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Matt Gamebomb
Whelan as he appears in the intro for Gamebomb


Matthew Whelan
August 2, 1996 (age 21)




Let's player, writer, actor



Matthew "Matt" Whelan is an American let's player and filmmaker. He is most well known as a member and co-founder of the let's play webseries Gamebomb.

Career Edit

Gamebomb Edit

In 2013, Whelan created Gamebomb along with his friends Jake Mackay and Chris Bartoldus. The channel uploaded random and sporadic let's play episodes throughout 2014 and 2015. In 2016, the channel then grew to include two more of his friends, Joe Gemino and Tony Preldakaj, and began to upload daily. In 2017, Preldakaj and Mackay left due to outside obligations. Whelan, Bartoldus, and Gemino continue to run the channel, uploading 2-3 videos daily, along with monthly "Best Of" Compilations and livestreams.

Film Edit

Whelan developed an interest in film from a young age, making short films with his older sister.

Starting in 2013, Whelan and his newly met friends, Mackay and Bartoldus, started a channel called "FACEBOMB" and uploaded a video called "Torture for Dummies", which depicted Whelan getting captured by Bartoldus and Mackay, while they film torturing techniques on him. The channel then uploaded a mock-horror short film titled "Paranormal Party" and an announcement that they would be starting a let's play channel titled "Super Awesome Gamebomb Announcement!". Whelan then began to dedicate most of his time to writing films, collaborating on two failed feature film scripts with Bartoldus and Mackay.

In early 2014, Whelan, Bartoldus, and Mackay began developing the idea for Jersey Coast, a webseries mocking the popular reality television show "Jersey Shore" and based off of a short video Mackay had filmed years prior. Jersey Coast was released in early 2015, but the series only had the first episode finished. The series was abandoned after that, and Whelan began attending film school, studying film production.

In 2017, Whelan started a film group with friends from school called BoxHouse Entertainment. Bartoldus was added to the group during the production of their first few films as an editor. The group continues to produce films for festivals.

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