The Musical Anti Hero (often calling himself MusiAH for short) is a newer Let's Play channel, having only started in the last few weeks of May, 2014. Run by the singular MusiAH entity, he plays a wide variety of games, usually requested by his viewers. He refers to his fanbase as the, "Rebels," and often makes playful jokes against large and disappointing systems and games. His style ranges from insightful commentary on game development and play mechanics, to flailing arms and shouting obscenities. While he does enjoy single player content to the max, he also frequents the MMO field in games such as World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and others. He also dabbles with indie games, observing and commentating new and sometimes very interesting games.

He posts multiple videos per week, always at least one every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Occasionally he posts a Surprise Saturday/Sunday video as well.

Completed Games Edit

(PC) Portal: Thinking With Time Machine (Platformer)

In-Progress Edit

(PC) Barkley, Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden! (RPG Satire)

(PC) Contagion (Multiplayer Zombie Survival)

(PC) Goat Simulator (Sandbox)

Recurring Content Edit

(PC) World of Warcraft (MMORPG)

(PC) Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (MMOTCG)

Do Not EVER Buy This Game... Edit

(PC) Air Control (Simulator)

Blogging Edit

The Musical Anti Hero, when not out patrolling the scum-filled world of, "gaming," is also an avid blogger, author, and storywriter. The bulk of his content is usually found on his main website.

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