Rabbit is a quirky, racially ambiguous Let's Player who is known for her passion and love of retro video games.


Having successfully completed and obtained a Master's of Science degree with highest honors, Rabbit works as a researcher, scientist, and educator, which leads to her often filming topical vlogs that express her views on actual real world issues--some of which pertain to video games and gamer culture. The main focus of her channel is full-length playthroughs of retro video games, with some being structured as detailed walkthroughs or 100% completion guides. In addition to her various Let's Play series, Rabbit creates retro game reviews and Top 5/10/15 countdowns. She also has an alternate channel called Rabbit's Anime Haven that focuses on anime live reactions and episode reviews.

Personality & Style

Rabbit (M.S.) could be best described as amiable, silly, light-hearted, and open. She's known for sharing intimate stories of her life throughout her Let's Plays, as well as encouraging others to follow their hearts and achieve their dreams. Her commentary style is a combination of informative and fun. Although she does have some games that she plays with the intention of achieving 100% completion, she typically plays things blindly and is often making jokes at the game's expense or swearing jovially when she dies (which is often, in the case of platformers). For her vlogs, Rabbit would be described by most as level-headed, educated, and practical. She is blunt and has no issues sharing her true feelings about controversial subjects, which has placed her at the center of many polarizing debates. Even still, Rabbit is a strong advocate for open-mindedness and critical thinking.


Girl on Girl - a discussion/talk series about women in video games (with SupaNintendoGirl)

Top 10 Animal Sidekicks (with SupaNintendoGirl)

The Adventures of Pip (with Gaijin Gamers Play)

Completed LPs (100% Guide or Walkthrough)

Guardian's Crusade

Legend of Legaia

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

Star Ocean: The Second Story

Completed LPs (Blind or Pseudo-Blind)

Albert Odyssey: The Legend of Eldean

Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu

The Little Mermaid (for NES)

Magic Knight Rayearth (for Sega Saturn)

Panzer Dragoon Saga

Power Blade

Rolo to the Rescue

Wild Arms

Let's Plays in Progress

Jade Cocoon 2 (Pseudo-Blind)

The Legend of Dragoon (with husband, Andrew)

Co-op LPs with Husband

The Legend of Dragoon

Pokémon FireRed (upcoming)

Video Game Reviews

Albert Odyssey: Legend of Eldean

Guardian's Crusade

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