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Wingin It Silent Hill NORMAL MODE!!!! part1

Pissed Players first let's play

Pissed Players is a let's play group starring Whiteforest, Naryexoto, and Unrealfan, that runs muliple segment at once. Their longest running segment being their Wingin It series currently has 2 games running at once. They recently began a new series titled Three For All, and have another project waiting on the horizon.

Pissed Players began Dec. 17th with their first segment Wingin It Silent Hill. Wingin It Silent Hill focuses on Nayrexoto's trip through America's most notorious ghost town Silent Hill, with Whiteforest giving commentary and insulting Nayrexoto's over all performance. Although in later episodes Whiteforest gets put in his place especially around the first boss fight. Wingin It Silent Hill

Their second series, Final Fantasy 2, contains a joint venture between Narexoto and Whiteforest as they both join the rebelion, and tackle the evil Emperor. While at this time they have not yet completed the game, they have both stated their need to finish final fantasy 2. Wingin It: Final Fantasy 2

Their latest series titled Three For All Marvel Ultimate Alliance is the groups first let's play to incorporate the entire cast. Nayrexoto, Unrealfan, and Whiteforest slip into some tight spandex (sorry for the image there) and take on the roll of your favorite marvel super heroes. Watch as they fight over Items, rage at enemies, and hate on Thor. Nayrexoto takes on the role of Spiderman, Unrealfan takes on the persona of the glorious Captain America, and Whiteforest becomes the wise cracken Merc with a mouth DeadPool. Three For All: Marvel Ultimate Alliance

For more on The Pissed Players see their youtube channel here.