Guide by MrSethGodSOURCE in response to a request.

-Cutscene/Dialogue --It's harder to LP when there are too many cutscenes, but also games that don't have ENOUGH cut-scenes or dialogue can come off as a little plot-absent. A game with JUST ENOUGH is the best kinda game.

-Variety --Especially for a first LP, it is a lot easier to pick a game with variety. What I mean is "Crash Bandicoot" is a great game, but all you are doing half the time is breaking boxes to get a Gem. The more variety in the game, the easier it is to commentate, especially when you are still getting used to commentary altogether.

-Difficulty --Fail is fun, so sometimes playing a REALLY EASY game will minimize funny reactions and shock factor will be a bit bland. On the other extreme, a game that is too hard will frustrate you TOO much and will be hard to pull off unless you are REALLY good at editing. Fail is fun. Too much fail is boring.

-Collectibles --I always encourage 100% runs of games that are linear and easy, but have a few interesting collectibles on the side. This way you can make your LP more informative by showing off the locations of such collectibles and what they give you in the end, for those who have never gotten them all. (For such games I also recommend a practice run where you use a guide to help you find them all, that way you know where they all are when you actually record)

And finally the most important: PICK A GAME YOU LIKE. If you find one of the games more fun, or just plain like it better for personal value, it will show in your commentary. You can tell when someone plays a game just 'cause they think it will get them views. So first and foremost, find what game you like the most. If you enjoy playing them equally, then (and ONLY then) should you look into the other factors I mentioned.

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