"Hey, guys! This is pseudogerudo!"

Pseudogerudo (Youtube Channel: pseudogerudo ) is an Australian-born, relatively new Let's Player that is not yet widely known. He differs with some Let's Players on the fact that he doesn't start off his videos with a title card, preferring to play the game straight away. 

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Due to the fact that his face has not been shown on camera it is unknown as to what he looks like. However he has stated that he has dark skin. 

The manner in which he does his live commentary would indicate that he is not much of a conversationalist (saying 'umm' and 'uhh' frequently). In his videos he frequently uses curse words to express frustration and anger at certain gameplay elements which would indicate an adult target audience. He has also made occasional sexual remarks with association to various elements he notes in the games. He has recently been experimenting with uses of different accents, most notably English, Australian and Scottish. 

List of Let's PlaysEdit

1. InFlux (PC)

2. Limbo (PC)

3. Final Fantasy X (ongoing)

4. Game Dev Tycoon

5. The Stanley Parable

6. Democracy 3 

7. Lucius (PC)


  • Give them JUSTICE (Episode 2 of Limbo Let's Play)
  • (Phrase used in every other sentence)
  • What the Hell, ball physics (Throughout InFlux Let's Play)
  • Two Mega-Potions WOAH! (Episode 12 of FFX Let's Play, said in a comically exaggerated manner)
  • "Roaming around at the speed of sound" (Lucius Let's Play, sung)

Known Equipment and Software (Past and Present)Edit

  • Blue Snowball Microphone (past)
  • Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Dazzle DVC-100
  • Audacity
  • Sony Vegas Pro 12
  • DxTory
  • Loilo Game Recorder
  • Action!
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