TailsProwerYoshiGirl (real name revealed on Google Plus as Nikki Roessler) is a female video gaming fan who did LPs previously on Pokemon Stadium 2 as YoshiAndKirby1998 but didn't continue and also a previous LP from her was on Yoshi's Story as YoshiAndKirby3996 but didn't continue either. Her ongoing LP as TailsProwerYoshiGirl herself is on Tails in Sonic 1 which is a special emulator ROM hack featuring one of her favorite Sonic characters "Miles 'Tails' Prower". On August 7th, she created a backup account called ScratchTheRobot which DIDN'T do LPs yet but is looking forward to doing so after TailsProwerYoshiGirl finishes her Tails in Sonic 1 LP.


"Silence... shhhh.." - TailsProwerYoshiGirl, Tails in Sonic 1 Episode 3

"But I digress." - TailsProwerYoshiGirl, Tails in Sonic 1 Episode 4 (quoting the Great Clement)

"I SAID IT AGAIN!!" - TailsProwerYoshiGirl, Tails in Sonic 1 Episode 4 (after saying that following quote)

"Game over, fail..." - TailsProwerYoshiGirl, after failing on a certain level by getting a game over

See also

ClementJ642, a LPer who said the quote "But I digress" before.

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