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Masterath during one of his 'Masterath's Life' episodes.

Website: The Chibi Little Site
YouTube Channel: Masterath
Twitter: @Masterath
Facebook: Masterath's Videos
Other Media: N/A
Style: Comedy, Vlogging & Sports
Date Joined: 4th June, 2007
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 360
Videos: 1,034
Schedule: Unscheduled Times
Status: Active

Masterath's logo since 2013

Chris Prewett, better known as Masterath on YouTube, is a Commentator and Let's Player who joined YouTube in the Summer of 2007. Masterath has since delved into varied styles on the site including Let's Playing, Vlogging and mostly Comedy based material and a Fan Made Robot Wars series that he had published on YouTube between 2009 and 2013 which he did for 13 years.

He was one half of the Comedy Duo Radio CAD who had 2 channels. One of their radio show/podcast (which ran from 2009 to 2015) and 1 of random Sitcoms. Both channels haven't been updated since 2015. Masterath stated on his Discord server in April 2019 that he and Exterdeath8 had become very distant in the past couple of years due to personal ventures and have ceased being a comedy duo. Ending their partnership of 9 years.

Masterath refers to himself as the Chibi Little Man due to his height being only 5 ft 4½ (As stated in MasterRants | Episode 38). His channels combined have over 3,500 videos, over 1,600 subscribers and over 500,000 video views overall and his gaming channel (Masterath Gaming) has amassed over 340,000 video views.

Masterath is most known for his Gaming channel which has over 2,500 videos. He was previously known for his FMRW Series, Masterath's Robot Wars which ran on YouTube from 2009 to 2015.

Masterath Channel[]

The Beginning (2000-2008)[]

Growing up in Cirencester, England his whole life. Masterath came up with the idea of making a FMRW Series in the Summer of 2000 (aged 7) while on holiday in Breen, Somerset. Making up match cards with the toys that were available there. This all started the beginning of his FMRW Career. On 10th December 2000. Masterath made his first FMRW Series (Extreme Robot Wars) and its first episode. Which only had 2 matches involved. The video is up on YouTube and is the oldest depiction of FMRW today.

Extreme Robot Wars lasted until early 2005. Lasting just over 4 years. Masterath left FMRW for 2 years. before coming back with a new concept called Heavyweight Robot wars. These designs were a lot larger than the Extreme Robot Wars robots and the series lasted for 2 years, with 2 series coming out of it.

One summer day in 2008, a now 15 year old Masterath went to a car boot sale in Gloucester to find and buy a Robot Wars Minibot Arena. This sparked the FMRW side of him once again and he started creating FMRW Series. After a few tryout matches, Masterath Launched Masteraths Robot Wars in July 2008. However this series was never uploaded onto YouTube and was kept on 2 video tapes. Since 2010 this series has been known as Masteraths Robot Wars - The Video Version.

The first time Masterath showed his face in 2008.

Masterath joined YouTube on 4th June 2007 and uploaded his first YouTube video 2 months later, a slide show about his favourite football team Crewe Alexandra. This brought along a sequel the year after. During 2007 and 2008, Masterath made some small YouTube video series like 'My Yu-Gi-Oh Cards', 'The Hopper World Championship' and 'Masteraths Name A Robot Competition'.

Rise to FMRW Popularity (2008-2009)[]

Masterath during his 'History of MRW' Video in 2009.

Masterath brought the FMRW Series that he had made developed from The Video Version series he made in 2008 to YouTube in February 2009. It became known as 'Masterath's Robot Wars'. Even with the at the time poor quality, Masterath's FMRW Series became popular, with 5 series in 1 year. In August 2009, Masterath created his first Extreme Series 'Masteraths Robot Wars Legends'. This series is currently the longest running extreme series ever (running from 2009 to 2013). Masterath also in 2009 made popular videos like 'Masterath Turns into Utensil-man' which has its own channel now and Masterath VS Exterdeath8 in a few matches on Sega Genesis game Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine.

With KingPazza1 and Andre95Productions leaving FMRW. Masterath stepped up to present the FMRW Awards every December. An awards ceremony which awards the best robots, moments and series in FMRW. Masterath has at the moment won 31 awards overall. 

The 'Bitch Era' (2009-2010)[]

Masterath with 'Snow Johnny' in 2010

The Bitch Era, as Masterath calls it. Is the moment where Masterath's whole attitude towards his videos changed. After a great performance in the FMRW Awards 2009, winning 9 Awards. Masterath got arrogant and stated about how good his FMRW Series was and even at time would cancel it or not upload a part if there wasn't any call for it. He in fact quit FMRW. The Bitch Era officially finished in December 2010 when Masterath stated that he has began to like what he does and that he is doing his videos for not only his own enjoyment but for also the people who watch them. Masterath won only 5 FMRW Awards that year.

Return to FMRW Popularity (2011-2012)[]

Masterath in 2011.

Masterath came back as a new man in 2011. A lot thinner and more humble than the man he used to be. Masterath also stopped using the nickname 'The Voice of FMRW' which he was donned as for a year or so. Coming back with a new Series of Legends and the 8th Masteraths Robot Wars series which many deem as the best MRW Series ever. 

In 2011, Masterath reached 225 subscribers which was celebrated with a video of him and Exterdeath8 in Cheltenham. Masterath in that year also released the 8th Masteraths Robot Wars Series and added a new extreme Series called Judgement where the fans get to choose the matches.

Masterath and Exterdeath8 also created the BBC Radio CAD channel in early February. Masterath found a new nickname in May 2011, 'The Chibi Little Man'. In reference to the parody song 'Literal Pants' by Little Kuriboh. 

Masterath also created a new Series called Evenings with Masterath which showed various activities involving Masterath (Food Tests, Video Game Playing, Random Challenges etc.) Masterath got a new camera in the summer of 2011 which had better light quality.

Masterath began his songwriting in December 2011 when the idea of a 'Radio CAD Song'  was brought up by Exterdeath8 for their 3 Year Anniversary show. Masterath and Exterdeath8 created the song 'Fairytale of CAD'. Masterath's popularity and respect was recognised after a record breaking 10 Awards at the 2011 FMRW Awards. 

Masterath in 'The Houseful of Skype' Video in 2012.

In 2012. Masterath came back again and rarely uploaded videos for 4 months (Only 14 videos were uploaded from January to May 2012). Masterath however came back to regular uploading in May 2012. Masterath released popular videos like Moral Kombat, The Mean Bean Machine Rematch and Your Video's Got Poo in it.

Masterath created a few new series in 2012 including the Concoction Videos, Where Masterath drinks a mixture of drinks which do not taste well when combined, Pokemon Online Battle Narrations and Masterath Trax, which is where all his songs are now placed. Masterath also released his 25th overall FMRW Series, Masteraths Robot Wars Series 9, in September 2012. 

Masterath reached 80,000 Views in October 2012. Masterath started to use the Video Editing Software Sony Vegas in November 2012 and will incorporate this style of editing in his future videos. This was discussed in his 'NEW SMEXY EDITING' video in December 2012.

The MRW Endgame Year (2012-2013)[]

At the end of 2012 in the 2012 FMRW Awards, Masterath won 7 more awards, now making 31 overall, including Series of the Year for the 3rd time. And Commentator of the year for the 4th time in a row. Masterath made history by having the only Series in FMRW Awards history to defend the biggest award 'FMRW Series of the Year' after his win in 2011. Masterath also reached 250 Subscribers on 22nd December 2012. Masterath celebrated this milestone with a stream on Christmas Eve called 'The Boulevard of Christmas Streams' which was a big success.

In January 2013, Masterath uploaded a video stating that he was quitting YouTube. Which ended up being a prank on the members of 'Team Lendon'. Masterath created his first of his new series for 2013 with a new series called Challenge Month which every weeks puts him in challenges with a specific goal and time limit.

Also in January, Masterath uploaded a video called 'Nut Wars 2013'. A comedy video where Walnuts battle it out for the title of 'World's Toughest Nut'. After it became quite popular with his subscribers. Nut Wars became it's own series.

In early February 2013, Masterath announced that he was taking some time off uploading on his main channel to focus on recording but that he would still be uploading videos every other day on his Let's Play Channel. On February 10th, Masterath created his Ask.fm channel under the same name. On February 12th, Masterath created his own website (Masterath.Webs.com). On 2nd March 2013, Masterath's FMRW Spin off, Masteraths Robot Wars Judgement, returned for a new series.

Masterath in 2013.

On March 6th, Masterath celebrated 700 videos on his channel with a live stream joined by fellow BBC Radio CAD Presenter, Exterdeath8 which turned out to be at the time Masterath's longest video ever at 73 minutes. On March 9th, Masterath's other FMRW Spin off, Masteraths Robot Wars Legends, returned for it's 6th series. On May 25th, Masterath announced that MRW would be coming back for its 10th and final series tagged 'MRW Endgame'.

On June 4th, Masterath celebrated 6 years on YouTube with a stream called the '6 Years And Still Chibi' Stream. The stream was watched by 6 people and the video was watched by over 70 more. The '6 Years And Still Chibi' Stream is nearly 2 hours long, making it Masterath's longest video until June 2014.

In the summer of 2013, Masterath started his 26th and final FMRW Series entitled 'Masteraths Robot Wars Series 10 - Endgame' which spanned from August 2013 to December 2013.

Post Masterath's Robot Wars (2013-2014)[]

With the end of MRW in December 2013. Masterath started uploading Battle Narrations from his Pokemon X & Y Battles which has become the main series that Masterath uploads on his channel.

After a 1 month hiatus, Masterath returned to his YouTube channel and has made at least 1 video on the channel every week. Masterath celebrated 7 Years on YouTube with another stream. This once entitled the 'Seven Deadly Things Stream' lasted over 3 hours. Breaking the original record of nearly 2 hours set by his anniversary stream in 2013.

Masterath after taking the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' in 2014.

Masterath took the 'Ice Bucket Challenge' in August 2014 in response to being nominated by comedy duo partner, Exterdeath8. Masterath remained active between August and December 2014 with at least 1 video a week. In November 2014. Masterath uploaded a set of videos from his Holiday in Weston-Super-Mare (As he did in February and July of 2014). These 5 videos were uploaded daily.

In December 2014, After a 22 month wait. Masterath finally brought back Nut Wars with its newest installment 'Nut Wars 2014'. This not only saw the return of Masterath's edited videos and the return of Nut Wars, but also the return of 2 of his sketch characters, Including his most popular sketch character, Utensil-Man.

In December 2014, Masterath revealed that Masterath's Robot Wars will be coming back for 1 more episode in 2015 celebrating 15 years of doing the series.

Quinsy Complications and Surgery (2015)[]

Masterath a week before being diagnosed with Quinsy in 2015.

In January 2015, Masterath began a new satirical vlog on his life called 'Masterath's Life'. This was seen as a welcome change to see a new series being seen on the channel since Masterath's Robot Wars back in 2013.

In March 2015, Masterath was taken to hospital and was diagnosed with Quinsy. This left him unable to talk and even at some points breathe. After being released from hospital on the 4th of March. Masterath made a video on the 5th stating that he would be leaving this YouTube channel until his complications with Quinsy had completely gone.

In June 2015. Masterath was in hospital again undergoing a Tonsillectomy to ensure that his Quinsy would not return. In the 'My Tonsillectomy Nightmare' video in July 2015, Masterath stated that the surgery was a success however he suffered a Secondary Hemorrhage a week into recovery which required emergency surgery at midnight. This problem cost him his job among a lot of other things.

Return From Surgery (2015-2016)[]

Masterath during 'MasterRants #29' in 2016.

Masterath returned to YouTube in August 2015 and has since been fairly active. Masterath uploaded the 'Masterath's Robot Wars - The 15th Anniversary Special' on December 10th, 2015. This was also the channel's 900th video. Masterath uploaded 'Nut Wars 2015' on December 20th. On Christmas Eve 2015, Masterath announced that he would be bringing back 'Masterath on Christmas Day'. A series that he hasn't done for 3 years. The video was uploaded on Boxing Day.

In 2016, Masterath uploaded 7 videos at the moment including his reaction to the return of the BBC Television show Robot Wars and a Podcast with fellow former FMRW Producers SamElliott64 and Anderson9132 discussing updates on Robot Wars. The Masterath Channel celebrated 275 subscribers in March 2016.

On June 4th, 2016. Masterath celebrated being on YouTube for 9 years. Masterath uploaded 2 videos on YouTube on June 6th, 2016 about prolific pedophile, Richard Huckle. Who was known on YouTube as Huckool and started a feud with Masterath and the FMRW Community in 2011. Huckool was given 22 life sentences, serving a minimum term of 25 years, for sexually assaulting around 200 Malaysian children. Masterath made 2 videos relating to this topic showing his disgust about how lenient Huckool's minimum sentence was. Stating that 'if you get a life sentence, then you should be jailed for life' and pleaded for him to never be let out of prison.

In July of 2016. Masterath Celebrated 300 Subscribers. He was also the special guest for the 'Robot Wars Reviewed' podcast alongside friends SamElliott64 and Anderson9132. In September of 2016, Masterath was the special guest on the 'Robot Wars Episode Reviews' podcast presented by Jimjamatic. In October of 2016, Masterath traveled to Gloucester with Exterdeath8 to see Robot Wars Live. In November of 2016, Masterath traveled to Southampton with SamElliott64 for Anderson9132's Groomsmen's Meet-up including a pool game between Masterath and Anderson9132 which ended on Anderson's 1st turn because he potted the black. Masterath also uploaded 9 'MasterRants' in 2016 and in December of 2016, Masterath uploaded 'Nut Wars 4'.

10 Years of Masterath (2017-Present)[]

Masterath in Lymington in 2017.

In January 2017, Masterath released a brand new series 'The Global Trophy 2017'. A football tournament played on the 'Sven-Göran Eriksson Challenge' video game. For this set of videos he was joined alongside SamElliott64. This series made its return in 2018 and has update for a 'Global Trophy: Champion of Champions' Tournament in July 2018.

Masterath celebrated 10 years on YouTube in June of 2017 with a video of him talking about his town and his history as a YouTuber and how much it has helped him in life. Masterath did his first live stream in 4 years in June 2017 when he played the board game Secret Hitler with the other groomsmen the night before Anderson9132's wedding. Masterath uploaded 39 videos in 2017 including 5 'MasterRants', many Pokemon GO updates and Nut Wars 5.

Masterath Gaming[]

Masterath Gaming
Masterath Gaming Avatar 2018.gif

The current Masterath Gaming avatar - 2018 Onwards
Website: The Chibi Little Site
YouTube Channel: Masterath Gaming
Twitter: @Masterath
Facebook: Masterath's Videos
Other Media: N/A
Style: Let's Play & Gaming
Date Joined: 4th November, 2010
Date Shut Down: N/A
Subscribers: 1,208
Videos: 2,554
Schedule: 1 Video A Day (Plus Extras)
Status: Active

The Masterath Gaming Logo - 2014 onwards.

Masterath Gaming is Masterath's gaming channel that started in November 2010 after Masterath started a fondness of Let's Playing.

His Let's Play videos go as far back as 2009 when he uploaded Let's Play videos onto the Masterath Channel. After about 5 or 6 Let's Plays were up, Masterath decided to make a completely new channel to hold his Let's Plays. This channel has become his most popular with 1,335 Subscribers (974 more than the Masterath Channel) and on average about 9,000 video views per month. This channel also has over 2,500 videos and is way more active that his Masterath Channel, uploading at least 1 video every day.


Masterath started his Let's Play channel in 2010 with a Let's Play of Sonic Chaos followed by Pokemon Green, World Class Leaderboard, Robot Wars Advanced Destruction, Pokemon Channel among others. Most of these Let's Plays were known for being recorded off a television and were of very poor quality.

In July of 2011, Masterath celebrated 25 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing ExZeus on the PlayStation 2.

In August 2012, Masterath celebrated 50 subscribers by uploading a video of him play Shadow of the Beast for the Sega Genesis. During Masterath's Let's Play of Pokemon Gold, Masterath started uploading a Let's Play video once every 2 days.

Masterath Gaming's Avatar - 2010-2014

At the start of 2013, Masterath celebrated 75 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Mario Kart 64 for the Nintendo 64. In March 2013, Masterath celebrated 100 Subscribers by uploading 2 celebratory videos playing Advanced Guardian Heroes for the Game Boy Adavnce and Xenon 2: Megablast for the Sega Master System. In July 2013, Masterath celebrated 125 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Scooby Doo! Mystery Mayhem for the Game Boy Advance. In October of 2013, Masterath started redoing his old Let's Plays (the ones on the television) in better quality including Jade Cocoon, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing and the Retro Sonic Games. This upped his uploading schedule to 1 video per day, which it has now been since October 2013.. Masterath also celebrated 150 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Pokemon X alongside EmoRhino64. In December of 2013, Masterath got a Hauppauge HD PVR 1 for Christmas which allowed him to Let's Play Xbox 360 and Xbox games in his video game library. This was announced in Masterath's New Year's Day Special video playing Awesomenauts on the Xbox 360.

In March of 2014, Masterath celebrated 175 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Alien Storm for the Sega Genesis. In May of 2014, Masterath brought a PlayStation 3 which allowed him to Let's Play all of the games in his PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3 games. In August of 2014, Masterath celebrated 200 subscribers by uploaded 2 videos playing Sonic Generations for the Xbox 360 and Dark Sould for the Xbox 360. In September 2014, Masterath did a week full of Atari 2600 Let's Plays. This week was known as 'Atari Week'. Also in September of 2014. Masterath brought a Nintendo Wii so he could Let's Play the final 2 games that he had to redo from 2010 and 2011 (Pokemon Channel and Super Smash Bros. Melee.)

Masterath Gaming's Avatar - 2015-2018

In Febrary of 2015. Masterath made a video showing his entire video game collection which he stated was just about 300 games in total. In April of 2015, Masterath celebrated his 1,000th Video Where he did a Minecraft Q&A Session. In May 2015, Masterath celebrated 225 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth for the PC. In June 2015, Masterath uploaded his 100th Let's Play, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. In October of 2015, Masterath celebrated 250 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Sacred 3 for the PlayStation 3. In November of 2015. The Masterath Gaming channel finally surpassed the Masterath channel in subscriber amount (With Masterath on 256 and Masterath Gaming on 257.) This was revealed on the Masterath website and the 2 channels. In December of 2015. Masterath celebrated 275 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Hearthstone. In Masterath's end of year review video. It was revealed that the monthly video view record had been broken 5 times in 2015.

In January of 2016. Masterath celebrated 300 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Brawlhalla. In February of 2016, Masterath celebrated 325 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Nightmare Creatures. In March of 2016, Masterath celebrated 350 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Fingered!. In April of 2016, Masterath celebrated 375 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth. In June of 2016, Masterath celebrated 400 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl and celebrated 425 with a video of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. In July of 2016, Masterath celebrated 450 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Super Meat Boy. In August of 2016. Masterath celebrated 475 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Reigns. In September of 2016. Masterath celebrated 500 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Metroid Prime. In November of 2016, Masterath celebrated 525 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Oh... Sir!! The Insult Simulator. In December of 2016, Masterath celebrated 550 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Guild of Dungeoneering.

In January of 2017, Masterath celebrated 575 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+. In February of 2017, Masterath celebrated 600 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Sonic 1 alongside SamElliott64 in a speedrun race, however, both players lost at the same area making the race a draw. In April of 2017, Masterath celebrated 625 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Sonic 06. In May of 2017, Masterath celebrated 650 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Jade Cocoon 2. In July of 2017, Masterath celebrated 675 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Spyro the Dragon which will be his 200th Let's Play on the channel, he also did an unboxing of his new computer. In August of 2017, Masterath celebrated 700 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Sonic Unleashed and venting out his frustrations about the delay of Sonic Mania on PC. In September of 2017, Masterath celebrated 725 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Bomberman: Act Zero. In October of 2017, Masterath celebrated 750 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Team Kirby Clash Deluxe. In December of 2017, Masterath celebrated 775 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Hearthstone

In February of 2018, Masterath celebrated 800 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing KRUNCH. In March of 2018, Masterath celebrated 825 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Enter The Gungeon. In April of 2018, Masterath celebrated 850 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing 60 Seconds!. In May of 2018, Masterath celebrated 875 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Ready 2 Rumble: Revolution. In July of 2018, Masterath celebrated 900 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Micro Machines V4. In August of 2018, Masterath celebrated 925 subscribers and 950 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist and then Gran Turismo. In September of 2018, Masterath celebrated 975 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Warzone 2100. In October of 2018, the Masterath Gaming channel reached 1,000 subscribers after nearly 8 years, this was celebrated with Masterath uploading a video of him playing Swords and Sandals 5.

In January of 2019, Masterath celebrated 1,100 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing Stick Fight: The Game. In March of 2019, Masterath celebrated 1,200 subscribers by uploading a video of him playing The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.

List of Let's Plays[]

Here is a list of all the Let's Plays that Masterath has done. In August 2018, Masterath stated that he had just finished his 220th Let's Play. Masterath currently has 200 completed Let's Plays on his channel.

2002 FIFA World Cup | GameCube

Action 52 | NES

Action Bass | PlayStation

Age of War | Flash Game

Age of War 2 | Flash Game

Akinator | Flash Game

Alien Storm | Sega Genesis

Alex Kidd in Miracle World | Sega Master System

Alphabet Zoo | ColecoVision

Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures | PC

Awesomenauts (Co-op with EmoRhino64) | Xbox Live Arcade

Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance | Game Boy Advance

Barnstorming | Atari 2600

Batman Returns | Sega Master System

Berzerk | Atari 2600

Beyblade | PlayStation

Blast Chamber | PlayStation

Boxing | Atari 2600

Card Shark | PlayStation

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse | Sega Genesis

Castlevania | NES

Castlevania: The Adventure | Game Boy

Cat Mario | Flash Game

Catterpillar Construction Zone | Game Boy

Columns | Sega Genesis

Cool Boarders 4 | PlayStation

Dark Castle | Sega Genesis

Daze Before Christmas | Sega Genesis

Deal or No Deal | Nintendo Wii

Destroy All Humans! | PlayStation 2

Destruction Derby | PlayStation

Digimon Digital Card Battle | PlayStation

Digimon Rumble Arena | PlayStation

DLC Quest | PC

Donkey Kong | NES

Doritos Crash Course | Xbox Live Arcade

Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout | PlayStation

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 | PlayStation 2

Dragon Quest 9 | Nintendo DS

Dragon Warrior | Game Boy

Dragon Warrior 2 | Game Boy

Driver | PlayStation

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial | Atari 2600

Elf Bowling 1 & 2 | Game Boy Advance

Feel-A-Maze | PC

Fighting Masters | Sega Genesis

Flappy Bird | Flash Game

Fight Night Round 2 | PlayStation 2

Final Fantasy x | PlayStation 2

Fire Emblem | Game Boy Advance

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones | Game Boy Advance

Frostbite | Atari 2600

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets | PlayStation

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone | PlayStation

HBO Boxing | PlayStation

Indy 500 | Atari 2600

Injustice: Gods Among Us | Xbox 360

International Track & Field | PlayStation

International Track & Field 2 | PlayStation

Jade Cocoon | PlayStation

Jawbreaker | Atari 2600

Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land | Game Boy Advance

Kirby's Dream Land | Game Boy

Kirby's Dream Land 2 | Game Boy

Klax | Atari 2600

Mario & Yoshi | NES

McPixel | PC

Mega Bomberman | Sega Genesis

Missing Translation | PC

Monopoly | Game Boy Advance

Monster Rancher Advance | Game Boy Advance

Mortal Kombat | Sega Genesis

Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance | GameCube

Mortal Kombat Trilogy | PlayStation

NFL Sports Talk Football '93 | Sega Genesis

Onside | PlayStation

Out of This World | Sega Genesis

Plants vs. Zombies | PC

Pokemon Black and Blue - Gotta Free 'em All | Flash Game

Pokemon Channel | GameCube

Pokemon Fire Red (The Infirmus Challenge) | Game Boy Advance

Pokemon Green | Game Boy

Pokemon Gold | Game Boy

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team | Game Boy Advance

Pokemon Pearl | Nintendo DS

Pokemon Puzzle League | Nintendo 64

Pokemon Ruby | Game Boy Advance

Pokemon Stadium | Nintendo 64

Pokemon Stadium 2 | Nintendo 64

Pokemon Trading Card Game | Game Boy Color

Pokemon White | Nintendo DS

Pokemon Yellow | Game Boy

Poker Night at the Inventory | PC

Pong | PC

Prince of Persia | Sega Master System

QWOP | Flash Game

Racehorse Tycoon | Flash Game

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing | PlayStation

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2 | PlayStation

Rise 2: Resurrection | Playstation

Rise of the Robots | SNES

Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction | Game Boy Advance

Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction | PlayStation 2

Rodeo Fever: Steer Wrestling | Arcade Game

Scrabble | Game Boy Advance

Serpent | Game Boy

Shadow of the Beast | Sega Genesis

Shining Soul | Game Boy Advance

Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle | ColecoVision

Sonic 1 | Sega Master System

Sonic 1 | Sega Genesis

Sonic 2 | Sega Genesis

Sonic 3 | Sega Genesis

Sonic & Knuckles | Sega Genesis

Sonic Advance | Game Boy Advance

Sonic CD | Sega CD

Sonic Chaos | Sega Master System

Sonic Genesis | Game Boy Advance

Spelunky | PC

Streets of Rage (Co-op with Exterdeath8) | Sega Genesis

Streets of Rage 2 (Co-op with Exterdeath8) | Sega Genesis

Super Amazing Wagon Adventure | PC

Super Fantasy Zone | Sega Genesis

Super Mario Bros. | NES

Super Mario Land | Game Boy

Super Mario World | SNES

Super Smash Bros. | Nintendo 64

Super Smash Bros. Melee | GameCube

Swords and Sandals | PC

Swords and Sandals 2 | PC

The Bible Game | Game Boy Advance

The Binding of Isaac | PC

The Colonel's Bequest | DOS

The Flintstones | Sega Genesis

The Mail on Sunday - Christmas Quiz | DVD

The Revenge of Shinobi | Sega Genesis

Theme Park | Sega Genesis

TransBot | Sega Master System

Victory Boxing Contender | PlayStation

Volley Fire | Game Boy

Wario Land 4 | Game Boy Advance

Whack Your Boss | Flash Game

Wheel of Fortune | Sega Genesis

Where's Waldo? | NES

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? | Game Boy Advance

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? | PlayStation

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 2nd Edition | Game Boy Advance

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Junior Edition | Game Boy Advance

Winnie The Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure | Game Boy Advance

World Championship Soccer | Sega Genesis

World Class Leaderboard | Sega Master System

World Soccer | Sega Master System

XCOM: Enemy Unknown | Xbox 360

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories | PlayStation

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses | PlayStation 2

Zombie Baseball | Flash Game

Personality and Let's Play Style[]

Masterath is an entertaining Let's Player and occasionally says very odd things for the enjoyment of the viewers. Masterath's commentary style is one of intensity at times to maybe liven up a usually boring game. Masterath is also adamant about his uploading schedule and his backlog of videos. On multiple occasions over the last few years he has a backlog of around 500 videos waiting to be uploaded. He states that even though the backlog is huge, it is the best way for his channel to stay consistent so his watchers do not miss out on his video a day schedule on the off chance that he is unable to make any videos for a few weeks.

Masterath has already stated that his favourite game if all time was Jade Cocoon for 10 years until his Let's Play of Pokemon Gold which became his favourite, he has also stated that XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a close third. After 9 LPs of different Sonic the Hedgehog games. Masterath has also stated that the Game Gear/Master System version of Sonic 1 is his all time favourite Sonic game. He has also stated his hatred of the Scrap Brain Zone and more noted, Its music from the Genesis Version of Sonic 1. Even at 1 point, changing the music to the 8-Bit, Game Gear version. In September 2012, Masterath stated his favourite Pokemon Game to be Pokemon Gold and his favourite Pokemon generation to be the Second Generation.


  • Masterath was born in Swindon, England in May of 1993.
  • Masterath has lived all of his life in the market town of Cirencester, Gloucestershire.
  • Masterath has a brother, David (Who appeared in The Poliwhirl Show) and a sister, Samantha.
  • Despite being 5ft 4½, Masterath is actually the 2nd tallest member of his family.
  • Masterath is the uncle to 4 children.
  • Masterath's tonsillectomy surgery in 2015 was not without complications. He suffered a secondary hemorrhage in his throat a week into recovery and had to have emergency surgery at midnight due to the possibility of him dying from blood loss or suffocation. Masterath has since made a full recovery.
  • In August of 2016, It was revealed that Masterath has a tattoo of a heart on his wrist and, below it, the kanji symbols 再生 (Saisei) meaning 'rebirth'.
  • Masterath has been a fan of the English Football Team Crewe Alexandra for 18 years.
  • Masterath's first ever YouTube video was a slide show on the Crewe Alexandra team for the 2007/2008 season.
  • Masterath is a big fan of 70s, 80s Hard Rock and cites Meat Loaf as his favourite artist.
  • In part 2 of 'Weston-Super-Mare Holiday 2014 with Exterdeath8', it was revealed that Masterath has Acrophobia (A fear of heights).
  • In the 'Masterath Talks Serious & New Schedule for Videos', It was revealed that from 2010 onwards, Masterath has suffered from depression and anxiety. In the 'Masterath talks about confronting his demons in 2010', Masterath stated that his depression began after his girlfriend at the time had cheated on him while he was in Stoke-on-Trent visiting his sister who had just given birth to his niece, making him an uncle for the first time (Which he says is still the happiest moment of his life).
  • Masterath is close friends with robotic combat YouTubers Anderson9132 and SamElliott64 who have also appeared in his videos.
  • Masterath was the best man for Anderson9132's wedding in 2018 with SamElliott64 serving as one of Anderson's groomsmen.