TailsProwerYoshiGirl (real name revealed on Google Plus as Nikki Roessler) is a female video gaming fan who did LPs previously on Pokemon Stadium 2 as YoshiAndKirby1998 but didn't continue and also a previous LP from her was on Yoshi's Story as YoshiAndKirby3996 but didn't continue either. Her cancelled LP as TailsProwerYoshiGirl herself is on Tails in Sonic 1 which is a special emulator ROM hack featuring one of her favorite Sonic characters "Miles 'Tails' Prower". On August 7th, she created a backup account called ScratchTheRobot which did one LP on Sonic 3D Blast. A year later, she made KylieKoopaGirl128 who was barely active with her LPs of iSketch and Yoshi's New Island. Another LP that TailsProwerYoshiGirl herself made was Barney's Hide and Seek Game for the SEGA Genesis, same console as the Tails in Sonic 1 hack.


"Silence... shhhh.." - TailsProwerYoshiGirl, Tails in Sonic 1 Episode 3

"But I digress." - TailsProwerYoshiGirl, Tails in Sonic 1 Episode 4 (quoting the Great Clement)

"I SAID IT AGAIN!!" - TailsProwerYoshiGirl, Tails in Sonic 1 Episode 4 (after saying that following quote)

"Game over, fail..." - TailsProwerYoshiGirl, after failing on a certain level by getting a game over

"And then we ain't got no crap anymore!" - TailsProwerYoshiGirl, Barney's Hide and Seek Game (a recurring joke that never gets old)

"Hey guys it's TailsProwerYoshiGirl here." - TailsProwerYoshiGirl, any random LP she does for an opening

See also

ClementJ642, a LPer who said the quote "But I digress" before.

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