Let's Play Metal Gear Solid 1 and 3.
MyselfOverwhelmed 3,000 Minecraft and massive multiplayer games (WoW, Starcraft 2).
MikeNnemonic 2,900 He likes to shit in to his pants at night, pure horror LPs ensured.
crimeinpartner 2,800 Last upload 4 years ago.
navyboy5499 2,757 Currently on the brink of being suspended. Known for playing Persona 3 and 4.
ovendonkey186 2,700 Used to speedrun Mirror's Edge, now does LPs. Usually uploads daily.
RPGenie 2,700 Known for playing Might and Magic.
RunescapeHullFanatic 2,573 88 A young and new british LPer who focuses on PS3 games and does milestone videos for getting a specific ammount of subs.
kevinj2010 2,550 Plays various Nintendo games.
thesuperduelist 2,550 lots of Megaman.
gtjio 2,500 Known for the catchphrase "Mounted like a lion."
romscout 2,500 Let's player that mainly does speedruns. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
MrFailGame 2,215 Known mostly for Harvest Moon 64. Also does Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life and Pokemon Fire red.
Malnofski 2,193 Main focus on Ratchet and Clank and Jak & Daxter series.
GrethSC 2,100 Massive multiplayer and real time strategy (Starcraft 2).
SuperSajuuk 2,066 A Let's Player who does a mixture of older games. Doesn't really prefer doing newer games because they are oversaturated on YouTube. Became a Partner in January 2012.
N00b22222 2,050 Takes requests and does literally dozens of different games at a time.
TheShadowHowling 2,020 106 Youtube commentator that plays a lot of minecraft. Also does multiple tutorials.
corona180 2,000 Plays classic games from NES and SNES.
Mustaklaki 2,000 SH4: The Room, Skyrim, LoTD:RTFG, Castlevania SOTN, Minecraft While High.
KiloReborn 1,990 Rising extremely fast, awesome Metal Gear and Heavy Rain Let's Plays.
PaleVoyager 1,950 Known for its humorous commentary and horrible puns.
Crazy4Games 1,980 Scottish Let's Player. Started his channel in 2007, but didn't start doing LP's until 2010. Games include BioShock 2, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead, Manhunt, Bulletstorm and Slender. Also makes various other gaming videos, including glitches, montages, minigames and multiplayer.
mashuren 1,900
1PressL2P 1,850+ 150 Just finished a Pokemon Yellow Let's Play... Currently doing a Minish Cap LP... Also makes Best Moments of TheRunawayGuys and Versus LPs.
EposVox 1,770 Epic voice, epic variety.
RCCeptor5665 1,750 Does Let's Plays of all different kinds of games, from Legend of Zelda to Dead Space.
TheFearowoftime 1,700 Currently doing Mario Galaxy and Simpsons Hit and Run. Know as the best Super Monkey Ball player in the LP community
ChazDragoon 1,700
adamschwartze 1,700
JonathanWolfe038 1,659 800 Family friendly commentary of a variety of games ranging from Minecraft to Kingdom Hearts and more!
RoseErifnosi 1,659
HGSS1994 1,580+ 287 A Let's Player who generally does Pokemon content and games normally not LPed often. He often refers himself as "The Nerd".
KloudKoopa 1,576 121 Makes a small variety of videos, many with co commentators and is currently LPing Borderlands 2.
Cevian 1,550
Rainiac666 1,550
AscendedReaper 1,544 105 Australian Let's Player who focuses mainly on horror games.
sirlionhart 1,540 Currently playing Persona 4: Golden and Persona 3: Portable. 1,526 A very British TF2 lets player along with timelapses of Gmod/SFM poses.
UniversalGiant 1,513
Templayer 290 1,500 Text commentary in English+Czech, does rare / old games, uploads usually 1 video per day. (depends on video length, 15 min. video once per day, one hour video once per week etc.)
LateBlt 1,500
WeazelGames 1,455 538 The only way to describe Weazel is just 'FUN FUN FUN', this guy is so funny and so kind to his fans and his gameplays are absolutely hilarious, Highly recommended.
BalrogTheMaster 1,450 Does tons of Nintendo videos, but recently started LP's. His current project is Pokemon Crystal.
KuchKuto 1,450 Been LPing for nearly four years. Best known in his LP of Zelda: Link to the Past Master Quest and Dragon Warrior I&II LPs. He is currently trying to get through all the MegaMan Battle Network games with other games on the side.
drunkendan 1,450
lastexile0 1,430
HeavensFrogman 1,400
Turmio1 1,400
Dati/VitaminDati 1,411 over 9000 subscribers on old channel (as of 4/27/12) Tends to take a more informational apporach to commentaries than most Let's Players.
LuccaRPG 1,390
Elanarae 1,349 3,475 German english-speaking LPer specialized in role-playing games and adventure games of old, as well as some random modern games like Duke Nukem Forever, Fatal Frame, Mortal Kombat 9, etc. Currently on a break.
Allaunira 1,320 "Slaying monsters drunk at night" A variety of games are played but mostly older RPGs (Baldur's Gate, Oblivion, Avernum, Amnesia).
ShaunOfNintendo 1,300
docsigma 1,300
FreezingInfernos 1,300 I'm certain he must've escaped from Bonkers or Animaniacs.
TheGamingxFreak 1,300 Awesome Let's Player, goes by the name of Gage. Minecraft and Legend of Zelda galore.
Atma01 1,260 LPs good old school games like Valkyrie Profile, Legend of Dragoon, etc. Very inspiring and funny commentary
Gorshum 1,212 344 Been making Let's Plays for a while now. Does all genre of games, tends to not like horror games. Has a funny sense of humor. Don't cross him or he will take it seriously. Trust me.
dannychic 1,250
expotemkin 1,200
TiroDvD 1,200
Doctor1297 1,200 Last LP done 2 years ago
TheDorsetGamer 1,196 493 British Gamer who loves his Minecraft and Sonic the Hedgehog. The Let's Plays from TheDorsetGamer are less about being good at the game and teaching people new things and more about having fun. He even admits on his channel description that "If you come here expecting skills to pay the bills, you will be disappointed."
k4Zz 1,155 400+ German Let's Player with focus on PC, Xbox and Nintendo Gaming. Jump'n'Runs, Shooter, Adventures and almost every other genre included. Very entertaining but sometimes "not safe for work". He is also Administrator of the biggest german Let's Play Community -
Fhyber34 1,150
Twilight Foundry 1,100 18 Producers of the commentary series GMO2. (Old channel link.)
stetsonruck 1,100
ultimachocobo86 1,100
LoudMan01 1,100
Ootmaster1112 1,100
MalusCalibur 1,088
Gellegummi 1,042 499 Mostly The Sims-series, but also other ones.
SyfeKS 1,012
AbysmalOrganism 1,107 6,156 Denonu's Dominion another Let's Player who plays just about everything. All the big games and even Multiplayer games as well. Tons of organized content. Uploads multiple videos daily.
Resulka 1,000
TokyoBrando 1,000 was originally a J-Vlogger
Sinovera 960 Female LPer.
YoshiFanNumba3 959 999 All Mario & Luigi type games. Most notable was Super Mario Galaxy 2.
TimeTravelinChrono 950
soapynome 900
christopherbrown1988 900
OmegaZultan 756
Draegast 850 30 The new guy on the block, Draegast has a personality very similar to Nova and Pewdiepie. He is doing alot of LP's from Happywheels to S.T.A.L.K.E.R (11 LP's as we speak). He is known for his outbursts and general randomness and at times dumb moments. He's a Canadian in his middle 20's
zachlegomaniac 887 Last LP done 1 year ago
Shadowhawk2012 870 1,300+ A British Let's Player with a wide variety of LP's of both older PC games and console based strategy games and RPGs
Lyrax 850
SkiNl3Y19 828 Does a huge variety of Let's Plays over all consoles and gaming systems, mainly notable for his co-op LP's with bigger names, does extensive editing work to produce proffesional style videos.
Wariopunk25 860 250 A British Let's Player who is also known for his Oddworld related videos. He LPs a wide range of console and PC games. His main foucus are on the Oddworld, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank and the Half-Life games currently.
8BitMemoirs 800
mastatsan 800
AdvancedLogic 804 A Let's Player of mostly Nintendo games (has done two non-Nintendo console games). Recently acquired an HD PVR, is currently doing an LP of Skyward Sword and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
himitsusj 800
Kevinhend 800 436 Has done several LPs such as Banjo-Kazooie, Pokémon Colosseum, Pikmin and Ocarina of Time among others. Is currently LPing; Kingdom Hearts (blind), Pikmin 2 and Mario; The Lost Levels
OmegaEdge29 718 515 Most notably Kaizo Mario 64 & Kaizo Mario World 1 & 2
CeilingNinja 777
CharColt64 773 849 Mainly does Nintendo games, but branches off with some Playstation titles. Commentary tends to be instructional while being inappropriate at times. Has a fetish with kool-aid.
ClassicGamerDave 772
Slickpacho146 759
SonjaBlue 750
nothibachi 750 Last LP done 1 year ago
Atasuke10 732
NEROandMUFFIN 5 A new LPer who began simply because people liked his comments on videos. He also puts under his videos links to the Yogscast, inthelittlewood, Naka Teleeli, and Toby Games. His channel and video descriptions say these are the people that motivated him to start. He does videos with his dog who he calls Muffin and he refers to hiself as Nero. Experiences frequent computer problems.

The only one on YouTube now by NEROandMUFFIN is at

TheAwesomeIncarnate 703 Various PC gaming LPs.
ErykkTehDestroyer 700
PokeVoyageHD 678
Aimanfire1 670
Titanaku 669
Tatsuhiko 667 400 Most known for his Oregon Trail 2 Let's Plays.
Saxcat20 660 Specializing in adventure games, but does play the ocasional RPG. Plays alot of older games from SNES, NES era. Over 70 completed games. Cuurently working on Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney and Phantasy Star IV
Kenshin1913 650
GameMarriage 649 9 Based mainly around comedy, two long distance friends (Matt and Kody) play console games, usually sports or wrestling. It is often they will glitch out games or will end up being completely inept at games they play and 'break the game'.
mrnutt 622 319 Does four videos a week. Three PC games and now one console game. Complete list of completed and possible next games on blog .
GoldenboltLP 620
ChichiriCatSan 620
JavaKing2014 600 Don't give him your skype address
abelplays 600
Ranchei 600
lothrazar 600
ArchFrost 600 Last LP done 1 year ago
QuantumCrayons 600 Most well known for his blind Eversion playthrough. Last video made 3 years ago.
LordSmapy 582 Rated E for Everyone Commentary.
Sledx2Gaming 500 They post lots of videos and trailers as well.
gtf234 550
myrleinocchi 550 Last LP done 2 years ago
CrossKnights 540
Jelytoe 538 22 A new Let's Player with amazing potential. Within the first 1.5 months of LPing, he's gained over 500 subscribers and his channel is still drastically growing. If you check out Jelytoe, you definitely won't regret it. He is currently doing Super Mario Sunshine.
Catydoll409 530 257 A female Let's Player that has done Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Pokémon Fire Red, Ratchet & Clank Future Crack in Time. And is currently doing; Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Darkness, Ratchet & Clank All 4 One and Bastion.
HydreigonLillipup 560+ 500+ Lots of LP console videos in HD with a high focus on the Metroid series. Has done many others including Pikmin, Paper Mario 1 and 2, Pokemon, and has just started a Co-op LP of New Super Mario bros Wii. Also does TASes which are Metroid and Kirby games.
Quickmind01 534 Mainly X-Com related PC games and some Nintendo.
Cryogentics 517
Goldkingfish 500
RizuKomesu 500
Scous 495 Last LP done 1 year ago
reinofhearts 470 English commentary on mostly Japanese exclusive games.
towpowyea 460 Link's Awakening and Mother 3 Blind LP
joestdi 494
TheScarletBadger 460
PokemonRomVideos 450 Generally only does Pokemon
KyCa4Ku2011 457 133 Russian LPer of Minecraft as well as Yume Nikki, Ballance, Tigger's Honey Hunt, Painkiller, Switchball, e.t.c.
zero22081990 459 Last LP done 1 year ago
Crowley9 450
PlayMadness 450 Does a variety of games and uploads fairly often
ashrua 450
ChibiSoma 440 Last LP done 1 year ago
MHZNOMISS 443 Only lets play in spanish
LiamMichealYoung 436 A new, high quality LPer with 436 subs (July 2/12). Currently playing Mother 3, and Super Mario Galaxy 2.
DarkShotThePoisoner 432
Melcadrien 410 Last LP done 1 year ago
foolboyv5 450 English Let's Player known for his Let's Play of Road Trip Adventure, does a vareity of games but mostly Nintendo.
Thadiwyn 400 Variety Let's Playing; noted for having co-commentators as well as solo work.
BardicDragoon 400
KarmaJolt 400
zero22081990 400
Bastiest "aka The Bastard" 400 Only LP's games that haven't been done before or games that aren't totally raped yet. Thank you for your support.
AerialBlast 400
EternalAu 400 does live English commentary, videos range from 20 minutes to 1 hour long. Currently playing the epic H-RPG known as Monster Girl Quest in 45 minute increments. (Banned!)
TheMAgamers 373 Does Let's Plays of Classic Nintendo Games, Legend of Zelda, and Xbox 360! (Currently Stopped)
BrokenChampion 369 Has an excellent comedy style while commentating on his LP's, has a huge variety of LP's over many consoles and many Co-op Projects.
ClassicLetsPlay 364 PC gaming with a heavy focus on Sierra adventure games of the 80s and 90s. Last uploaded content in July of 2009.
JoshuaAmaron 360 Console gaming leaning more towards Nintendo games.
skittflash 360 Tries to play a mix of popular and less heard of games. Part of the group of friends "Boogaloo Shrimp"
nuttylamb 358 153 Female Let's Player that does blind runs only, providing humorous live commentary. Also has a very pleasant voice. Currently doing an LP of "Tomb Raider: Anniversary". Other LPs include "Batman: Arkham City", "Deus Ex: Human Revolution", "Limbo" and "Tomb Raider: Underworld". Uploads every weekday!
skysamfreeman 350
MillieBoBilly 350
thatfallout3guy 350
Jackitkong/ aka JackitK 351 Mostly LPs Nitnendo days and does a weekly Let's try that can vary between game demos, flash games, or out of the box first time games.
Irwe3 345 359 Playing Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge.
TheBurningHunter 340
Spitfire 336 160 Spitfire does game parodies, commentary and news and of course LetsPlays.
23piz23mitch 370 87 23piz23mitch will soon be doing more let's plays for these games Tony Hawk Downhill Jam,grand theft auto vice city stories,Minecraft,need for speed underground 2,need for speed underground,Play Hitman Contracts,Just Cause,Left 4 Dead 2 but 23piz23mitch has done a let's play on Qwop but only did Part 1 and has not done a another one but 23piz23mitch may do a part 2 soon(:
DeadDoll00 302 26 A female gamer and commentator that focuses on expanding on the mythology, monsters, and theories behind varying horror games. Best known for her "FearPlay", Slenderman theories Let's Plays.
Tyrelljroberts 334 Recently started a brand new LP of Pokemon Ruby. A recommended channel
Schaly 330
Jigsawflex 435 90 Let's Plays on various Nintendo games. So far, he has completed a First Play Let's Play of Mario Party 3, and has 3 other projects yet to be finished. Best known LP is Super Mario Galaxy alongside his New Super Mario Bros. Wii Co-op!
FuryRising 308 Does RPG LP's and Nintendo games!
HaloMan27 300 Currently LPing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
Oymon 300
OOcloud36 300
ViceCommando 300
ThisIsLetsPlay 300
TailsProwerRulzIsBak 300 currently LPing Banjo-Tooie and Sonic Adventure DX.
Rubadubblub 296 Does English commentary of random flash games to games for consoles. Does Multiplayer.
Danbri28 288 He's a guy that pretty much uploads whatever suits the mood. It's cool dude.
mushroomjuggler1 288 Known for his addiction to Ale-8. Played various SNES games, as well as more modern titles. Currently LPing Viewtiful Joe.
MiddleClassWhiteBoys 280 30 immediately you're intrigued when you hear "My name is broken wiener" followed in by his partner Ryan and doughnut. Now these guys are like a sitcom ryan is cool, calm, smart, and very quiet at times. then there's broken wiener who's rash, forgetful, loud, and never hold back on what he says. doughnut he's silly, a troll, and can be pretty much an A-hole. thier LPs range from horror (weiners specialty). hacks and new gadgets (Ryans specialty). and their main LP (soon to come) is "Double Header" which is both wiener, ryan, and/or doughnut playing co-op games
Select Button Games 279 57 Featuring voice actor Mathew Ricci, funny Let's Play series of popular games,retro titles, and one-offs. Co-Operative series with Nathan will begin to take a larger role. This is a comedy let's play series similar to Game Grumps.
Skatinmonk 260 Lp's Cry of Fear, Amnesia and LSD Dream Emulator.
DanMeister1234 259 Current LPs: Yoshi's Island: Kamek's Revenge (Blind) and SMK Co-op w/RedYoshi91
usernameclassifeid 250
MarkVidyaGamer 246 He gives his viewers, aka Markers, the power to choose what games he would play.
RunescapePeas 242 69 Let's plays on runescape and nothing else doing a series from level 3 without using the Grand Exchange or trading not cutting anything out like some more well known runescapers do.
OddSoul877 243 350+ Best known for his smart mouth, and Pokemon Adventures Let's Play series(not to be confused with the manga). He has done several other games, including: Tales of Phantasia, Megaman, Yu-Gi-Oh: Sacred Cards!, and Morrowind.
MrZeikuu 242
Lollmao5 215 Personal record for his 'Endurance Run': 53.
SheninZanewa 207 Mostly retro console titles. Commentary in Finnish.
Inurian59 201 Started in Early October of 2011 with The Legend of Zelda: The Minish cap, he has completed three LPs to date. Is currently in the middle of Fire Emblem 7,Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and a Co-op of Secret of Mana with NintendoCapriSun. Mostly does GBA and DS games, and other emulated games, as he currently lacks a capture card.
GcCMattMKW 201 Does Let's Plays On The PC (Mainly Sandbox games, mmorps's, etc.) And Let's Plays On The Xbox 360 [Starting Soon With Terraria [brought to you by STEAM] ]
bucketfan4life 200 "Wanna get in a call, dude? Dude, dude, DUDE, wanna get in a call?"
GChaosProductions 187 Mixture of let's plays and other original content
Obiwan362 198
Black Sparr0 184 If you would like to have yourself a laugh, then check this guy out! Perhaps most famous for 'My Mom Plays Slender FACECAM'. This omnivore of a let's player eats everything that you throw at him! Not many fps games though.
TheBlueXGaming 182 A couple of teen gamers, currently doing a wide variety of games including DayZ, Limbo, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Slender and Terraria, It's been assumed they intend to do alot more.
GTFDvideos 175 2 - 4 videos per day.
ZHeXusZ 176
JjAR01 168 Russian, but some material in English as well. Last LP related upload was in June of 2009. Limited LPs but focused on retro console titles.
BeforeGamingFailed 162 Let's Player currently playing: Pokemon Silver
MoonIMOver 160 Alabamian Let's Player who does post commentary in an astoundingly sexy voice.
DefectsGaming 156 Does a load of different stuff. MW3 commentaries, gaming news, and a load of LPs. Almost 2 videos a day, very active.
Roofroller 155
Rensbasement 140 English dude who covers mostly classic games from child hood such as Dungeon Keeper 2, Populous: The Beginning and other various games like Minecraft etc.
Torque943 135
Danzel Glovington 134 Working on his first LP series: Simpsons games from childhood. He's a professional singer from Canada.
Ngen92 133
Flamingshyguy 132 160 An underrated let's player who mainly sticks to Nintendo but does the odd non Nintendo game like Spyro the dragon and more .
demonhead 128
TheGamingGoron 127
MrSethGodSOURCE 126
Emhave 125 224 A Norwegian Let's Player (speaks English) who focuses on Nintendo games, mostly Zelda. He is also a part of the Let's Player group "Boogaloo Shrimp".
LPSquirtleKing 124
KrisstroGaming 0 and counting 12 and counting A Let's Player who is trying his best to improve on his commentaries. He does try his best to give out useful information (Vaguely) for newcomers of games he's playing like Q.U.B.E. and the game's GMOD, Amnesia So far, these are his current works.
MountainPeak11 291 234 A British female metalhead who specialises in satirical off-the-cuff commentary and vocal music covers. Peak's LP choices are focussed on obscure classics for the PS1 and PC, and she does a balance of blind, semi-blind and 100% LPs. Her favourite genres are platforming/adventure and survival horror.
SonKnuckLP 78 467 French Canadian let's player but does his LPs in English for your convenience. Mostly plays Sonic games as the Sonic fanboy that he is, but STRONGLY open to play other games. Just request and as long as he owns it he will play it. He might even go out of his way to GET the game if he doesn't already have it just so he can do the LP for you!
B.I.T.E Gamers (DanielMartini,NeonBaron) 2 0 Two American gamers who focus mainly on the popular game Minecraft. They play custom maps, rate them, and also build their own. Although they play mainly Minecraft, they also play other games such as Half-Life. Their Youtube account was just re-published, and they plan to post a flock of videos soon.
daniel63yt 17 A PC gamer that is currently doing the godfather 2 lets play and after finished that plans to do dishonored and far cry 3 lets play. other than that play a variety of pc games.
RazTehWaz 8 17 Raz is a British female LPer who loves Indy games. She also plays games with hardcore mode (Permanent death) on the highest difficulty. At least one video added every day. She will take requests for games and is happy to chat with anyone.
Two Square Game Studios 8 19 A team of 1 as of right now, play's a variety of different games with an more adult humor. He is also working on animations and Dubs of video game trailers.

Currently playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

iTsKuda 11 5 Amateur New LPer who (for now) focuses on RPGs. He'll be doing his LPs on emulators until he can get a capture card for his consoles (Which will be very soon!) Pretty straightforward with comedy every now and then. Be sure to check him out and sub if you enjoy! -Currently LPing: Final Fantasy VII, Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga-
TechnoBambino 29 64 British Top-hat wearing let's player who specialises in comedic blind runs of classic games in his series "You've Never Played?". With games such as Castlevania, Megaman II, Final Fantasy VII, Sonic CD, Pokémon and more!
Flamingshyguy 130 150 Canadian gamer who let's plays nintendo games and has good commentary. Very under rated and wants to start a series for other under rated let's players when he hits 1,000 subscribers.
SmokeMelvin's Gaming Channel 93 84 A Dutch Lper who joined Dec 16,2011. He mostly focuses on horror games and sometimes Indie Games.
ScaredTorchics 56 101 New LPers, a group of friends that started in August 2012, doing Nintendo Games to start and much more to come in the future.
GamesArePlayed 3 8 A young, British LPer who enjoys retro games and is currently doing a Let's Play of Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Pokemon Blue. Also does a few TAS's and Non-Let's Play mini-series's on the side.
NosLudere 723 16 European gamer who does different series for classic-retro games as well as longer let's plays of current games. 100% completion.
BenRinnator 14 9 Let's Plays a variety of different games, just started LP'ing recently and started with the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, plans to do Minecraft, Mario, and other genres of games in the future.
Nintendofanlp (Catchprase: C'MON MAN!) 16 64 Mainly focuses on Nintendo. He likes to do let's plays of Mario and Donkey Kong. Sometimes his friend comes over and they play Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Very funny, especially the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! videos. He has a "C'MON MAN!" counter in some of his let's plays. Everytime he says C'MON MAN you hear a ding and the number goes up, similar to NintendoCapriSun's So Happy! counter.
TheObjo 100 114 Let's Player focused towards Nintendo and the Lego games. Commentary is informational and has a bizarre sense of humor.
LivedLeader 150
TheAgentBrandon 121
HiddenSwitch 120 semi-collab channel, has done a variety of games and uploads regularly (Host of A Winter of Kirby)
Bub1029 120 Last LP done 1 year ago
Darkduckmovies (DDM) 120 Favours Resident Evil and more obscure games; a more comedic than informative commentator.
johnnycancer 199
Play4Thrill 174 Has recently completed main game of Ape Escape (as of 4/27/12)
OT6 159 A mix of retro and current titles. Last post was in May 2011.
Buddymcfriend 155 RPG's/Scary Games/Playthroughs (FF7, Legend of Zelda, Alan Wake, Diablo II, Kirby, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Shadow of the Colossus, War of the Monsters, Slender, Slenderman, and more)
owozifa 142
MihariofMabinogi 300+ PC gaming focused ("Until I get a capture card" she says)
Jukematerful 119 PC gaming focused.
CaptainIncompetent 113
Silentsenior09 150 170 Creates voices for the game characters, has a nutty sense of humor and poses wild and slightly unorthodox ways of doing things whenever he has his cup of coffee for the day.
NitsuaGamer 125 257 A gamer and filmmaker who tries his best to produce something entertaining for all viewers.
punchaface1 150 plays games that arnt well know like record of agarest war and blade kitten
Dithiannim 115 450 Informative LPer of JRPGs and plays mostly Japanese games altogether.
Knezy312LP 111 127 Is about to finish LPing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Posts videos daily. His twitter is @Knezy312LP.
Plaatinum10 100
Dondylion 152 51 A let's player with food on the brain.
NESgamer190 100
johnnycancer 100
codemasterda 100
jimmyBojie 100
Gam3rb0x 100
uznare 100
Kikyouchanx 113 Female LPer who LPs RPGs, and Pokemon games! Current LPs: Pokemon Liquid Crystal)
the96project 102 Mainly Let's Plays Harry Potter games.
theglem4 29 theglem4 is very overlooked. Though his videos have a bit of glare (which is supposed to be fixed soon), he is very funny and worth watching.
Quilavadude27 162 Nintendo focused. Currently LPing Super Paper Mario Blind and Majora's Mask. First lp was Luigi's Mansion.
Sidrelly 137 265 Just started doing LPs in August 2011, and is currently doing Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, a Dual Commentary LP of Bioshock with AitukXIII, and an LP of Pokemon Yellow
ThatguyDusty 100 Last LP done 2 years ago
dragoxdugles 100 Last LP done 2 years ago
ChicagoLetsPlays 73 185 Retro Games From SNES: Super Mario All-Stars.
TheEdwardo121 123 159 Makes mainly Minecraft LPs + GTA walkthroughs with additional PC titles.
WeWouldLike2Play 96 Mainly focusing on Nintendo console games.
EtsamaruTsubaki 93 300 Has a quirky sense of humor and tries to do new things once in awhile. The videos go from silly to informative at the drop of a hat. Tends to play Megaman titles and Fan Games but also plays a lot of other games
swimmylionni 93 Appears to have started with Dragon Warrior 7 and then stopped. Last LP related upload was in February 2009.
ThomasB2685 92 Anything Playstation, ranging from PS1 to PSP. Recently finished The 3rd Birthday.
BloodyxMarie 92 German female player. Focused on current PC game titles.
NBren777 91 109 Focuses mainly on Co-op games and always uploads in High Quality. Currently doing World of Warcraft.
ktsjr15 91 currently lping the legend of zelda ocarina of time
techhunter80 107 A young lper just having fun and cracking jokes.
xEternalAu 90 Only uploads videos that are 45+ minutes long. Currently playing the epic H-game/visual novel series known as Monster Girl Quest.
nicobbq 90 Currently LPing Mario World
brianiangoodman 90
MultiNickLP 85 he doesn't want you to add his back or his chest.
Chitzy47 83 he does terraria, minecraft, and other indie let's plays.
DarkNintendo2000 83
ArmoredChocobo 82 Specializes in old, obscure, rare, and independently-made games.
TaleOfTheToaster 81 93 Began July 27th 2012, TaleOfTheToaster's first LP was Mario Tennis: Power Tour.
JuiCyBoxMaN 80 Started about a month ago. Focuses on many different games on all types of consoles, but is well known for his Pokemon LPs.
AlphaVenatusDeus 80 Mix of PC and console games.
OshaStar96 80
MasterathLP 82 283 Moved all his LPs to a new channel in November 2010. Best known for his LP of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing. Currently LPing Pokemon Stadium.
Flamingechoes 77 Currently Let's Playing Metroid Prime and Cave Story.
madfinnishgamer38(aka. MFG38) 75 This is a Finnish player but his commentary is in English. He focuses on PC based FPS titles.
Ultimablur 75 Console focused LP coverage. Last post was February 2012.
BetaNights 73 253 A very random Let's Player who works hard on quality and entertainment, and is slowly improving. As of 12/10/12, he has done Pokemon White, Metroid Prime, Pokemon Colosseum, Megaman X, and is currently LPing the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. He also makes multiplayer Minecraft videos, and more, with his friends.
JeremyVsGames 70 149 PC games mainly focusing on the RPG and strategy genres with the occasional dip into action titles. Uses annotation format (English) instead of voice commentary.
Legendof8241998 70 200 Does Let's Play's Randomly, But People Enjoy him, Sometimes He has his moments.
LockeLackey 70 Currently and Most Known for LPing Future Tactics: The Uprising. Has a variety of Unfinished LPs
nikodante 70
AngstAndAvarice 70
devilwarier9 69
XtraLimey 69
TheNessEB 69 366 3 console titles and Mother 3 music track in HQ. Doesn't swear.
yoshi8869 66 24 He is the newest addition to the Nintendo LP world. Taking a strong influence from JoshJepson. He plays primarily Zelda, but has other Mario/Rayman games on the side. Often does co-commentaries with AlphaShasa, MaximumRider, and zeus23257.
LunaInDreamland 98 227 Female who does LP's in a "whatever happens, happens" manner and usually makes the playable character an asshole or crazy. Has recently started movie reviews as well.
EddyTheOliveira 68 A British kid. Zelda (and eventually Sonic) focused and is known for his major freakouts.
ReviewTIJ 68 Focused on sports and racing LPs.
Youreverdaymonkey 67 Lots of LP titles to choose from.
oddscoff 65 Plays Ren'py games
PotBellyPig13 64 British dual comms of a variety of games, with a unique, spontaneous, humourous commentary style.
FlameMaster214 64 A collab channel started by Sonicmaster211, and TheGamingGoron. retired members: Raiza51. Other members: Aimanfire1, Pichujace.
streatz11 63 A mix of Mario and Pokemon console titles.
Iburinoc 63 Plays Minecraft custom maps, Skyward Sword Hero Mode, and more.
AstralOrpheus 62
xNeOsZx 61 Console focused.
Rapskilian 60 Currently Let's Playing Silent Hill downpour and Diablo 3
Samirtheknight 57 Does LPs on different games such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Minecraft.
northan2 57 Last LP done 1 year ago
SomethingFawful 130 42 A Canadian LPer who began his first LP on the 16th July 2012. He is currently part of two collab channels, and has currently finished three LPs (those of which being Yoshi's Island, Venture and Metroid Fusion). His main catchphrase is "ROBOTIC TURTLE!", founded in his ongoing Super Mario Galaxy LP.
24Penguin24 55
42Wonko42 55
xJordsGamesx 54 Plays Saints Row: The Third, PS3 titles.
Daveyhead 53 Just starting, plays some horror games and pokemon.
PellMellKel 53 Started LPing in September 2011. This is a female LPer, sometimes playing in a group, covering PC titles. Last post was in January 2012.
therealyocow 53
DarkDemon677 48 Last post was in August 2011.
IAmJoedub 48 Retro console title focused.
themcooldudes 47
ProtagPlays 46 Welsh Let's Player focused on Indie and Horror mainly, but prone to uploading videos of literally anything.
OzzyMandezLPs 73 6 Ozzy is Northern English, notable for his often snarky commentary and is certified as the Greatest Man In The World. Rising at a brisk pace in subscriber/view count. Plays both console games- PS3/PSOne- and PC. Currently doing Bully: Scholarship Edition, starting Portal 2 and Star Wars: Battlefront II in the coming weeks. His re-invigorated schedule consists of "Freebie Fridays" in which he plays a free game he's stumbled across and posts a link so viewers can play too and "Let's Play On A Sunday", his less-than-impressive moniker for Sundays, on which he uploads the latest parts of his on-going LPs, usually doing three at a time. Check him out. He's British, he's funny, he's informative and his voice makes women go wet. What more do you need in a let's player?
SiilverGoat 45 Lots of retro console titles.
ROFLoftus 44 Focused on PC titles, including Minecraft, Oblivion, Bioshock 2 and Zelda.
Sebijingames 44 Started November 2011. Mostly Classic Nintendo games from NES to N64. Also the US Recruitment Leader for the Fourforgottenfangs website, An LP community.
ItsmeJamesAJ 43 classic, mobile, and SNES games. Looking to do some PS2 games. Did 100+ videos with internal mic that comes with macbook air so all those videos are literally 'trashed'. Getting a mic soon.
PixelSnail 42
Lord Iacobus 42 A mix of PC and console titles. Last post was in August 2011.
Crysisdude1 38 Range of console and PC game playthroughs recorded in HD.
DJxxNightwolf 38 A mix of console and PC titles.
Silverdude500 37 Live streams his LP's, which are console oriented.
LthePumpkinKing 36 Fairly Mario console focused.
maskedtime64 36 Lots of console titles (Mario, Pokemon, Mega Man, etc.).
MrSeaniebop 35 Focused on platformers, but can do FPS and other genres. 3 people involved in this channel.
CurlySnailPo 35 552 Minecraft, Portal and more!
Bbundy09 39 Looks for lesser known games and underrated classics. Also a big Rareware aficionado.
thoriumfistfilms AKA "Squidcap gaming" 39 191+ Consists of youtube LPers MihariofMabinogi (Mihari), saruken1 (Fey'r), RushthePony (Rush), and Zetank92592 (Disello). They are also bronies and talk about the series "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" every now and then (but try not to talk about it a lot so they wont offend/annoy their non-brony viewers), a warning in case you want nothing to do with the subject of MLP. Mihari and Disello seem to be the main contributors.
Goodgis30 37 Retro console titles.
Darkaura005 32 Various TF2 online matches, Mario Levels, and coming soon: Let's Plays. Currently is getting everything set up to record a 100 % Run of Paper Mario 64, and in the future probably will be 100% running many other games.
Codeblack5 32 Console focused. Currently doing Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix+ and Power Stone 2. Nearing the end of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
ItsmeJamesAJ 30 Mac games such as Angry Birds Space, various challenges, special effects videos, Super Mario Bros (NES) and Cut The Rope.
Swillcarp 30 Covering both indie and retail PC titles.
TheMeggam 28 Adam and Meghan mostly x-box gaming! Wide variety of genre's and comedy stupidity. Started Novemer 2011.
EmoRhino64 34 73 Started in January 2012, Currently LPing Sonic 1 and Awesomenauts
BojoradarLPz 2 5 Focues on pretty much any game, especially handheld games.
CuntrySongAndMegaman 28 Lesser known games or classic games. Currently working on Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney- Justice For All.
TheThunderExperience 27 Is currently playing Super Mario 64 DS and is very informative while being funny at the same time.
Shlockness Monster 26 Two buddies doing let's plays together. They think they're pretty funny. They play a variety of games. Recommended.
4EyesGamer 25 Focused on RPS and FPS based PC titles.
GamerLoveer224 24 Trys to Let's Plays but runs into problems
D8errasse 21 60 A cool Let's Play Newcomer from Switzerland
TheGrimgoose 44 51 Seems focused on Pokemon related titles. Started in Jan 2012 with Pokemon Crystal. He is currently doing a Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke.
DETHxTOxREALITY 23 106+ Currently working on Silent Hill 1, a Duo Terraria commentary with his friend Meatstick, and post solutions to Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Posts Daily unless out of material. Always looking for new partner LPer's
HaPKPerCar 21 Last LP post was in November 2008 and seems inactive.
TonyandConer 22 Console titles including Mario, Sonic, and Mega Man.
The Nostalgic Gamers 26 72 Specialises on classic video games the hosts grew up with. Currently on their second series (Toy Story 2).
Shadowlierx 20 Does Nintendo games, Runescape and Minecraft. Recently started again.
Unficablus 19 Nintendo focused (Zelda, Donkey Kong Country etc.).
Rioshoa 19 Commentary is aimed to entertain and video's length is currently averaging 20 to 30 minutes. He loves to hear input, and hopes to see what you've got to say. More to come soon!
ButchTheCanadian 19 Currently doing Megaman on the NES, has a great personality.
Superfalconman2 19 Console focused.
TrueRedRevenge 19 19 A relatively new player who games mostly from his dorm room. He plays whatever seems to interest him at the time, and plays for fun. Moderately silly and sometimes comical.
YarrMedia 4 14 Let's plays and walkthrough's for various games and the occasional game review.
Lazyrebel0210 19 Fairly new LPer. Heavy Minecraft focus.
peachvomit a.k.a Nina 18 (English speaking) Let's Player from Finland. She seems to focus on horror such as The Walking Dead, Doom 3 and Sanatorium/Hospice.
CrazyDrone169 18 PC FPS focused.
MelloYello8787 18 50 Currently completing LoZ: Ocarina of Time. Has 6 completed LP's so far including SMB3 and Mike Tyson's Punchout.
TheUndergroundLP 18 Zelda and Pokemon. Has been on hiatus since January 2012.
WildGoombas 18 Nintendo 64 focused. Last post was August 2011.
silastk 18 New LPer. Current LP is a co-op playthrough of Gears of War.
SmashPike 4 3 Playing Super Mario World, will be doing more soon.
ChiefScarneck 43 Started Let's Playing on February 27, 2012, the 16th anniversary of Pokémon. Mainly Nintendo and Sony console focused.
FinnGamer95 17 Minecraft and console game focus. English speaking player from Finland
BetrayedTangerine 16 Currently doing Super Mario Sunshine.
DwarfChieftain (aka. Martin) 16 Addicted with Skyrim, fantasy style and Lord of the Rings. Mainly oriented in Skyrim let's play. Has a quiet,safe for work talking style. Likes to make jokes, mostly ironic. He loves RPG and everything that has a word "sword" in it
Dourakuou 16 Console titles. Last post was April 2012. He also had a previous YouTube channel (StreetfighterMarioX) which was abandonned in favor of the new one, which also covered console titles.
XPatientZero 16 Lots of Minecraft as well as other PC gaming titles.
FrogmanJ14 18 I'm just happy to be here :) Oh, and the Super Nintendo kicks so much ass!
Zachebi 15 8 Comedic, focused on various types of games
MeetingWithTheMasters 15 Kazuki, Zaara and Trexer started this channel about a month ago. If you like screaming/foul language then this channel might interest you. We play anything and everything. At this point Kazuki plays Resident Evil 4 mostly.
Kuro0ni 15 Retro console titles, Mario, etc. Last post was July 2009.
FooRiRi 16 Currently does Minecraft Solo and many other games with many other people.
GawaynoPlays 16 25 A Let's Player who is trying his best to improve on his commentaries. He does try his best to give out useful information (Vaguely) for newcomers of games he's playing like DOOM and the game's custom Wads, Grand Chase while playing the Holy Knight Lime, Castle Crashers, and Spore. So far, these are his current works.
milleniumfrisbee 14 Started early in the year of 2011 with Spyro 3. Will be doing a variety of games some blind and some not.
mariovsluigiZ 14
Butcherd00 13 Does original LP's called "Let's Kills" where he plays though the game killing as many characters as possible.
Gameuniverse13 13
LawrenceF677 13 Currently going Half Life 1 mods and expansions. *aims to speaiclise in any/all horror games like that of Helloween4545 or Cry.
Warbear777 14 Does Pokemon Rumble, White, Dissidia012 and Supreme Commander 2
BlogNintendo 13 Huge focus on Nintendo.
doug35animaitions 12 104 New guy. Makes gameplay vids with an easycap.
xXInfinitySquaredXx 61 150 Mostly Minecraft focused channel, but has several other series with other games including: DayZ and Ace of Spades. Casual style. In it for the fun.
The123person 301 Does a variety of games across various consoles. Good upload rate and sticks to his series.
1992ladaniel 278 Mainly LP's Wii games, as well as older previous console games. Also does assorted MMORPG videos and other videos on the side. Current projects are Super Mario Galaxy, Megaman Legends, and Pokemon HeartGold.
RebelNerdNet 203 Mainly horror based let's plays. Adds facing camera to most of his videos. Very funny and entertaining. Plays just about every console.
MostlyWill 13 24 An American Let's Player who plays primarily older games on the SNES/N64/Older classic consoles. Loves to get nostalgic with the audience and just have a good time.
KirkasaurusRex 12 Is Let's Playing Pikmin for the NGC.
Acat493 30 110 Mainly focused on retro games, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Nintendo
beastfighter1 12 New LPer. Current LP is Super Mario Galaxy.
Ydalton13 12 New to LP's but is very good. Does all types of games.
Sabateini 12 Brand new, started LP of Final Fantasy VII, with side project of Monster Hunter Tri videos called "Let's Slay!"
pwnerranger 12 New lets player that just started. He currently is doing Mario Party 5, but will do more gamecube games.
AFnord 12 PC focused Let's Player with a handful of games under his belt..
Venatus92 11 Took a break just started back up.
TheGlibStaff 11 Mainly MineCraft.
Klickso29 11 Currently playing Sonic Adventure DX and Oblivion.
Rhinoftw96 11 Is a british mainly Nintendo LP'er that is currently doing a blitzle solo run is friends with Datai and Hellfire Comms is now currently redoing his Let's plays as he was upset by his original pefrormances after a 6 month hiatus
thatminecraftnewb 10 Mainly focused on Minecraft
Microstendo 10 Planning to do Brute Force and Banjo Kazooie soon (Group Of Let's Players)
Weeze Raider 10 18 New Let's Player that recently started his first LP of "I am Alive". Also has a few multiplayer gameplay videos. Prone to singing at times.
Fetch Quests! 10 25 A new Let's Play that focus' on a 'stand up comedy' style co-op commentary.
RishkoiHD 10 12 Classic Let's Play Style, With Montage Videos, Heavy Into References And Nintendo.
SevenSpy 9 Will be playing various games from his collection and random games. Loves kind support, suggestions, feedback to maintain a good collection of videos with good content. Takes in video game suggestions.
MosesGamingX 9 Finished Let's Play Aliens vs. Predator, and will be doing some gamecube games such as Harry potter and will defientely be doing an Lp on Black & white 2
ShaunicornProduction 9 He did Mario Kart Wii and will be doing random games
JamesandJoseph New Lets Players, with a strong focus on minecraft. Soon to be expanding and doing many other games such as oblivion, fallout, The Sims 3, rollercoaster Tycoon, And many more. Please check These guys out as they are very funny and very entertaining. :)
Phealinbro(a.k.a Phealin) 8 New Co-Op Let's Player from Sweden, has done a whole play through of A.R.E.S and Magicka with his co-op partnerPhaeranbro a.k.a Phearan.
DerpPlaysVidya 8 Starting an LP of Max Payne 1. Will continute onto Max Payne 2 and then 3 when it comes out. Also does random videos for random games.
Ninjaman9076 8 He enjoys entertaining you with MINECRAFT!!!
GringoMcGee 8 Started late August
PuppyKiva 8 female brand new to LPing. Is the youngest sister to Mrtrree
Sleepzyo 8 New LPer, only a few videos up, will be focusing on Total War and Guild Wars 2 mainly.
ShamangoUno 7 Brand new to LPing.
Orionzilla 7 plays VVVVVV, Happy Wheels, And Minecraft (with happyman56). Also does random videos.
blarghonk25 7 Just started doing LPs, with the aim of completing the Ratchet and Clank Future trilogy
TheJ5Pro 7 33 Even tho he makes different media, He is currently let's playing his favorite game - Crash Team Racing!
Cautiousssly 6 A not very known LPer who is currently working on a few projects on several games like Minecraft and Call Of Duty
Zimsmlgpro 6 New LPer, working on several projects, currently doing Donkey Kong Country 1. Will eventually do the trilogy and then will do several races.
theaznrulr 6 New LPer, currently doing Super Mario Bros.3
Tapymon 6 Awesome, makes references all the time!!!
Pichu441 6 Has Let's Played for a few months. Does mainly Nintendo Games.
BestChannelOfAllTime 6 New Lper. . Current LP is Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Not a very good gamer. His reasoning is "Fails are funny" Has said that on November 24th (Release date of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) That he will be doing an LP of said game. He hopes to be the first Lper to do Skyward Sword. This will however halt his Twilight Princess LP
LaughingAtJoysticks 5 A gaggle of geeks doing different Let's Plays of different genres. Something for everyone. Just started, much more to come. Check us out!! SUBS ARE AWESOME!!
Omgwtfhaxerz 5 Does different types of games. Mostly Team Fortress 2.
KuroRyuuD 4 Started his first "Let's Play" early September and is getting better at it as days pass. Currenly LPing Deus Ex HR and btw is a huge RPG lover. More RPGs to come! Along with some action.
Unorthodoxbanana 3 7 A youtuber with a lot of potential who is just starting out. Sort of a "resource full" youtuber, he mixes his own music and makes all of his own art. He plays weird and often disturbing indie games, (most likely insane).
TheNintendoKid99 6 Is Let's Playing Super Mario 64. He will be playing Mario Super Sluggers and Mario Kart: Double Dash with his father. Nintendo based with the goal to LP every Mario game made.
LogatorsLetsPlays 12 Has finished 2 projects, A third out soon. Loves new viewers and open to co-commentate or race :D
BlindBlackDragon 5 Currently going through Super Mario Galaxy and then a hiatus. Future plans include finishing Galaxy, Galaxy 2 and possibly a racing game.
Specs54 4
starmano34 4 Woot publicity. WE PLAY GAMES, WE GOOD, PLEASE SUB!
supershroombros 4 three brothers two that do walkthough and the other does letsplays
SerKharl 4 Let's Playing Minecraft and is planning to LP several GBA/DS games. Has also done several Stepmania avideos.
HungryHitmen 63 212 PC games. Mostly does Blind Let's Plays for both new and old (though recent) games.
NationalRadar 13 A New Lets Player who joined on Sept 14, 2012. Currently lets playing Luigi's Mansion and Super Mario Bros. Wii. Super Mario 64 and a Mystery LP coming afterwards.
Purnoking 4 66 Plays random games, but has a chaotic upload schedule due to his work. Currently doing Diablo 3, Minecraft and Pokemon Red.
KitNDrum 3 Brand New (6/25/12), HD Video, Fairly Good Commentary, Playing Pokemon Conquest and Final Fantasy VI (6) Advance
mariodude153 3
GamingArtist1234 3 Dosent yet owna capture device but focuses on nintendo, microsoft, and sony games alike. Mostly focusues on commentary that is humorus but also informative. Currently doing Kirby's Epic Yarn.
Paynetrayne11 2 23 Relatively new LPer. His LP of Ocarina of Time is currently on hold, while his next LP Starfox Adventures will be up shortly.
TheAllmondz 2 Just started, takes requests, first Let's play will be revealed.
constantupgrader 2 Has finished a World of Keflings and is Currently working on Kingdom Hearts
JPTJ5Let'sPlays 10 17 Currently working on Crash Bandicoot 3, hoping to cover the whole series!!
LogatorsLetsPlays 11 31 Finishing 3rd LP, Mega Man X. Will start a new project with in a week or two.
Inachairongaming 2 Currently doing Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker. Had to stop because of disc-read error, now starting to work on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
ConcaveJelly 2 Currently doing Mario Kart 64.
ProjectSeventy 2 A young Brit, hoping to start out very soon on games for the XBox 360 and PS2. First LP will be Portal 2.
re8nifle 1 This is a brand new youtube channel I'm making, full of minecraft let's plays. I'm trying to get a few more subscribers to keep me running.
GravitySmashify 1 Finished Megaman 7, Megaman 1 and Donkey Kong Country. Currently working on NSMBWii co-op and Kirby's Epic Yarn. I use a capture card, and a headset. I Mostly do Nintendo games, but might do others in the future.
chronoquarium 1 No videos yet, but will start playing iPhone RPGs with commentary, like Secret of Mana (will also complete what MahaloVideoGames forgot), Across Age, and Chrono Trigger. Has not figured out how to record them yet. Messed up on username.
YinYangPlayers 1 We have finished Pikmin and Starfox 64, we are on Billy Hatcher & the Giant Egg and Kirby's Adventure. We use a capture card for our videos, and operated by Logan and Jazmine. We will do games of many types, mainly Nintendo games. There will be non-Nintendo games eventually, but check it out anyways!
Zephyllite 6 18 I'm a girl. Currently doing Crash Bandicoot: WARPED and a co-op playthrough of Amnesia with a friend. I don't really upload on a schedule, but my qualtity is good! Come check me out c:
ContradictinTheGuide 0 Brand new Let's Player working on Final Fantasy Tactics A2. I'm working hard and fast. will do JRPG's. Come and look at my stuff! You won't be dissapointed!!!
AdeleneFyorie 0 Female. Just started (6/5/12). So far has Minecraft and Amnesia Dark Descent.
Kellyy087 60 174 Female. Currently recording LP's for Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2. Finished Skyrim, Mass Effect and Dragon Age Origins. Will be doing many more games in the future.
AnonSol 21 Female. Playing Tokimeki Girl's Side, an Otome game. Will expand to other types of games as well.
ProjectMartyr 4 Currently doing Ratchet All 4 One, Borderlands, Virtua Fighter 5. Will be doing Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2 and Sly 4
RaayhRaayh 22 a new German LetsPlayer. Lots of LPs, heavily focused on horror genre. Plays often Amnesia and a lot of Custom Stories. Channel Created on Jun 22/12
XTheYooTooX 0 A new crazy lets player who enjoys playing games. He is gonna play Happy Wheels and Minecraft for now. plz SUB :)
MrBlueCyclone New Lper, doing Pokemon Leaf Green rigth now
xKittyDithx 0 Female. Just Started. Playing The Witcher 1, M.U.D TV
Daxxyn 0 No videos yet, but will be doing Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards.
Grand Magikarp 8 Prefers doing LPs on horrible games. Has some Shaq-Fu and Captain Novolin for now.
slick Minecraft, Age of empire
cozy aoe
zlfaurora 69 He watched an LP once.
TannerStroupe 29 Pokemon LeafGreen, and Total Domination Nuclear Strategy
WhenIdiotsAreGaming 20 167

Two swedish let's player playing lot's of diffrent game both new and classic. For now: Rift, Tera, Legend of Zelda: ocarina of time and minish cap. Devil may cry 4, deathspank, bordelands 2, Red Alert 3 and Eye Divine Cybermancy.

NicholasLPER 1 Lets playing xbox 360 games [Currently ]
dAKaitorei 4 Relatively new with Portal 2 completed and currently playing Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy.
Snatudl 17 Sarcastic but witty LPer that also does other video series such as product reviews and rants. Nice guy.
TheBROS 14 two brothers who play games IN HD.
Dassaric 9 Is currently Starting a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Let's play. He's also has a scedule of one video a day, You'll never see him play a console game unless it can be emulated.
Zardlon 12 Multiplayer Gameplay, Lets play of variety of games. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, DayZ, Portal. May play games on emulators. Uploads 1-2 videos daily
GameOverJoshua Let's Play 1 Remade His Channel And He Plays The Old School And New School Along With Indie/Obsceure Gaming And Is Currently Is Let's Playing Kirby's Adventure
BritishG4m3r 31 Let's plays a variety of games and is going to start game reviews. Regular uploads, usually daily and uploads in HD. Oh yeah, he's also British.
TheUnityDot 10 Let's player focused on indie-titles and older games.
PSIMarth23 0 New Let's Player. Takes suggestions from Youtube and another site, FEPlanet. Currently Let's Playing Final Fantasy for the NES.
Wolvfena 3 8 She has played SCP 087-b,Slender and is currently playing Ao Oni. She is also taking requests for more games to play, she foucus on horror indie computer games. She tires to upload at least one video a week.
YodersPlace 12 54 New Let's Player from Kentucky. He runs mutiple series and releases videos daily.
TheGeekyStudios 19 118 A Let's Player who does many series of videos such as minecraft, oblivion, and more. New videos almost every day.
Ikarru 49 348 A Let's Player since 2009. Does games of all genre and currently working on his higher quality videos. Also starting on Esport Commentaries.
ThisUsernameIsLegit 75 2 A relatively new Let's Player, currently planning a Spore LP.
lamedisease 3 12 Focuses on The Elder Scrolls series. Is currently working on a Skyrim Ironman LP, but also has a few other works in progress. College student, Alienware fanboy.
DarkShadowofLight 34 55 Has completed 1 Let's Play of Sonic Heroes, and is currently playing Shadow the Hedgehog.
MikeTheDbacker26 77 17 Currently is playing Super Paper Mario and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Is also doing Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa. Plans on doing many more Nintendo games as well as some from other systems. Has a wide open set of plans for his channel.
KelMaiGaming 71 67 Playing MineZ, Kerbal Space Program, Unmechanical and more!
MrHamalamadingdong 12 32 Playing Super Mario World
Sceptile321 175 58 is Currently Doing New Super Luigi Bros.
Psychochotics 184 242 Slight emphasis in PlayStation games, though he also does Nintendo games.
kabuto335 213 246 Not many project and most unfinished, but for what he has it's very good! Currently playing Okami.
Ballerscuba 400 1,500 Works on his LPs on a regular schedule. Humorous commentary. Many completed LPs including Xenogears, FFI, II, III, IV, Chrono Trigger, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, World of Goo, Portal, Morrowind and many more.
ChristensenTobias 216 30 Let's Play! Slender, Amnesia, Sanctrium, Penumbra.
Luigifan64d 400 Used to do longplays, now he's a new Let's Player. He plays a wide variety of games. Keeps his commentary G-rated. He sings sometimes.
ajkinusa 5 165+ Focuses mainly on Zelda games, but is doing Super Paper Mario and Super Mario 3D Land.
HowTo'sForDays (a.k.a. "Chronicle") 0 0 (Account created on 11/26/12)Has 2 years experience of video/picture editing under his sleeve. Has previously had a Let's Playing channel with 300+ subscribers. Affiliated with "TheMAgamers". Uses Sony Vegas Pro 11, Audacity, Camtasia Recorder, and GIMP to make his videos, YouTube backgrounds, etc. Makes custom YouTube backgrounds, profile pictures, intro/outros Currently working on "How-To" videos. Will begin Let's Play videos when recording equipment is upgraded.
TotalDramaFan1001 3 16+ Currently working on Mario Kart Wii and Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force LP's, but could possibly do Pokemon HeartGold, Ruby, FireRed, or Lego Batman: The Videogame (for Wii).
CheerioHD 4 3 Will be doing LP's on the big games this season, such as Borderlands 2, Halo 4, Far Cry 3, and most importantly, Kinect Sesame Street TV (Just Kidding.) Has somewhat of a sense of humor and good quality audio and video.
TheYapper13 2 17 Not a very well known lets player. started his youtube account in december 2009 but didnt start making videos until early to mid 2011....he is currently doing lets plays of wwe 12 universe mode.The elder scrolls skyrim and sims 3.....specalizes in horror lets plays altough he doesnt have any scary games on his channel he has stated he will be starting to do them around the fall season. known to be a funny and entertaining youtuber......he also does vlogs........ and records all of his videos with a hd video camera with the exception of his first wwe 12 lets play video and a few other videos and his vlogs wich were made with a webcam...he is currently on break and has been on break since june/july 2012 .....check him out.....he also has stated he will be returning to youtube!
SlaterEvolution 11 35 Recently converted to a LP channel that aims to provide viewers a fun experience over a variety of games, with high quality videos. Starting off with Minecraft but with plans on branching out into all sorts of games and genres. This includes different platforms as well including PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The 2 hosts will bring to you their experiences in the different worlds that each game has to offer, while spinning their own personality into the mix, whether it be a RPG, FPS, RTS, MMO or whether it be a horror, action, adventure game it doesn't matter! There will be something for everyone!
TrueStoryGamingHD 90 A Let's Player who plays horror/indie games such as Slender and Slendermans Shadow, Inside, The Corridor, Heritage, SCP and more!
TrueFriendsGaming 44 234 A group of three Let's Players Jku390, Preson101, Blacksora325 they do pretty much everything from retro to newer age gaming. They are still new with some finished Let's Plays and some that aren't. However, they're getting more on track.
OcarinaSurge 135+ 40+ A Let's Player who started back in June 2012. He does mainly Nintendo stuff, and will try to branch out soon. He's been called "the most balanced Let's Player" by NinBuzz, and provides commentary that just about anyone can enjoy.
VladofWallachia 58 392 A LPer since February 2011, willing to diversify. Main LPs include a WOW leveling series of a Goblin fire mage (ongoing), Guild Wars 2, Mass Effect series, some indie games (World of Goo & Bob Came in Pieces until now), Spellforce (current), Team Fortress 2 and random browser games. Commentary style: as humorous as I can make it. Subscribers will be appreciated.
Knux57 49 New Let's Player that focuses on no particular genre, but has done Borderlands 1 and 2. Plans on doing older console games as well.
VeganInvader 73 56 A PC Let's Player that started his channel on Feb 6th, 2012. So far he seems to do LPs of fairly high profile games such as Dark Souls, Alan Wake and Fallout: New Vegas (including DLC) with multiple visual enhancing mods. His videos are very high quality and his commentary is pleasant enough to listen too. He's a very no-nonsese gamer and has an above average skill level with gaming. His current ongoing LPs are: Alan Wake, Fallout New Vegas Visually Enhanced and Dark Souls. He tries to upload about 2-3 episodes a day.
DDaydark 96 262 Gose by DDay the only reson he has dark in his name is becuses DDay was already in use. he updates frequently during winter and summer the updates can slow down or grind to a hult. He is curently working on Borderlands 2 and Dead Space 2 - As of September 19, 2012
TudorPlays 2 7 A new Let's Player who started by playing horror video games but who has much more to come.
VcentGplaysGames 307 272 A newer Let's Player mainly doing PC games but has started to do Xbox 360 and also does a few MMORPG videos as well.
triforceplus1 53 227 Focuses on Nintendo titles. Previously completed Pokemon SoulSilver Version, Paper Mario. Currently working on The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
AllyJacqui 32 26 A Female let's player who's only just started out, and is craving to get her channel out there. She's just started doing a Let's play of the PS1's Classic, Spyro The Dragon. In thse videos, she encounters many problems, such as Fraps deciding to make the game lag, which causes her to get frustrated. And also the audio not recording sometimes. Despite these problems, she pushes through to upload Reguarly, or as reguarly as possible. She also does a Slender Series sometimes with Facecam and she is currently taking requests for games on the PS1, Gamemeboy/DS or Computer. She hopes to get a Capture Card in the future so she can play things on the PS3 or the PS2.
MegaLazygamer 256 600 Plays a number of different genres with a partial focus on the Playstation and PC games. Has completed LPs for a number of series including Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Metal Gear, Breath of Fire, Mass Effect, and Earthbound.
YoshiGamerGirl 369 96 A female let's player with a sunny attitude. Well known for her "Yoshi huggles" and custom made artwork. Focuses on Nintendo games that are cute, and a Spyro: Year of the Dragon LP in a collab group, RedSteelLPs. Currently in a relationship with fellow LPer LightningCloud224, and running a couple collab channel with him, named YoshiCloudLPs.
LightningCloud224 555 118 Focuses on well-known RPG games, Platformers, and Strategy games. Best known for his unique gameplaying in Pokemon Yellow, and streaming with his girlfriend, YoshiGamerGirl. Also runs collab channels such as Sairenade, RedSteelLPs, and YoshiCloudLPs.
AmasterAmaster 522 900 A classic gamer that does Let's Plays of classic and recent games. Most of the LPs are Nintendo and Sega games, but has done other unorthodox titles as well. Currently is doing the Spyro marathon. (A Let's Play marathon is a series of similarly named games done in order, that are dedicated to a specific company or video game character.)
Sevelev711 110 Always changing, up or down Mostly plays Nintendo. Will hate on anything he hates, from FPS's to Other LPers. No one know's when or why...
Klayperson 627 230 Usually covers single-player adventure games, mostly from the Nintendo 64 era, and campaign FPS games like Doom 3.
Pyronites 7 9 A Let's Play channel of 3 nerds. They started with Left for dead 2 and Portal 2 costum maps. More to come...
greenraid 7 150 Singaporean Lets player. Plays all kinds of games, afraid of horror games but plays them anyways.
kenniky (kennikyofficial) 21 35 New LPer, LPing Plants Vs. Zombies. Also does Game Maker Tutorials, but that's not important here.
geekhunter33 11 81 A New LPer currently playing Batman Arkham City, Minecraft, COD, Happy Wheels, Pokemon Channel, and Super Mario Galaxy. Soon to be LPing Assassin's Creed BH, Minecraft Mods, Terraria, Mario Galaxy, Mario Sunshine, & Luigi's Mansion.
GDoubleHD 26 1,801 Currently plays Half Life, entertaining to watch.
Whocatta 20 159 Starting a LP of Dead Rising, plays mostly every game he finds, also has a group of friends that he regularly plays with.
CaidzAndersen 9 27 Fairly new Australian Let's Player that focuses heavily on the Legend of Zelda series.
DoMonRai3 3 66 Dutch LPer moderating in German, focused on PC Games only.
Emperor Zelos 100 Swedish LPer, focuses on emotional reactions and entertainment.
EpicosityOfGaming 14 204 Singaporean LPer, started the channel on 1 October 2012. Focusing on entertaining viewers. Started playing Happy Wheels and Cat Mario. Playing more games as he moves on.
TheHoOnTheLoose 2 0 New LPer. I like to play games with FRAPS on. I just like the comedy to come naturally when I play, so check me out!
Shadowstar120 66 125 23 Year old LPer, Professional smash brothers player and indie game developer. Plays mostly old school games, either via speed runs or flawlessly without taking any damage. Apparently sucks at formatting.
Paw Dugan 47
SlowBrosky 1 5 Brand new LPer. Focuses on indie games, favors those that are at least a little bit disturbing or unsettling. Hasn't actually made any Pokemon videos despite being named "SlowBrosky".
DanTheEnigma 31 36 A Let's Player that has done the Kirby Haddaway Challenge and is currently LP'ing the Mardek RPG Flash Series. Is currently on hiatus due to college.
AirdnaPlays 26 18 British Female LPer. Airdna shares her views on a variety of games, mainly focusing on 90's titles that she particularly loves, such as Theme Hospital. Also "bums about" on miscellaneous other games she can get her grubby mitts on, including The Sims 3. Currently doing an LP of Little Big Adventure / Relentless.
djknightime 41 250 Fairly new LPer who mainly focuses on roleplaying and action games. Has a dry sense of humor and often forgets/mixes up character names. He most recently finished Landstalker for the Sega Genesis.
SixteenLives 18 122 A fairly new LPer doesn't really have a specific game genre or era focus. Fairly loud and swears, a lot. He also has a show called the Let's Player's Review, in which he states whether a game would make a good Let's Play.
Marlz44 922 135
DKS3A 70 351
Jokerpunk91 39 294 Plays mostly computer games, such as Minecraft, Amnesia the Dark Descent, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He also plays Xbox 360 games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and Tekken. This LPer has a weekly vlog, and has a comedic, sarcastic attitude.
UltLuigi1 11 7 A brand new let's player that is fairly young. Has started a Yoshi's Island Let's Play and is thinking about a Pokemon, Megaman or Zelda let's play. Nintendo based with some Capcom.
TheDwarfLP 105 246 Good German Let's Plays, Minecraft, The Lord of the Rings, Magicka and Diablo 3.
doomplug 15 15 Minecraft focused LP channel.
TaurusLP 109 73 German Let's Player who plays Harry Potter
Vensaval 27 101 Relatively new Let's Player. Began with a Minecraft Let's Play and moved on to complete Breath of Death VII: The Beginning as his introduction as a "real" Let's Player. Also uploads Photoshop Timelapses and his MMO Venture series where he edits together various moments from his F2P MMO experiences.
Thix 25 Started in 24- 09 -2012 This does commentary with a bit of comedy. Thix plays games like 'Nightmare House 2', 'Penumbra', 'Amnesia' and 'Erie'. While he likes to play every game to the end he also likes to have fun in these games. He is quite a fast growing let's play gamer.
GhostGamingLive 22 37 A clan/community of gamers that do let's plays and other videos together including, but not excluded to Castle Crashes, Halo 3,Minecraft, Halo: Reach, and etc. They have a fairly big variety of videos.
GingerNinjaAUS 134 49 A New Gamer/Lets Player, Been around for about 4 months now,Starting to get into the swing of things doing some huge gameplays of borderlands 2 and Amnesia also coop stuff in the works!.
CoJoDo Dragons 102 CoJoDo is a tradiational Let's Play channel that stars the three best friends Co Jo and Do who have set out on an adventure of entertaining entertainment. On this channel you shall find new games along with various retro games.
Team Racecar 13 45 Four friends from Canada (three guys and a girl) hang out and play video games. We play ridiculous old games and awesome classics. Pokemon Snap, Fire Emblem 7, Diddy Kong Racing, and more…
SartekGaming 1 3 He is a pretty kool guy likes playing games and afraid of everything.
JamesKurosawa 6 49 New Let's Player who specializes in games of old, no matter the genre or platform.

Genre diversification extravaganza has currently begun, so expect the unexpected.

ModernHolmes 5 41 A new Let's Player who does mainly PC games. Not Exactly safe for young ears, but still entertaining. Hasn't gotten much out yet, but he's got potential.
Soylent Will 7 50 A new Let's Player who specializes in RPGs and Strategy gaming, but is still expanding.
MrSandw1ch 140 68 A let's player who is a total weirdo. But he is kind of funny though
ThankTheBear 456 15 Plays games for NES, PlayStation 3, Dreamcast, and more.
Teeps 53 124 Specializes in Indie games. Longest running series are the Binding of Isaac, Doodle Jump and the Ace of Spades (steam version). New video(s) every day. Known for gaming skill and dry, calm sense of humor.
AmericanKilljoy 20 15 A Let's Player who specializes in underplayed games, but sometimes plays more popular games to appeal to a wider audience. He is known for his fun-loving attitude and subtle humor. His fanbase is known as the "Killjoy-Nation".
PlayReviewShare 0 0 A Let's Play team who play a wide variety of games. Started in August 2012, focusing on hot Xbox 360 titles and will be adding indie games to their roster in 2013.
Tanked Reality 69 278 Two Friends who Review modern and classic games, Thaloblue tends to be more Mild mannered while Scaith is his Chaotic and short tempered opposite. There up and comers worth keeping an eye on.
BrainwashedGamer 100 A Swedish Let's Player who mainly does rpg and fps games.
TheSuperthingymabob 7 12 A rookie Let's Player who started less than a month ago. Currently Let's Playing The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword and Mega Man 3.
Anonymous1 (Anon7889) 92 225 A Let's Player who plays retro games, including little-known games and those that weren't released in North America. He also Let's Plays Zelda Classic quests on a small collab channel. He started Let's Playing on May 31, 2011.
SoullessDoom 3 18 A Let's Player that is part of a group called "Fight Night" which plays several different fighting games. Fight Night was created by Riels07
JC (JCBriggsUK) 11 63 A comedic Let's Player, plays horror games mainly, but also other genres. Currently playing through 'Lone Survivor', 'The Brotherhood' (Amnesia: The Dark Descent custom story) with occasional 'Slenderman's Shadow' and 'Happy Wheels' LP's.
FSMGPenguins 12 15+ 3 people split this LP'ing Channel: ze_penguino, jh4101, and Emperor_Penguin1. They are mainly into Minecraft and TF2, but ze is doing an LP of Pokemon Emerald.
MitchPleaseGaming 9 5+ Rookie LP'er. Will do LP's of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, My Sims, and Pokemon Crystal sometime in the future. Also, he will do a Zelda game too. He worked with GuyDude on a few projects too.
Jackaratta 4 14 A new Youtube Channel, and a New LPer. Is currently playing Minecraft, but plans to do more LP's soon.
denius72 68 50 Brazilian Let's Players, This channel is composed of two persons, they made games like old school or horror games, but they doesn't have a specific focus.
crudmuffingamer 84 224 A very comical Let's Play channel composed of crudmuffingamer himself, and his co-commentator sonyalfano. Full of funny failures, they play mostly Nintendo games.
May and Nova 7 18 Two new female let's players. May and Nova both play video games together and have their own solo let's plays. They are currently playing Minecraft (multiplayer and single player), Cookie and Cream DS and Ib.
enigma69games 70 200 New let's player that started in October 2012. Has completed Dishonored & is currently working on Assassin's Creed 3, Hitman: Absolution & Far Cry 3
TruffleMuffinzz 2 6 A brand new let's player hoping to make it big! She plays many different genres of games, however becomes a little squeaky with horror games. She hopes to learn the basics of LPing, and to amuse her viewers. She never shows her face, but when she does have her webcam on, she is wearing a mask. She has been having some uploading issues, with her computer being shared in a family of five. She also wishes to meet other let's players and hopefully play some games with them as well.
Mr2MrCityZen 12 20+ Currently playing Half Life 2.
Juntau's Corner 11 45 Currently playing Half-Life Black Mesa, but have other games planned out, it can be a new, or a very old game.
Ultar 5 100+ New guy, hopes to improve himself in Video/Audio Editing and ofcourse Let's Plays.

Starts with a Worms Revolution LP. OCD to the maximum, sometimes drunk.

FirstToPlayHD 50 100+
stormeagle888 New let's player, starting a blind run of Kirby's Dreamland 2
HITownIProduction 91 57 Its a group of German Lets Player. They usually upload 5 Videos a week, about many different games, Like Far Cry, Battlefield or Call of Duty
Spencer W. Smith 90 14 Relatively new Let's Player. Mainly focuses on Nintendo games, but not exclusively. The channel contains a variety of things, not just LPs.
GabbageGaming 12 7 Two guys, one aim: to entertain. Lets play'in Far Cry 3 and many other shooter. Looking forward for many games.
RuppDat 24 62 Started out as a leader in the EA MMA community, and some of his EA MMA videos are still on his channel. Shifted to let's plays after EA MMA's servers went offline. Currently doing his first LP of Final Fantasy X. Also has done response videos for the Luigi's Mansion VS race between JoshJepson and AttackingTucans.
Phaze8882 0 2 New in the gaming community and just getting started. Playing fable the lost chapters.
Gamie Master 73 81 Gamie Master is one of the little Lets Players that plan to do some good games that everybody loves back in the old days. And once subs count is higher, he plans to do underrated games. He's slowly crawling to +100
Hydden New let's player, that plays a bunch of random games and is on his way to religious lets plays.
Gar1onriva 40 118 An English gamer who plays Minecraft, Left 4 Dead and more. He has a passion for the Technic Pack. Together with Jamienra and Luna_Sea, he heads up Gar1onriva Gaming & General.
GuyDude 24 100+ Does solo and multi-player LP's of Nintendo adventure and platforming games with usually humorous (better with multi-player) commentary. Currently working on Pokemon FireRed, Zelda: Skyward Sword, and New Super Mario Bros. Wii (multi-player). He has had an obsession with Mario since he got Mario Kart Wii. He has worked with MitchPleaseGaming on Mario Party 2 and New Super MarItalic textio Bros. Wii.
RetroishDude 38 180 Wriiting in the area of shameless self-advertisement no one will ever see ^^ Sweet, isn't it? "yes", I would reply.
The Imbecile Gamer 21 9 A new, up and coming let's player, who plays a variety of things, and specialises in strategy, shooter and puzzle games - namely on the PC.
Visceral Gaming 2 5 Two friends that found the record button.
Skarlett Gaming 9 18 A new Let's Player who plays indie and horror games.
BlueJay On Toast 6 15 BlueJay On Toast is a 21 year old girl who has been playing video games since she was younger, her sarcastic humor and chicken attidude make her Let's Plays worth watching.
Nebbles 138 A newer Let’s Player. She currently focuses on Pokemon, and often does online battles with followers of her Tumblr.
Isai's Animated Shorts/LP's W TaxMan 130 Isai likes to make animations and likes to play obscure games!
Jayson Horton LPs 2 2 A new LP'er with heavy focus on old-school Nintendo
RDT316 15 167 New LP'er, mostly a Nintendo Let's Player, but mixes it up. Just finished Mario 64 and is in the middle of Kaizo Mario World 2.
[1] 3 79 Let's play of old games on OGLP Channel]
Trancesodama 13 500 New Let's player, who's main focus is on side scrolling indie games... Has a weird deep voice, and his own since of humor.
OmegasDemon (a.k.a. The Retro Mage of Lets Plays) 110 58 Veteran of Lets Playing and self confessed Sega Fanboy and self proclaimed Retro Mage of Lets Plays.
TBOGmorris1113 (a.k.a. The Brotherhood of Gaming) 1,596 1,186 Duo of Will Morris and Eugene Morris. Do LPs along with movie/game reviews, live action skits, and vlogs. Big focus on Mega Man.
BlueMammof 40 65 A duo of 2 LPs who mostly do Minecraft and collaborations with other LPs. Currently having a 100 subscribers competition giving away a XBOX 360.
[2] bailss_conjurer 5 44 bailss is lets player that plays games such as amnesia portal 1 aether minecraft and slender he has done other games such as super chuck norris bros and more
FifaBossFX 8 A new Let's Player. Focused on FIFA and F1. Willing to do anything within his limits.
IRMartinezz 0 Just started uploading his lets plays and plans on focusing on many different varieties of games which makes his content fresh and interesting.
TheFernandoflame 31 63 A new Let's Player who is focused on Gameboy Game's. Has done numerous Pokemon Walkthroughs and is currently doing a Pokemon Versus Challenge with LustrousWolf and a Mario Party Advance Versus Also.
TheWetBananna 2 15 A new Let's Play Team primarily led by its two main host, Cris and B00N , is a collab channel of every platform. Currently Cris is producing many PS2 titles whilst B00N does many Pc titles.
AllegroApple 2 4 A new female Let's Player who plays Nintendo systems primarily and plays Mario and Harvest Moon predominately upon them. She also occasionally likes to sing a little in her videos.
Evil98 26 64 He's mostly doing retro games, mainly Super Nintendo games. He also do Nintendo 64 games. He's very active and fun. A good let's player for those who feel nostalgic. Currently playing Banjo-Kazooie and Ocarina of Time versus
ChallengeAcceptedInc 1,500 A team of Let's Players that focus mostly on cooperative games.
LegendsInOurFreeTime 1,220 A very underrated group of Let's Players that have a wide variety of LP's of games across all platforms. They have many solo, co-op, and group LP's as well as other types of videos. They are most known for their interesting style of group Pokemon Let's Plays where 3 members play a different version of a specific generation of Pokemon games. As well they incorporate an interesting set of rules that determines each players team and have thus dubbed this style of Let's Play, "The Legends Challenge". Even if you're not a fan of Pokemon they have much more to offer and many personalities to enjoy. There is definitely something for everyone on this channel. Also, all Let's Plays have live commentary.
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