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MagmaDragoon96  is a fair-skilled let's player who specializes in games from the Playstation 1 era and streams of both old and next-gen video games.

His channel currently has 52 subscribers and 107 videos, a lot of his videos being his old let's plays of various aspects of Minecraft which he has stopped doing due to Minecraft videos being "Overdone" and is now sticking to non-minecraft videos.

He has been known to do collabs with his friends, X13Gamers and gaminsoy (Mainly Gaminsoy). These collabs usually consist of non-regular gamemodes like UltraHardcore minecraft and Super Mario 64 Co-Op.

Let's PlaysEdit

CURRENT (Still running)

- #1 Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back

- #2 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

- #3 Spyro the Dragon


- #1 Minecraft: FortCraft Gamemode (Alternate gamemode he made himself, has 2 seasons.)


- #1 Crash Bandicoot (Got a game over and rage quit.)

- #2 Minecraft: Survival w/Gaminsoy (Never recorded it again)

- #3 Prince of Persia (Xbox 360) (On-Hiatus due to game disk errors)

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