"Welcome everyone to (name of game), I'm your host lostwolfe..."

lostwolfe runs a let's play channel known as lostwolfe's lair where he plays predominantly older pc adventure games.

There have been and continue to be some experiments on his channel - from looking into mmorpg games to exploring games-without-end for a finite time-frame.

Current Upload Schedule: Edit

Sunday: Current Sierra On-Line game

Wednesday: AAA games [from various eras]

Friday: Indie games [from various eras]

List of Completed Let's plays (In Play Order)Edit

  1. King's Quest 1 (PC)
  2. King's Quest 2 (PC)
  3. King's Quest 3 (PC)
  4. Space Quest 1 (PC)
  5. Leisure Suit Larry 1 (PC)
  6. Police Quest I (PC)
  7. Space quest 2 (PC)
  8. King's Quest 4 (PC)
  9. Leisure Suit Larry 2 (PC)
  10. Magic: The Gathering: Shandalar:  Microprose Version (PC)
  11. Mixed Up Mother Goose VGA Version (PC)
  12. Police Quest 2 (PC)
  13. Six Weeks in...Hearthstone (PC)
  14. Six Weeks in...World Of Warcraft (PC)
  15. Hero's Quest I or Quest For Glory I (PC)

Current Let's PlayEdit

  1. Plants Versus Zombies (PC)
  2. Evoland (PC)
  3. Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas (PC)
  4. Leisure Suit Larry 3 (PC)

See AlsoEdit

  1. lostwolfe on Twitter