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  • Raheem "Rah" Taylor better known as RadioactiveRahSNG, is a Let's Player from Lafayette, Louisiana. He is well known for his Sonic, Zelda & Mario gameplay videos with overlayed commentary and providing opinions and facts about the game. He has played other games like "Need For Speed: The Run" and "Bioshock: Infinite on his channel, showing that he plays more than Nintendo games outside of Youtube. He has expressed multiple times his extreme love for the 'Sonic The Hedgehog' franchise & occasionally does older games in the series for his fans if they ask for a certain one to be played enough. It should be noted that fellow Let's Player Cobanermani456 has a huge impact in terms of influence & content type on his channel. He has an extreme knowledge of the Sonic universe, even knowing the comic book series really well. Usually he keeps his videos "Family Friendly" with clean language, even though in his earliest LPs he would curse sometimes. His theme music in his intro is "Dive Into The Mellow" from Sonic Adventure 2.

List of Let's Plays Edit

Mostly Sonic and Mario LP's and 3DS games. Click here to see a List of Let's Plays completed or in current progress.

Outside of YouTubeEdit

Not much is known outside of his channel about himself. It is known that he is 22 and works at Office Depot, he has shown his face multiple times on his twitter page. He is friends with many fellow youtubers most notably Cobanermani456, Ultranick24, and StephenKnux


    • According to Rah himself in his "Sonic Battle" LP, he came up with his username by doing a play on [[1]]'s own username. Using a scentific word with his own childood nickname, he created "RadioactiveRah". Like ProtonJon's "SA"stands for "" or the website he affilated himself early on, Rah did the same with the acronym "SNG" and added it to his username, but the origin or meaning of "SNG" is unknown & very few people know its meaning.
    • Rah's favorite Sonic game is Sonic CD.
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