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PartyCats is a fairly new channel, consisting of three close friends who play casual games free of stress. They are very weird and loud, but also family friendly and fun. They don't really make proper Let's Plays, but they do make short videos of games they enjoy. Their youtube channel can be found here:

No. of members 3
Creation date 31/10/15
First video Mario Kart Wii Video 1
Latest video Mario Party 10 Special Episode!!
Subscribers 4
Videos 19

Mario Party 10 Special Episode!

PartyCats celebrate Chickenwing's birthday!


The group consists of a girl namedKittyMeow, a boy named PastaBoy and a person who is somewhere in between, named Chickenwing. They only go by their nicknames. KittyMeow tends to meow or talk right into the microphone, PastaBoy tends to not talk much compared to the other two, and Chickenwing tends to talk a lot. They tend to be very loud, weird and crazy, but also family friendly. There also may be high pitched screaming in some of the videos, so be warned. The group always censor personal information if they accidentally say something they shouldn't (such as real names or their city/town).

Games they play

The games the PartyCats play are mostly Super Mario titles, such as Mario Kart and Super Mario Maker. They play both multiplayer and single player games. If the game only supports 1 or 2 players, they take turns. Some videos may only have 2 members of the group in them, but most have all 3.

Games they have played so far

Mario Kart Wii (5 videos)

Super Smash Bros for Wii U (3 videos)

Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (2 videos)

Mario Kart 8 (3 videos)

Super Mario Kart (2 videos)

Super Mario Maker (3 videos)

Mario Party 10 (1 video)

Special Episodes

The PartyCats have special episodes on their channel as well as regular videos.

List of special episodes

Mario Kart Hyper Editions

Their 3rd and 4th Mario Kart Wii videos were both Hyper Editions, in which they eat a lot of candy beforehand and then play a game of Mario Kart; crazyness ensues. It is currently unknown, even by the members, if they will be able to make more hyper editions or not.

Halloween Specials

Chickenwing of PartyCats hopes to make specials for holidays, including Halloween. So far, they have created 2 Hyper Edition episodes as their first Halloween Special.

Christmas Specials

KittyMeow considers their Mario Kart 8 videos to be Christmas specials, since they were created around Christmas.

Birthday Episodes

The PartyCats are also doing birthday specials. So far they have made one for Chickenwing, in which they played Mario Party 10. Chickenwing has decided that whoever's birthday it is gets to decide the game they play in the special.


Mario Kart Wii Versus

PastaBoy and Chickenwing have currently released one episode of the Mario Kart Wii Versus series, where they race through each cup one video at a time. The series will most likely be updated casually. KittyMeow may or may not join in. They play on separate copies of the game.

Mario Kart Track Comparison

This is a series being planned, which will most likely consist of 2/3 members racing in 2 Mario Kart games, two consoles (Wii and Wii U), two computers, and two Dazzle capture cards, with comparisons between tracks from different combinations of two different Mario Kart games (excluding Mario Kart 7). Check back with us at a later point in time to see if we have uploaded them yet. This series will not be very competitive, instead simply comparing the retro tracks from their originals.


At the end of a few videos, there were bonuses.

Super Mario Bros for Wii U

This video's bonus was a weird funny replay of the PartyCats playing a stage filled with cannons, in which people kept getting stuck in them.

Super Mario Maker

In the second video, PastaBoy played a block filled stage named "Impossible".

Mario Party 10

In Chickenwing's birthday special, they added in their practise take at the end, consisting of hilarious chicken noises as backup to the Happy Birthday song.

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