Powerup Platoon
Youtube banner as of February 2016. Features 'powerups' that represent all nine Let's Players.


Let's Play

Created by

Paul "Tweed" Drotos

Hosted by

Paul "Tweed" Drotos
Austin Wilcox
Burt Howell
Kelly Waldbillig
Shaun Housden
Joseph "Frogber" Opara

Theme Music Composer

Kevin Unruh

Country of Origin



Paul "Tweed" Drotos



Time of operation

September 1st, 2015 - August 4th, 2016

Youtube Channel


Powerup Platoon is the name given to a team of Let's Players from Southern Ontario that made their debut in September of 2015. As of March 2016, Powerup Platoon consisted of seven members: Tweed, Austin, Burt, Kelly, Frogber and Shaun. Powerup Platoon publishes a Let's Play video every day of the year with the additional series 'Shaun and Tweed Theater,' starring two of the group's members.

Powerup Platoon disbanded in mid-2016 after Tweed quit as the team's editor to work on his solo video content.


The show produced one episode per day of any given series following two of the nine members playing a video game of their choosing to any end point. The premise of the show is based on its commentary, not its gameplay - the show is sold on a vlog-like system with the players often going off-topic of the game in their discussions. Most of the conversations are very explicit, with very little actual profanity being censored. Violence, excessive swearing and tongue-in-cheek racial humor are regular content in the daily let's play series they provide.

Along with their daily video, Powerup Platoon also produced a sketch series called Shaun and Tweed Theater which is advertised as 'two palookas, a trending topic, one hour, a camera and no script.' The show was filmed during the week and is released every Sunday at 6pm Eastern time, and often revolves around a topic that is known in either the gaming circle or in trending news. It was arguably the most popular series of the channel.

The channel is clearly inspired by Game Grumps and Rooster Teeth although the group had desired to leave their roots and become their own show. Along with a planned change in thumbnail the group attempts to use their own nuances and quirks to leave their own personal brand on the show, such as their catchphrase of 'Stay 'tooned' at the end of each episode.

Completed Series Edit

  • Goldeneye 64 (Nintendo 64), developed by Rareware Ltd, published by Nintendo Co. Ltd.
  • Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64), developed and published by Nintendo Co. Ltd.
  • Metroid Zero Mission (Gameboy Advance), developed and published by Nintendo Co. Ltd.
  • Spiderman 64 (Nintendo 64)
  • Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! (Playstation)
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