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Nikki Roessler (born September 1, 1998; 21 years old) is an autistic female video gaming fan who did LPs in 2012 previously on Pokemon Stadium 2 as YoshiAndKirby1998 but didn't continue and also a previous LP from her was on Yoshi's Story as YoshiAndKirby3996 but didn't continue either. Her cancelled LPs as TailsProwerYoshiGirl were on Tails in Sonic 1 which is a special emulator ROM hack featuring one of her favorite Sonic characters "Miles 'Tails' Prower" and also a Sega Genesis video game called "Barney's Hide and Seek". On August 7th of that year, she created a backup account called ScratchTheRobot which did one LP on Sonic 3D Blast. In 2013, she made yet another account called KylieKoopaGirl128 who was barely active with her LPs of iSketch and Yoshi's New Island. While now going by her real name, she does one cancelled LP on Banjo-Kazooie Grunty's Revenge and two separate LPs of Undertale. However, she completed the neutral route of Undertale and is stumped on the Sans battle during genocide route, or as she calls it "No Mercy". She has done a series of her favorite 3D platformer game Yooka-Laylee since 2017 and has completed it in November of 2019, and she's done a special LP series of the unreleased-until-recently SNES game Star Fox 2. As of December 2019, she's been doing a LP series of Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair although it currently hasn't been complete yet.